Save Glenmore Info Session - June 2011


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Save Glenmore Info Session - June 2011

  1. 1. Save Glenmore Park PresentationJune 2011
  2. 2. OutlinePHASE I• Formation of Save Glenmore Park• Activities to datePHASE II• What SGP would like to see• Activities
  3. 3. PHASE I
  4. 4. Activities•  Formed Save Glenmore Park in January of 2011•  Website went live February of 2011•  Alberta Transportation Functional Planning Studies Open Houses in March•  Vision, Mission, and Key Perspectives•  Raising awareness•  Letters•  Op Ed•  Meetings, meetings, and more meetings!
  5. 5. Save Glenmore Park
  6. 6. Save Glenmore Park -Activities
  7. 7. VISIONSave Glenmore Park s vision is that the unique recreationalspace and irreplaceable, life-sustaining functions of theWeaselhead Natural Area, Glenmore Reservoir, andGlenmore Parks receive special status and are thereforeprotected and preserved for future generations.
  8. 8. MISSIONThe mission of Save Glenmore Park is to ensure Calgaryand area transportation issues are successfully addressedwithout disturbing the irreplaceable, life sustaining natureof the Weaselhead Natural Area, Glenmore Reservoir,Glenmore Parks and surrounding lands.
  9. 9. Achieving our MissionSGP mission will be accomplished by building allianceswith citizens and organizations that will join SGP in raisingawareness of the significance of the area and the unacceptablefinancial, social, and environmental costsof Calgary s Ring Road (Stoney Trail) as proposed.We will be successful when there is a long‐range,comprehensive, specific transportation and land use planin place for the City of Calgary that respects and supportsthis vision.
  10. 10. Save Glenmore Park -OrganizationCOMMITTEE HEADSInfluencers - Duncan KentAlliances - Debora WalshProfessional Services - Christine KurrantCommunication - Holly GibneyEnvironment - Lisa FlamanTransportation Solutions - Amy Lonsberry
  11. 11. Save Glenmore Park –Meetings•Mayor Naheed Nenshi• Calgary Caucus• MLA Alison Redford• Alderman Brian Pincott• Alberta Transportation• Focus Engineering• City of Calgary Transportation and Planning• Community Associations• Organizations
  12. 12. The Southwest Images provided by Valtus Imagery Services
  13. 13. Functional PlanningStudy
  14. 14. ConcernsSUSTAINABILITYThe Glenmore Reservoir, from which 600,000 people get theirdrinking water, needs to be protected from the risk created by theconstruction of another multi-lane expressway. Air borne pollution andnoise from additional vehicles would significantly and irreparablydegrade the Weaselhead natural area and Glenmore Park.LOSS OF PARKS AND NATURAL SPACESThe Weaselhead Natural Area, Glenmore Reservoir, GlenmoreParks and surrounding lands offer tranquil park space and uniquerecreational opportunities that cannot otherwise be found withinthe City and, if compromised, can never be replaced.
  15. 15. Information - Crossing DistanceImages provided by Valtus Imagery Services
  16. 16. ConcernsFUNCTIONALITY X
  17. 17. PHASE II
  18. 18. Save Glenmore Park -Future ActivitiesWHAT CAN CALGARY DO INSTEAD?•  Right now we are only asking ONE question—What is the best way to connect two road ways?•  The SGP Team thinks a better question is –What is the best way to facilitate mobility and growth in SW Calgary?•  We would like to see the scope of the project expanded to find an approach that is affordable, sustainable, and matches the vision Calgarian’s have for their city.
  19. 19. Save Glenmore Park -Future Activities• Engage the PC Leadership Candidates•  Work on getting Alberta Transportation and the City of Calgary to adopt a unique approach to this project and ask some different questions•  Gear up for the next round of Open Houses in October• Hands Across the Park: Earth Day 2012
  20. 20. Save Glenmore Park -Future Activities• MOU indicates the study will be complete in Q4 2011• Wait, Plan, and Prepare• Register SGP as an official society• Fundraising• Raise Awareness• Build Database• Petitioning
  21. 21. Save Glenmore Park -What can you do?• Be informed• Be involved• Individually (sign the petition, email updates, join a committee)• Donate time or money• Share the message
  22. 22. Thank You
  23. 23. Functional PlanningStudy