Buzzards Bay Coalition 2013 Annual Report


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Buzzards Bay Coalition 2013 Annual Report

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Buzzards Bay Coalition 2013 Annual Report

  1. 1. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT
  2. 2. FROM THE PRESIDENT AND CHAIR It is our pleasure to share this 2013 Annual Report with you – our members and supporters who have done so much to create the Buzzards Bay Coalition of today. 2013 was an exciting year of action and engagement on a wide range of issues and the year found us reaching to all corners of the Buzzards Bay Watershed to improve the quality of our waters and our communities. Far upstream, where Buzzards Bay begins in Middleborough’s forests and wetlands, we created a new model of cooperation with hunters, town government, and state wildlife officials to close one of the largest land conservation deals in our history. We fought hard for a better cleanup of toxic pollution in New Bedford Harbor and introduced every fourth grader in the city’s public schools to the wonders of their local beaches. We opened new River Reserves for the public to explore in Acushnet, Mattapoisett and Wareham. And we won key victories to secure financial support to accelerate nitrogen pollution cleanup in Cape Cod’s sensitive harbors and coves. All of this activity is bound together by our commitment to a complementary suite of programs – Engaging People, Protecting Water, Saving Land – that we believe are vital to the long-term protection of this Bay. But, the programs and victories celebrated here in this Annual Report are but a glimpse of the exciting work taking place every day at your Buzzards Bay Coalition. We are blessed with a wonderfully talented staff, dedicated Board of Directors and tireless volunteers. But it is you – our growing family of members and supporters - who make it all possible. One of the chief motivators that drives our work is the scientific fact that Buzzards Bay is far from beyond repair. As a community, it is within our power to craft a better future for our rivers and streams, harbors and coves. This remains the exceptionalism that defines Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound when compared to the deplorable state of other East Coast estuaries. We are empowered by this tremendous opportunity every day. We cannot lose this opportunity to Save Buzzards Bay! Hopefully, these pages will inspire you to consider new ways in which you might get more involved. This is Your Bay and we are honored to work on your behalf for its improvement and protection. We want to close with a sincere thank you to Tom Gidwitz who stepped down in 2013 as Chair of the Coalition Board of Directors. Tom led the Board through a period of explosive growth – closing our $11.2 million Campaign for Buzzards Bay and moving us into our new award-winning headquarters. He is also the humble mastermind behind the Buzzards Bay Film Festival. Tom, you are an inspiration to all of us at the Coalition. Thank you! Mark Rasmussen President/Buzzards Baykeeper Laura Ryan Shachoy Chair, Board of Directors
  3. 3. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 1 PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT: Buzzards Bay Swim and Watershed Ride On August 21, 1994, seventeen people waded into the waters of outer New Bedford Harbor and swam to the other shore to make a positive statement about the value of clean water. Little did they know that, 20 years later, swimmers would still be crossing the harbor every summer in an event that has grown into one of the region’s premier outdoor activities and a true celebration of Buzzards Bay. On July 13, 2013, the Coalition celebrated the 20th Buzzards Bay Swim. A record 326 swimmers signed up to make the 1.2 mile crossing from New Bedford to Fairhaven, cheered on by hundreds more volunteers and well-wishers. With the help of their friends and family, these swimmers raised $135,000 for the Coalition’s work. The growth of the Swim has been tremendous, especially over the past three years when long-time swimmer Larry Fish challenged the Coalition to double both participation and fundraising. In 2013, because of the incredible enthusiasm of swimmers and their supporters, we met that challenge, earning an additional $25,000 from Larry Fish each year of the challenge while bringing the event to a new level. The success of the Buzzards Bay Swim helped spawn a second signature outdoor event for the Coalition: the Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride, an annual bike tour across the region held each autumn. On October 6, 2013, 130 cyclists pedaled from Westport to Woods Hole to highlight the critical role that the watershed’s fields, forests and towns play in maintaining a healthy Bay. Their dedication to the Bay raised $65,000 to protect clean water and the natural places in the many communities they rode past that day. What will the Swim and Watershed Ride look like in another 20 years? Our vision for the future is grand, and you are a part of it. Get involved in this year’s Swim and Watershed Ride as an athlete, volunteer, or supporter. Visit or OCTOBER 14, 2012
  5. 5. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 3 In January, Wareham became the first community in the Buzzards Bay watershed to require nitrogen- reducing septic systems for new development. This historic action – supported by years of community engagement spearheaded by the Coalition – not only safeguards water quality but also sets an example for other communities. Across the Bay, Falmouth completed a Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan to support infrastructure investments to stop nitrogen pollution. At the regional level, Cape Cod communities took a major step forward in addressing their crippling nitrogen problems. Under the guidance of the Cape Cod Commission and with $3.35 million in state funding, the region is developing an Areawide Water Quality Management Plan, or 208 Plan, that will highlight how communities can work together to solve the nitrogen pollution crisis. The plan and grant funds were a direct, and very positive, response to Coalition legal action. The state and federal government are closer to meeting their requirement to create nitrogen limits, or TMDLs, for several Buzzards Bay estuaries. In 2013, final nitrogen pollution cleanup studies were issued for the Westport Rivers, Slocums River, Nasketucket Bay, Quissett Harbor, Wild Harbor, and Rands Harbor/Fiddlers Cove. New Bedford Harbor and the Wareham River received draft reports. The Coalition is pressuring the state and federal government to issue TMDLs for these areas as soon as possible. Additionally, seven more local waterways are now on the regulatory path to recovery after Coalition data led to the estuaries being added to the state’s list of impaired waters. The Coalition continues to provide communities with sound science to make decisions. More than 100 new Bay Health signs went up across the region, displaying local water quality data collected through the Baywatchers monitoring program. We also sampled six different cranberry bogs as part of a two-year research The impacts of nitrogen pollution – cloudy water, algae blooms, and fish and shellfish losses – have crept into Buzzards Bay’s harbors and coves over the last several decades. Just as the decline has been slow and subtle, recovery will also take time. The Coalition is committed to speeding up that recovery and in 2013 there were many important victories at the local, regional, state, and federal levels that advanced our fight against nitrogen pollution. study to better understand the cranberry industry’s impact on the nitrogen pollution problem. The study is being conducted in partnership with the Marine Biological Laboratory, the town of Carver, the UMASS Cranberry Experiment Station and the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association. In 2013, the Coalition also stayed strong on our goal to eliminate toxic pollution from the region’s waterways, most notably in New Bedford Harbor. In September, we argued in federal court that a settlement between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and AVX, the largest company responsible for the harbor’s PCB pollution, was not enough to provide a proper cleanup. Although the court ultimately approved the settlement, we will use science and community support to continue to fight for a clean, safe harbor and stand up for better cleanup plans from the EPA. We also remained vigilant against the constant threat of oil spills from barges traveling through Buzzards Bay. Today, the Bay is guarded by the Massachusetts Oil Spill Prevention Act (MOSPA), which the Coalition helped pass in 2004. But the Coast Guard has repeatedly tried to replace the state law with weaker federal rules, most recently in July. The Coalition responded with detailed comments stating that Buzzards Bay deserves the protection of MOSPA. The comments echoed a 2013 National Academy of Sciences peer review that was critical of the Coast Guard’s position. BAYKEEPER® ADVOCACY A Bay Health sign at the inlet to the Westport Rivers.At left, The Coalition’s boat the R/V Buzzards Baykeeper en route to its water quality testing location in Apponagansett Bay.
  6. 6. 4 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION4 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION 2013 ANNUAL REPORT The ponds and forests of the Wankinquoah Rod & Gun Club in Middleborough are now permanently protected by a Conservation Restriction acquired by the Coalition in 2013.
  7. 7. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 5 In 2013, the Coalition brought together a unique partnership of sportsmen from the Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club, town officials, and state agencies to protect over 350 acres of watershed land in Middleborough, far from the shores of Buzzards Bay. Most of this land, which sits near the headwaters of the Sippican and Weweantic rivers, is now permanently protected through a conservation restriction held by the Coalition. Land was also added to the Rocky Gutter Wildlife Management Area, providing better access for hunters, mountain bikers, and wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors. In addition to the land protection success in Middleborough, 2013 saw gains in protecting more of the region’s most fragile natural areas. The Coalition placed conservation restrictions over more than 121 acres of land along the Slocums, Weweantic, and Mattapoisett rivers and in Quissett Harbor. Also, the Coalition made significant progress toward completing the Nasketucket Bay Land Conservation Project when Fairhaven and Mattapoisett Town Meetings committed funds to the project, which will protect over 410 acres of coastal land. In 2014, the Coalition looks to complete this historic land conservation project with additional community support and private donations. Think of the Buzzards Bay watershed as a mosaic made up of forests, fields, wetlands, rivers, streams, and the communities we call home. Connecting all of these pieces is water: falling on the Bay as rain on a warm summer evening or drifting down as snow on a field many miles from the shore. Our work to protect the Buzzards Bay watershed is focused on keeping this water clean, no matter where it falls. While continuing to conserve land to protect our water resources, the Coalition made incredible progress restoring damaged habitats around the region. The Acushnet Sawmill restoration project is steaming ahead with the removal of two acres of pavement and thousands of invasive plants. Some days, as many as ten trucks and thirty workers have been on site during this final phase of restoration, which will stretch though the spring of 2014. Restoring the Acushnet Sawmill will not only help improve the health of the Acushnet River, it will also provide an outdoor oasis where members of the community can walk, bike, launch a canoe, and enjoy nature in the middle of an urban neighborhood. In Dartmouth and Falmouth, the Coalition led an innovative salt marsh restoration project to remove acres of invasive Phragmities australis. With the support of local residents near Salters Pond in Dartmouth and Flume Pond and Gunning Point Pond in Falmouth, this three-year project will remove the aggressive plant and allow native vegetation to return, helping these coastal ponds to thrive once again. WATERSHED PROTECTION Flume Pond is becoming visible again where invasive Phragmities australis were removed in year one of a three-year Coalition restoration project in partnership with the 300 Committee - Falmouth’s Land Trust. Sara Quintal, the Coalition’s Restoration Ecologist, leads volunteers in clearing trash from the Acushnet Sawmill. Young explorers enjoy the shores of Nasketucket Bay.
  8. 8. 6 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION6 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION 2013 ANNUAL REPORT Kids get an up-close appreciation for the wetlands at the Coalition’s new Mattapoisett River Reserve on a program with Senior Educator Margo Connolly-Masson.
  9. 9. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 7 That is starting to change through programs like Learn to Quahog, one of more than 40 Bay Adventures the Coalition offered in 2013. Bay Adventures connect local residents to their environment by featuring special places and unique outdoor activities. In 2013, nearly 600 people participated in a Coalition-led Bay Adventure. Bay Adventures aren’t the only way the Coalition helped people get out and explore. In 2013, we launched an interactive online map at FindAnAdventure that features 200 locations around the watershed where people can hike, bike, boat, swim, fish, view wildlife, and simply enjoy nature. More than 1,000 people have already visited this map to find locations to explore. In addition to highlighting great places that already exist, the Coalition opened three new river reserves with signage, parking areas, and exciting programming for children and adults. These properties include The Bogs and Tripps Mill, which are part of the Mattapoisett River Reserve; Horseshoe Mill in the Weweantic River Reserve in West Wareham; and LaPalme Farm, part of the Acushnet River Reserve along with The Sawmill, which will open in summer 2014. On a clear, warm October day, Coalition Senior Educator Margo Connolly-Masson stood in front of a group of twenty-five local residents along the shore of Sunset Cove in Wareham. Wearing chest waders and holding a clam rake, Connolly-Masson asked if anyone knew what a quahog looked like. “Only stuffed!” one woman replied. Her joke rang true for many local residents: Even though more shellfish beds are open today because of pollution cleanup successes, fewer people are out digging for the iconic clam. Our river reserves are the newest additions to the Coalition’s growing network of Bay Discovery sites. They join the Richard C. Wheeler Bay Learning Center in New Bedford and the Buzzards Bay Discovery Center in Woods Hole, which continued to see growth in 2013. Over 6,500 people visited the centers to learn how to explore and protect Buzzards Bay. The Coalition also continued to support the region’s decision makers in government and business through a workshop series that provided solutions to nitrogen pollution. More than 80 decision makers from across the region came together to learn about innovations in wastewater treatment technology, landscape management, and planning and funding. Today’s children will be tomorrow’s decision makers, which is why the Coalition continued its strong youth education programs in 2013. Through more than 200 fun, engaging programs, over 3,000 children explored beaches, salt marshes, forests, and wetlands across the region. Through a partnership with Massachusetts Service Alliance, the Coalition hosted two Commonwealth Corps service members who, among their achievements, brought every fourth grader in the New Bedford Public School system to the shores of Buzzards Bay to explore East Beach in New Bedford. EDUCATION AND PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT Decision Makers learn about innovative wastewater solutions at the Buzzards Bay Center. Local residents learned to quahog during a Bay Adventure. The entrance to the Bogs, part of the Mattapoisett River Reserve.
