Save Maine Drug Courts Tool Kit


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A guide To Save Maine's Drug Courts.

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Save Maine Drug Courts Tool Kit

  1. 1. A GUIDE TO SUPPORT MAINE’S ADULT DRUG COURTS 2011This Guide is designed to assist any citizen of Maine in advocating andeducating our Legislators about the Adult Drug Treatment Courts andtheir funding.
  2. 2. PROBLEM:The Governors budget proposes to cut 4.4 million from OSAs Fund for Healthy Maine budget allocation. Thisjeopardizes the federal match in block grant funding leading to a total 6 million dollar OSA budget loss. The Fund forHealth Maine funds a number of programs, specifically ALL Adult Drug Treatment Courts in Maine. If these funds are re-allocated, ALL Adult Drug Treatment Courts in Maine will be eliminated.L.R. 2067 An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, GeneralFund and Other Funds, and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of StateGovernment for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2013SOLUTION:Maine’s legislators must be educated on the impact of closing Maine’s Adult Drug Treatment Courts and support theinitial intent of the Fund for A Healthy Maine.As a citizen of Maine, you can do a number of things to support the cause.WHAT YOU CAN DO: 1) Contact your local legislators, by mail, phone and email. A sample letter and contact information are contained in this kit. 2) Get your friends, family and other community members to contact legislators as well. 3) Testify at upcoming legislative hearings. A schedule and testimony material are enclosed. 4) Participate in field work to get the message out. Raise awareness in your community by conducting events, petitions for signatures, provide announcements at meetings, etc.
  3. 3. Contacting Legislators: • Call your Legislators. • Here is a possible script that you can use when calling an your legislature. Phone numbers can be found through the links below: o “Hello Senator or Representative, my name is ____ and I’m a resident of ____. I’m calling because the Governors budget proposes to cut 4.4 million from OSAs Fund for Healthy Maine budget allocation. This jeopardizes the federal match in block grant funding leading to a total 6 million dollar OSA budget loss. The Fund for A Healthy Maine funds a number of programs, specifically ALL Adult Drug Treatment Courts in Maine. If these funds are re-allocated, ALL Adult Drug Treatment Courts in Maine will be eliminated. Tell them why you support Maine’s Drug Courts. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns. Be sure to leave your contact information. • Write a Letter o The sample letter has accurate and updated information which is important for all Legislators to know. Although personal letters are fine, it is important for Legislators to get the same message from everyone. o Develop your own letter using the guide below: A Letter Writers Guide “Your senator and representative want to hear from you – its the only way they can represent you effectively. Take the time to write them and you just might be surprised at the results. If you prefer, you may send an email ."Letters to legislators are one of the primary forms of constituent contact. And every letter counts – so followthese simple and time-tested guidelines and have an influence on the legislative process by voicing your ideasto the people who represent you: 1. Use clean, white 8½ by 11 paper. 2. Be sure your exact return address is on the letter as well as the envelope. (Envelopes sometimes get thrown away before the letter is answered). Follow the format of a business letter, remembering to include the date. 3. Try to keep the letter to a page or less. It takes extra effort to condense your thoughts into a single page, but its worth it if you want your letter to be read.
