How to grow local business through deals


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Here is an informative guide on how to use deals to help grow your local business, brought to you by SaveCity, a unique marketing platform to help businesses in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill acquire customers through online and mobile deals.

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  • Source: and The About Group Research, June 2011Source:Forsee Results Survey, March 2012
  • Source:Forsee Results Survey, March 2012
  • Source: and The About Group Research, June 2011Source: Technomic Research (Food Industry Research Firm)
  • How to grow local business through deals

    1. 1. How to grow your local business through deals? B R O U G H T T O Y O U B Y S AV E C I T Y. C O M S AV E C I T Y I S A M A R K E T I N G P R O G R A M F R O M C A P I T O L B R O A D C A S T I N G T H AT O F F E R S A W AYF O R Y O U T O AT T R A C T N E W L O C A L , C O N N E C T E DC U S T O M E R S A N D D R I V E L O N G T E R M VA L U E F O R YOUR BUSINESS.
    2. 2. By the Numbers • New Trial - 53% of users tried a 53% business or service specifically because of the deal offered • Repeat Business - At least 23% 23% stated they continued using the business after the deal was redeemed 50% • Offer Matters – Anything below 50% exponentially effects results negativelySource: & Forsee Results Survey 2012
    3. 3. How deals help grow your business?Increase Increase Increaseexposure customers sales
    4. 4. Top 3 Marketing Outcomes From Deals Strategy Increase net-new customers  31% of daily deal buyers said they were new customers Trigger “comeback” action from former or non- frequent customers  27% of daily deal buyers that purchased were infrequent customers Build loyalty with current customers  38% of deal redeemers are frequent customers and went on to continue purchasing without a future dealSource: Forsee Results Survey 2012
    5. 5. Debunking Deal Site Myths 68% of daily deal buyers returned to the establishment even without another discount 53% of daily deal buyers went on to become regular customers 67% of daily deal buyers for restaurants said they returned to the restaurant where they had previously used a daily deal 48% of daily deal buyers for restaurants were new customers, and 83% ended up recommending the restaurant to family or friendsSource: & Technomic Research
    6. 6. Not All Discount Channels Are Alike Online Print Mobile DealGroup Buying Advertising Ads/Coupons Site Brand Awareness & Brand Awareness and Brand Awareness and Targeted, Traffic Brand Awareness Mobile Availability for Pre-Sales Generator Instant Action User pays merchant User pays User pays merchant User pays merchant and when buying/Merchant upfront/Revenue Split when buying/Fee-based merchant pays small fee pays for creation and After Discount exposure for conversion distribution Measureable Measureable: Not 1:1 Limited Measurability Measureable
    7. 7. How to prepare for your deal? Prepare for volume Ensure you are staffed for increase in traffic Ensure you have inventory to fulfill Train your staff How it works? What to expect? How to upsell? Cross promote the deal along with deal site promos Place on your website Enter in your e-newsletter Update social media sites: Twitter & Facebook
    8. 8. 5 Easy Ways to Maximize a Deals Strategy1. Create customer follow up plan2. Sign them up for your e-newsletter or mailing list3. Acquire them as fans and followers on Facebook & Twitter4. Ask for an online review – Google, Yelp, others5. Create a special follow up offer to thank them and bring them back
    9. 9. How to upsell a “Deals” Customer? Prepare an upsell offer that compliments your deal Coach your staff on how to engage and offer theupsell opportunity Be specific in your ask-- Avoid “Can I get youanything else?” Assure your customer that he/she is making agood choice with this upsell item Thank your customer for coming in and invite themback
    10. 10. Deal Strategy Summary Deals are a good way to drive business Lots of options – review and understand detailsand what works best for your business Prepare for your deal – inventory, training &promotion Create a follow up loyalty plan Try it – innovation and experimentation are keys tobusiness success
    11. 11. ThanksTo schedule your Save City Deal, please email us