  10. 10. 8 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION SUPPORTERS President’s Circle $10,000 or more Charles & Christina Bascom Diane & Norman Bernstein Mike Bingle & Eryn Ament Bingle Hans & Susan Brenninkmeyer Darryl & Janet Buckingham David & Victoria Croll Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fallon Tally & John Garfield Dr. Gail Davidson & Tom Gidwitz Daniel & Mary Gregory Peter Hawes & Family Lucius T. Hill III & Wendy Y. Hill Rusty & Betsy Kellogg Mary Ellen Hawes Lees Kate & Al Merck Ambassador & Mrs. Richard Morningstar James Rathmann & Anne Noonan - The Rathmann Family Foundation Cynthia & Jason Ritter & Family Mr. & Mrs. John Drake Ross Laura Ryan Shachoy & Jamey Shachoy Larry Stifler & Mary McFadden Mr. Frederic F. Taylor Peter Wheeler & Elizabeth Munro Richard & Sandra Wheeler Tom & Robin Wheeler Anonymous Associates $5,000-$9,999 Michael & Margherita Baldwin James & Connie Bevilacqua Annie & Jon Burleigh Alec & Sarah Casey Mr. & Mrs. Anthony* Cope Paul Elias & Marie Lossky-Elias Fearons Family Fund Sam & Gerry Gray The Gosnold Society The Gosnold Society recognizes individuals who support the ongoing programs of the Buzzards Bay Coalition with annual gifts of $1,000 or more. Gifts and pledge payments of $1,000 or more to the Campaign for Buzzards Bay during calendar year 2013 are also included in the Gosnold Society and denoted in italics. We thank these leadership donors for their generosity and commitment to our work, and invite others to join them in supporting the preservation of Buzzards Bay. Mrs. Adelaide Griswold Jim & Bess Hughes George & Helen Keeler Russ & Wendy Keeler Sam & Anna Knight Rosemary Kotkowski Fred & Louise Makrauer Ian P. & Catherine McDonald Laura & Ken Morse Susan & Chip Morse Jonathan O’Herron* Jonathan O’Herron, Jr. The John Pollis Family Gale Runnells Kissy Russell Norman & Maryellen Sullivan Shachoy Anonymous $2,500-$4,999 Rex and Ellen Adams Constance Bacon Mr. and Mrs. David A. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Bernstein Susan Emmons Cheever Peter & Jennifer Francis John H. & Corbin Crewes Harwood Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hollis III Mr. and Mrs. Ted Knopf Bill & Noelle Locke Tim Mahoney & Pam Donnelly Brendan McCarthy & Elise Bilodeau Colin & Anne McNay Mr. & Mrs. C. Walter Nichols, III Tom & Linda Mae Ohaus Mark Rasmussen Louise C. Riemer Deborah C. Robbins Kenneth Shwartz & June Smith Jay & Nancy Smith Steven & Ginny Spiegel Geoff and Judy Swett Stephen & Alicia Symchych $1,000-$2,499 Joel Alvord & Lisa Schmid Alvord Marie & Mike Angelini Benjamin & Deborah Baker Talbot Baker, Jr. P. Baldwin & M. Guggisberg James T. Bartlett Wally & Roz Bernheimer Nancy & Robert Bernstein David Berwind Genie & Bob Birch Peter & Betsy Block Jack & Nancy Braitmayer John K. & Laurie Bullard Rid Bullerjahn Peter & Erin Burlinson John & Tess Cederholm Betsey & Ken Cheitlin Christopher P. Chiodo Mr. & Mrs. James M. Clark Colleen Kohl Mary Coolidge Molly N. Cornell Charlie & Dianne Cosman The Fannie Cox Foundation Mrs. Gertrude S. Crittenden Douglas & Cindy Crocker Jane & Brian Crowley John C. Decas Maureen & Allen Decker Joseph S. Deitch Mr. Robert Dorfman Annette U. Ewing Rosemary & Stephen Fassett Mark & Martha Fishman Delia Flynn Tom & Jill French Frisbie Family Foundation Dr. Jonathan Gertler & Dr. Jane Clark Gertler Nancy Gidwitz Ronald Gidwitz Nelson S. Gifford Arthur & Trudy Golden Jeff & Tess Goodwin Steve & Cindy Gormley Ed & Alice Grayson Marjorie & Nick Greville Jayne Hanley Richard & Johanna Harrison Reed Harwood James N. Heald, 2nd Richard A. Heald & Eileen M. O’Brien James & Kathy Herring Julie & Jordan Hitch Michael & Deborah Hood Dr. Chris & Elizabeth Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Huntington George Hurd Dr. Amy Johnson Gary P. Johnson & Luana Jøsvold Leonard & Patricia Johnson Shephard & Elizabeth Johnson Capt. Barney Jones Clarke & Cathie Keenan Kingman Yacht Center Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Knowles, Jr. Nancy & Ted Kurtz Elizabeth & Gardner Lane Mr. & Mrs. Jack Langford Jack Leary & Joanne Lukaszewicz Russ Lemcke & Meg Becker D. Lloyd Macdonald Peter L. Macdonald Mr. Donald MacLean Barbara Ann Markel Mr. & Mrs. Chris Markey Carmine & Beth Martignetti Lucinda Martin Joan & Bob McLaughlin Richard & Alma Merians Chris Meyer Elise & George Mock Robert G. Morse
  11. 11. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 9 All of the Bay protection, restoration, and education achievements featured in this Annual Report were made possible through the generosity of the Buzzards Bay Coalition’s members – individuals, families, foundations, businesses, and organizations that support our work on behalf of the Bay and its watershed. The Board and Staff of the Buzzards Bay Coalition extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who joined us in Saving Buzzards Bay in 2013. Leave a Legacy for Your Bay Buzzards Bay will always need a voice. When you remember the Buzzards Bay Coalition in your will or estate plans, you help ensure a cleaner, healthier Bay for future generations to enjoy. You may be able to contribute more than you thought possible, with benefits ranging from tax advantages to income for life. Whether you choose a bequest through your estate or retirement plan, or other Planned Giving vehicles with tax or income advantages for you and your family: You will have a lasting impact on the Bay you love. Mr. & Mrs. George A. Needham Mr. Chris Neill & Ms. Linda A. Deegan Ms. Margaret Norman Ms. Dorrie Pizzella & Mr. Charles Baker Helen & Peter Randolph Neal Ready John & Rebecca Reeves John Sherburne Reidy Margaret & Dick Rhoads Mr. Karl D. Riemer Theodore Romanow & Kim Redfield Walter & Marjorie Salmon James Sharpe & Deborah Stein Sharpe Mr. & Mrs. J. Adam Sholley Peter B. Sholley James Robert Silver Mr. & Mrs. Hardwick Simmons Esther Simon Charitable Trust Mark & Sarah* Snyderman Jay Stein & Gretchen Fox Stein Dola Hamilton Stemberg Galen & Anne Stone David & Patricia Straus James W. Swent, III Tim & Patti Swope Fred W. Trezise & Joan Gerster Joan Underwood Mr. Jeffrey Vasquez Anne & Dick Webb Mr. & Mrs. H. St. John Webb Robert & Marina Whitman Mr. Gordon G. Wisbach, Jr. Robert L. Wolff & Caroline S. Lindeke John & MarDee Xifaras Rhonda & Michael Zinner Anonymous “Growing up I spent lots of time on Buzzards Bay with my family and friends. Protecting the beauty and bounty of the Bay is important to me. I can’t think of a better legacy to leave behind.” – Gioia Browne, Legacy Circle Member Buzzards Bay Legacy Circle William K. Bradshaw* Gioia T. Browne Katharine Bullard* Joseph R. Frothingham, Jr.* Natalie Garfield John Harwood John D. Ross Angelica L. Russell* *Deceased If you have included the Buzzards Bay Coalition in your will or estate plans, or if you would like more information about Planned Giving opportunities, please contact Marc Bellanger at (508) 999-6363 ext. 202 or Donors who make a Planned Gift are included in the Buzzards Bay Legacy Circle.
  12. 12. 10 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION $500-$999 Skip & Peggy Annett Patricia Arnold Betsy Heald Arthur Gregory & Anne Avis Priscilla W. Ballou Peggy & Edward Barry Dr. & Mrs. Grover G. Baxley Ms. Celia Bernstein Ms. Maya Bittar Peter & Elizabeth Blanchard Hugh Bolton Christine & Matthew Botica Jacob F. Brown, II Gioia Thomas Browne David & Judy Brownell John Carroll Jeffrey & Jennifer Collins Mr. & Mrs. James B. Conway Loretto & Dwight Crane Mr. Prescott Crocker Mrs. Norman C. Cross Kevin & Candy Crowley Ray & Wendy Cullum Ron & Alice Curtin Judith & Murray Danforth Marc & Katie Deshaies Bill & Brenda Dugan Lincoln & Ruth Ekstrom Mr. David Evans Bruce & Elizabeth Figueroa David & Karen Firestone Cheryl Forte Mr. John Gallo & Ms. Patricia Tortorella Seth & Dorothy Garfield Mr. & Mrs Wyatt Garfield Mr. John A. Garraty, Jr. George & Suzanne Gebelein Constance B. Gee Mr. George Gurney Mr. Dean Hachamovitch Jack & Amy Haley Jan & Toby Hall Jane Hallowell Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Harple Julie & Bayard Henry Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Hense Heidi & Arthur Huguley Hope & David Jeffrey Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Jeffrey Daniel Jones, Esq. Mr. Mike Jones Adele Franks & Steve Jones David & Jennifer Kaiser Steve Kanovsky & Polly Wood Keith & Mary Kauppila Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kavanagh John D. Kelleher & Viki A. Fowler Mark & Polly Kisiel Mildred DuPre Kitchell Jonathan & Deborah Kolb Drs. Donald & Joan Korb James & Nancy Laird Jeff & Craig Lawrence Sara & Paul Lehner Lennart & Ann Lindberg Pete & Vicky Lowell John & Doris Ludes Richard R. Mack William & Winnie Mackey Mrs. Mary Jane Malone Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. McCormick Jim McEleney & Melissa Gordon Kate & Hugh McLean Mr. & Mrs. Dexter Mead Darryl Medina & Sara Dickson Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Mellon Mark Pankoff Faith & Charlie Paulsen Dr. Elisabeth A. Pennington Luis Pereira Mr. & Mrs. Leo W. Pierce, Jr. John Price Mr. George Randall Gretchen A. Reilly Crystal & William Ribich Owen & Dorothy Robbins Bryan Robertson & Patricia Garrahy-Robertson Dana & Alison Rodin Steve & Maria Smith Mr. & Mrs. W. Mason Smith, III Mr. Edward S. Stimpson Kristian J. Stoltenberg Mr. & Mrs. Leo Sullivan Robert E. Sullivan & Linn M. Sullivan Susan & John Teal Mr. & Mrs. Edwin P. Tiffany John & Frederica Valois Mr. & Mrs. Sam Wald Stephen & Nancy Weinstein Edward & Judith Westrick & Family Ann & Hans Ziegler $250-$499 Robert Ackerman Mr. Johannes Ackermann & Mrs. Anne Ackermann Thomas & Kara Altshuler Scott & Kate Anderson Brendan Annett & Anne Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Ray Armstrong Martha Arruda Mr. Richard I. Arthur, Jr. Hope L. Baker Mr. Jonathan P. Barboza Mr. & Mrs. Milo Beach Grzegorz & Erin Bednarczyk Charles Bergmann Allen Berry Dr. Zabeth Billingham Dr. Andrew Blazar & Dr. Beverly Blazar John & Romayne Bockstoce David Bogen & Pamela Spatz Peter & Susan Boni Robert Brack Ed & Amy Brakeman Larry & Sally Brownell Nils Bruzelius & Lynne Weil Lexie Bullard Amy & Andy Burnes Bob Busby & Maureen Conte George & Yara Cadwalader Ms. Lizanne Campbell Christopher W. Carey Ms. Kathleen Carey Jennifer P. Cavallaro Carol & Jonathan Chace Jon & Lydia Christensen Ms. Suzanne Church Rachel & Tom Claflin David & Giovanna Clott Claude & Donna Cobert Gretchen & Robbie Colby Harris & Melinda Collins Mr. Gregory Cronin Bob & Vickie Cunningham Ms. Margaret E. Curtis Mrs. Rose P. Cutler Jonathan Cutone Ed Denehey Philip Y. DeNormandie Mr. Andrew Dimmick Ms. Christine Doyle Mr. Miles Draycott Mr. Bill Driscoll Ian & Kathryn C.B. Duff George DuPaul & Judith Brown-DuPaul Mr. & Mrs. Mal Durkee Emmet Eby, M.D. Michael A. Esposito & Cynthia A. Redel Frederic A. Eustis III Julius & Mette Feinleib Frank & Nancy Ferreira Mr. Thomas Fillipovich Mr. & Mrs. JW Freiberg III Drs. Bruce & Barbara Furie Will & Laura Gardner Horace & Marla Garfield Wyatt Jr. & Rachel Garfield Kenneth & Barbara Gee Edward A. Gonet, Jr. Mrs. Barbara M. Gracia Will & Marguerite Graham Paul & Priscilla Gray Alyssa & Bill Greenwood Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Gregg Paul Grover Susan & Gib Hammond Dr. Ronald Hantman Richard Hardaway & Lee Hardaway Bob & Judy Hardiman Mrs. Jessie Harris Mr. Ryan G. Healey Joyce V. Hiller Sandra Taven & Dr. Ronald Hirschberg Mr. TJ Hofheimer & Ms. Janine Dumont Paul & Patricia Hogan Robert Howe Katherine & Robert Hoyt Paul, Beth & Moses Hughes Ann Huidekoper & Joanne Swanson Mr. Dave Hulburt Jenny & Gregory Hunt Kimberly Fletcher & John Hussey Dr. Rachel Jakuba Mr. Robert Jamieson The Johns Family Nancy Jordan Myla & Jon Kabat-Zinn Mr. Zachary Kavanaugh Hod & Mary Kenney Mrs. Anne Keyser David & Jean Kibbe Charles & Deborah Klotz Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Knowles Paul Krause & Teri Bernert Nancy Kress David & Lynne Lapalme Edith Lauderdale Polly & David Leshan Ken Lipman & Evelyn Baum Jim Lovell Helen Lozoraitis Mr. Thomas Lynch Diana & Bruce MacPhail Martha Maguire Andrea Marcovici John Markey Dr. & Mrs. Michael Markowski Sandra & Amos Marsh Ted & Karen Martin Mr. Alex Mazza Joe McDonagh Ms. Patricia McGovern Mediation Cape Cod Nawrie Meigs-Brown & David Brown Erica Miller Dana & Eileen Miskell Mr. & Mrs. Tom Modica Linton & Jane Moulding Michael Muhanna Dr. & Mrs. William Muldoon, Jr. Mr. Dan Navilliat Kent Nicholas Rory O’Connor & Claire Muhm Pamela O’Day Mark & Joanne Olson Jay & Marilyn O’Neil Alexander T. Orr Peter J. Ouellette David & Lois Parker Suzannah Parker Gerry E. Payette John & Celeste Penney Mr. Matthew Pepin Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Perkins, Jr. Korrin Petersen, Esq. & Brian Petersen Sandy & Arne Peterson Richard & Eleanor Phillips Jahn & Renee Pothier Robert M. Pozzo Chris & Michelle Prassas Mrs. Charles Pratt Barbara Purser James Rakowski & Denise Mengani Bill & Karen Reaman Kinley T. & Bonnie S. Reddy Mr. & Mrs. G. Herbert Repass David M. Richards & Elizabeth T. Gibson Philip & Judith Richardson Jon Ritter Peter & Lucy Robbins Thomas & Johanna Robinson Dr. Denise Rollinson & Dr. Kenneth Sassower Sylvia Vatuk & George Rosen Mr. Nathaniel Ross Emily Russell-Roy Jeffrey & Jennifer Ryan Mr. Patrick W. Ryan, Jr. Tony Sapienza Heather & Kitt Sawitsky Mr. Samuel M. Schaefer Mrs. Jan Schill Mark & Suzannah Schroeder Dave Schultz Dr. Jonathan Schwartz Bill & Dedee Shattuck Christopher R. Sherwood & Patty White Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Shuster Larry & Louise Shwartz John Sigel & Sally Reid Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Smith Mary Smoyer Mr. Robert Stapleton & Mrs. Bonnie Stapleton Mark Stoeckel Mrs. Margot Stone Lisa & Gregg Stone Garrett Stuck & Pamela Coravos David A.Tatelbaum Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tatlock Rhea E. Teves-Cate & Dexter E. Cate Dr. Paul Thompson Janet & Noah Totten Andy & Debbie van Dam Ms. Angela Vasconcellos John Vasconcellos & William Barr Mr. Rick Warren Benjamin & Coco Wellington Eleanor Wendell Wissy Wendt Judith Whiteside Jessica & Phil Whittaker Catherine Williams S. Jeffress Williams & Rebecca Upton Milt & Sue Williamson Allan Wing Toffer Winslow & Amy Morse Winslow Anonymous
  13. 13. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 11 $100-$249 Magnus & Cindie Aadland Jan Aarsheim Milton & Marilyn Adams Billy Adams & Sally Mahoney-Adams Guilliaem Aertsen Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Aisenberg Dr. Mark Alexander & Dr. Lori Wroble Ann Alden Allen Anne T. Almy Nicholas C. Alvanos Robert & Alison Ament Elizabeth Anderson Forbes & Candace Anderson Robert S. Anderson Steve Anderson Dr. Richard Andron Mr. August Annett Luean Anthony Paul & Ruth Devine Anthony Mrs. Mary Joan Apjohn Bruce Applegate Judith & Willie Archer Ms. Elsiedale P. Armstrong Dennis & Karen Arsenault Mr. Richard Arthur & Ms. Sally Fallon Martha M. Asendorf Allen & Karen Ashley DJ Atkins Dr. Karl Audenaerde & Ms. Greta Gabriels John L. Aumann & Anna Surma John & Karen Babbitt Dr. & Mrs. David S. Babin James Bailey & Alexandra Callen Mr. Edward B. Baker & Dr. Anna van Heeckeren Ian Baldwin Taylor Baldwin & Teresa Tavares Mr. & Mrs. William N. Bancroft Mr. Joshua Barber Mr. Peter Barkan David B. Barker Robert H. Barker Jr., Amanda & Naomi Barker David & Nancy Barry Kevin & Jane Barry Susannah Baxley Ms. Chelsea Baylor Thaddeus R. Beal Ms. Sonya Beausoleil Robert & Virginia Becher Brian Becker Nate & Alice Bekemeier Ms. Rebecca Belastock Arthur Benner Jean & Arthur Bennett Gordon & Kate Weber Frances H. Benton Ms. Louisa Benton Miss Halle Berger Col. Jonathan Berger Dr. Merrill Berger Nina & Don Berk Ms. Carol Berman Mr. Gregory Bibler John & Jane Bihldorff Joan Bishop Lynne Bishop Karen & Paul Bitterman Ms. Linda Blake Donald Blanchette Mr. Frank Blount Gail Blout Tom & Michelle Blumetti Bocconcelli-Sayigh Family Gary Boehk Capt. Sean Bogus Charles & Nancy Boit Paul & Caroline Bolick Linda Borman Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Bosworth Norm & Lena Bourque Boyce - Pitcairn Family Edward C. Brainard, II Olga R. Bravo Mr. Mark Brenninkmeyer Michelle G. Brewster Ann Briggs Earland Briggs Warren Briggs Mr. Donald Brinkman Mr. Stephen Brockman Blair & Carol Brown Byron Brown Mr. Chris Brown Clint & Judy Brown Kevin Brown & Ms. Naomi Rappaport Robert Brown & Laura Reuter Mr. David Bruno Ben & Melissa Bryant Mr. Chris B. Bryant & Joanne Bryant Ken & Wendi Buesseler Marty & Carole Buffman Dr. Ron Buffman Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bullard Mrs. Ann M. Butler Dr. Steve Cadwell Ms. Betsy Cady Daniel & Kate Calano Dr. Dana Caledonia, D.D.S. Mr. David C. Cameron & Dr. Joanne Cameron Francine Campbell Mr. Mark Canha William Cantor & Kristen Eastman Joseph Capella James & Heather Caplan Robert & Jocelyn Carey Ben Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Edward Carlson Dr. Eleanor Carlson Susan & Bruce Carlson Steve Carnazza Frank & Sheila Carotenuto Mrs. Deborah Carreiro Paul Casey Mr. Richard Cawley Aurore B. Chace Charles E. Cheever, Jr. Mr. Mark Chertok John Child Mr. & Mrs. David R. Chipman Michael Christopher Bill & Maggie Churchill Diana Clark Betty Slade & David Cole Maureen Coleman & Thomas Harris Sherilyn Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Charles Collis Elizabeth Colt Tom & Mary Conklin Patrice Connelly Bill & Barbara Connolly Ms. Barbara W. Cook Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Cook Mr. & Mrs. Sackett S. Cook Ed & Betty Cooney H. Perry Coppola Kathleen Corbeil Burton & Kate Corkum Tracy Correia Henry G. Cosman Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Costello Mr. Vincent Costello Mrs. Margot W. Cottrell Gabriel & Patricia Coutinho Joe Couto & Sara Couto Elizabeth Coxe & G. David Forney Diane Cramphin Joanna S. Creelman Mr. Jack Crews Frederick G. Crocker, Jr. Mrs. Elaine Cromwell Nancy Crosby Chris & Betsy Crowley Carl & Gabrielle Cunningham Molly & Chris Cutler Mr. & Mrs. Joel Cutler Mr. & Mrs. Lewis S. Dabney Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Damon, Jr. Robert & Susan Darnton Lou A. daSilva Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Daskalakis Mr. Kirk Davenport Ms. Ren Davidson Julian & Dorothy Davies Thomas G. & Liddy Davis Mr. Douglas Davison Matt & Jen Davitt Carey Day Holliday Day Mr. & Mrs. Jack Dean Peter & Patricia Dean The Decas Family Eileen & Edson deCastro Doug & Mary Decker John R. Decker & Sherry Showell Leslie & Helen DeGroot Mr. & Ms. Gino Del Guercio Michael & Elsa Deland Daniel & Christina Delianedis David J. Demello Roger & Sally Demler Emily Deneault Gail & John Densler Robert J. Dermody Robert Desautels & Ms. Teri Desautels Douglas & Jacqueline Desjardins & Family Mr. Daniel Desmarais Dana & Mark Desnoyers Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. DeVerna Tad Devine Peter DeWalt & Toby Kyle Bill & Cindy Dillon David & Frederica Dimmick Bill & Ellen Dingwell Thomas Doeppner Ellen Donaldson William Donkin, III Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Dorr Richard A. & Weatherly Dorris Ian & Allison Downey Jill Downing Robert & Anne Drake Ann Driscoll Rodney & Carol Du Bois Sarah Duboyce Mr. Ken Dubrowski Mrs. AnnMarie Duchon Ms. Storey Duff Phil Dunham & Gudrun Bjarnarson Craig G. Dunkerley James & Katherine Dunphy Mr. Thomas DuPre Carrie Dwight Debbi & Erik Dyson Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Eades Bruce R. Earle Celia M. Echave Bruce W. Edmands Oliver W. Egleston Mr. George Ellard Padraic & Ann Elliott Tim & J.J. Elliott Ellen Emerson, Bruce Kohler, Dr. Katherine Kohler & Dr. Jonathan Kohler Christine & Joseph Emord Rob & Pat Engel David Ennis Bernadette Ericson Bob Espindola Ralph Eustis Nicholas & Nancy Everett Christian A. Farland, P.E. Elizabeth Farnham John Farrington Kitty Fassett James Faughnan James & Kathy Feeney Ms. Danielle Feist Mrs. Ann Fensterstock S. Warren & Elaine Ferguson Henry & Lois Fernandes Ms. Jean Ferrari Ms. Eugenie Ferro Mr. James W. Field Philip Field Margaret Theroux Fieldsteel Clara Filice Mr. Christopher Finn Jessamyn Finneran Mr. Jay Fisher Jim & Janet Fitzgibbons David Florence Margot Flouton & Robert Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Eugene P. Flynn Peter Fogarty & Sue Cuddy Mrs. Benjamin B. Fogler Barbara Fontaine Carolyn Fontes Eben I. Forbes Margery Forbes Chris & Holly Ford Deborah Forter & Ben Hansbury Mr. Jonathan L. Foster Cary & Helen Francis Peter D. Franklin, M.D. Mr. Jerome Frazel & Ms. Nancy Wilder Campers in the Coalition’s River Exploration Camp paddle across Snipatuit Pond in Rochester.