  4. 4. 4. Identify your subject clearly. If writing about a bill, use the Legislative Document (LD) number. (If youre not sure of the number, call Legislative Information at 287-1692). L.R. 2067 An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, General Fund and Other Funds, and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2012 and June 30, 20135. State your reason for writing. Explain how the issue would affect your community. Try to be objective and specific, and back your position with reliable facts and figures. Clearly state whether you are FOR or AGAINST the bill or any of its features. You may think that the facts speak for themselves but the legislator may be less familiar with the subject than you.6. Your own words will make the crucial difference. Avoid stereotyped phrases and sentences that give the appearance of “form” letters. They tend to identify your message as part of an organized pressure campaign – and produce little or no impact. Dont repeat slogans or phrases from a newsletter or form letter.7. Even if your position is inspired by a group to which you belong, write your letter in your own words – it will be much more influential than the words prepared by an organization.8. Be reasonable. That is, dont ask the impossible, dont threaten or demand, and dont make disparaging remarks – doing so will not help your cause.9. Ask your legislator to state his or her position on the issues in reply. As a constituent, youre entitled to know.10. Consider the timing of your letter. Writing while a bill is still in committee is the most effective time to influence your legislator. Your senator and representative can usually be more responsive to your appeal at that time rather than when the bill has been approved by the committee. Of course, this is not always the case. Sometimes your legislator may reserve judgment until the sentiment of his or her constituency has crystallized.11. Thank your legislator if he or she pleases you with a vote on an issue. Everybody appreciates a complimentary letter – and remembers it. On the other hand, if a vote is contrary to your position, dont hesitate to let him or her know (in a courteous way). That will be remembered, too.12. If extending an invitation or requesting a meeting, suggest a time and date, or several dates, for the visit. Be flexible and accommodating.13. Remember that courtesy is appreciated at all times. You are trying to inform your legislator about the impact of the proposed legislation, and he or she will appreciate your help.14. Address your letter and envelope clearly and correctly. Sen. John J. Jones Rep. Mary J. Jones 3 State House Station 2 State House Station Augusta , ME 04333 Augusta, ME 04333 Dear Senator Jones: Dear Representative Jones:15. At the end of your letter, write your signature over your typed name after the closing: Sincerely, Very truly yours, Mary Ellen Smith Bruce White
  5. 5. • Contact List o The contact list contains all legislators in Maine, as well as Committee Members and Associations. Additional contact information can be found on the web: o For questions regarding the budget, please contact Guy Cousins, Director of Maine’s Office of Substance Abuse in an email titled “Budget Questions”.  o Focus on members of the following committees considering this issue:Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services • Senator Earle L. McCormick (R-Kennebec), Chair • Senator Nichi S. Farnham (R-Penobscot) • Senator Margaret M. Craven (D-Androscoggin) • Representative Meredith N. Strang Burgess (R-Cumberland), Chair • Representative Leslie T. Fossel (R-Alna) • Representative Richard S. Malaby (R-Hancock) • Representative Beth A. OConnor (R-Berwick) • Representative Deborah J. Sanderson (R-Chelsea) • Representative Heather W. Sirocki (R-Scarborough) • Representative Mark W. Eves (D-North Berwick)* • Representative Matthew J. Peterson (D-Rumford) • Representative Linda F. Sanborn (D-Gorham) • Representative Peter C. Stuckey (D-Portland)Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs • Senator Richard W. Rosen (R-Hancock), Chair • Senator Roger J. Katz (R-Kennebec) • Senator Dawn Hill (D-York) • Representative Patrick S. A. Flood (R-Winthrop), Chair • Representative Tom J. Winsor (R-Norway) • Representative Kathleen D. Chase (R-Wells) • Representative Tyler Clark (R-Easton) • Representative Kenneth Wade Fredette (R-Newport) • Representative Dennis L. Keschl (R-Belgrade) • Representative Margaret R. Rotundo (D-Lewiston)* • Representative John L. Martin (D-Eagle Lake) • Representative David C. Webster (D-Freeport)
  6. 6. • Representative Sara R. Stevens (D-Bangor)Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety • Senator Garrett Paul Mason (R-Androscoggin), Chair • Senator Rodney L. Whittemore (R-Somerset) • Senator Stan Gerzofsky (D-Cumberland) • Representative Gary E. Plummer (R-Windham), Chair • Representative David C. Burns (R-Whiting) • Representative Ricky D. Long (R-Sherman) • Representative Susan E. Morissette (R-Winslow) • Representative Deborah J. Sanderson (R-Chelsea) • Representative Anne M. Haskell (D-Portland)* • Representative Stephen P. Hanley (D-Gardiner) • Representative Michel A. Lajoie (D-Lewiston) • Representative Anna D. Blodgett (D-Augusta) • Representative Michael H. Clarke (D-Bath)Getting the Community Involved: • Distribute this kit to everyone who is interested in supporting Maine’s Adult Drug Treatment Court and ask them to get involved.Testimony: 10:00 a.m. on March 11, 2011 at the State House in Augusta • Any citizen of Maine has the right to be heard on issues by way of testimony in front of legislative committees and at hearings. • A schedule of upcoming hearings can be found on the web: • Information regarding Testimony on March 11, 2011: o L.R. 2067 An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, General Fund and Other Funds, and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2013 o Registering to testify will be by numbers assigned on a first come first serve basis on the day of the hearing at which one wants to testify o Oral testimony is limited to no more than 3 minutes per individual o Each person testifying must provide the Committee with 20 copies of her/his written testimony o First sentence should introduce yourself and tell where you are from. • When you arrive at the State House: o Arrive at the State House early to register to testify. o The Hearings will be held in Room 228 at the State House at 10:00a.m.
