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It’s all about me!


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Published in: Education, Technology
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It’s all about me!

  1. 1. It’s All About Me! Kenneth Samuel Lawrence Storin
  2. 2. Sister: Danielle - 12 Mom: Lori - 45 Dad: Jeff - 42Family
  3. 3. Mack Willy Wilson Tyler Tybear45 Walicki Josh Turkey Sub JJ Clapper JacksonFriends
  4. 4. Positive Traits: Traits I Would Like To Improve: Happy My Weight Smart Eating Habits Funny Sleep HabitsCharacter Traits
  5. 5. Pokemon! The Titanic Harry Potter Nintendo 64 PlaystationWhat Was Happening?
  6. 6. Blue Greek Yogurt Electronic Dance Music Music, Business and Gym Hockey Longboarding and PaintballingFavourite Things
  7. 7. omegle.comFavourite Internet Sites
  8. 8. When Finished School: University 10 years: university or working 20 years: having a careerFuture Plans
  9. 9. Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell •They are my favourite Actors •They star in my favourite movies •they are both hilariousChance Encounter
  10. 10. Parnall Public School Dalewood Public SchoolSchools
  11. 11. The End!