  14. 14. 12 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION Swimmers Kirby Aarsheim Athena Aicher Mark Alexander Judy Allen Karina Alvarez Brendan Annett Lea Anthony Martha Arruda Rebekah Ashley Rachel Ashley Sarah E. Ashley DJ Atkins Paige Aviza Susan Bailey Kaitlyn Barrack Julia Bartholomew Grover G. Baxley Sonya Beausoleil Josh Beck Rebecca Belastock Laura Benitez Halle Berger Jonathan Berger Damaris Berner David Berner Linda Blake George J. Borden Renée Bradshaw Olga R. Bravo Elise Brenninkmeyer Julie E. Brenninkmeyer Robert Brown Robert Butters Halle’ Cabral David Cadge Lindsey Canesi Joseph Capella Aaron Carreiro Peter Carson Michael Cashman Mary Cogan Tracy Correia Graham Cottrell Mercy Cover Cheryl Cromwell Elena Crotty Emilia Crotty Heather Cyr Alyson Dahlberg Kaye Dandrea Devon DeGrazia Daniela DeMatos Emily Deneault Andrea L. Desjardins Joseph W. DeVerna Michelle Dewar John Doherty James R. Dorsey Christine Doyle Malinda Dublin Kathryn C. Duff Thomas D. Dunlop Mary Ellen Dwyer Melissa Dyer Helen E. Ederer Robert Fallon Catherine Feldkamp Juliana Ferrari Lawrence Fish Kimberly Fletcher Christopher M. Ford Jane E. Foster Sarah B. Frost Pat Furrey Deborah J. Gabriel Amy Gaitane Grace Galinha Alex Gallant Anne Galliher Anthony Garro Thomas Gelson Tom Gidwitz Meredith Gilson Gregory Glavin Patricia Gold Amy Goldberg Alon Goren Deborah H. Gove David J. Govoni Genia Griffiths Adam Guild Eileen Gunn Elizabeth Gustin Jonathan Haisman Lori Hannan Alan P. Harris Jessica S. Harris Brienna Harrison Laura Hartford Leslie Hartford Joe Hebert Jana Hesser Kate Hester Serap Hidir Shannon Hislop Laura Horvat Amy Hubbard Steve Hubbard Genevieve M. Hunt Katherine Hunt Jefferson Hunter Franklin Johnson Robb Johnson Steve Johnson Nancy Jordan Abigail Jupin Nicholas Jupin Elizabeth Kamai Joseph Kazen Brigid Kennedy James Kindelan James Knowles Bethany Kolb David C. Korb Judy Lambe Michael Lamie David M. Lamoureux Natalie Lang David Lapalme Marc E. LaPlante Paula Lazaroff Jenna Leanues John J. Leary Ashley Leaver Kasey Lefebvre Jacob Levasseur Barry Lewis Michael Lipp John Littlefield Daniel Livingstone Karen Livsey Makayla Logan Lisa Lundrigan David Lyons Richard R. Mack Bob Maguire Andrea Marcovici Leighton Marcovici Jonathan Mariner Julianne Mariner Frank Mark Margo Marusek Faith Matelski Morgan McCarthy Patricia McGovern Nicholas McKenna Douglas Medeiros Allison Medina Kendra D. Medina Max Medina Samuel Mello Eve Mercier Lyn Metivier Jonah Mikutowicz Cristina Mitchell Mariah Mitchell Melissa Morandi Mia Morgan Bob Motta Elias Muhanna William B. Muldoon Jason Munnis JC Murphy Len Murphy Lenny Murphy Mary Murphy Vincent Murphy Dan Navilliat Joanne Navilliat Maureen Nolan Philip Norton Harris Nusbaum Paul Oeser Heson Oh Jun Oh Kevin O’Halloran Douglas Olney Catherine Olson Alexander T. Orr Benjamin J. Ostiguy Brett Pacheco Dina Pandya Christine W. Parks Gerry E. Payette Ian Penn Debra Perrone Brian Petersen Korrin Petersen Caroline Pierce Carroll Pierce Robert Pike Jeana Pimentel Allan Pineda Jillian Poirier Nick Poole Tom Poole Matthew A. Poyant Liza Prieto Brett Prince George Randall Mark Rasmussen Sarah Renaud Kathleen Richards Steven D. Roberts Bryan Robertson Laura Robertson Felicia Rodrigues Denise Rollinson Tanya M. Roy Renee Russo Erica Sahlin Esme Sammons Louis A. Sardelli Jayne Schiffer Christopher W. Schlesinger James Shea Kevin Shea Sarah Sherwood Lynn Simpson Rachael Sirois Nancy J. Smith Claudia Sowersby Page Stites Eric N. Stoermer Claire Stuhlmann Douglas Swoish Matt Sylvain John Tapper Philomene Tavares Rob Thieler Edwin P. Tiffany Shari Tishman Justin Tonelli Leslie Trott Stephanie Trott Kimberly Tulloch Alex Turner Devon Turner Ashley Vandiver Daniel Vasconcellos Alexia Verchere Jose Vinagre Jay Weikel Arialle Weinstein Martin J. Weinstein Kevin Weldon Edward Westrick Judith Westrick Derek White Patty White Bobby L. Wilkey Donald Williams Tony Williams Michael Winderlick Kelly L. Wright Kayakers Ian Avenia-Tapper Joan E. Baher Robert Bailey Michael Bartholomew Lissette Bayona Eliza Beringhause Edward Blake Jill Bochman Robin Bodeau Kathleen Bohan James Bradshaw Hans Brenninkmeyer Laura Brenninkmeyer Laura Broekel Alex Butters Kevin Carr Michael Carr Peter Clay Tena Coley Lynn Connor Matthew Corriera Gilbert Costa Letitia Costa Thomas P. Crotty Craig Dahlberg Timothy Deacon Ricardo DeMatos Cathleen DeTerra Robert Dewar Steven Dorney Nate Dubuc Alison Dwyer Robert Espindola Laurie Gagne Patricia Garrahy-Robertson Carolyn Gilmore Paul Griffiths Nathanael Hannah James Hannan Laura Hartford Terrence Hartford 12 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION J U LY 7, 2 0 1 2
  15. 15. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 13 John Hartley Marcia Hathaway Frank Hitchens Gregory Hunt Donald Jordan Charles N. Kantner Anne Kitchell Jeremy Lafferty Robert Lambe Joe Lopes David Lundrigan Alyson Mandel Matthew Marusek John McAllister Kerry McCulloch Stephen Mello Robert Mulkern Catherine O’Berry Matt O’Brien Jason Oliveira Bruce Penn Shae Riley Gerry Roche Widar Sahlin Peter Simon Catherine Stark Mary Stevenson Richard Tatlock Jeana Townsend Alyssa Weinstein Beth Weinstein Laurie A. Wilkey Corporate Event Sponsors RBS Citizens Bank, N.A. Waterkeeper Alliance - SPLASH/Toyota Official Apparel Sponsor b Positive Project Entertainment Sponsor Fiber Optic Center, Inc. Mrs. Stephanie Fritts Mr. & Mrs. Alan Frohman Sarah Frost John & Avery* Funkhouser Dr. John Furrey & Mrs. Pat Furrey Laurel Furumoto Mrs. & Mr. Amy Gaitane Dr. Francis & Joyce Gallagher John & Christine Gallant David & Andrea Garber David Garboczi Frederic Gardner & Sherley Gardner-Smith Joan N. Gardner Joanne Garfield Michael & MC Garfield Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Garfield, Jr. William Garfield Jeff & Betsy Garland Robert Garofalo & Deborah Pacini Dr. Anthony Garro & Ms. Mary Ann Garro Mr. Robert Gaumont Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Gauvin Julie Gaye Dr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Geagan John & Alison Geddes Paul Gelep Christina Gelson Mrs. Juliane Gerace & Mr. Ronald Gerace Vera Converse Gibbons Nancy Gibson Mr. Jeffrey Giddings Mr. Dave Gilbert Benjamin & Susan Gilmore Carolyn & Kirby Gilmore Meredith Gilson William & Joyce Gindra Dennis & Deborah Giokas Mr. Roland Giroux Peter Givertzman Elizabeth Gladfelter Ed Goldberg Judith N. Goldberg Harvey Goldman & Debby Coolidge Irv & Marsha Goldwater Evelyn Goodhue Pauline & Greg Goolkasian Master Daniel Gould Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gracia Gwendolyn Graham Shelley B. Granger Mr. Morris Gray, Jr. Hildegarde F. Greene Frederic & Jocelyn Greenman Peter & Tracy Greenwood Thomas & Virginia Gregg Rosemary Grey Richard & Evelyn Griffiths Dr. Donald Guadagnoli Mr. Rick Guidelli Adam & Dana Guild William & Eleanor W. Gural Valerie & Insan Gurdal Jonathan Haisman Brent & Serena Davis Hall Cynthia Hallowell Samuel H. Hallowell, Jr. Elizabeth & R. Barry Hamilton Hilary Hamlin James Hammitt David Hancock & Bernardo Medina Robert & Gwendolyn Hancock Curtis & Ruth Hanks Ms. Renee Hannan Janeen S. & Steven W. Hansen Fred Hare Mr. Benton Neal Harris Scott Harris & Karen Horsch William Harris Chris & Jennifer Hart Laura Hartford Ms. Margaret D. Harwood Brad & Priscilla Hathaway David Hathaway Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hattabaugh William & Kate Heald Bennet Heart Roy & Clare Heffernan Jane & Bart Henderson Mr. Matthew Henderson Ted & Judy Herlihy Deborah Herring Harry Herz Al & Kathy Herzog Susan & Andrew Hess Michael Heyman Dr. & Mrs. Paul Heyman Dr. Peter Heyman Robert E. Hicks Ms. Ann S. Higgins Mrs. Nancy Hill Sheldon & Elizabeth Hill Eric J. Hintsa & Wei Wang Shannon Hislop Frank Hitchens Denise Coburn Hixon Heather Hobler-Keene Robert Hochschild Bob & Susan Hoffman Sandra Holmes James & Beth Ann Holzman James Honohan Frederic & Johanna Hood Henry Horenstein & Christiane Robinson Timothy Horkings Douglas Horst Anne E. Hough Tim House & Ann Gary Charles & Jane Howard Ms. Jennifer Howe Austin & Felicity Hoyt Mike Huang Mr. Steve Hubbard Martin & Diane Hudis Drs. Edward F.X. & Susan L. Hughes & Family Charles & Patricia Hulley Ms. Katherine Hunt Mr. Jefferson Hunter Ted & Donna Ingalls Joseph E. Ingoldsby Ms. Marcy Jackson Susan G. Jackson Susan & Timothy Jackson Jane & William Jackson Eva & Stan Jakuba Thea James Mrs. Sandy Jarjoura Mr. & Mrs. George Jenkins David S. Jenney Ralph Johansen Chris Johnson Ms. Janis Johnson Paul & Judith Johnson Robb Johnson & Rick Gosselin Robert Johnson Mr. Robert Joseph Greg Jundanian Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kane The Kantner Family Edward & Adele Kaplan Roy Karp & Courtney Feeley Karp Mr. Steven Karpicz Ms. Sally Katz & Mr. David Price Mr. Michael Katzeff Frank Kauffman Gerry Kavanaugh Mr. & Mrs. Jim F. Kavanaugh, Jr. Peter & Mary Kavanaugh Mr. Woody Kay & Mrs. Janie Kay Whitney & Fred Keen Mr. & Mrs. H.R. Keene, Jr. Tom Keiser & Vicky Rigsby Keiser Ms. Marianne Kennedy George Kimmerling Mr. James Kindelan Mr. & Mrs. Andrew King Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert King, Jr. James D. King Mr. John King Samuel G. King Edward Kingsbury Ms. Julie Klecak Dieter & Jacqueline Klein David Kleinschmidt & Katherine L. Olney James Knowles Lesley Knowles C. James Koch & Cynthia Fisher Mrs. Harriet Koch David C. Korb Sir Hans & Lady Kornberg Mr. Predrag Kostic Jennifer Kovarik Ms. Kate Kramer Michael & Kim Krawshuk Mr. Robert S. Kretschmar Peter & Jane Krone Nobuko Kuhn Barbara Kay Kullas Ms. Katharine Kush Christy & Wayne LaGue David Laidlaw David Lamoureux Robert & Linda Lane Emily & Larry Langford John & Barbara Langford The Lank Family Louis & Camilla Larrey Ray E. Larson Ms. Rebecca Lash Jonathan L. Lathrop Kenneth Lauderdale Vance & Diane Lauderdale William & Susan Laurence Charles & Judith Laverty Andrew Lavoie Robert Lawrence Joseph Lazaroff Paula Lazaroff Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Leach, Jr. Kenneth & Ardelle Legg Michael & Sarah Lemelin Admiral John Lemly Ian M. Leslie Cynthia Letourneau Jacob Levasseur Mona Levenstein Timothy R. Levesque Jonathon Levi Mr. Edward Levine Dr. Joseph Levine Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Levine Ms. Tracy Lewandowski Mr. & Mrs. Terence Lewis Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Linskey Mr. Michael Lipp John & Margaret Littlefield Ms. Cynthia Livingston Daniel Livingstone Douglas & Kim Livolsi Mr. Gregory Lloyd Clayton & Elizabeth Locke Cynthia & Thomas Longstaff Robert & Lindsay Loporto Mr. Leo Ludwick Michael & Beth Luey Dr. & Mrs. Edward G. Lund, Jr. Ms. & Mr. Lisa Lundrigan Dr. Jean F. MacCormack B. Lane & Wendy MacDonald John E. & Vivian Macedo Russell Mack Carlton & Alice Macomber Mr. William Madden Maureen Magan John Magnan & Annie Jonas Bob Maguire Harry & Catherine Mah Bettina Borders & Victor Mailey C. Michael Malm Mrs. Theresa Manning