  7. 7. • Public Hearing Procedures: o Speaking Order:  At the beginning of each hearing, the presiding committee chair will call the public hearing to order and announce the bill to be heard. The legislator who sponsored the bill will introduce the bill, after which, the presiding chair will ask if any other cosponsors wish to testify. Once sponsors and cosponsors have had the opportunity to speak, public testimony is invited. Generally, the public may present testimony in one of three categories in the following order: those favoring the bill, those against the bill, and those neither for nor against the bill but who wish to offer information about the bill. o NOTE:  The committee may be hearing several bills during a public hearing. Generally the bills are heard in the order in which they are advertised. However, the schedule is subject to change and the length of the hearing on most bills is difficult to predict. o Your Turn At The Podium:  When it is your turn to testify, advance to the podium and sign in. Address the committee as follows: "Senator Smith, Representative Jones and members of the committee." Introduce yourself, indicate who you represent and whether you support the bill, oppose it or are offering suggestions to improve it, and then explain your reasoning. If other speakers have already made your point, let the committee know that you agree with the previous remarks of other speakers, but try to avoid repeating the testimony of previous speakers. When you finish, remain at the podium for a moment, in case committee members want to ask you questions. o Comings and Goings:  Many hearings last throughout the day, and many legislators are members of more than one committee. Legislators may need to leave and re-enter the room if they are scheduled to be at a public hearing or work session in another committee. However, they will receive any written information, which is a good reason to provide written testimony. o Decorum in Committee Proceedings:  Please direct your comments to the committee, not to the audience, and give your courteous attention to other speakers, regardless of their views. Dont applaud or indicate pleasure or displeasure with anyones remarks.  Only members of the committee may ask questions of persons who testify. o Work Sessions:  After the public hearing, a work session is scheduled at which committee members discuss the bill and decide whether to recommend its passage. The public may speak at a work session only if a committee member requests further public input and the presiding chair grants permission. Work sessions on a bill are generally held on a day other than the day of the public hearing.Participate in Field Work: • Get the word out by sending this tool kit to your family, friends and other members of the community, including the press. • If you participate in a community organization, ask to present this information to the group. • Utilizing the resource links below, learn more about how you can help save Maine’s Adult Drug Courts.
  8. 8. Resource Links: • Maine’s Adult Drug Treatment Courts - • Maine’s Office of Substance Abuse - • Maine Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse - • National Association of Drug Court Professionals - • National Drug Court Institute - TO THE STATE HOUSE210 State Street, Augusta • From the South (Brunswick, Portland and beyond): Head northeast on Interstate 95. Take exit #109 (Augusta/Winthrop). Once on the ramp, veer to the right, which will put you on Western Avenue (Route 202). Stay in the right lane. Go through four sets of lights and take a right onto Sewall Street at the 5th set of lights, just before Dunkin Donuts (this will place you at the upper right corner of the map below) or continue to the Rotary and take Route 201 South (this will place you at the lower right corner of the map below). • From the North (Waterville, Bangor and beyond): Head southwest on Interstate 95. Take exit #109b (Augusta), then follow the instructions above. • From the West (Lewiston and beyond): Take Route 202 to Augusta where it becomes Western Avenue. After you pass over Interstate 95, follow the instructions above. • From mid-coast Maine (Rockland, Camden, Belfast): Head west on Route 17 or Route 3. After crossing the Kennebec River take Route 201 South at the Rotary (this will place you at the lower right corner of the map below). • The map below shows parking lots in gray - please note that some lots (usually A, B and part of C) are reserved for Legislative Parking when the Legislature is in session, and others have parking for a limited time only. There is free all-day parking in the parking garage shown near the upper right corner of the map. • As shown on the map, there is a bus loading and unloading zone near the public entrance to the State House. After unloading passengers, please move all buses to the bus parking area at the end of Lot #O, past the Firefighters Memorial. If that area is full, theres an overflow lot down the hill past the Public Utilities Building.
  9. 9. (Return address)(Date)(Re: L.R. 2067 An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, General Fundand Other Funds, and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the FiscalYears Ending June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2013)Dear Senator/Representative ___________,The Governor’s proposed biennial budget for the Office of the Substance Abuse and Judicial Branch seeks to defund the Fund For AHealthy Maine. This Fund supports the existence of Maine’s statewide Adult Drug Courts. In the absence of a new funding source,this action will eliminate these invaluable Courts.Maine has six Adult Drug Courts located in York, Cumberland, Androscoggin, Hancock, Penobscot, and Washington Counties. Thereare more than 2,400 drug courts in the United States. Drug courts are one of the most researched, effective, and validatedinterventions in the criminal justice arena for the treatment of non-violent defendants addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs.An Adult Drug Court is a strictly supervised, court-mandated docket that holds offenders accountable and reduces criminal recidivismand substance abuse among selected adult defendants by focusing on rehabilitation instead of incarceration. Defendants plead guiltyto enter drug court in exchange for treatment, frequent, random, and observed drug testing, and intensive supervision and monitoringfor at least one year. Any violations are dealt with by the court swiftly and effectively by a multidisciplinary team led by a judge.q In December 2007, the Office of Substance Abuse documented the enormous cost of substance abuse in Maine and reported that it had increased by 45% from $618 million in the year 2000 to $898.4 million in 2005. The category with the highest cost was crime.q Today, Maine leads the country in opiate prescription drug abuse per capita, which accounts for much of the state’s crime.q Drug courts are highly