  16. 16. 14 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION Ron & Barbara Marcks Kevin & Cathy Mariner Frank Mark Janet R. Markel Mr. Jay Marlin Joanna Marlow Mr. Thomas Marlow Marilyn Marquardt Kayley E. Marsh-Haupt Mr. Tom Martin & Ms. Sherry Graham Mr. Charles Martineau Florence Martocci Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Martyna Don & Lee Marvin Mrs. Jo-Anne Masson Roger Masson & Margo Connolly Masson Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Matelski Wayne Matelski Dr. Herbert Mathewson William & Kristina Matsch Carl & Sharon Matuszek Charles Mayhew J. Greer & Elizabeth McBratney Edwina McCarthy Peggy Bacon & Jack McCarthy Mr. Alan McClennen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin E. McCord Margaret McCormick & Andrew Solow Robert McCoy Elizabeth Mcdonald Mr. David McElhinny Dr. Richard B. McElvein Evelyn McFadden & Bill Simmons Alex & Freddy McFerran Ms. Margaret McGetrick Mr. Brian McGovern Charles & Kathleen McGowan Mr. Gregor I. McGregor, Esq. Nancy McHale & Kathleen Pappalardo Chuck & Karen McHugh Michael & Kathleen McKenna Kelly Mckenna-Cournoyer Robert McMillan Mary Anne McQuillan & Mr. Fred Sterner Douglas & Sue Medeiros Peter & Sandra Medeiros Mrs. Rose Marie Medeiros Charles Mello Samuel Mello Eve Mercier Donald Middleton & Genia Griffiths Ms. Gwen Miller Claire Milligan John & Nancy Mills Ms. Lisa Mills Bobbie & Rich Miner Dr. Cristina Mitchell Ms. Mariah Mitchell Dr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Molind Ms. Deborah Monosson Thomas & Mary Carol Moore Suzanne Moot & Peter Jones Melissa Morandi John Morse & Sonya Driscoll Richard Morse Tony & Dorothy Morse Mr. Christopher Morss Mr. Robert Mortensen Rick Moseley Morgan & Kathy Mowbray William Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. Muldoon Joan Hall & Jeffrey Mullin Mr. Jason Munnis Vinny Murphy Brendan & Maggie Murray Jonathan & Daphne Mussellwhite Fred Muzi Thomas Muzyka Mark & Sarah Najarian Richard N. Nakashian Edward & Jean Nardi Bob Nealon Mr. & Mrs. George R. Nelson Gerard Nelson Catharine & David Newbury Mary J Nickerson-Pelan & Alan Pelan Alicia M. Nisberg Mr. John Nolan Capt. Van Noorden Ms. Alexandra C. Norkin Cynthia Clair Norkin Mr. Beryl Nusbaum Mr. Harris Nusbaum Mr. Mitchell Nusbaum Ghislaine Nygren Eric & Claudette O’Brien Mr. William Ofarrell Jin Oh Mr. & Mrs. Michel Ohayon Lars & Ruth Olson James & Andrea O’Neil Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Osenkowski Mrs. Annette Osnos Benjamin J. Ostiguy Claudia & Nelson Ostiguy Julie Ouellette Paula Pace Brett Pacheco Suzanne Pan Ms. Dina Pandya Betty Parker Christine W. Parks Paul Parkosewich Ann Parson Carolyn P. Partan Ms. Joan S. Partridge Stephanie & Christopher Patrick Prof. David Patterson Davison & Lauren Paull Richard Payne & Deborah Siegal Mr. Matthew Pearson Judith & Thoru Pederson Kim Pendergast Bruce & Deborah Penn Mr. John Perna Debra Perrone Daniel & Susan Perry Gilbert Perry & Donna Sachs Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Perry Jr. Daniel Peters Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Peters Theresa & Christopher Peterson Mrs. Robert C. Pettway Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Phelps Russ & Elise Phillips Mack & Cathy Phinney Ms. Marcia Picard Mr. Richard Piccolo Carroll Pierce Gerald & Janet Pietsch Mr. Chris Pilalas Chad Pimentel Allan & Mary Pineda Mr. Matthew Piscitelli Shel Pitney Shana Platz Ms. Kathryn Plazak Bonnie & Steve Pohlig Barbara Pollans Christopher & Pamela Polloni Mr. Nick Poole Tom & Iara Poole Will Poole The Porter Family Rick T. Porteus Arvidas Poshkus Karl & Betsy Pothier Robert Powel Family Matthew & Erin Poyant Charles Pratt & Alexandra England Ms. Ellen Praught Paula Press & John Rosenthal Charles & Christa Primmerman Doug & Diana Prince Mr. & Mrs. Lewis I. Prouty Karen Quigley & Russell Hensel Richard & Catherine Quintal Jennifer Randall Frank M. Rapoza Beverly Rasmussen Laurie A. Raymond Ms. Corinna Raznikov & Mr. Ronald Wisner Christopher Reddy Raj & Ed Reddy John Reed & Helen Hollingworth Terrence & Barbara Reideler Patricia Reilly Mr. Tim Reimer Ms. Pamela Reitsma Charles & Linda Resevick Mrs. Marie Reynolds Robert & Kristine Reynolds Gregg Ribatt & Polly Ross Ribatt Kathleen Richards Carol & Bill Rieken Samuel C. Riley & Kristie M. Furrow Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Ritter The Rivers Family Matt Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Robertson Mary & Stan Roller Marilyn Root Roger C. Rosen, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rosen James Rosenfeld & Sharon Nolan Jessica Ross Tanya Roy & Samuel Liss David Rozewski Drs. Jen & Greg Russell Michael Russell Perry Russell & Leo Pierre Roy Mr. Steve Saint-Aubin & Ms. Cynthia Poyant David Salesin & Andrea Lingenfelter Esme Sammons Bob Sances & Bing Broderick Louis Sardelli & Liz Holstien Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sarson Morton T. Saunders Mrs. Anne W. Sawyer Robert & Nancy Sawyer Jayne Schiffer Paul & Tina Schmid Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Scott Mr. Louis Secatore Frederica See Mr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Seeley Ellis Seidman Jody Seivert Joan Shafran & Rob Haimes Maudie & Kevin Shanley Steven Shapin Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert L. Shapiro Warren & Jane Shapleigh Ann Sharp Gus & Ellie Shaver Lisa Shaw John Shea Daniel & Deborah Shearer Jeanne Sheehy Mr. Gene Sheldon Ms. Mary Sheldon Constance C. Shepard Robin & Tim Shields Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Shire, Jr. Mrs. Jeane Showalter Sue & Calvin Siegal Bri Sienna Albert & Joyce Signorella Helen F. Silva Mr. Brad Silverberg Glenn D. Simons Lynn Simpson The Sinagra Family Elena Sirpolaidis Paul & Elizabeth Sittenfeld Mr. David Sklar Scott & Peggy Slade David & Elizabeth Small Mrs. Robert W. Small Anne Smith & Bruce Gratz Frank W. Smith George & Joyce Smith Mr. Howard & Dr. Nancy Smith Charlotte & Ray Smith Mr. J. D. Somerville Erika Souza Robert Sowa Mr. Paul Sowizral Nicola Sperry Bruce & Sally Spooner John & Susan* Spooner John & Valerie Stelling Mary Ellen & Ralph Stephen Joanna D. Stephens Tom & Judy Stetson Philip & Joan Stevenson Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Stewart Eric & Amy Stoermer Benjamin B. Stone Catherine M. Stone Mrs. Cheryl Stone Dr. Jennifer P. Stone & Mr. Jonathan Green Michael Stoner Albert H. Strange, Jr. Mrs. Crissy Straub Baywatcher Volunteers enjoy a beautiful morning while water sampling at Clarks Cove, New Bedford.
  17. 17. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 15 OCTOBER 14, 2012 Cyclists Cindie Aadland Brendan Annett Grzegorz Bednarczyk Merrill Berger Zabeth Billingham Elizabeth Blanchard Peter Blanchard Andrew Blazar Frank Blount Chris Brown Ben Bryant Ron Buffman John K. Bullard Lexie Bullard Jonathan B. Burleigh Lizanne Campbell Christopher W. Carey Steve Carnazza Tripp Cashel Michael Chefalo Anthony Colby Margaret Connolly Masson Charlie M. Cosman Dianne Cosman Gregory Cronin Jonathan Cutone Gail Davidson Carolyn Del Guercio Gino Del Guercio Andy Dimmick Miles Draycott Ian Duff Dan Egan David Eikenberry Ann Espindola Robert Espindola Tom Fillipovich Barbara Fontaine Jonathan L. Foster Gregg L. Furie Tom Gidwitz Jacob Grundy George Gurney Rob Hancock John H. Harwood Ryan G. Healey Michael Heyman Elise R. Hugus Dave Hulburt John Hutchins Rachel Jakuba Gary P. Johnson David Kavanaugh Peter T. Kavanaugh Zachary Kavanaugh Russ Keeler Wendy Keeler Anne Keyser Dave Kibbe Leslie Knowles Paul Krause Robert Lang Ken Lipman Vicky Lowell Bruce MacPhail Fred Makrauer Michael Markowski Alex Mazza Margaret McCormick Joe McDonagh Peter McGowan Kelly Mckenna-Cournoyer Gwen Miller Dana Miskell Pamela O’Day Jesse Oliveira Mark Olson Stephanie Patrick Gerry E. Payette Elizabeth Pepin Matthew Pepin Shel Pitney Rick T. Porteus Mark Rasmussen Laurie A. Raymond Tim Reimer Phil L. Richardson Laura Ryan Shachoy Gary Saffer Will W. Saltonstall Gary Sant Rachael Kolb & Thomas Stritter Mr. Harborne Stuart Mr. Daniel Stuhlmann Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sudofsky Geoff & Susan Sullivan Kenneth L. Sullivan Maura L. Sullivan, Esq. Ms. Nancy Sullivan Nicholas & Deborah Sullivan Paul R. Sullivan Peter & Nancy Summers Donna Sutherland Mr. Peter Sweetser Anne C. Symmes Patricia Tapper Ms. Karin Tate Sir Dick Tatlock Philomene Tavares David & Linda Taylor Carol & Scott Taylor David & Pauline Teixeira Dr. D. Terzopoulos Robin Lepore & Andrew Thomas John & Kathy Thompson Mary Thorne Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Thornton William N. Tifft & Ellen Bruzelius Diane C. Tillotson John & Nancy Todd Bruce & Deborah Tofias Justin Tonelli David & Lynne Toth Peter & Ann Tower Larry & Jane Treleven Ms. Christine Trifari Mr. Maurice Tripanier Mr. & Mrs. Charles Trippe Dr. Leslie Trott & Mrs. Elaine Cumiskey Ms. Stephanie Trott Kim Tulloch Peter & Libby Turowski David C. & Nancy P. Twichell Joe & Annie Twichell George & Maura Tyrrell Stephen C. Ullian George & Dagmar Unhoch Katrin van Dam Lori van Dam Arthur A. & Dolores M. Vasconcellos Dawn C. Ventura Mr. Jose Vinagre Dr. & Mrs. Gordon C. Vineyard Sam & Hilary Vineyard Mr. Jeffrey Vogel William & Heather Vrattos Henry & Marion Wainer Bradford B. Wakeman & Wendy Darwin Wakeman Mr. Gregory Wales Jeff & Jeanine Wales Drs. Diana & Chris Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Paul Walsh Sharon McCarthy & Jim Ware John B. Waterbury, Ph.D. John & Mallory Waterman Keith & Susan Watson Rebecca & Ethan Watters Marie & Kenneth Watts Mr. Tom Weaver & Ms. Henrietta Tranum Mr. & Mrs. Henley R. Webb Mr. & Mrs. David W. Webster Martin & Beth Weinstein Mr. Neal Weiss & Ms. Marge Waite Dale Weldon & Mike Jones Laura Werntz Ms. Camie West Jay & Melinda Whalen Dr. Alexander White Anne & Alec White Benjamin V. White III David & Elizabeth White Judy & Harvey White Alex Whiteside Beth Whitney & Keith Kane Anne & Jeremy Whitney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Whitney Prof. Daniel Wigdor Bobby & Laurie Wilkey Jack Wilkins Alice Williams Capt. Donald Williams Mr. & Mrs. Roger B. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Williamson Mr. John Willoughby Mr. David Wilson Mrs. Kathryn Wisniewski & Mr. Paul Wisniewski William Wittman & Moira Shea Margot & David Wizansky John H. Wolff & Helen A. Berger Harvey J. Wolkoff Mary & Redwood Wright Mr. & Mrs. John Wylde A Friend Dr. John Yee Isabel C. Yoder Robert & Judith Yorke Holden Young & Lea Haratani Stewart & Mandy Young Mr. David Zack Robert & Katy Zappala Claudia S. Zegarra Mr. & Mrs. Alfred M. Zeien Barbara & Anthony Zeimetz Sandra & Don Zekan Fred & Jane Zimmerman Ginia & Peter Ziobro Scott Zolkos Cate & Timm Zolkos Anonymous (10) $30-$99 Lloyd Aadland Molly Aalyson Mrs. Courtney Aarsheim Mark Abbett Dr. & Mrs. G.H. Abbot Ms. Mary Adams Peter Adamson Christopher Aguiar Miss Athena Aicher Ms. Rachel A. Aicher Drs. Ronald & Judith Aikawa Thomas & Georgeanne Albert Sally M. Aldrich Deb Aliff Ms. Lucille & John Allegretti-Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Allen, III Lang Allen Mr. & Mrs. Leo Allen Mrs. Lynn Alpert Dick & Dana Anderson Kathleen Anthony Lea Anthony Paul & Louise Anthony Suzanne Apellaniz Charley Appleton Lucille Aptekar Ellie Prosser & Rich Armstrong Dr. Derrick Arnelle Stephanie Ash Kymberly Ashley Rebekah Ashley Sarah Ashley Hope Atkinson Suzanne Atkinson Kristine Audette Rosalind & Rolf Augustin, Jr. Freni Aungst Ben Avenia-Tapper Miss Annalia Aviza Mrs. Elsa Aviza Andrew Aylward Katheryn L. Babbitt Bev Baccelli & Liz DiCarlo DoDi & Bruce Backe Sally B. Baer Claire Bailey Mr. Donald Bailey Carole & Peter Baker Michael Baker & Deena Berg Jamey Shachoy Diane Shea Gene Sheldon Victor Simas Dick Soule Mark Stoeckel Cheryl Stone Jennifer P. Stone Geoff Sullivan Susan Sullivan Geoff Swett John W. Thompson Paul Thompson Ilonka Tumelaire Andy van Dam Michael Waugh Natalie Westrick Phil Whittaker Scott Zolkos Official Apparel Sponsor b Positive Project Entertainment Sponsor Fiber Optic Center, Inc Whaling City Sound
  18. 18. 16 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION Brendan Baldonado Jeanne & Perry Ball Mr. Robert Ball Ms. Amy Ballentine Stevens Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ballentine Mr. Fred Bamber Lynette Banks Howard & Margarit Baptista Julie M. Barcelos Caitlin Baril Witt, Maria, Suze & Sam Barlow Gregory W. Barnes Richard Barr Mr. James Barrack Mrs. Kathleen Barrack David Barrett Kenneth Barron Mr. Brian Barry Mark Barry Ms. Susan Barsky Julia Bartholomew Mary & George Bartholomew David & Barbara Bates Mr. Bill Battey JoMarie Battle Nat & Julie Beale Wallen Bean Mr. Tom Beatini Ms. Rosalind Beauchemin Maureen & Robert Beaudoin Norm Beauregard Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Beckman Bryan Becotte Mr. Alan Bedard Frederick & Barbara Belanger Stewart & Jill Bell David Belluche Ellie Bemis Liz Bennett Margery Bennett Mr. Raffi Berberian Gunnar V. & Martha A. Berg Melinda & Bill Berg Jamie Berger-Brinker Ms. Christy Berkery Joel & Barbara Berler Doug Berman Cristina Bernal Patricia Bernard David & Damaris Berner Timothy Bertrand Russell & Claire Bessette Lawrence & Wendy Bidstrup Mr. Michael Bilerman Paula A. Billard Mr. George H. Billings Kathleen Billings & Hal Oringer Jeanne Bird Kol Birke Steve & Lynne Bishop Linda M. Black-Jones Hugh Blair-Smith Prof. Edward Blake Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bloom Amy Blumenthal Jonathan & Heidi Blythe Ms. Deborah Bobek Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Bock Mr. & Mrs. Bret Bokelkamp Ned Bolth & Cory Riley Thomas & Elizabeth Bolton Mrs. Diane Bondi-Pickles Ms. Lisa M. Booth Lee Bordas Mr. Nicholas Botelho Paul Bouche Pat Boumansour Ms. Michelle Bourbeau Mr. Mark Bourne Mary Bowker Peter S. Boyce Mr. & Mrs. Terence R. Boyle Ms. Priscilla Bradley Dale Bradshaw Mr. Randy Bradshaw Kathy Braga Mr. Eric Braitmayer & Mr. Jack H. Haney Anne Bramhall Ann & Paul Brayton Mr. Richard Breed Mr. Patrick Brenninkmeijer Ms. Elise Brenninkmeyer Ms. Mary K. Briand James & Melissa Bride Joanne F. Brides Elizabeth Brinkerhoff Mr. Kevin Brogioli Charlotte Brooks David A. Brossi Cathryn F. Brower Michael Brown Mrs. Travis T. Brown John & Sally Browning Mr. & Mrs. Steve Broyles Robert C. Bruce Erin J. Bryant & Jeffrey P. Donnelly Mrs. Natasha Buckler Donald J. Buckley Ed & Shelley Buckley Russ Buckley Mr. James Buckley Joanna & Patrick Buckley Mr. & Mrs. Russell Buckley Thomas & Sally Buffinton Peter & Tia Bullard Bradford Bullen Ms. Lauren Burgoyne Brenda J. Burke Paul M. Burke William Burke Hollis Burkhart John Burman & Daina Stinson Mr. Richard Burnes Capt. & Mrs. Thomas L. Bushy William S. Butcher Mary Butler Shirley Butterworth Nate Cabral David & Suzanne Cadge Mr. & Mrs. Blake Cady Kirsten Cahoon Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cairns Ed & Gerrie Callahan Ms. Jane E. Callahan John & Sylvia Camacho David R. Campbell, M.D. Anne Cann Ms. Nancy Cannan Kevin Carbin Biagio Caretti Mr. Aaron Carreiro Alf & Nancy Carroll Al Casazza Mr. Tripp Cashel Dr. Heather Caughey Dr. Jon Caughey Sarah Cavanagh Russell Cavanaugh Mr. Allen Cavicchi Ruth & Dick Cederberg Ms. Sandra Cesolini Janet & Tom Chadie John & Cindy Chambliss Christopher & Anne Chan Bradford Chase Meredith E. Chase & William F. Chase, II Mr. Michael Chefalo Yen Cheong Mr. Peter Chessick Alice Child Matt Chiminski Ms. Sheri Christian Mr. George Christopher & Mrs. Emma Christopher Ms. Patricia Cincotta James Q. Clemmey Ms. Jo Clermont Sheila Clifford Robert H. Clifton Beth A. Coccio Ms. Susan Cohan Lawrence B. Cohen Gina Colangelo Lois A. Colby John Colella Tena Coley Ms. Carol A. Collins - St. John Ms. Bobbie Collins Christiane C. Collins Joseph W. Collins Ms. Lisa Collins Joanne M. Comcheck Blake Mary Comtois Mr. Eric Connally Matthew Connolly Mr. Arthur Conro & Ms. Tina Varzeas Mr. John A. Conway, II Mr. H. Calvin Cook Don & Maggie Cook Mrs. Russell Cookingham Harold Cooper, III Mr. Mathieu Cornillon Ms. Joanne Correia Mrs. Amanda Cortes Ellie Costa & Max Frye Paul Costabile Mr. Graham Cottrell Elizabeth Coughlin Mike & Gretchen Coughlin Mr. Alden W. Counsell Carole Courey Mr. Charlie Cover Laura Cowan Julia Coyne James & Susan Crider Lynne Cripe Dr. & Mrs. M.G. Criscitiello Ms. Anita Croft Cheryl Cromwell James & Edwina Cronin Ms. Lori M. Crook Ben Crooker Tom Crotty Howard Crow & Jane Downing Vicky Cullen Denise M. Cuneo Michael Currens Richard D. Cutler James & Lorraine Cutone Jonathan Cyr Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Cyr Jim Czerkowicz Walter Czerny, Jr. Emmanuel & Anabela da Costa Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dacey Mr. Craig Dahlberg A.M. Daley Amy Dandrea Dale Dandrea Terry & Barbara Dane Carol R. Darcy Mr. Matthew Darla & Ms. Traci Baird Darlene Dartt John Darwin Ms. Nicole DaSilva Michelle D’Auteuil Steve & Dori Davis Susannah Davis Mr. & Mrs. James Davos John, Sarah, Liza, & Anna Dawley Laura de Leon Laura deBuys Michael & Helen Deforge Ms. Denise DeGrazia Geraldine Delellis Robert Demanche Mrs. Daniela DeMatos & Mr. Ricardo DeMatos Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Demeo Gail Denzer Ms. Mary Dermody Mrs. Jeanne Desmarais David & Patricia DeSouza Eryka Dewar Diane M. Di Stolfo Jane Dickson Carl Dierker Beverly A. Dietlin Lisa Digan Mr. Louis Dillon Thomas & Jen Dimmick Mr. Howard Dinin Helen Dixon Janet & Kingsley Doe Dawn Doherty Mr. & Mrs. John Doherty Mr. Kenneth Doherty & Ms. Betsey Doherty Mr. & Mrs. William J. Doherty Lori & Peter Dolce Elizabeth Grant Donley Carol & Joseph Donnelly Paul & Ruth Doran Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Dorr James R. Dorsey Glynnis Doucette Vivian I. & Richard W. Douglass John & Zelinda Douhan Ms. Deborah Doyle Elizabeth Dragalin Thelma Drake Jeffrey Dreiblatt Mary Driscoll Ms. Diane Droste Ted du Moulin Mrs. Malinda Dublin Mary Jane Ducharme Mr. Ansel Duff Christine Duncan Benjamin S. Dunham & Wendy H. Rolfe-Dunham Marya Dunham Miss Anne T. Dunning Mr. Joseph Duprey Renee P. Dupuis Ms. Susan Dupuis Craig Dutra C.C. Dyer Hugh N. Dyer, III & Family Timothy H. Dyer Aucoot Earles Melinda Eaton Anatol & Carolyn Eberhard Helen E. Ederer Renae Edge Geoffrey Edmands Mrs. Kathy Egan David Eikenberry Adam Eisenberg Mr. John A. Eklund Mr. & Mrs. John Elder Mr. Gary Eleniefsky Mr. Mike Robertshaw & Ms. Nora Ellertsen Edward Elliott Ms. Lauran Emerson Raymond & Jen Emerson Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Emond Mrs. Sarah Engebretsen Mr. & Mrs. Josh Engle Marie Esten Doone Estey
  19. 19. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 17 Cornelia G. Adams Sandra & Amos Marsh Bronie J. Apshaga, Jr. Tiffany Wehr Cyrus Cady Donna Sawyer Christine Christopher Shirley Pearson Anthony Cope Planting Island Association Gazaway Lemar Crittenden, Jr. Mrs. Gertrude S. Crittenden Michael Cudahy Marion Garden Discussion Group Edmund ‘Butch’ Duclos, Jr. Fall River Amateur Radio Club IN MEMORIAM In 2013, the Buzzards Bay Coalition received gifts in loving memory of the following people listed in bold. Frances Benton’s Birthday Louisa Benton In honor of my family and the bay we all love. Ann Huidekoper & Joanne Swanson David & Linda Hall Barbara & Anthony Zeimetz George Hampson Leonard & Patricia Johnson Arik Levy Shelly Scott Karen Livsey Colleen Osmanski William Locke Matt & Jen Davitt IN HONOR OF Gifts were also made in honor and celebration of the following people and events listed in bold. Mimi McConnell Mark & April Robinson Chuck McHugh Molly Piquette Richard S. Morse Nawrie Meigs-Brown & David Brown With wishes for your good health from The Kidds Matt & April Procek Shelly Scott Cathy and Henry Roberts - “Great Day on the Bay!” Charles & Chrissy Bascom Mrs. Margot Stone Rhea Teves-Cate Deborah A. Laurie Our Wedding Guests Deborah Carreiro Winnie Evans Hamilton Beach Association, Inc. Margot Foster Galen & Anne Stone B. Gosnold Kenneth Hoffman Robert Manning Theresa Manning Jason W. Marsh Kayley E. Marsh-Haupt Phyllis M. McClain Deborah Chormicle Jonathan O’Herron Annie & Jon Burleigh Alec & Sarah Casey Jonathan O’Herron, Jr. N. Gorham Parks Christine W. Parks John H. and Caroline W. Reardon Reardon Brothers Trust Thomas & Karyn Estrella Robert D. Eustis David & Nan Evans John & Pamela S. Evans Deborah & Michael Ewing Mr. Donald Facey Mrs. Sarah Fantasia Mr. & Mrs. George F. Fardy Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Fardy, Jr. The Farinon Family Kevin Farrell Marie-Ann Farstad Stephen & Judy Fasciana Mr. Christopher M. Fauteux Temple Fawcett George & Irene Fearing Mr. David Fefferman & Mrs. Jess Fefferman Gerald & Judith Feldman Kate & David Fentress Emily L. Ferguson Mr. Michael Ferrari Frank Ferreira Mrs. Melinda Ferreira Thomas & Margaret Ferreira Arthur & Cynthia Fertman James Fiala Bill & Liz Field Mr. Tyler Fields Mr. Craig Filkins & Ms. Rosetta Filkins Mr. James Fine Angela Fiske Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Fitzgerald Margot Fitzgerald Carol Fletcher Robert Whelan & Suzanne Fletcher-Whelan Mr. & Mrs. Martin W. Flinn Carolyn E. Flock Ellen P. Flynn Ms. Jody Foley Natalie Forbes Mr. Ned C. Forrester Miss Jane E. Foster Sarah Foster Sharon Foster Steve & Mary Jane Foster Bruce & Corbina Foucart Ann Fournier Mr. William K. Fox Francis & Sandra Fox Kimberly Francis Lauren Francis Title Investigation Peggs Francis Ms. Abigail Franklin Mr. Richard Fraser Dr. Curtis Freese Joao & Paula Freitas Jameson & Priscilla French Ms. Kathy Frey Thomas & Pamela Friedman David & Patricia Frothingham Verlyna F. Furblur Gregg Lawrence Furie Mike & Bridget Gabriel Stefan & Marya Gabriel Mr. Gregory Gadren Mrs. Tammy Gaffey Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Gagnon Arthur G. Gaines Mr. John Gallagher Ms. Christine Gallant Mr. Edward Gallucci Jim R. Gammans Satish Gandhi Ambassador William Gandy John Paul & Katri Garber Elizabeth Gardner Francis & Susan Gardner Joshua Gardner Ms. Allison Garfield Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Garfield Kassia Garfield Lucy Garfield Rebecca Garfield Sam Garfield Tom & Debbie Garfield Henrietta Gates Jeff Gay Virginia Gay Lucille T. Gelinas Christina & Tom Gelson Arthur & Joan Gerard Mr. Conrad Geyser Ms. Nancy Ghabai Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Giani Mrs. Mary Ann Giannone Christopher & Julie Gibbons Paige Gibbs Diane Gilbert Carolee Matsumoto & David Gilbertson Steve Gilhooly Tim Gillespie Ms. Suzann M. Gilrein Mr. Gregory Glavin Georgia & Tom Glick Karen Gniadek Alison Godburn Jennifer & Dennis Golden Michael Goldring The Golen Family David & Rachel Gonsalves Jeffrey Gonsalves Mr. Victor Gonsalves David Gordon Ms. Wendy Goulston Dr. & Mrs. David F. Gouveia Noe & Janet Gouveia Lee & Debbie Gove Mr. Richard Govoni Jennifer Gow James & Sara Gowing William F. Grant & Kat Brennan Mr. Peter Grave The Graves Family Mr. & Mrs. Francis Gray, III Elaine Cook Graybill Mr. Luc Gregoire James Griglun Edward S. Gross Marvin & Avis Grosslein Mrs. Lisa Grover Jacob Grundy Richard & Amanda Grundy Rene & Karen Guenette Dr. Angappa Gunasekaran Ms. Eileen Gunn Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gurek Capt. Charles Hacker Rebecca A. Hajjar Mr. & Mrs. David Hall Donald B. Hall William Hall Bill & Susanne Hallstein Lisa Halvorson Ms. Ashley Ham Pong Ms. Colleen L. Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. James Hamilton Nancy Fry Sholley The Sholley Foundation Sarah Snyderman Drs. Ronald & Judith Aikawa Thomas & Georgeanne Albert Lucille & John Allegretti-Freeman Joshua Barber Michael Bilerman Deborah Bobek Charlotte Brooks Adam Eisenberg Irv & Marsha Goldwater Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Hense TJ Hofheimer & Janine Dumont Penelope Mathews Carolyn P. Partan The Rivers Family Stephen & Elizabeth Rosen Arthur & Rosann Schwartz Sam & Tami Wald