cost-effective through avoiding incarceration costs, reduced crime, enhanced public safety, and recovery from substance abuse. Drug courts help offenders return to the work force, pay taxes, and support their families.q During this time, 1,025 men and women participated in Maine’s drug courts and achieved an average graduation rate of 62.2%, which exceeds the national graduation rate of 48%.q Drug courts reduce recidivism. The one-year post graduation re-arrest rate in Maine is 16.5% compared to the 33.1% rate found among traditionally adjudicated defendants. Drug courts provide clients with the skills and accountability needed to maintain recovery after graduation so that they will becomeresponsible and productive members of our community. Drug courts are the key ingredient to a healthier and safer Maine for all itscitizens.Respectfully Submitted,(signature)(name and town of residence)
  10. 10. E-Mail Addresses for House MembersMany Representatives may not have much time to check their e-mail, so the fastest way to reach your representative is usually bytelephone: Clerks Office in-state toll-free TTY (207) 287-1400 (800) 423-2900 (207) 287-4469If you are having trouble getting a message to your Representative, please check out our Hints for Sending E-Mail to theLegislature for solutions to common problems. If that doesnt provide a solution, Thank you.Following are e-mail addresses for those members who have them. Many of them are home addresses. Please keep in mind thatmembers may not receive these messages immediately. If time is crucial, please use the phone numbers above. Please note that it takes time to activate State House E-Mail Addresses. If you are having a problem with an address, please let us know. We can also forward a message to an individual member when the House is in session. Just send the message to With a Subject Line of "Message for Rep. " and the members name. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L M-N-O-P-R-S-T-V-W -A- State House E- Mail: Ayotte, Bernard L. A. (R-Caswell) State House E- Berry, Seth A. (D-Bowdoinham) Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E- -B- Mail: Beaulieu, Michael G. (R-Auburn) Bickford, Bruce A. (R-Auburn) Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E- State House E- Mail: Mail: Beavers, Roberta B. (D-South Berwick) Black, Russell J. (R-Wilton) Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E- Mail: Blodgett, Anna D. (D-Augusta) Home E-Mail: Beck, Henry E. M. (D-Waterville) State House E- Home E-Mail: Mail: State House E- Mail: Boland, Andrea M. (D-Sanford) Home E-Mail: Beliveau, Devin M. (D-Kittery) State House E- State House E- Mail: Mail: Bolduc, Brian D. (D-Auburn) Bennett, Paul Edward (R-Kennebunk) Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail:
  11. 11. Briggs, Sheryl J. (D-Mexico) Clark, Herbert E. (D-Millinocket)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: clarkhe@beeline-online.netState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepHerbert.Clark@legislature.maine.govBryant, Mark E. (D-Windham) Clark, Tyler (R-Easton)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: tyleraclark@msn.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepTyler.Clark@legislature.maine.govBurns, David C. (R-Whiting) Clarke, Michael H. (D-Bath)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: HL7mike@gwi.netState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepMike.Clarke@legislature.maine.govBurns, David R. (R-Alfred) Cornell du Houx, Alexander (D-Brunswick)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: acornell@alexcornell.orgState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: -C- Cotta, H. David (R-China) Home E-Mail: cotta@fairpoint.netCain, Emily Ann (D-Orono) State House E-Home E-Mail: Mail: RepDavid.Cotta@legislature.maine.govState House E-Mail: Crafts, Dale J. (R-Lisbon) Home E-Mail: dalecrafts@aol.comCarey, Michael E. (D-Lewiston) State House E-State House E- Mail: RepDale.Crafts@legislature.maine.govMail: Cray, Dean A. (R-Palmyra)Casavant, Alan M. (D-Biddeford) Home E-Mail: dacray@msn.comHome E-Mail: State House E-State House E- Mail: RepDean.Cray@legislature.maine.govMail: Crockett, Jarrod S. (R-Bethel)Cebra, Richard M. (R-Naples) Home E-Mail: jarrodscrockett@gmail.