  20. 20. 18 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION Teresa Hamm George & Barbara Hampson Susan H. Hampson Mr. David A. Hancock & Dr. Lua Hancock Bill & Deborah Handschin Ms. Rose Hanig Nancy Harmon Joseph & Helen Harrington Stephen Harrington Alan & Jessica Harris Anne R. Harris Melissa Harrison Rabbi Barry & Shoshana Hartman Joshua B. Hathaway Mr. & Mrs. Warren Hathaway John & Jessica Hauser A. Lee Hayes Nancy Hayes Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hays Channing W. Hayward Mr. Tom Heaney Joe & Elizabeth Hebert Mr. Don Heitzmann Ann & Jerry Heller Bette & Bob Helm Mr. Ralph Helmick & Ms. Nan Niland Norman & Eleanor Hendricks Siobhan Henebury Jim Henle Ms. Diane Henry-Vanisko Bettyann Heppler Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Munro Herman Suzanne & Fred Herriman, Jr. Mrs. Patricia Hess Mrs. Elizabeth Hibbard Serap Hidir Judy Higbea A. Lisa & Richard Higgins Charlie & Penny Hiller Stephany Hiller John & Peggy Hilsabeck Cassidy Hinman Susan Hirshlag Robert L. Hlady & Ms. Jean Sheets Ms. Peggy Ho John & Olivann Hobbie Alan P. & Louise P. Hoblitzell Mr. & Ms. Edward S. Hochuli Andrew Hocker & Nina Whitney Alison Hodges Pamela & Edward Hoffer Chris Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Matt Hogan Ms. Terry Holbrook Arthur & Susan Holcombe Jalien Hollister Mr. Gerald Holton & Mrs. Nina Holton Cathleen & Tucker Hood John A. & Sally T. Hopkins The Hossfields Kate Houdelette Selena T. Howard Margaret Howland Tammy Howland Mrs. Amy Hubbard Kimberley Hubert Mr. Don Hudson Ms. Elise R. Hugus & Mr. Daniel Cojanu Bob & Pam Humphrey Joan L. Hutchings Mr. John Hutchins Mark & Carla Hutker Stephanie Hydal Dr. Karen Hyun Josef Idoine & Wendy Bone Mrs. Ruthanne Igoe & Mr. John Igoe Mr. Andrew David Iraheta Mr. Alden Irons Stephen Irons John Jackman Nicole & Sean Jackman Mr. Donald Jackson Molly Jacobsen Ms. Carolyn Jaffe Ms. Marla Jamate James & Shari Jankowski Oliver J. Janney Thomas & Barbara Jansen Mr. Laurence W. Jaquith Gary Jaroslow & Nancy Parmentier Mr. & Mrs. Reginald F. Jason, Jr. Kristine Jelstrup Suzanne L. Jenkins David & Julia Jennings George A. Jennings Susan M. Jennings Andrew Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Jepson Michael Joe Emily Johns Bill & Ginny Johnson Carolyn Johnson Donna Johnson Franklin Johnson Gordon & Lois Johnson Greg & Nancy Johnson Mrs. Jillian Johnson John & Andrea Johnson Mr. Steve Johnson Barbara Woll Jones Janet Jones Mrs. Nancy H. Jones Ms. Betty Jordan Ms. Julie Jordan Mr. Nicholas Jupin & Mrs. Lee-Ann Jupin Mark & Teresa Kaeterle & Family Ms. Ellen M. Kahler Ellen & Rich Kalhofer Mr. Warren Kalkstein Jane Kamine Paula A. Kandarian Jay & Laurie Kassabian Dr. & Mrs. Alan J. Katz Jamie Katz & Cynthia Piltch Linda & Andy Kaufman David Kavanaugh Michael B. Keating Janice & Paul Kechijian, MD Barbara & Tom Keith James Kelley Mr. Michael Kelley Beth & Bob Kelley Mrs. & Mr. Sheila Kelley Joseph & Susan Kelliher Thomas & Anne Kelly Judith L. Kennedy Claire V. Kenney Mary & Arthur Kentros Joe & Ellen Keogh Rebekah Kepple Dr. Paul A. Ketchum Ms. Karen Kidder Dr. Stephen Kiechel & Mrs. Julia Kiechel John & Joan Kimball Beverly & David King Dick & Reta King Ms. Robin King Naomi Kirby Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kirschmann Ms. Emily Kissell & Dr. Peter Markow Mrs. Leslie Klinger Mr. & Mrs. Bourne Knowles Barbara S. Knowlton Bill & Deb Knowlton Stephen Knox Kathleen Knutsen Theodor Koch Bethany Kolb, M.D. & Robert Johnson Wayne & Helene Koles Ms. Linda Kornfeld Ms. Mary Kowalski Shriram Krishnamurthi Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kuchar Amy Kukulya Mr. Andreas Kuonath Steven & Louise Kusleika Pe Kutcher Mr. & Mrs. Bob La Crosse Michael & Sarah Labossiere Mr. & Mrs. E. Richard Lacerda Jim & Nancy Lacerda Rob & Beth Ladd Ms. Susan Laing Thomas & Anne Lala Mark & Susan Lally Robert Lambe Jean Lambert Paul & Susan Lambert Ms. Cindy L. Lamberta Helen Lamborghini Ms. Katie Lamoureux Natalie Lang Mr. Robert Lang Marc & Suzanne Laplante Mr. Jeffrey Larocque Robert & Pamela Lasher Ms. Jo-Anne Latino Breana Latty Mr. & Mrs. G. Lauderdale Randy & Marijean Lauderdale Rick Lavender Suong Le Dr. Michael Leahy Mrs. Amy Leanues Steven Leanues Elizabeth & Douglas Leatham Mrs. Donna Leaver Leslie LeBlanc Mr. C Lee Dr. & Mrs. John F. Lentini Bennet Leon John Lesage Dr. & Mrs. Clinton Levin Meridith Levy Gerald & Maureen Lewis Mark-Anthony Lewis Mr. Scott Lieberman Lynn Lima Edward & Nancy Lindholm Dr. & Mrs. Lewis Lipsitt Dr. & Mrs. Paul D. Lipsitt Karen Livsey Sara Locke Steven Locke William & Linda Lockwood Mark Logan Mr. Duncan Lomas Mr. Joe Longo Curtis L. Lopes Jonathan Lopes Torben Lorenzen & April Merriam Robert & Mary Lorenzo Haidee Lorrey Samuel Lorusso, Jr. Louise Luckenbill Kristine Ludwig Richard & Hila Lyman Chad Lynch Robert MacCaull Sr. Dick & Brenda Macedo Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. MacGregor Mr. Peter MacLean Mr. & Mrs. Norman MacLeod Matthew & Kathleen Madaio Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Malachuk, Jr. Roger & Gayle Mandle Ms. Emily Mandler Allen & Nancy Manley Peter Mansfield Rick Mansfield Dr. Norman Mar Dr. Greg K. Maravelas Mrs. Christine Marcolini Anthony & Judy Mark Douglass Marlow & Linda DeYoung Nan Starr & Philip Marshall Mr. Wesley Marshall Ms. Anne-Marie Martin Richard Martin Christine Marusek Richard Marx Richard & Kathy Marx Edward Mascioli & Barbara Weinberg Linda Mason John R. Masson & Michel J. Jodoin Douglas W. Materne Penelope Mathews Jose & Dulce Matos Rosemary Mattuck Catherine Maxey Donna H. Maxfield Kimberly May Sweney Walter May Mr. Vincent Mayer Marilyn & Myron Mazer Jack McAllister Mr. John McAllister Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. McCarley, M.D. Debra McCarthy William P. & Jane K. McCarthy Phyllis M. McClain Doug McCormick Michael McCormick Charles & Rebecca McCullough Andrew M. Higgins & Anne McDermott Mr. Mark McDermott & Ms. Amy Brosius Coalition campers discover wildife that is living in the forests of Nasketucket Bay State Reservation.
  21. 21. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 19 Holly & Joe McDonough Katharine McDuffie Timothy W. McEnerney Mr. Chris McEnroe Mr. & Mrs. Peter McGee Karen S. McGinnis Peter McGowan Mr. Stephen McGowan Julie McGrath Ms. Rebecca McIntyre Theresa K. McKee Mr. Austin McKeen Patrick McLoughlin & Deirdre Healy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. McNamara Cynthia S. McNaughten David & Barbara McPhelim Bryan McSweeny James & Diane Medeiros Frederico R. Medina, Jr. Peg Megowen Mr. Robert Mehrez Dr. Douglas A. Mello Michael L.Mello & Joan Thomas-Mello George & Sharon Mendonca Jeff Mertz Charles & Lucy Metcalf Mr. & Mrs. Michel G. Methot Ms. Lyn Metivier Jim Michener Mrs. Bonnie Miedema Matthew Milhener James Milkey Silvia Miller Arthur Milliken Ms. Smoky Moak & Ms. Eileen Melancon Frederic & Cindy Mock Ms. Bunny Mogilnicki Elizabeth Molodovsky Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Moniz Mr. Patrick Mont Paula Montgomery Jennifer & Paul Mooney Patricia S. Moore Suzanne Moore Dane & Alice Morgan Dr. Kristen Morgan Craig Morris Julie Morse & Brian Gallagher Ms. Sophia Morse Ms. Christine Mortensen Bob Motta Kathie & Day Mount George & Rachel Mullen Ms. Gracie Mullen-Thompson Michael & Elizabeth Mulroy Ms. Elizabeth Mundel Jim Munise Charles & Caroline Murphy Mr. Leonard Murphy Mary Murphy R & K Murphy Betts Howes Murray & F. Wisner Murray Lois Ann Murray Ms. Maureen Murray Donald Myers Ingrid Nadeau Joshua Nagler Joanann Natola Susan Nedelman Cynthia Needham Ms. Itty S. Neuhaus Mr. Greg Neumann Mrs. Andrea Newman Capt. James Newman & Ms. Deb Coulombe Deirdre Nicholson Mr. & Ms. Paul Nicholson Joan Niehoff Mr. John Nolan Melissa Nolte Kim Norton Obrien Mr. Philip Norton Mr. Ric Notini Mr. & Mrs. William B. Notman Peter Nourjian Andrea Nygren Jean D. Nyman Mary M. Nyman Marjorie & Frank O’Brien Mrs. George T. O’Brien Stuart O’Brien William OBrien Capt. Brian O’Connell Mr. Edmund O’Connell Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. O’Connor Katie O’Donnell Kevin O’Halloran Dr. Patrick O’Halloran Mr. T S O’Halloran Carol O’Hare Thomas Olival Ms. Alice Oliveira Mr. Jesse Oliveira Mr. Sean Oliveira Richard & Mary Olmsted Mrs. Catherine Olson Ms. Nancy Olson Robert & Pamela Olson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Olszewski Ms. Molly Olver Carol A. O’Neil Ms. Lisa Orcutt-Murphy Mrs. Jessica Ormsby Prof. Joseph O’Rourke Mrs. Janice Orphanides Alvaro Ortiz Michelelynn Ostiguy Nora J. Paape Robert & Diana Pacheco Capt. Brian Paiva Michael Papetti Kathleen Papineau Ashley Papoula Hillary Parker Ann Parks N. Gorham & Pauline Parks Gary & Pamela Parsons Pasco-Anderson Family Ms. Theresa A. Pasley Lucy W. Bartlett & Tod Patterson Helen Pearce Shirley Pearson Douglas & Marianne Peebles Susan Pellerin Ms. Eileen Pembroke Nancy Pendleton Ian Penn David & Joan Pepin Elizabeth F. Perkins John & April Perkoski Mrs. Sarah Perkoski Laura & Frank Perrine Mr. Brian Perry Sarah Person & Neil Cohen Jim Persons & Carla Hatfield Mr. & Mrs. Charles Peterson Bertha Petruski Ms. Marlena Pettit Natalie C. Phillips Joan W. Pierce Alicia Pimental Carolyn C. Pimental Jeana Pimentel Mimi & Bipi Pimentel Mrs. June Pina Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Pinkava William & Sarah Pinney Mrs. Molly Piquette Mr. & Mrs. George L. Place Fran Plaisted Richard A. Pline Ronald S. Plourde Al & Maren Plueddemann Jillian Poirier Rick Polansky Jeff Pontiff Popik Family Mrs. Lynne Porteous Ms. Barbara E. Porter Ms. Priscilla Porter Miss Emma Porteus William Powell Mr. Michael Powers Mr. Sean Powers & Mrs. Stasia A. Powers Sheila Powers-Converse Michele Pratt, C.P.A. Michael Pray David Prentiss Mr. & Mrs. William C. Prescott Jr. Frank Press Mrs. Brenda Preston Gordon A. Price, O.D. Richard & Carolyn Price Mr. Michael Pridham Brett Prince Florence D. Prince Raymond Pugliese Patrick Purdy Laura Putnam Mrs. Timothy Putnam Joanne Raffa Stephen D. Rafferty & Holly L. Wilson The Ramsdell Family Kim A. Randall Mr. Scott Raposa Ms. Mary Rapoza Robin Ray Mr. & Mrs. John P. Re Nancy I. Reardon Robert & Elizabeth Reardon Skott Rebello Janet & Richard Reed Simon Reeves Ms. Karen Regine Sarah Renaud Mr. Richard K. Renner & Ms. Janet A. Friskey Melissa Restrepo Jack & Cynthia Reynolds Joyce A. Reynolds Mr. Richard Rheaume Donald & Christy Rhoads Carl & Leslye Ribeiro Ann-Margaret Richard Mary Jane Richard & Jack Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Mark H. Richardson Dave Riding Marysarah Riggs Dr. Neil L. Ringler Fred & Lois Rioles Ms. Bonnie L. Ritz Alison A. Robb Richard & Janice Robbins Douglas C. Roberson Noel & Ann Roberts Laurie Robertson-Lorant Mark & April Robinson Frank Robitaille Bob Rocha & Kristen Leotti Mr. Justin R. Rohn John & Nancy Rolli Ms. Jacqueline Rolnick Joseph & Renee Romanowski Ed Rooney & Bette Ann Low Ted & Wendy Rose Julie A. Rose Dr. M.C. Rosenfield Steven Rosenzweig Richard & Deborah Ross William & Paige Roth Mr. & Mrs. James J. Rourke, Jr. Lorraine Roy Hawkes Ms. Michele Roy Ilana & Terry Rubin Mr. & Mrs. Andy Rubino Don & Susan Rudnick William & Andrea Rugh Ms. Anne-Marie Runfola & Mr. Ken Kostel Ms. Kristin Rupich Renee Russo Suzanne Rutstein Susan G. Ryan Tanja Ryden & Thomas J. H. Peirce Mike & Sandy Ryer Mr. Philip Rylance Mr. Daniel Saffer Mr. Gary Saffer Charles A. Salisbury Mr. & Mrs. Irving C. Salley Mr. & Mrs. Will W. Saltonstall Bill & Tinker Saltonstall David Saltzman Jim & Franny Sammons Stanley Samuels Ms. Nicole San Juan Bob & Barbara Sanderson James & Janelle Sandford Charles & Renate Sands Mr. Gary Sant Kathleen Santos Victor S. Santos Paul Santucci Ms. Bonnie Sarkar Ms. Donna Sawyer Dr. Frank Scarano Jessica Schachter Mrs. Mary Schaefer Richard & Loretta Schaefer Roland & Marjie Scharfspitz Dr. Judy Schechtman Mr. Robert Schisler Helen Chin Schlichte Julia Schneider Andrea & Scott Schoenfeld Schofield Family Peter Schulz Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Schuyler Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Schwab Carol Q. Schwamb David Schwentker Mr. Michael A. Sciaraffa Anne K. Scott Jane Scott Stephen Sedgwick Ms. Candee A. Seeley Ms. Ellen Semonoff Mr. & Mrs. Roger N. Seney Mr. Stephen Sergi Joseph Sgroi Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shanley Jane Shapira Miss Diane Shea Kevin Shea Mr. Daniel Shedd Caroline Sheehan Brownie & Pam Sherman Mary-Ellen Shervo Richard & Janet Sherwood Harry & Anne Shoemaker Dr. & Mrs. John J. Short Patricia Shoyinka Sharon E. Shustack Jack Silva Augustine & Beverly Silveira Victor & Kathy Simas Gary & Therese Simmons Ariel Simon Jonathan Simon Peter Simon Mr. George E. Sine
  22. 22. 20 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION Mrs. Jenny Singer Betty Ann Sirois Mr. Jonathan Sirois Judith B. Skillman Mr. Andre Skjegstad Alan & Sandra Slavin Ms. Catherine Sloan Walter Smietana & Wanda Francis David & Rosemary Smith Diane Smith Martin A. Smith Philip Smith & Lisa Bright Ms. Kirsten Snow Ms. Sophie Soman Leo T. Sorokin Mr. Dick Soule Elizabeth & Edgar Soule Mr. Paulo Sousa Ellen Sowa Mr. & Mrs. Jay Spahr Jeffrey & Gail Spear Pete & Cindy Spengler Molly Sperduto Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sperry Samantha Spina Peter B. & Nancy E. Spindler Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Spongberg Susan B. Spooner Mrs. Toby Sproch Jean St. Gelais Nicole & Marc St. Pierre Paul & Tammy Staiger Mrs. & Mr. Elizabeth Stanberry Mr. Greg Stanton Philip Stanton Mr. Douglas Starr Charles & Carolyn Staude Robinn Steenburg Antoinette Steinacker Richard Sterling Judith & Robert Sterns Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Stickney Clay & Clara Stites Roseann & Steve Stoehr Ms. Lara Stone Robert G.* & Marion R. Stone Sue Stone Mr. Timothy B. Stone The Stover Family Penelope Straker Mark & Nancy Strickland Mr. Michael Strickman Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Stringfellow Ms. Beth Strubeck & Mr. W. Douglas Strubeck Lewis A. Suber Mr. Benjamin Suddard Briana Sullivan Scott & Lee Sullivan Spencer Sullivan Bernard & Virginia Sundquist Diane Swartz Lori Sweeney Arlette B. Swift Jone H. Swift Dave Swoish Douglas Swoish Janet Swoish Mr. Scott Swoish Mr. & Mrs. David Sylvain Mark Sylvester Karoline Szatek Michael & Deanna Szymczak Dr. Jonathan Talamo Peter & Jane Talbot Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. Mark Tapper Cynthia Tardif Dr. & Mrs. Barton Tayer Ms. Alexandra Taylor Katherine Taylor Dr. Kathleen Taylor & Mr. Bruno Notari Low Taylor & Lolly Schenck Mr. & Mrs. Rick Taylor Mr. & Mrs. William Taylor Joseph & Jean Tellier Dr. Edward R. Thieler Dr. John W. Thompson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thompson Coyt & Susan Tillman Mr. James Timberlake Howard & Nancy Tinkham Wayne & Kimberly Tirrell Neil & Carol Titcomb Christopher & Dena Torino Barbara Traban Kathie A. Trainor Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tranchin Mr. David Trinks Bruce W. Tripp Mr. George Tripp Mr. Walter Trumbull & Mrs. Helen Trumbull Robert & Sally Truslow Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Turner Mr. Mark Turpel William J. Underwood, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Upton Alex & Marilyn Urquhart Ivan & Virginia Valiela Wesley Van Cott & Mindy Levin Elisa van Dam Jeanne Van Orman Ashley Vandiver Ms. Leah VanWhy Mr. J. Lee Varvaro Dan & Joan Vasconcellos & Family Ms. Lori Vautrin Mr. Ryan Vautrin Sarah Vaz Doug Veilleux Bill & Judy Veno Mrs. Alexia Verchere Mr. Jeremy Verne Ms. Peggy Verronneau Ann E. Vogel Arthur & Joanne Voorhis Mr. & Mrs. John T. Vose Mr. & Mrs. Martin Waine Wayne Walega Ms. Mary Walfield Capt. Clinton Walker Jeanne & Emery Walker Merrill B. Walker, Jr. Janet & LaVerne Wallace Robert J. Walsh & Carol Goodman David Ward* Warden Family Nancy & Pierre Warny William D. Watling, Jr. Dave Waugh Mr. Michael Waugh Ms. Susan Waugh Pamela Waugh-Wagoner Janice Weber & John Newton Thomas C. Webster III Mrs. Tiffany Wehr Robert Weikel Ethan Weiss Sally Weitzel Frank & Patricia Weldon Kevin Weldon Roger & Elise Wellington Bruce & Joyce West Jonathan & Katharine West Michelle West Ms. Natalie Westrick Julia Westwater Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weymouth Jean L. Whalen Earlene Wheeler Christopher White & Jennifer Greenman Harry & Liz White Mrs. Maureen Wieler Mr. Christopher Will Carolyn Willard Maryl Willcox Dr. Douglas Williams & Ms. Elizabeth East Meg Williams Helen & Albert Wilson Ms. Jaime Wilson John & Jennifer Wilson Ms. Kate Wilson Carolyn Wingate Desiree Winterhalter Mrs. Beth Winthrop Mr. Lawrence Wisniewski Mr. Paul Wisniewski Rabbi Bruce Witt Capt. Karis Wold Ms. Susie Wood Mr. Kinder Woodcock Beecher Wooding Richard Wordell Curt Worden & Gloria Bailen John Wortham & Cynthia Johnson Sherbie & Tom Worthen Shirley Wozena Kathryn Wronski John & Lois Wurts Juliet D. Xifaras Stephanie Yesner & Maura Russell Mr. Larry Yu Kathleen Zaffino John & Regina Zakotnik Erik & Linda Zettler Chaozi T. Zhang Peter & Heather Zine Rod & Ruth Zwirner Anonymous (3) BUZZARDS BAY GOLF OUTING On a beautiful spring day the Coalition hosted it’s second Golf Outing at the Bay Club at Mattapoisett. The event, held on May 28, 2013, raised $16,500 to fund clean water projects that reduce nitrogen pollution in New Bedford Harbor. Golfers enjoyed 18 holes on the ‘International Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program’ certified course followed by a cocktail party reception and auction at the Bay Club’s Golf House Restaurant. Over 90 people participated in the event. 20 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION Golfers Eric Anderson Robert Anderson Chris Arnold Patricia Arnold Peter Burlinson Dwight B. Crane Loretto Crane Chuck Crocetti David Crosby Robert Cunningham Allen Decker Edward Dennehy Dan Evans David Evans Christian A. Farland Stewart Forbes David Goudreau Ronald Hantman Daniel Hayes Shephard S. Johnson William T. Johnson Daniel Jones Mike Jones Timothy Jones John D. Kelleher Lawrence Knowles Gil Lopes Chris Markey John Markey James Marsh John C. Meyer Mark Nelson Neal Price Jon Ritter Jeff Ryan Laura Ryan Shachoy Dave Schultz Tom Settle Jeannie Smith Richard Smith W. Mason Smith Leo Sullivan Mike Sullivan Olaf Thorp Jeffrey Vasquez Dale Weldon Gordon Wisbach, Jr. Scott Zeien
  23. 23. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT | 21 CORPORATIONS Leader $5,000 and above Edson International Goodwin Procter, LLP Kingman Yacht Center Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C Reynolds DeWalt Sive, Paget & Riesel, P.C. Partner $2,500-$4,999 Foley Hoag, LLP Sylvia & Company Insurance Agency, Inc. Waterkeeper Alliance - Toyota WilmerHale Patron $1,000-$2,499 Acushnet Company Cornell Dubilier Electronics Fiber Optic Center, Inc. Frank Corp. Environmental Services Northeast Marine Pilots, Inc. Nye Synthetic Lubricants Supporter $500-$999 Brennan & Fournier City of New Bedford Water Department Custom Cabinetry Designs Cuttyhunk Shellfish Farms, Inc. Hawthorn Medical Associates Saltonstall Architects Sea Crest Beach Hotel The Great American Rain Barrel Co. The Wood Lumber Co. Associate $250-$499 Anderson Insulation Co., Inc. Debross Hathaway Marvel, Inc. Decas Cranberry Products, Inc. Imtra Corporation L.A. Window Cleaning, LLC Marshall Marine Corporation Mike’s Restaurant Milton’s Distributing Co., Inc. New Bedford Thread Company, Inc. NSTAR Electric and Gas Corporation Ryan Family Amusements, Inc. Sea Fuels Marine Services, Inc. Sid Wainer & Son Southern Mass Credit Union Strategic Planning Group, Inc. The Nephew’s Thomas P. Crotty & Associates PLLC Falmouth Garden Club Garden Club of Buzzards Bay Garden Club of Greater New Bedford Knollmere Beach Association Marion Garden Discussion Group North Falmouth Village Association Sippewissett Association Stellwagen Alive! Tabor Academy Teitiare Estate The 300 Committee, Inc. Unitarian Universalist Society of Fairhaven Wankinquoah Rod & Gun Club Wareham Garden Club West Falmouth Village Association West Island Improvement Association Woods Hole Business Association FOUNDATIONS Arcadia Charitable Trust Bafflin Foundation Baker Root Family Foundation Inc. Beech Tree Trust The W. & R. Bernheimer Family Foundation Bonnell Cove Foundation The Boston Foundation The William C. Bullitt Foundation, Inc. Cape Cod Five Charitable Foundation Patrick Carney Foundation Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts -Buckley Family Fund Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts - Henry H. Crapo Foundation Fund Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts - Jim & Bess Hughes Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts SEEAL Fund Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts – Women’s Philanthropy Initiative CHT Foundation Fannie Cox Foundation Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust The Cricket Foundation The Croll Foundation Enable Hope Foundation Elizabeth Taylor Fessenden Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fields Pond Foundation, Inc. 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