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepJarrod.Crockett@legislature.maine.govCelli, Michael (R-Brewer) Curtis, Philip A. (R-Madison)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: pdcurtis2@hotmail.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepPhilip.Curtis@legislature.maine.govChapman, Ralph (D-Brooksville) Cushing, Andre E., III (R-Hampden)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: andre@andrecushing.comState House E- Alternate E-Mail: mainehousewhip@gmail.comMail: State House E- Mail: RepAndre.Cushing@legislature.maine.govChase, Kathleen D. (R-Wells)Home E-Mail: -D-State House E-Mail: Damon, Douglas K. (R-Bangor) Home E-Mail: cdicemom@aol.comChipman, Benjamin M. (U-Portland) Alternate E-Mail: dougdamon@LIVE.comHome E-Mail: votechipman@gmail.comState House E- Davis, Paul T., Sr. (R-Sangerville)Mail: Home E-Mail:
  12. 12. Dill, Cynthia A. (D-Cape Elizabeth) Flemings, Elspeth M. (D-Bar Harbor)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: elsie.flemings@gmail.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepElsie.Flemings@legislature.maine.govDill, James F. (D-Old Town) Flood, Patrick S. A. (R-Winthrop)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: patricksaflood@roadrunner.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepPatrick.Flood@legislature.maine.govDion, Mark N. (D-Portland) Fossel, Leslie T. (R-Alna)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: fossel@oldhouserestoration.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepLes.Fossel@legislature.maine.govDow, Dana L. (R-Waldoboro) Foster, Karen D. (R-Augusta)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E-Driscoll, Timothy E. (D-Westbrook) Mail: RepKaren.Foster@legislature.maine.govHome E-Mail: tdrisco1@maine.rr.comState House E- Fredette, Kenneth Wade (R-Newport)Mail: Home E-Mail: Alternate E-Mail: kenneth.fredette@post.harvard.eduDuchesne, Robert S. (D-Hudson)Home E-Mail: -G-Dunphy, Larry C. (R-Embden) Gifford, Jeffery Allen (R-Lincoln)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E- -E- Mail: RepJeffery.Gifford@legislature.maine.govEberle, Jane E. (D-South Portland) Gilbert, Paul E. (D-Jay)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: pegilbert@hotmail.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepPaul.Gilbert@legislature.maine.govEdgecomb, Peter E. (R-Caribou) Gillway, James S. (R-Searsport)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: jgillway@yahoo.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepJames.Gillway@legislature.maine.govEspling, Eleanor M. (R-New Gloucester) Goode, Adam A. (D-Bangor)State House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepAdam.Goode@legislature.maine.govEves, Mark W. (D-North Berwick) Graham, Anne P. (D-North Yarmouth)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: apg1@maine.rr.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: -F- Guerin, Stacey K. (R-Glenburn) Home E-Mail: repguerin@gmail.comFitts, Stacey Allen (R-Pittsfield) State House E-State House E- Mail: RepStacey.Guerin@legislature.maine.govMail: -H-Fitzpatrick, Joyce A. (R-Houlton)State House E- Hamper, James M. (R-Oxford)Mail: Home E-Mail:
  13. 13. State House E- Johnson, David D. (R-Eddington)Mail: Alternate E-Mail: djhouse20@gmail.comHanley, Stephen P. (D-Gardiner) Johnson, Peter B. (R-Greenville)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: rumridge27@gmail.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepPete.Johnson@legislature.maine.govHarlow, Denise Patricia (D-Portland) -K-Home E-Mail: deniseharlow@hotmail.comState House E- Kaenrath, Bryan T. (D-South Portland)Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E-Harmon, R. Ryan (R-Palermo) Mail: RepBryan.Kaenrath@legislature.maine.govHome E-Mail: ryan.harmon82@yahoo.comState House E- Kent, Peter S. (D-Woolwich)Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E-Harvell, Lance Evans (R-Farmington) Mail: RepPeter.Kent@legislature.maine.govHome E-Mail: Keschl, Dennis L. (R-Belgrade)Haskell, Anne M. (D-Portland) Home E-Mail: keschl@yahoo.comHome E-Mail: State House E-State House E- Mail: RepDennis.Keschl@legislature.maine.govMail: Knapp, Jane S. (R-Gorham)Hayes, Teresea (D-Buckfield) Home E-Mail: knappjanes09@gmail.comHome E-Mail: State House E-State House E- Mail: RepJane.Knapp@legislature.maine.govMail: Knight, L. Gary (R-Livermore Falls)Herbig, Erin D. (D-Belfast) Home E-Mail: LGary.Knight@usa.netHome E-Mail: State House E-State House E- Mail: RepGary.Knight@legislature.maine.govMail: Kruger, Charles B. (D-Thomaston)Hinck, Jon (D-Portland) Home E-Mail: cbkruger@myfairpoint.netState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepChuck.Kruger@legislature.maine.govHogan, George (D-Old Orchard Beach) Kumiega, Walter A., III (D-Deer Isle)State House E- Home E-Mail: wkumiega36@gmail.comMail: State House E- Mail: RepWalter.Kumiega@legislature.maine.govHunt, Robert B. (D-Buxton)Home E-Mail: -L-State House E-Mail: Lajoie, Michel A. (D-Lewiston) Home E-Mail: -I- State House E- Mail: RepMichel.Lajoie@legislature.maine.govInnes, Melissa Walsh (D-Yarmouth)Home E-Mail: Libby, Aaron F. (R-Waterboro)State House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: -J- Long, Ricky D. (R-Sherman) Home E-Mail:
  14. 14. State House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepJon.McKane@legislature.maine.govLongstaff, Thomas R. W. (D-Waterville) McLeod, Everett W., Sr. (R-Lee)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: emcleod@fairpoint.netState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepEverett.McLeod@legislature.maine.govLovejoy, Stephen D. (D-Portland) Mitchell, Wayne T. (Penobscot Nation)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: Alternate E-Luchini, Louis J. (D-Ellsworth) Mail: Wayne.Mitchell@penobscotnation.orgState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: -M- Morissette, Susan E. (R-Winslow) Home E-Mail: morissette2010@gmail.comMacDonald, W. Bruce (D-Boothbay) Alternate E-Mail: Susan@SusanMorissette.comHome E-Mail: State House E-State House E- Mail: RepSusan.Morissette@legislature.maine.govMail: Morrison, Terry K. (D-South Portland)Maker, Joyce A. (R-Calais) Home E-Mail: tmorrison16@msn.comHome E-Mail: gjmaker@gmail.comState House E- Moulton, Bradley S. (R-York)Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E-Malaby, Richard S. (R-Hancock) Mail: RepBrad.Moulton@legislature.maine.govHome E-Mail: info@crockerhouse.comState House E- -N-Mail: Nass, Joan M. (R-Acton)Maloney, Maeghan (D-Augusta) State House E-Home E-Mail: Mail: RepJoan.Nass@legislature.maine.govMartin, John L. (D-Eagle Lake) Nelson, Mary Pennell (D-Falmouth)State House E- Home E-Mail: mpn3@maine.rr.comMail: State House E- Mail: RepMary.Nelson@legislature.maine.govMazurek, Edward J. (D-Rockland)Home E-Mail: Newendyke, Melvin (R-Litchfield)State House E- Home E-Mail: mln@fairpoint.netMail: State House E- Mail: RepMel.Newendyke@legislature.maine.govMcCabe, Jeff M. (D-Skowhegan)Home E-Mail: Nutting, Robert W. (R-Oakland) State House E-McClellan, Michael D. (R-Raymond) Mail: RepRobert.Nutting@legislature.maine.govHome E-Mail: mmcclell@maine.rr.comState House E- -O-Mail: OBrien, Andrew R. (D-Lincolnville)McFadden, Howard E. (R-Dennysville) Home E-Mail: aobrien2008@gmail.comHome E-Mail: State House E-State House E- Mail: RepAndrew.OBrien@legislature.maine.govMail: OConnor, Beth A. (R-Berwick)McKane, Jonathan B. (R-Newcastle) Home E-Mail: libertymom1@msn.comHome E-Mail:
  15. 15. State House E- Richardson, David E. (R-Carmel)Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E-Olsen, Kimberly N. (R-Phippsburg) Mail: RepDavid.Richardson@legislature.maine.govHome E-Mail: kimolsendistrict64@hotmail.comState House E- Richardson, Wesley E. (R-Warren)Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E- -P- Mail: RepWes.Richardson@legislature.maine.govParker, James W. (R-Veazie) Rioux, Peter B. (R-Winterport)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: riouxrep@aol.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepPeter.Rioux@legislature.maine.govParry, Wayne R. (R-Arundel) Rochelo, Megan M. (D-Biddeford)State House E- Home E-Mail: megan.rochelo@gmail.comMail: State House E- Mail: RepMegan.Rochelo@legislature.maine.govPeoples, Ann E. (D-Westbrook)Home E-Mail: Rosen, Kimberley C. (R-Bucksport)State House E- Home E-Mail: Kurlykim40@aol.comMail: State House E- Mail: RepKimberley.Rosen@legislature.maine.govPeterson, Matthew J. (D-Rumford)Home E-Mail: Rotundo, Margaret R. (D-Lewiston) Home E-Mail: mrotundo@bates.eduPicchiotti, John J. (R-Fairfield)Home E-Mail: Russell, Diane (D-Portland)State House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepDiane.Russell@legislature.maine.govPilon, Donald E. (D-Saco) -S-Home E-Mail: dpilon@maine.rr.comState House E- Sanborn, Linda F. (D-Gorham)Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E-Plummer, Gary E. (R-Windham) Mail: RepLinda.Sanborn@legislature.maine.govHome E-Mail: geplummer@aol.comState House E- Sanderson, Deborah J. (R-Chelsea)Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E-Prescott, Kerri L. (R-Topsham) Mail: RepDeb.Sanderson@legislature.maine.govHome E-Mail: kerrilprescott@gmail.comAlternate E-Mail: Sarty, Ralph W., Jr. (R-Denmark) Home E-Mail: rwsarty@fairpoint.netPriest, Charles R. (D-Brunswick) State House E-Home E-Mail: Mail: RepRalph.Sarty@legislature.maine.govState House E-Mail: Shaw, Michael A. (D-Standish) Home E-Mail: -R- State House E- Mail: RepMike.Shaw@legislature.maine.govRankin, Helen (D-Hiram)Home E-Mail: Sirocki, Heather W. (R-Scarborough)State House E- Home E-Mail: hsirocki@maine.rr.comMail: State House E- Mail:
  16. 16. Soctomah, Madonna M. (Passamaquoddy Tribe) Volk, Amy Fern (R-Scarborough)Home E-Mail: Home E-Mail: avolk@volkboxes.comState House E- State House E-Mail: Mail: RepAmy.Volk@legislature.maine.govStevens, Sara R. (D-Bangor) -W-State House E-Mail: Wagner, Richard V. (D-Lewiston) Home E-Mail: rwagner@bates.eduStrang Burgess, Meredith N. (R-Cumberland) State House E-Home E-Mail: Mail: RepRichard.Wagner@legislature.maine.govState House E-Mail: RepMeredith.StrangBurgess@legislature.maine Waterhouse, G. Paul (R-Bridgton).gov State House E- Mail: RepPaul.Waterhouse@legislature.maine.govStuckey, Peter C. (D-Portland)Home E-Mail: Weaver, Windol C. (R-York)State House E- Home E-Mail: wcw63@aol.comMail: State House E- Mail: -T- Webster, David C. (D-Freeport)Theriault, Charles Kenneth (D-Madawaska) Home E-Mail: dcwebster@comcast.netHome E-Mail: State House E-Alternate E-Mail: Mail: RepDavid.Webster@legislature.maine.govState House E-Mail: Welsh, Joan W. (D-Rockport) Home E-Mail: joanwelsh08@gmail.comTilton, Dianne C. (R-Harrington) State House E-Home E-Mail: Mail: RepJoan.Welsh@legislature.maine.govState House E-Mail: Willette, Alexander Reginald (R-Mapleton) Home E-Mail: alexander.willette@gmail.comTimberlake, Jeffrey L. (R-Turner) State House E-Home E-Mail: Mail: RepAlexander.Willette@legislature.maine.govState House E-Mail: Willette, Michael J. (R-Presque Isle) Home E-Mail: mikeblackbear@gmail.comTreat, Sharon Anglin (D-Hallowell)State House E- Winsor, Tom J. (R-Norway)Mail: Home E-Mail: State House E-Tuttle, John L., Jr. (D-Sanford) Mail: RepTom.Winsor@legislature.maine.govState House E-Mail: Wintle, Frederick L. (R-Garland) Home E-Mail: -V- State House E- Mail: RepFred.Wintle@legislature.maine.govValentino, Linda M. (D-Saco)Home E-Mail: Wood, Stephen J. (R-Sabattus)State House E- Alternate E-Mail: Woodysnavy@gmail.comMail: State House E- Mail: