Buzzards Bay Coalition 2012 Annual Report


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Buzzards Bay Coalition 2012 Annual Report

  2. 2. The Buzzards Bay Coalition’s 25th year found us right where our founders would have wanted us: deep in thetrenches working to protect and restore this ever-magical but increasingly threatened Bay and its watershed.And thanks to the outstanding support of you – our members and friends – we think they’d be proud of thescale and depth of the Coalition’s programs and accomplishments. While the challenges facing Buzzards Bay– most importantly nitrogen pollution – are increasing, one critical fact remains: the threats to our region’swaters and lands are primarily local. They are within our power to ignore or tackle, to accept or change. Thatfact more than any other keeps us excited and empowered in our work. It’s also at the core of the Coalition’sstrength and effectiveness.It took generations to create the land development patterns that have led to theoverpollution of our Bay and its harbors with nitrogen. And the fix – changes in towninfrastructure, financing, and improved planning – will take another generation for Baycommunities to fully absorb.But like the global threat of climate change, ignoring our local nitrogen problem and avoidingthe hard work ahead will only make restoration more difficult, more expensive and potentiallyless successful.So the time to act is now. And that is what the Coalition is doing through legalaction, advocacy with public officials, and pushing for quicker delivery ofsound science and concrete cleanup. Our major federal lawsuits against the U.S. EPA areforcing officials to deal with septic systems on Cape Cod; our legal challenge and eventualSettlement Agreement with the town of Falmouth and the Massachusetts Department ofEnvironmental Protection put West Falmouth Harbor, after more than a decade of pressure,on a clear path to recovery; and our watchdogging of long-delayed Massachusetts EstuariesProject reports for harbors from Dartmouth to Wareham all reflect the significantinvestments we’ve made in aggressive advocacy this past year.But legal advocacy is only one facet of our strategy. Proactive land conservation to acquire the watershed’smost important forests and wetlands is critical – both for preserving natural, nitrogen-absorbing landscapesand for maintaining healthy river and coastal ecosystems for wildlife and fish. To that end, we permanentlypreserved another 470 acres in 2012. These lands – clustered around the Bay’s most important rivers – bringthe total amount of land we’ve saved to 6,250 acres since we began this program in 1998.2012 also saw dramatic growth in our work to inspire, excite and engage many, many more people in Bayprotection. Saving Buzzards Bay is multigenerational work and the victories of today will need watchdoggingtomorrow. Joining us in this effort are the more than 4,000 area youth who participated in our year-roundfield education programs, the 1,000 people who came out for the Buzzards Bay Film Festival, and thehundreds that flexed their muscle and passion in outdoor events like our Swim and Watershed Ride thatcelebrate everyone’s right to a clean environment.The pages of this Annual Report provide an all-too-short glimpse into the daily work of our talented staff,dedicated Board and tireless volunteers. But the most important players are you – our growing familyof members and supporters – who make it all possible. You continue to amaze us with your generosity,your enthusiastic impatience for more action, and most importantly, your vision for the future of our localenvironment. We’re excited for the work ahead. Thank you! Mark Rasmussen President/Buzzards BaykeeperFROM THE PRESIDENT AND CHAIRTom GidwitzChair, Board of Directors
  3. 3. 2012 Annual Report | 1Issue Highlight:Why is New Bedford Harborgetting one of the worstcleanups in America?No corner of Buzzards Bay has suffered more damage than New BedfordHarbor. It is the Bay’s largest urban waterway, home to more than onehundred thousand residents and the United States’ richest commercialfishing port. It is also heavily contaminated with cancer-causing toxinscalled PCBs, ongoing raw sewage discharges, and too much nitrogen.For decades, toxic pollution in particular has deprived the New Bedfordcommunity of its greatest natural asset: its Harbor. Now, after years ofwaiting, New Bedford Harbor still isn’t getting the cleanup it deserves.The Coalition has always been an active advocate for the Harbor, but we significantly ramped up our effortsin October 2012, when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced an inadequate $366million settlement with AVX Corporation, the largest company responsible for the Harbor’s PCB pollution.Although this figure sounds like a lot of money, the settlement is a bad deal for the New Bedford community.Under the settlement – a fixed amount that allows AVX to walk away forever – theEPA will be locked into cleanup choices that put cost savings ahead of harbor healthand the public good. New Bedford Harbor is slated to receive one of the worstPCB cleanups of its kind in America, with up to fifty times more toxic pollution leftbehind than in similar waterway cleanups.In response, we mobilized more than a dozen elected officials and over 2,000 community members to joinour call for a full cleanup of New Bedford Harbor. The settlement comes at a critical point for the Harbor,where the tide is turning for a long-neglected waterway. Along its shores, developers are transforming oldfactories into new waterfront loft homes. Abandoned spaces are being re-imagined as public parks wherefamilies can enjoy nature, right in their own urban backyard. Active citizens row the Harbor’s waters, takingback a waterway that residents have been robbed of for far too long.The New Bedford community deserves a Harbor cleanup that will protect the health of its residents, providea safe home for fish and wildlife, and preserve its coastal heritage for future generations. That vision for thefuture can – and will – be a reality if we fight today for a full cleanup.Get the latest on the Coalition’s New Bedford Harbor efforts by the EPA’s cleanup plan, these signsmay never come down.
  5. 5. 2012 Annual Report | 3The fact that rusty tide is becoming routine andwidespread is more evidence of the serious threat thatnitrogen pollution poses in Buzzards Bay. The severityof the problem is well-documented by over twentyyears of comprehensive water quality data collectedthrough our Baywatchers program. The breadth anddepth of that program earned it a 2012 EnvironmentalMerit Award from the U.S. Environmental ProtectionAgency (EPA). And it is helping us begin to turn thetide on nitrogen as public awareness and concernabout the issue grows.Baywatchers data laid the foundation for a majorvictory for clean water in West Falmouth. For overa decade, concerned citizens have watched theirharbor become choked with algae. Too muchnitrogen was flowing into the harbor, and thebiggest culprit was the Falmouth WastewaterTreatment Plant. In July, the Coalition initiatedlegal action and ultimately reached a landmarklegal settlement with the town of Falmouth andthe Massachusetts Department of EnvironmentalProtection (MassDEP) to limit the amount ofnitrogen that reaches the Harbor.The victory in West Falmouth Harbor was possiblebecause of a completed cleanup study thatoutlined the amount of nitrogen a healthy harborcan handle. Many other Buzzards Bay harbors andOn July 30, 2012, as the R/V Baykeeper® cruised towards its monitoring station in Mark’s Covein Wareham, Coalition Senior Attorney Korrin Petersen noticed the water taking on a murky,rusty color. She snapped a picture and shared it with the Coalition’s science staff, who agreedthat this was likely the season’s first reported sighting of “rusty tide”: an algae bloom causedby nitrogen pollution and warm water. 2012 was the eighth straight year that rusty tide wasreported in Buzzards Bay, but the first time it was seen as early as July. By the end of thesummer, rusty tide sightings were reported in towns from Dartmouth to Falmouth, coveringmore of the Bay than ever before.coves are not so lucky. Five of the Bay’s estuaries – theWareham River, Slocums River, Apponagansett Bay,New Bedford Harbor, and Nasketucket Bay – havebeen waiting as long as nine years for final nitrogenpollution studies to be released by the MassachusettsEstuaries Project at UMass Dartmouth. In May, theCoalition reached an agreement with MassDEP andUMass Dartmouth to expedite final reports for thosecritical estuaries within one year.As we work harbor by harbor, we also continue topress for regional solutions to clean up coastalwaters. Our lawsuits against the EPA to update aregional action plan for cleaning up Cape Cod’s watersmoved into active litigation, as did a companion suitdemanding the agency take action to reduce septicsystem pollution.Although septic systems are the largest source ofnitrogen pollution Bay-wide, the Buzzards Baywatershed is also the country’s largest coastalcranberry producer. We have partnered with theCape Cod Cranberry Growers Association, theMarine Biological Laboratory, the UMass CranberryExperiment Station and the town of Carver in animportant multi-year collaborative effort to researchthe impact of cranberry bogs on the Bay’s health.Lastly, we are carrying on with efforts to eliminatetoxic pollution from all corners of the Bay. We rampedup our fight for a full cleanup of PCBs in New BedfordHarbor (see page one) and told the U.S. Coast Guardthat its latest draft environmental assessment was“wholly insufficient” to protect the Bay from oil spills.Watch for more to come in 2013 on both of theseissues that never seem to go away.Baykeeper® AdvocacyWith over 200 monitoringsites on and around theBay, our Baywatchersprogram is the foundationof our work to restoreclean water.Coalition President Mark Rasmussenannounces the landmark legal settlementfor restoring West Falmouth Harbor.Printed with vegetable-based inks on process chlorine-free, recycled paper.
  7. 7. 2012 Annual Report | 5In Mattapoisett, we worked with the MattapoisettLand Trust to permanently protect 300 acres of coastalforest, wetlands, and streams that flow into Pine IslandPond and outer Mattapoisett Harbor. In Dartmouth,the Coalition partnered with the Lloyd Center for theEnvironment and the Dartmouth Natural ResourcesTrust to protect 26 stunningly scenic acres along theLittle River Estuary. And in preparation for what isthe largest coastal land protection project underway inMassachusetts, the Coalition received a $2,000,000grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture towardsthe protection of 400 acres of land along NasketucketBay. In addition to protecting coastal land, the Coalitionalso helped residents in Falmouth advance a project torestore three salt ponds that have been overtaken byinvasive species. This project will restore habitat andprotect water quality on the Cape Cod coast.Equally important to protecting coastal lands is theprotection of the forests, wetlands and stream buffersalong the Bay’s tributaries. Along the Weweantic,Acushnet and Mattapoisett rivers in 2012, we protectedland, advanced restoration and invited the public toexplore these special places by opening three RiverReserves. In Wareham, two major land protectionprojects formed the cornerstone of the WeweanticRiver Reserve. The Coalition protected 10 acres alongthe lower Weweantic, where the river meets the saltywaters of Buzzards Bay. Further upstream in WestWareham, the Coalition, along with the Wareham LandTrust and the town of Wareham, protected 20 acres ofpine and oak forest along the river.Our Acushnet River Reserve, combining landconservation and river restoration along this urbanwaterway, more than doubled in size with 50additional acres. This includes the 46 acre LaPalmeFarm featuring newly-opened public trails leadingto the river. In April, the restoration project justClean water doesn’t just happen. The technology to produce clean water with filters, pumps, andchemicals can easily cost millions. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way: with a healthy, vibrantwatershed that provides our communities with clean water for drinking, swimming and fishing.Protecting watersheds means protecting forests that absorb rainwater and recharge groundwateraquifers, wetlands that filter pollutants and reduce flooding, and plants and animals along ourrivers and coastlines that naturally consume the nitrogen that fouls the Bay. In 2012, to ensureclean water for our communities and for Buzzards Bay, the Coalition permanently preserved 470acres of land and advanced projects to restore rivers and wetlands across the region.downstream at the Acushnet Sawmill received $1.2million in funding from the New Bedford HarborTrustee Council. With that funding, the Coalitionhired ecological restoration scientists and engineersto manage the project, which will remove acres ofpavement, restore wetlands, reestablish riverbankvegetation, and create public walking trails and a canoelaunch. The Sawmill will open to the public in 2014.In February, the Coalition added another 63 acres toour Mattapoisett River Reserve, expanding to over 350acres of lush forests, freshwater wetlands – including aretired cranberry bog – and walking trails for the publicto enjoy. Conserving this land protects a drinking wateraquifer serving five Bay communities and provides anopportunity to restore a more natural flow of water intothe Mattapoisett River and Buzzards Bay.Watershed ProtectionPalmer’s IslandMarsh IslandA picturesque section of the Weweantic River estuarythat was conserved in 2012.
  9. 9. 2012 Annual Report | 7The spirit of appreciation and enjoyment of BuzzardsBay was the theme of 2012 as the Coalition celebratedour 25th anniversary. There is no better way to enjoythe Bay than getting outside, and in January, welaunched monthly Bay Adventures for all ages led byCoalition staff. This included hikes that explored ourriver reserves on the Weweantic, Mattapoisett, andAcushnet rivers and conservation lands in Bourne,Acushnet, and Wareham. Other adventures included atug boat tour of New Bedford Harbor and two trips todiscover the remote beauty of Penikese Island.To raise awareness of Buzzards Bay’s health, locallegend Richard Wheeler kayaked the Bay’s entireshoreline – from the Head of the Westport River toPenikese Island – in May and June. Along the way,the 81-year-old Wareham resident met with over 500schoolchildren and adults to share tales of the Bay’sbeauty and importance. As he travelled, he carried agift from each community to the next as a symbol ofhow the Bay connects us all.The first-ever Buzzards Bay Film Festival broughttogether professional filmmakers and everydaycitizens for a year-long celebration of Buzzards Bay.“Dear Buzzards Bay, thank you for letting boats float, letting fish swim, and letting us swimin you. I will pick up all the trash in you.” This was the message delivered by a nine-year-oldNew Bedford girl who attends afterschool at the YMCA. Like her peers, she initially knew verylittle about Buzzards Bay, but after five weeks exploring the Bay and its watershed with theCoalition, her appreciation – and her sense of responsibility – speaks for itself.The festival included the popular Cellphone Cinemacontest, in which residents submitted short videosabout the Bay they love all summer long. In November,the festival culminated with a three-day event thatdrew more than 1,000 people to screenings inFalmouth and New Bedford.To close the year’s celebrations, we unveiled a newBay-inspired public art installation at our BuzzardsBay Center in New Bedford. Designed by localartist John Magnan, Habitat is seven stainless steelsculptures that emulate eelgrass, one of the Bay’smost important – and nitrogen-threatened – habitats.The sculptures are an inspiring addition to ourheadquarters which, along with our Woods HoleCenter, welcomed over 3,000 visitors last year.We also continued to serve the region’s decisionmakers in government, business, and the non-profitsector with workshops focused on restoring the Bay’snatural resources. More than 50 participants dug intothe details of restoring rivers and wetlands, hearingfrom experts and visiting restoration projects inAcushnet, Fairhaven, Falmouth and Wareham.To develop the next generation of Bay stewards, weengaged more youth than ever before in hands-on,field-based exploration programs throughout theBay and watershed. In partnership with schools andcommunity groups from every community in thewatershed, we connected over 4,000 youth with theirlocal environment. Through our programs,children explored beaches in Falmouth,marshes in Wareham, forests in Mattapoisett,and went quahogging in New Bedford’s ClarksCove. We also offered our first week-longBay stewardship camp in partnership withYMCA Southcoast, where campers exploredthe Mattapoisett River from its headwaters toBuzzards Bay.EDUCATION AND PUBLIC ENGAGEMENTThe new plaza in front of theBuzzards Bay Center in New Bedfordincluding the sculpture “Habitat.”Our 2012 Decision Makers Workshops focusedon restoring the Bay’s natural resources.
  10. 10. 8 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITIONSupportersPresident’s Circle$10,000 or moreCharles & Christina BascomDiane & Norman BernsteinBohn FamilyHans & Susan BrenninkmeyerDarryl & Janet BuckinghamDavid & Victoria CrollJohn C. DecasMr. & Mrs. Dana DoeMr. & Mrs. Robert FallonJohn & Natalie GarfieldDr. Gail Davidson & Tom GidwitzDaniel & Mary GregoryLucius T. Hill III & Wendy Y. HillGary P. Johnson & Luana JøsvoldRusty & Betsy KelloggPeter L. MacdonaldKate & Al MerckAmbassador & Mrs. Richard MorningstarSusan & Chip MorseJames Rathmann & Anne Noonan - The Rathmann Family FoundationMr. James Shachoy & Ms. Laura RyanMr. & Mrs.* Frederic F. TaylorSidney J. Weinberg Jr. FoundationPeter Wheeler & Elizabeth MunroRichard & Sandra WheelerAnonymous (3)Associates$5,000-$9,999Mike Bingle & Eryn Ament BingleS.C. & E.D. BlakeMr. & Mrs. Anthony CopeBob & Vickie CunninghamMr. & Mrs. Joel CutlerFearons Family FundTheGosnoldSocietyThe Gosnold Society recognizes individuals who support the ongoingprograms of the Buzzards Bay Coalition with annual gifts of $1,000 or more.Gifts and pledge payments of $1,000 or more to the Campaign for BuzzardsBay during calendar year 2012 are also included in the Gosnold Society anddenoted in italics. We thank these leadership donors for their generosityand commitment to our work, and invite others to join them in supportingthe preservation of Buzzards Bay.Sam & Gerry GrayMrs. Adelaide GriswoldJim & Bess HughesSharon L. Chown & Michael T. HugueninRuss & Wendy KeelerFred & Louise MakrauerColin & Anne McNayLaura & Ken MorseMr. & Mrs. Joe NaumanJonathan O’HerronLouise C. RiemerGale RunnellsTom & Robin WheelerAnonymous$2,500-$4,999Constance BaconMichael & Deena BakerMr. & Mrs. David A. BarrettJames & Connie BevilacquaSusan Emmons CheeverMr. Robert DorfmanDelia FlynnJeremy & Hanne GranthamJohn H. & Corbin Crewes HarwoodMr. & Mrs. James E. Hollis IIIBill & Noelle LockeThe Lombard FamilyTim Mahoney & Pam DonnellyIan P. & Catherine McDonaldLarry Stifler & Mary McFaddenElise & George MockMr. & Mrs. C. Walter Nichols, IIIDeborah C. RobbinsMr. Kenneth A. ShwartzSteven & Ginny SpiegelRick & Lori SpilhausDola Hamilton StembergGeoff & Judy SwettStephen & Alicia SymchychAnonymous$1,000-$2,499Dr. Thomas AltshulerJoel Alvord & Lisa Schmid AlvordMarie & Mike AngeliniBetsy Heald ArthurBenjamin & Deborah BakerTalbot Baker, Jr.Michael & Margherita BaldwinJoseph & Pamela BarryRussell BeedeWally & Roz BernheimerMr. & Mrs. Joshua BernsteinNancy & Robert BernsteinDavid BerwindGenie & Bob BirchPeter & Betsy BlockJack & Nancy BraitmayerStan BratskeirJohn K. & Laurie BullardRid BullerjahnPeter & Erin BurlinsonBetsey & Ken CheitlinMaureen Coleman & Thomas HarrisMary CoolidgeMolly N. CornellMrs. Gertrude S. CrittendenDouglas & Cindy CrockerMr. Prescott CrockerMrs. Norman C. CrossTed CutlerJoseph S. DeitchDr. Stephen DempseyAnnette U. EwingRosemary & Stephen FassettThe Fine FamilyDavid & Karen FirestoneMark & Martha FishmanMrs. Marguerite P. FosterPeter & Jennifer FrancisTom & Jill FrenchFrisbie Family FoundationSeth & Dorothy GarfieldNancy GidwitzRonald GidwitzArthur & Trudy GoldenSteve & Cindy GormleyEd & Alice GraysonRoger GreeneMarjorie & Nick GrevilleJayne HanleyReed HarwoodJames N. Heald, 2ndRichard A. Heald & Eileen M. O’BrienJulie & Jordan HitchMichael & Deborah HoodDr. Chris & Elizabeth HuntMr. & Mrs. Lawrence HuntingtonGeorge HurdElizabeth & Woody IvesThe Fannie Cox FoundationDr. Amy JohnsonLeonard & Patricia JohnsonShephard & Elizabeth JohnsonCapt. Barney JonesSteve Kanovsky & Polly Wood KanovskyKingman Yacht CenterMr. & Mrs. Ted KnopfNancy & Ted KurtzElizabeth & Gardner LaneD. Lloyd MacdonaldMr. Donald MacLeanMartha MaguireBarbara Ann MarkelCarmine & Beth MartignettiLucinda MartinBrendan McCarthy & Elise BilodeauJoan & Bob McLaughlinElise & George MockRobert G. MorseCharles & Louise Nadler
  11. 11. 2012 Annual Report | 9All of the Bay protection, restoration, and education achievements featured in this Annual Report were made possiblethrough the generosity of the Buzzards Bay Coalition’s members – individuals, families, foundations, businesses, andorganizations that support our work on behalf of the Bay and its watershed. The Board and Staff of the Buzzards BayCoalition extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who joined us in Saving Buzzards Bay in 2012.Leave a Legacy for Your BayBuzzards Bay will always need a voice.When you remember the Buzzards Bay Coalition in your will or estate plans,you help ensure a cleaner, healthier Bay for future generations to enjoy.You may be able to contribute more than you thought possible, with benefits rangingfrom tax advantages to income for life. Whether you choose a bequest throughyour estate or retirement plan, or other Planned Giving vehicles with tax or incomeadvantages for you and your family: You will have a lasting impact on the Bay you love.If you have included the Buzzards Bay Coalition in your will or estate plans, or if youwould like more information about Planned Giving opportunities, please contactMaureen Coleman at (508) 999-6363 ext. 202 or who make a Planned Gift are included in the Buzzards Bay Legacy Circle.Robin NorrisPeter & Gretchen PartridgeMr. Luis PereiraJohn PriceDouglas PrickettHelen & Peter RandolphMark RasmussenNeal ReadyJohn & Rebecca ReevesJohn Sherburne ReidyMargaret & Dick RhoadsMr. Karl D. RiemerBryan Robertson & Patricia Garrahy-RobertsonTheodore Romanow & Kim RedfieldMr. & Mrs. John Drake RossKissy RussellWalter & Marjorie SalmonMr. & Mrs. Thomas SbarraNorman & Maryellen Sullivan ShachoyJames Sharpe & Deborah Stein SharpeJames Robert SilverMr. & Mrs. Hardwick SimmonsEsther Simon Charitable TrustJay & Nancy SmithMr. & Mrs. Mark SnydermanJay Stein & Gretchen Fox SteinGalen & Anne StoneDr. Jennifer P. Stone & Mr. Jonathan GreenDavid & Patricia StrausJames W. Swent, IIIMr. Malcolm TenglinLisa TorchianaJoan UnderwoodJohn Vasconcellos & William BarrMr. Jeffrey VasquezAnne & Dick WebbMr. & Mrs. H. St. John WebbBenjamin & Coco WellingtonMr. & Mrs. Thomas M. WhitneyRhonda & Michael Zinner“Growing up I spent lots of time on Buzzards Bay with my familyand friends. Protecting the beauty and bounty of the Bay isimportant to me. I can’t think of a better legacy to leave behind.”– Gioia Browne, Legacy Circle Member
  12. 12. 10 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION$500-$999Janice AdamsBen & Julie AllenEllie Prosser & Rich ArmstrongNicholas J. BakerPeggy BarryJames T. BartlettMr. Anderson BellDavid Bogen & Pamela SpatzChristine BoticaJacob F. Brown, IIGioia Thomas BrowneThe Bucchere FamilyJohn Burman & Daina StinsonBob Busby & Maureen ConteMs. Betsy CadyMr. & Mrs. Patrick CarneyMr. & Mrs. Phillip CavalloMr. & Mrs. James M. ClarkLynn & Jan CoishJeffrey & Jennifer CollinsCharlie & Dianne CosmanJane & Brian CrowleyKevin & Candy CrowleyRon & Alice CurtinMrs. Rose P. CutlerJudith & Murray DanforthMaureen & Allen DeckerPhilip Y. DeNormandiePeter DeWalt & Toby KyleLincoln & Ruth EkstromDr. & Mrs. Brian FitzpatrickMs. Theresa FitzpatrickMrs. Benjamin B. FoglerBrennan & FournierFrederic Gardner & Sherley Gardner-SmithMr. & Mrs Wyatt GarfieldMr. John A. Garraty, Jr.George & Suzanne GebeleinRobert & Jane GleasonDr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. GreggMadeline L. GregoryWilliam & Eleanor W. GuralJan & Toby HallBrad & Priscilla HathawayMr. & Mrs. Warren HathawayDaniel HayesTed & Judy HerlihyPaul & Patricia HoganHeidi & Arthur HuguleyJeff & Renee HuntDr. Rachel JakubaMr. & Mrs. Peter J. JeffreyKeith & Mary KauppilaClarke & Cathie KeenanMark & Polly KisielDrs. Donald & Joan KorbMr. & Mrs. Jack LangfordKenneth LauderdaleJim LovellJohn & Doris LudesRichard R. MackMrs. Mary Jane MaloneMarion MarinerMr. James MarshJohn & Mary Ellen McCooeyMr. & Mrs. Peter H. McCormickMr. & Mrs. Dexter MeadMr. & Mrs. Richard P. MellonLinton & Jane MouldingMr. Chris Neill & Ms. Linda A. DeeganMr. & Mrs. R. Henry Norweb IIIMr. Mark OfrielEric M. PaulsFaith & Charlie PaulsenMs. Georgia PeirceDr. Elisabeth A. PenningtonMr. & Mrs. Leo W. Pierce, Jr.Jahn & Renee PothierGretchen A. ReillySylvia Vatuk & George RosenMr. & Mrs. William W. SaltonstallJohn Sigel & Sally ReidKerner & Patty SmithSteve & Maria SmithMr. Edward S. StimpsonKristian J. StoltenbergMrs. Margot StoneNicholas & Deborah SullivanMr. & Mrs. Edwin P. TiffanyGreg Torres & Betsy PattulloJanet & Noah TottenDavid C. TwichellSam & Hilary VineyardMr. & Mrs. Paul WalshStephen & Nancy WeinsteinEdward & Judith Westrick & FamilyAllan Wing$250-$499Magnus & Cindie AadlandRobert AckermanSara AdlandBrendan Annett & Anne ReynoldsSkip & Peggy AnnettJ. ArbesJohn & Nancy ArcuriMr. & Mrs. Ray ArmstrongAllen & Karen AshleySandy BaileyHope L. BakerMr. & Mrs. Milo BeachMr. Grzegorz BednarczykDorothy & John BentleyMr. & Mrs. Donald BishopSteve & Lynne BishopDr. Andrew Blazar & Dr. Beverly BlazarTom & Michelle BlumettiJohn & Romayne BockstoceHugh BoltonMrs. Pauline BowdenMr. Chris BrownDavid & Judy BrownellMarc & Ellen BrownNils Bruzelius & Lynne WeilMr. & Mrs. Edward CarlsonSteve CarnazzaRussell CavanaughMr. Mark ChertokRachel & Tom ClaflinClaude & Donna CobertSherilyn ColemanLoretto & Dwight CraneMr. & Mrs. Scott CreelmanMr. Gregory CroninThomas CullinanMs. Margaret E. CurtisPamela J. Cutler & Robert J. CutlerMr. & Mrs. Charles DaceyLaurie & Daniel DaRosaBruce T. DalzellMarc & Katie DeshaiesMr. Daniel DesmaraisMr. & Mrs. Jonathan DiPaoloMs. Storey DuffBill DuganDebbi & Erik DysonPaul Elias & Marie Lossky-EliasEllen EmersonBernadette EricsonBob EspindolaMatthew EspositoHenry & Lois FernandesMr. & Mrs. Paul FerriMargaret Theroux FieldsteelBruce & Elizabeth FigueroaClara FiliceMr. Thomas FillipovichJim & Janet FitzgibbonsMr. Roger FormanNancy FrazeMr. & Mrs. JW Freiberg IIISarah FrostDrs. Bruce & Barbara FurieGregg Lawrence FurieDr. Mike GabrielMr. John Gallo & Ms. Patricia TortorellaJoan N. GardnerHenrietta GatesMs. Sheila W. GiancolaBarron & Elizabeth GibsonWilliam & Joyce GindraDennis & Deborah GiokasJeff & Tess GoodwinPaul & Priscilla GrayFrederic & Jocelyn GreenmanKaren GreyMary & Mark HadleyJack & Amy HaleyWilliam HarrisM. E. H. LeesDr. Timothy Haydock & Barbara MossGregg HirschornAustin & Felicity HoytAnn Huidekoper & Joanne SwansonKimberly Fletcher & John HusseyMark & Carla HutkerMike & Gail JacksonHope & David JeffreyMichael & Lisa JohnsonPaul & Judith JohnsonMyla & Jon Kabat-ZinnJohn D. Kelleher & Viki A. FowlerDavid & Jean KibbeCharles & Deborah KlotzBruce KohlerDr. Jonathan KohlerDr. Katherine KohlerMs. Kate KramerMs. Caroline KuhlmanMrs. Christy LaGueJay LanaganChristopher T. LangloisDavid & Lynne LapalmeEdith LauderdaleJack Leary & Joanne LukaszewiczSara & Paul LehnerRuss LemckeMona LevensteinLennart & Ann LindbergKen Lipman & Evelyn BaumMr. Shawn LittlefieldDeborah LockePete & Vicky LowellWilliam & Winnie MackeyDiana & Bruce MacPhailAndrea MarcoviciTed & Karen MartinMr. Vincent MayerPeggy Bacon & Jack McCarthyJoe McDonaghMichael McFarlaneChuck & Karen McHughKate & Hugh McLeanDarryl Medina & Sara DicksonRichard & Alma MeriansMr. Chris MeyerDana MiskellMr. Paul MooneyFred MuziMr. Edward G. NardiGerard NelsonDeirdre NicholsonEric & Claudette O’BrienChristopher M. O’ConnorMs. Nancy O’ConnorAlexander T. OrrRobert OuimetteSuzannah ParkerChristine W. ParksProf. David PattersonGerry E. PayetteJohn & Celeste PenneyMr. & Mrs. Richard S. Perkins, Jr.Korrin Petersen, Esq. & Brian PetersenSandy & Arne PetersonWilliam & Sarah PinneyArvidas PoshkusRobert M. PozzoMr. & Mrs. Lewis I. ProutyBarbara PurserJames Rakowsky & Denise MenganiMr. George RandallBill & Karen ReamanChristopher ReddyKinley T. & Bonnie S. ReddyCrystal & William RibichDavid M. Richards & Elizabeth T. GibsonMr. & Mrs. Edward J. RitterOwen & Dorothy RobbinsMr. Nathaniel RossWilliam & Paige RothHeather & Kitt SawitskyMark & Suzannah SchroederGus & Ellie ShaverEthan ShenkerChristopher R. Sherwood & Patty WhiteRobin & Tim ShieldsMr. Michael SimonDavid & Elizabeth SmallBruce & Sally SpoonerMr. Robert Stapleton & Mrs. Bonnie StapletonMeredith StellingJohn & Valerie StellingMr. & Mrs. Albert StoneLisa & Gregg StoneEdward StroutGarrett Stuck & Pamela CoravosSharlie SudduthClaire SullivanRobert E. Sullivan & Linn M. SullivanMs. Suzanne SullivanSusan P. Davies & Richard W. TalkovCapt. & Mrs. Richard TatlockRhea E. Teves-CateDiane C. TillotsonSamuel & Vivian TrotzGeorge & Dagmar UnhochArthur A. & Dolores M. VasconcellosEleanor WendellCindy WhiteRobert & Marina WhitmanHarry W. WilcoxCatherine WilliamsWilliam Wittman & Moira SheaCurt & Gloria WordenSherbie & Tom WorthenJohn & MarDee XifarasAnonymous (2)$100-$249Yvonne AdkinsGuilliaem AertsenMiss Athena Aicher
  13. 13. 2012 Annual Report | 11Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. AisenbergDr. Mark AlexanderRobert & Ann AllenKaren AlthammerAlex & Tricia AltschullerRobert & Alison AmentMs. Charis AndersonForbes & Candace AndersonNancy V. Anderson & Vincent A. DroserAngus AngermeyerLuean AnthonyPaul & Ruth Devine AnthonyMr. Nelson Apjohn & Mrs. Mary Joan ApjohnLucille AptekarLee AriettaJames ArneMr. Robert C. Landeck & Elisabeth A. AronowDiane ArrudaMartha ArrudaDennis & Karen ArsenaultMr. Richard Arthur & Ms. Sally FallonMr. Richard I. Arthur, Jr.DJ AtkinsDongwook AudenaerdeRonald & Rosemary AugerJohn L. Aumann & Anna SurmaDr. Robert Baarsvik, D.D.S.John & Karen BabbittDr. & Mrs. David S. BabinAlfred BahnsonJames Bailey & Alexandra CallenIan BaldwinRose W. BaldwinMr. & Mrs. William N. BancroftMr. Anthony BarbatoMr. Jonathan BarbozaDavid B. BarkerRobert H. Barker Jr., Amanda & Naomi BarkerDavid & Nancy BarryJim & Sheila Barry & FamilyKevin & Jane BarryMs. Oriana BarthelmesDaniel & Allison BartholomewDr. & Mrs. Grover G. BaxleyMs. Enid BealNat & Julie BealeMs. Sonya BeausoleilRobert & Virginia BecherMr. David BehrensNate & Alice BekemeierReidar & Kirsten BendiksenArthur BennerJean & Arthur BennettStephen BenoitCharles BergmannSteve, Eliza & Aviva BeringhauseNina & Don BerkMs. Celia BernsteinJohn & Jane BihldorffMrs. Priscilla BillMr. George H. BillingsKaren & Paul BittermanVan & Eileen BlakemanMr. Peter Blanchard & Dr. Elizabeth BlanchardDonald BlanchetteKrystyna BlochMs. Lakshmi BloomGail BloutMichael & Amanda BobolaPhillip & Sarah BodenstabGary BoehkCharles & Nancy BoitJane BolingerThomas & Elizabeth BoltonPeter & Susan BoniMr. & Mrs. Albert C. BosworthMrs. Dolores BouleMrs. Simone BourgeoisBoyce - Pitcairn FamilyDr. Danah BoydRobert BrackOlga R. BravoMr. Michael BrennanMichelle G. BrewsterAnn BriggsMr. Todd BriggsMr. Kevin BrogioliBlair & Carol BrownClint & Judy BrownLarry & Sally BrownellKen & Wendi BuesselerPeter & Tia BullardLewis BurleighCarolyn & Chuck BurnhamDr. Dana CaledoniaFernando CalleMr. David C. Cameron & Dr. Joanne CameronFanny CampbellMr. Mark CanhaWilliam Cantor & Kristen EastmanJames & Heather CaplanBiagio CarettiChristopher W. CareyBen CarlsonDr. Eleanor CarlsonFrank & Sheila CarotenutoMr. Michael CarterMr. & Mrs. Mark J. CarvalhoFritz Casselman & Susan AshbrookLee Castignetti, Jr.Jennifer P. CavallaroMr. Sean CavanaughRuth & Dick CederbergDr. Natalie L. ChambersJohn & Cindy ChamblissPeter ChandlerCarol & Jonathan ChaceJohn ChildMr. & Mrs. David R. ChipmanMr. & Mrs. Paul ChoquetteJon & Lydia ChristensenMr. George Christopher & Mrs. Emma ChristopherMichael ChristopherMs. Suzanne ChurchBill & Maggie ChurchillPaul ClappFrederick ClarkLisa CloitreMrs. Gretchen R. Colby & Mr. Robbie ColbyJohn ColellaJoseph W. CollinsElizabeth ColtWilliam CondonMr. Arthur Conro & Ms. Tina VarzeasDr. Robert Conroy & Dr. Deborah SchappellMs. Bonnie ConwayMr. & Mrs. James B. ConwayMs. Patrice CooperH. Perry CoppolaBurton & Kate CorkumHenry CosmanMr. Christopher Costa & Ms. Jennifer CostaMiss Fenner CostaPaul CostabileMr. Jonathan CottrellJoe Couto & Sara CoutoMs. Elizabeth Coxe & Mr. G. David ForneyDiane CramphinFrederick G. Crocker, Jr.Nancy CrosbyCarl & Gabrielle CunninghamBrenda Curry-McKeonMr. George CurtisThomas Gray Curtis, Jr.Molly & Chris CutlerJames & Lorraine CutoneJonathan CyrProf. Chris DaceyA.M. DaleyBethany DanielsRobert & Susan DarntonMrs. Amy DaRosaMr. Malcolm DavidsonThomas G. & Liddy DavisDouglas DavisonMatt & Jen DavittHolliday & Ben DayCelina De LeonMr. & Mrs. Jack DeanPeter & Patricia DeanEileen & Edson deCastroLaura A. DeCosta EnosLeslie & Helen DeGrootMichael & Jane DelandDaniel & Christina DelianedisMr. Jonathan Dell & Mrs. Susan DellDavid J. DemelloRoger & Sally DemlerGail & John DenslerMs. Ashley DensonMr. Paul DesmondDana DesnoyersMr. & Mrs. Joseph W. DeVernaMr. Tad DevineKatha Diddel-WarrenBeverly A. DietlinBill & Cindy DillonMr. Andrew DimmickDavid & Frederica DimmickBill & Ellen DingwellMr. Erik DoaneMr. Bertram DodsonJanet & Kingsley DoeThomas DoeppnerWilliam Donkin, IIIDr. & Mrs. Andrew DorrRichard A. & Weatherly DorrisJames R. DorseyDave Doucett & DianeLeith-DoucettJames D. DoughertyTad & Karen DourdevilleJill DowningMs. Deborah DoyleJoey & Clark DuBoisIan & Kathryn C.B. DuffPhil Dunham & Gudrun BjarnarsonCraig G. DunkerleyRobert DunklessThomas Dunlop Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Charles DunnJames & Katherine DunphyJohn DunphyMr. Ira DupereNancy DurfeeMeghan DwyerMs. Melissa DyerDr. & Mrs. Charles F. EadesEmmet Eby, M.D.Celia M. EchaveJanet S. EganOliver W. EglestonMr. B.T. Ehrhardt, Jr.Lindsey ElderWilliam & Deborah ElfersMr. Matt ElliottTim & J.J. ElliottBill & Lisa ElliottRaymond & Jen EmersonMrs. Suzanne R. EmersonMichael A. Esposito & Cynthia A. RedelFrederic A. Eustis IIIMr. Donald FaceyChristian A. Farland, P.E.John FarringtonKitty FassettMr. Christopher M. FauteuxGeorge & Irene FearingMr. Ed FeatherJennifer Meyer-FeeneySteven FeinerJulius & Mette FeinleibMs. Danielle FeistJoseph & Sheila FeitelbergMr. Jake FeiterS. Warren & Elaine FergusonMichael & Jeralyn FernandesFrank & Nancy FerreiraSill & Ann “D” FerreiraPhilip FieldMrs. Rachel FierAnita FiorilloMr. & Mrs. Gregg FitzgeraldMr. & Mrs. Martin W. FlinnAlice & Jonathan FlintMargot Flouton & Robert BarnesMs. China F. ForbesMargery ForbesMr. Bruce FordMr. & Mrs. Christopher M. FordJoan J. ForteDeborah Forter & Ben HansburyReg & Barbie FosterCary & Helen FrancisPeter D. Franklin, M.D.Mr. Jerome Frazel & Ms. Nancy WilderMr. & Mrs. Alan FrohmanMr. & Mrs. Richard W. FullerJohn & Avery FunkhouserDr. John Furrey & Mrs. Pat FurreyLaurel FurumotoStefan & Marya GabrielMr. Angelo GalaNicole GardnerWill & Laura GardnerHorace & Marla GarfieldJoanne GarfieldMichael & MC GarfieldWyatt & Rachel Garfield, Jr.Andrew Garland & Anne GordonJeff & Betsy GarlandDr. Anthony Garro & Ms. Mary Ann GarroDr. & Mrs. Thomas V. GeaganJohn & Alison GeddesMs. Constance B. GeePaul GelepMrs. Juliane Gerace & Mr. Ronald GeraceCaptain John M. GibbonsPaul D. GibbsMs. Barbara GilliamBenjamin & Susan GilmoreCarolyn & Kirby GilmoreMeredith GilsonDavid GoldbergJudith N. GoldbergHarvey Goldman & Debby CoolidgeRobert GoldsboroughEdward A. Gonet, Jr.Evelyn GoodhuePeter & Marne GoodrichMaster Daniel Gould
  14. 14. 12 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITIONA record 264 swimmers dove into outer New BedfordHarbor on July 7, 2012 to show their support for a clean andhealthy Buzzards Bay by taking part in the Buzzards BayCoalition’s 19th annual Buzzards Bay Swim.The event also reached a new fundraising record, raising$130,000 to support the education, conservation, researchand advocacy work of the Coalition. Swimmers and theirsupporters brought in $105,000 which, by breaking$100,000, earned the organization a $25,000 challenge giftfrom longtime swimmer Larry Fish of West Falmouth. Thetop fundraiser was Steve Johnson of Cambridge, who raised$4,300. Bill and Savannah Roth of Fairhaven raised $2,145,the most for a team.The event drew swimmers from across the region and asfar away as Los Angeles and Florida, ranging in age from 12J U LY 7, 2 0 1 2A record 264 swimmers raced across the Bay in the 19thannual Buzzards Bay Swim.Buzzards Bay SwimSwimmersKirby AarsheimDerek AffonceMark AlexanderJudy AllenJulie AllenCharis AndersonBrendan AnnettLea AnthonyLee AriettaBethany AronowMartha ArrudaDJ AtkinsSaint AufrancJonathan BarbozaAdam S. BarkleyOriana BarthelmesDaniel BartholomewGrover G. BaxleySonya BeausoleilAmanda BobolaGeorge J. BordenGeorge W. BordenJoshua BordenPauline BowdenChristine BradyOlga R. BravoLynne E. BrollyJennifer BuonaccorsiPeter CarsonMark CarvalhoBrendan CavanaughEmily ChandlerKeally CieslikMolly ClarkSarah ClarkLisa CloitreJennifer CostaMichael CostelloGraham CottrellTara CoutoEllena CrottyJosie CuocoBethany DanielsDevon DeGraziaJonathan DellAndrea L. DesjardinsJoseph W. DeVernaKatha Diddel-WarrenRobert DorfmanJim DorseyPaul L. DowJill DowningRich DroserKathryn C. DuffThomas D. DunlopMelissa DyerWinthrop DyerHelen E. EdererTed EhrhardtDiane Elander-KeysMatthew EspositoShannon FainPaul FathallahJake FeiterErika FernandesLawrence FishKimberly FletcherChristopher M. FordDebra FoschiSarah B. FrostKaitlin FurreySophia FurtadoDeborah J. GabrielAngelo GalaAlex GallantAnthony GarroThomas GidwitzChelsea GilliamMeredith GilsonEmily GirardGreg GlavinAmy GoldbergDeborah H. GoveJosie GreeneAdam GuildEileen GunnJonathan HaismanJulie HamelLori HannanMarcia HathawayJaren HawxwellTara B. HawxwellJoe HebertTroy HebertMark HeffnerLaurie HellstromSerap HidirBecky HollowayMara T. HonohanKelsey HopkinsAmy HowlandSteve HubbardJefferson HunterSteve JohnsonJarrett JonesAbigail JupinNicholas JupinElizabeth KalifeMaxwell KearnsBrigid KennedyJames KindelanDavid C. KorbKate KramerDavid LapalmeMarc E. LaPlanteEmily LauderdaleJohn J. LearyDawna Leger PhillipsDiane Leith-DoucettDeb LevesqueMichael LippJohn LittlefieldWilliam LudererDavid LyonsRichard R. MackElizabeth MahoneyKelly ManchesterAndrea MarcoviciLeighton MarcoviciJonathan MarinerFrank MarkMorgan McCarthyJames McDonaldKathleen A. McDonaldPatricia McGovernDouglas McKellSue McNeilFrank McQuigganKyle MedeirosAllison MedinaKendra D. MedinaJudy MeissnerSarah MerianosKendra MerrillCristina MitchellJocelyn MitchellMariah MitchellSmoky MoakTara MollMia MorganSolange MorrissetteBob MottaJason MunnisDirk MurphyMary MurphyVincent MurphyJoanne NavilliatGrant NelsonSasha NorkinBruce NovisKevin O’HalloranLauren O’NeilHeson OhDouglas OlneyCatherine OlsonMolly OlverKelly OnanianAlexander T. OrrBenjamin J. OstiguyBrett PachecoKristi ParadisChristine W. ParksAnna PaulsEric M. PaulsPatty PaulsEric Pauls, Jr.Kim PelletierKorrin PetersenAllan PinedaAndrew PittmanNick PooleTom PooleMatthew A. Poyantto 82. The fastest swimmer was Matt Shenker of Pocasset,who covered the course in 21:34, while the fastest femalewas Elizabeth Mahoney of Plymouth, who swam in 22:40.The Quicks Award for the fastest high school team went toApponequet High School with an average time of 22:27.The 20th annual Buzzards Bay Swim will be held onSaturday, July 13, 2013.12 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  15. 15. 2012 Annual Report | 13Michelle PrevostLorena C. PughMollie QuelleGeorge RandallMark RasmussenMarianne ReardonPamela ReitsmaSarah RenaudNicole RhindBryan RobertsonLaura RobertsonSarah RobertsonDenise RollinsonJoy RosenthalSavannah RothWilliam D. RothTanya M. RoyAnastasia RudenkoPatrick RyllErica SahlinLouis A. SardelliDouglas SaylesChristopher SchlesingerLena SchulzeKevin SheaMaia ShenkerMatt ShenkerSoraya ShenkerSarah SherwoodSofia ShumanLarry ShwartzLynn SimpsonLissa SingerDavid L. SmallNancy J. SmithMark SnydermanSarah SnydermanJaime SousaPage StitesMary-Jane StromSarah SweneyMatt SylvainRuth TannertCynthia S. TardifBarbara TardiffDana TatlockRob ThielerEdwin P. TiffanyJustin TonelliLeah TraffordMax TrojanoLeslie TrottStephanie TrottAlex TurnerDevon TurnerOnne Van Der WalAshley VandiverDaniel VasconcellosIsabella WalkoPalma WalkoCameron WalshJudith WestrickMollie WestrickNatalie WestrickRichard WheelerCindy WhitePatricia J. WhiteDaniel WieghminkMaureen WielerBobby L. WilkeyAubrey WilliamsDonald WilliamsTony WilliamsKelly L. WrightJuliet D. XifarasMarc YaggiKayakersBen AllenRobert BaileyWilliam BartholomewRobin BodeauTye BradyChris B. BryantBryan BurgerGregory ButterfieldCorinne CarvalhoChristine CasperMichael ChretienKaren ClarkTena ColeyWilson ColucciLynn ConnorGilbert CostaLetitia CostaThomas CrottyTim DonohueCara EleniefskyGary EleniefskyRobert EugineoSean FlanneryNick FradePattie GarrahyPeter GoodrichTom GrayJim HannanFrank HitchensGenevieve M. HuntNancy JordanRobert KennedyChristopher LauderdaleAlyson MandelChris McRavenKate MiddletonSara MungerNicole NoonanJin OhSteven F. PanekRichard PelletierBrian PetersenMargiana Petersen-RockneyMia PinheiroChristine QuallenMatt RhindShae RileyPaige J. RothWidar SahlinScott SmithRichard TatlockDavid WeinbergEdward WestrickNick WildmanJulie YaredDr. & Mrs. David F. GouveiaLee & Debbie GoveMr. & Mrs. Joseph GraciaMs. Monica H. GrahamVicary M. GrahamMr. Morris Gray, Jr.Drs. Michael Green & Maria ZappHildegarde F. GreeneMs. Josie Greene & Mr. Glenn AschEmily GreensteinAlyssa & Bill GreenwoodEdward S. GrossMarvin & Avis GrossleinRene & Karen GuenetteRichard & Susan GuidelliAdam & Dana GuildValerie & Insan GurdalMr. Andrew HadleyJoyce HaglundMr. Cliff HahnJonathan HaismanBrent & Serena Davis HallCynthia HallowellSamuel H. Hallowell, Jr.Elizabeth & R. Barry HamiltonSusan & Gib HammondGeorge & Barbara HampsonRobert & Gwendolyn HancockRichard Hardaway & Lee HardawayBob & Judy HardimanFred HareMr. & Mrs. Daniel HarpleAnne R. HarrisJohn HarrisChris & Jennifer HartBarbara HartySeth HarveyMr. & Mrs. Craig HattabaughChanning W. HaywardWilliam & Catherine HealdJoe & Elizabeth HebertMr. Mark HeffnerLaurie HellstromJane & Bart HendersonDeborah HerringH. James & Carol HerringJames & Kathy HerringAl & Kathy HerzogJames HetheringtonDr. Paul HeymanDr. Peter HeymanRobert E. HicksSerap HidirEric J. Hintsa & Wei WangSandra Taven & Dr. Ronald HirschbergDenise Coburn HixonRobert E HoblerMr. Peter HockingMs. Eleanor B. HodgePamela & Edward HofferBob & Susan HoffmanMr. Gordon Hoffstein & Ms. Joanna HoffsteinBuell & Margaret HollisterSandra HolmesJames & Beth Ann HolzmanJames & Marianne HonohanFrederic & Johanna HoodMs. Kelsey HopkinsTimothy HorkingsAnne E. HoughTim House & Ann GarySelena T. HowardMs. Jennifer HoweMr. Alex HuMr. Eric HuangMr. Steve HubbardMartin & Diane HudisMr. George HueyJohn HughesPaul, Beth & Moses HughesCharles & Patricia HulleyJenny & Gregory HuntRebecca HunterMr. David E. HutchingsMr. Bob HyldburgMr. Charles H. Iliff Jr.Ted & Donna IngallsJames IredellDr. Thomas W. IrvineSusan Israel ArchitectsVincent & Pauline JacinthoMs. Marcy JacksonSusan & Timothy JacksonJane & William JacksonMr. James JampelMrs. Sandy JarjouraSuzanne L. JenkinsDavid S. JenneyDavid & Julia JenningsThe Johns FamilyMs. Janis JohnsonKeith JohnsonMr. Robert JohnsonMr. Steve JohnsonAdele Franks & Steve JonesMrs. Rachel JupinBrian JusseaumeMr. & Mrs. Richard KaneDouglas & Joy KantThe Kantner FamilyEdward & Adele KaplanDennis & Mary KasperBethany Jason KauffFrank KauffmanMr. Aaron KaufmanShannon KeeganWhitney & Fred KeenMrs. Kathleen KeenanMr. & Mrs. H.R. Keene, Jr.James KelleyBeth & Bob KelleyMichael KellyGarland KemperMs. Marianne KennedyHod & Mary KenneyMrs. Julia KiechelJames KingJohn & Laurie KinneyMr. Terry KiserAmy E. KitsonDieter & Jacqueline KleinRobert & Patricia KnappMr. Robert KnightMrs. Eliot KnowlesBill & Deb KnowltonMrs. Harriet KochJonathan & Deborah KolbDavid C. KorbSir Hans & Lady KornbergMrs. Petra KoustenisPaul Krause & Teri BernertRichard Joseph KrenmayerNancy KressMr. Robert S. KretschmarPeter & Jane KroneNobuko KuhnBarbara Kay KullasMs. Katharine KushMr. & Mrs. E. Richard LacerdaRob & Beth LaddChristy & Wayne LaGueDavid LaidlawStacy & Marcus LaiFookRobert & Linda LanePaul & Joanne LangioneLouis & Camilla LarreyRay & Muriel LarsonMs. Rebecca LashMs. Pamela LasherMr. & Mrs. Brad LauderdaleCharles & Judith LavertyAndrew LavoieEd Lazowska & Raj ReddyMr. & Mrs. Charles H. Leach, Jr.David & Hallie LeeTerry & Kym LeeAndrew & Lynn LeesTina Leger PhillipsMs. Nicole LegerKenneth & Ardelle LeggAdmiral John LemlyEdward LenihanPolly & David Leshan
  16. 16. 14 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITIONMr. & Mrs. Melvin LevineMr. & Mrs. Terence Lewis Sr.Mr. Michael LippJohn & Margaret LittlefieldSara LockeSteven LockeHelen LozoraitisMr. William Luderer & Mrs. Vicky LudererMichael & Beth LueyDr. & Mrs. Edward G. Lund, Jr.Mrs. Charles P. LymanThomas LynchMr. & Mrs. David LyonsB. Lane & Wendy MacDonaldJohn E. & Vivian MacedoRussell MackMaureen MaganJohn Magnan & Annie JonasHarry & Catherine MahBettina Borders & Victor MaileyElizabeth Makrauer & Kyle JohnsonMr. Will MakrisC. Michael MalmMs. Kelly ManchesterPeter MansfieldRon & Barbara MarcksDonald E. MarcusKevin & Cathy MarinerFrank MarkJanet R. MarkelSandra & Amos MarshNan Starr & Philip MarshallMs. Michele MartinFlorence MartocciDon & Lee MarvinCandy MassardDr. Herbert MathewsonMrs. Dale Lenzner MathiasCarl & Sharon MatuszekSam Mawn-MahlauKimberly MayMargaret McCormick & Andrew SolowMr. & Mrs. Charles W. McCulloughMr. James McDonaldKathleen McDonaldMr. & Mrs. J. Duncan McDougallRicketson & Annie McDowellDr. Richard B. McElveinEvelyn McFadden & Bill SimmonsAlex & Freddy McFerranNancy McHale & Kathleen PappalardoMr. Douglas McKell & Mrs. Bernadette McKellMr. Donald McQueenFrank McQuigganKirtland & Susan Eldredge MeadChristopher A. MedeirosMichelle MedeirosMr. Frederico R. Medina, IIIPeg MegowenMr. Mark MelcherCharles MelloMr. John MenzelMs. Alyssa MerittMs. Louise MerrickMs. Victoria MerrickMr. David MerriganChris MeyerLucia MichaudJerry MiddletonJohn & Nina MiddletonTimothy MilbertJoanna MillerJohn & Nancy MillsBobbie & Rich MinerEileen MiskellJohn Mitchell & Ann Partridge, M.D.Ms. Mariah MitchellMs. Smoky Moak & Ms. Eileen MelanconMr. Tom Modica & Mrs. Donna ModicaMr. & Mrs. MoederMaria Itati MoguilnerDr. & Mrs. Samuel E. MolindMichael & Hannah MooreSuzanne Moot & Peter JonesChief Petty Officer Marc MorencyPeter MorrisonMs. Solange MorrissetteJoseph MorrisseyMr. Christopher MorssMs. Morgan K. MowbrayJohn F. Mueller, MDMs. Claire MuhmDr. & Mrs. William Muldoon, Jr.Mr. Jason MunnisMr. Hugh Munro & Mrs. Barbara MunroSeanan MurphyVinny MurphyBrendan & Maggie MurrayJonathan & Daphne MussellwhiteMark & Sarah NajarianMrs. Joanne NavilliatBob NealonMr. & Mrs. George R. NelsonMr. Mark NelsonMarcia NeundorferCapt. James Newman & Ms. Deb CoulombeMr. Marcus NgKent NicholasMs. Mary J. Nickerson & Mr. Alan PelanAnn NiederkornSusan NilsonCapt. Van NoordenBouke NoordzijMs. Alexandra C. NorkinCynthia Clair NorkinMs. Sasha NorkinMr. & Mrs. William B. NotmanMr. Edmund O’ConnellMr. James O’ConnorRory O’ConnorKevin O’HalloranShannon OlinMr. & Mrs. Peter OlotkaLars & Ruth OlsonRobert & Pamela OlsonScott & Kelly OnanianJay & Marilyn O’NeilJames OrrDr. & Mrs. Paul E. OsenkowskiBenjamin J. OstiguyClaudia & Nelson OstiguyJulie OuellettePeter J. OuellettePaula PaceBrett PachecoMiss Kathleen A. PallatroniSuzanne PanBetty ParkerDavid & Lois ParkerAnn ParsonCharles & Sandria ParsonsGary & Pamela ParsonsCarolyn P. PartanDavison & Lauren PaullRichard Payne & Deborah SiegalMr. Matthew PearsonRoberto & Jocelyn PecceiMiss Ashley PeckhamStephen M. PeckhamJudith & Thoru PedersonDr. Joseph PedloskyMr. & Mrs. Richard PelletierBruce & Deborah PennJanet S. PercivalMr. Peter PerroniDaniel & Susan PerryGilbert Perry & Donna SachsMr. & Mrs. Roger A. Perry Jr.Jim Persons & Carla HatfieldTheresa & Christopher PetersonWilliam E. & Phoebe T. PetersonMrs. Robert C. PettwayMr. & Mrs. Kirk PhelpsRichard & Eleanor PhillipsTania PhillipsMr. Richard PiccoloGerald & Janet PietschAlicia PimentalAllan & Mary PinedaAl & Maren PlueddemannThe Polansky FamilyMr. Nick PooleTom & Iara PooleMihai PopaThe Porter FamilyMr. & Mrs. Nicholas T. PorterRobert Powel FamilyConnor PrassasCharles Pratt & Alexandra EnglandCharles & Joan PrattFrank PressPaula Press & John RosenthalDoug & Diana PrinceBarry M. Prizant & Elaine C. MeyerLorena Pugh & Bo PickardMs. Christine QuallenKaren Quigley & Russell HenselKevin QuigleyHon. Regina QuinlanRichard & Catherine QuintalJennifer RandallFrank M. RapozaBeverly RasmussenRaj ReddyJohn Reed & Helen HollingworthTerrence & Barbara ReidelerMr. & Mrs. Bill ReitsmaMs. Pamela ReitsmaMr. & Mrs. G. Herbert RepassMr. & Mrs. Ridley RhindNicole RhindDonald & Christy RhoadsCarl & Leslye RibeiroRonald RicciMr. Ben RichardsAtty. Claudia RichardsPhilip & Patricia RichardsonCarol & Bill RiekenRies Family - Sue, Fred & HeatherSamuel C. Riley & Kristie M. FurrowMr. & Mrs. Edward S. RitchieDouglas C. RobersonJayne RobertsSteven & Lisa RobertsMr. & Mrs. Philip S. RobertsonMarjory RobinsonThomas & Johanna RobinsonDana & Alison RodinMary & Stan RollerDr. Denise Rollinson & Dr. Kenneth SassowerMr. & Mrs. Robert RootRoger C. Rosen, M.D.Jim RosenfeldRev. Frederick RosesLisa RottyMr. & Mrs. Lewis P. Rowland, M.D.Tanya Roy & Samuel LissDrs. Jen & Greg RussellMichael RussellPerry Russell & Leo Pierre RoyJeffrey & Jennifer RyanPatrick RyllDavid Salesin & Andrea LingenfelterBob Sances & Bing BroderickTony SapienzaMorton T. SaundersMr. Stephen SavinMrs. Anne W. SawyerMs. Donna SawyerDouglas SaylesHarriet W. SchleyRick SchnureMr. Steven SchraderCarol Q. SchwambDr. Jonathan SchwartzRebecca & Leighton ScottMr. Louis SecatoreFrederica SeeEllis SeidmanJody SeivertMs. Joan Shafran & Mr. Rob HaimesDr. & Mrs. Gilbert L. ShapiroAnn SharpBill & Dedee ShattuckMr. Kevin SheaLaura ShearJeff Shearstone & Theresa JacobsCaroline SheehanMatt ShenkerRichard Shepard & Samina QuraeshiDr. Harry ShumMs. Sofia ShumanLarry & Louise ShwartzSue & Calvin SiegalAlbert & Joyce SignorellaHelen F. SilvaMr. Brad SilverbergAndrea SimmonsKevin SimonMs. Lissa SingerDeb SistareDavid SklarMrs. Robert W. SmallMs. Bertyne R. SmithMrs. Claire SmithDavid & Rosemary SmithMr. Howard & Dr. Nancy SmithCharlotte & Ray SmithDr. & Mrs. Thomas J. SmithRenny SmithMr. J. D. SomervilleMr. Paul SowizralJeffrey & Gail SpearMr. George SpencerMr. & Mrs. Stephen SperryMrs. Sarah SpillaneSusan B. SpoonerKelly SpringPhilip StantonMary Ellen & Ralph StephenTom & Judy StetsonPhilip & Joan StevensonHeather StewartClay & Clara Stites
  17. 17. 2012 Annual Report | 15One hundred forty-seven cyclists raised $79,000 as theypedaled across Southeastern Massachusetts on October14, 2012 during the Buzzards Bay Coalition’s sixth annualBuzzards Bay Watershed Ride. Both the number of cyclistsand the funds raised set new records for the event, whichsupports the Coalition’s work to restore clean water, protectwatershed lands and engage the community.The first riders sped away from Horseneck Beach at 9:00a.m., winding through Westport’s picturesque coastalfarmland, Padanaram village, New Bedford’s workingwaterfront, the leafy Fairhaven bike path and Mattapoisett’srural roads before stopping for lunch at Eastover Farm inRochester. There, cyclists completing a 35-mile route joinedthe Watershed Ride for its second leg past Wareham’scranberry bogs, over the Bourne Bridge and downFalmouth’s Shining Sea Bikeway to end at beautiful QuissettHarbor in Woods Hole.The Watershed Ride drew cyclists from across SoutheasternMassachusetts, New England, and as far away as Florida,Indiana, South Carolina and Washington, D.C. Cyclists rangedin age from 12 to 74.The top fundraiser was Andy van Dam of Barrington, R.I., whoraised $3,500. The seventh annual Buzzards Bay WatershedRide will be on Sunday October 6, 2013.OCTOBER 14, 2012Cyclists cross the finish line of the sixth annual Watershed Ridein Quisset Harbor, Falmouth.Watershed RideCyclistsCindie AadlandSara AdlandAthena AicherEthan AltshulerJoshua AltshulerKara AltshulerThomas AltshulerAngus AngermeyerKarl AudenaerdeSandy BaileyJonathan BarbozaJoMarie BattleGrzegorz BednarczykDonald BishopPatricia BishopJames BoydstonChris BrownThomas CashelPhillip CavalloRussell CavanaughJohn ChamblissMichael ChefaloLynn A. CoishCharlie M. CosmanDianne CosmanFenner CostaLetitia CostaGregory CroninThomas CullinanVictoria R R. CunninghamCharles DaceyChris DaceyAmy DaRosaDan DaRosaLaurie B. DaRosaGail DavidsonDoug DeckerAshley DensonDaniel DesmaraisAndrew DimmickHeather DiPaoloJonathan DiPaoloKathryn C. DuffStorey DuffTerry EnosRobert EspindolaKevin FarrellChristopher M. FauteuxGenevieve FernandezJesse FerreiraClara FiliceThomas FillipovichBarbara FurieGregg L. FurieSheila W. GiancolaThomas GidwitzJane GleasonDudley GoarJohn H. HarwoodMichael HeymanSerap HidirChristopher HillerGregg HirschornHeather HoblerMark HutkerEric H. JensenGary P. JohnsonLeonard W. JohnsonBrian JusseaumeRussell KeelerWendy KeelerClarke KeenanDave KibbeSam KnightLeslie KnowlesPaul KrauseDavid LambertsonJay LanaganChristopher T. LangloisTerence LeeKenneth D. LipmanVictoria LowellMary Ellen McCooeySkakel McCooeyMargaret McCormickDana MiskellGerard NelsonOliver NewmanAnn NiederkornRobin NorrisKelly OnanianScott OnanianAshley PeckhamAlicia PimentalShelton PitneyDave PrentissDouglas PrickettMark RasmussenJames RathmannLaurie A. RaymondSteven D. RobertsSydney RothWilliam D. RothMark SnydermanSarah SnydermanGeoff SullivanNicholas P. SullivanSuzanne SullivanGeoff SwettJames H. TietjeIlonka TumelaireAndy van DamWilliam R. VenoMichael WaughKaren WheelerAnna WhitcombPhillip WhittakerTony WilliamsRoseann & Steve StoehrBenjamin B. StoneEric & Paula StrandAlbert H. Strange, Jr.Mr. Joseph A. StrazzullaRachael Kolb & Thomas StritterMs. Mary-Jane StromPeter Sturges & Sasha LauterbachMs. Margaret SulanowskaMark SullivanMs. Nancy SullivanPaul R. SullivanPeter & Nancy SummersEdith V. SweeneyLori SweeneyWilliam SweneyCynthia TardifDr. Barbara TardiffHenry Augustine TateDavid A.TatelbaumElliott & Julia TaylorDr. Kathleen TaylorTed & Charlotte TeplowJackie TerwilligerDr. Edward R. ThielerRobin Lepore & Andrew ThomasJulie ThompsonEmil & Eleanor TietjeMr. Francis J. TietjeJames H. Tietje & Sharon Willner
  18. 18. 16 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITIONJohn & Nancy ToddDavid & Lynne TothPeter & Ann TowerMr. & Mrs. Charles TrippeMr. & Mrs. Todd TrojanoMr. William TullochMr. Lester TurchinMr. Michael TurnagePeter & Libby TurowskiDavid C. & Nancy P. TwichellJoe & Annie TwichellMr. & Mrs. Arthur UllianStephen C. UllianAlex & Marilyn UrquhartJohn J. ValoisDr. Benjamin Van MooyAndy & Debbie van DamKatrin van DamLori van DamJacques & Christiane van de KerckhofOnne van der WalMs. Angela VasconcellosMs. Arna VatukDr. Sylvia VatukBill & Judy VenoChristopher VerniEric VernonDr. & Mrs. Gordon C. VineyardMr. Jeffrey VogelMr. Steve WainioBradford B. Wakeman & Wendy Darwin WakemanMs. Alexis WaldorJeff & Jeanine WalesJanet & LaVerne WallaceDr. Richard WarburtonSharon McCarthy & Jim WareMr. Rick WarrenRebecca & Ethan WattersMr. & Mrs. Henley R. WebbMr. & Mrs. David W. WebsterMarc WeglowskiKarin & David WeinbergMs. Mary Jane WellingMollie WestrickMs. Natalie WestrickJay & Melinda WhalenKaren WheelerAnne & Alec WhiteDavid & Elizabeth WhiteJudy & Harvey WhiteJohn & Linda WhiteheadAlex WhitesideJudith WhitesideJessica & Phil WhittakerBobby & Laurie WilkeyCapt. Donald WilliamsDr. Douglas Williams & Ms. Elizabeth EastMr. & Mrs. Michael J. WilliamsS. Jeffress Williams & Rebecca UptonMilt & Sue WilliamsonMr. John WilloughbyDebra WilsonToffer WinslowMr. Gordon G. Wisbach, Jr.Ms. Patricia Wolfe GundersenJohn H. Wolff & Helen A. BergerHarvey J. WolkoffDavid & Lee Ann WoodMs. Sarah WotkaMary & Redwood WrightMr. & Mrs. John WyldeMr. & Mrs. William YaggiStephanie Yesner & Maura RussellIsabel C. YoderRichard B. YoungStewart & Mandy YoungWilliam & Julie YoungMr. Larry YuAdrian & Mary ZaccariaRobert & Katy ZappalaSandra & Don ZekanFred & Jane ZimmermanGinia & Peter ZiobroSusan ZipoliAnonymous (5)$30-$99Dr. & Mrs. G.H. AbbotMs. Mary AdamsSally AdamsDr. Derek AffonceRachel A. AicherSally M. AldrichJeanne Alexander PerryMr. & Mrs. Frank A. Allen, IIIMs. Judy AllenMs. Mary AllenMrs. Lynn AlpertMr. Ethan AltshulerMr. Joshua AltshulerDr. Kara AltshulerMs. Madison AmaralKate AnagnostisMs. Laura AndersonDick & Dana AndersonSlater AndersonDr. Richard AndronMichelle AngelidesMs. Cathy AnthonyMs. Katelyn AnthonyKathleen AnthonyMs. Nancy Anthony & Mr. Stephen KleinowskisPaul & Louise AnthonySuzanne ApellanizMr. Allan ApjohnCharley AppletonMs. Mahin ArastuDr. Matt ArmentroutDr. Derrick ArnelleDavid ArrudaKate AscioneMartha M. AsendorfHope AtkinsonDr. Karl Audenaerde & Ms. Greta GabrielsKristine AudetteRosalind & Rolf Augustin, Jr.Freni AungstMelisa AvilaThomas & Janet AzarovitzKatheryn L. BabbittBev Baccelli & Liz DiCarloPearl BacdayanGlenn BachmanDoDi & Bruce BackeSally B. BaerDave & Linda BahnsonMr. Donald BaileyMark BaileyWilma & Bill BaileyCarole & Peter BakerJeanne & Perry BallMr. & Mrs. Stephen BallentineConnie BalodimosHoward & Margarit BaptistaWitt, Maria, Suze & Sam BarlowKenneth BarronSam BarrowsMr. Brian BarryMark Barry & Joan Hartnett-BarryMs. Bethany BartlettBennit BatesMr. & Mrs. David BatesJohn BatteyJoMarie BattleMrs. Diane BaumeisterSusannah BaxleyMichael BeanMr. Tom BeatiniMs. Dora BeattyMaureen & Robert BeaudoinPhilip & Kate BeauregardMr. & Mrs. Charles E. BeckmanBryan BecotteMr. Alan BedardMs. Mary BekFrederick & Barbara BelangerDr. & Mrs. Bruce BellMr. Patrick BellStewart & Jill BellMary BenjaminGordon & Kate WeberElias BensonFrances H. BentonGunnar V. & Martha A. BergMelinda & Bill BergJoel & Barbara BerlerDavid & Damaris BernerTimothy BertrandDiane A. BerubeBill BesseJames & Susan BesseRussell & Claire BessetteRabbi Victor BevliquaChuck & Jan BichselLawrence & Wendy BidstrupPaula A. BillardKathleen Billings & Hal OringerStephen & Barbara BillingsJeanne BirdBobby BishopMs. Daniela F. BitnerLinda M. Black-JonesHugh Blair-SmithJared BlattMs. Faye BlazarP. BlazarCornelius BlissMr. & Mrs. Peter BloomPhyllis BluhmBocconcelli-Sayigh FamilyMr. & Mrs. Robert C. BockMrs. Evelyn BoguePaul & Caroline BolickJohn & Nancy BonellMr. John BonowThomas & Karen BoothLee BordasWeldon BosworthMichael & Cheryl BotteTimothy BourgeoisMary BowkerJames BoydstonMs. Sue BraatenJoanne BrackenMr. Scott BradburyTye & Christine BradyEdward C. Brainard, IIMr. & Mrs. William BraucherAndrea BrayMr. Gregory BrayAnn BraytonMr. Richard BreedEarland BriggsWarren BriggsMr. Dennis BrightmanMr. Stephen BrockmanLynne E. BrollyMs. Sandra BrooksJames & Betty BroomeCathryn F. BrowerCharles & Carol BrownThomas & Catherine BrowneJohn & Sally BrowningMatthew BruceErin J. BryantMs. Susan BuchananDonald J. BuckleyThomas & Sally BuffintonJean E. BullardMr. & Mrs. Peter BullardMr. & Mrs. David B. B. BullockMs. Martha BumaMatthew BumpusRachael BurgerBrenda J. BurkePaul M. BurkeCapt. & Mrs. Thomas L. BushyB A & W BussinkWilliam S. ButcherShirley ButterworthGeorge & Yara CadwaladerJoyce A. CadyMs. Holly CaferS. B. CaineMr. & Mrs. Lawrence CairnsEd & Gerrie CallahanMs. Jane E. CallahanRichard & Lorinda CallahanBrian CalusineMarcia CalusineMr. William CalusineJohn & Sylvia CamachoMr. Jason CambraFrank D. CameraMs. M Laurie CammisaMrs. Crystal C. CampbellDavid R. Campbell, M.D.Anne CannMs. Nancy CannanKevin CarbinDagny CardDr. Zoe CardonJennifer CarlinoMs. Mary CarlsonSusan CarlsonRoger CarrJohn CarrollJohn G. CarrollMrs. Katherine CarsonElizabeth CaseyThomas CashelMrs. Christine CasperMrs. Pauline CavanaughLouisa CelebrezzeMr. Peter CerilliAurore B. ChaceMadeleine ChaceDavid & Michelle ChambersChristopher & Anne ChanMeredith E. Chase & William F. Chase, IIJill ChefaloMr. Michael ChefaloRussell & Julie CherryMr. Peter ChessickMr. Chris ChoquetteMr. & Mrs. John ChristianSheri ChristianMs. Antonie ChuteMr. & Mrs. Marty CieslikDede ClarkMs. Gale ClarkKaren ClarkPatrick ClarkMrs. Tucker M. ClarkBeth ClayJames Q. ClemmeySheila CliffordHeather CochraneAnne M. CogginsMs. Susan CohanMs. Mary L. CohnMr. Daniel ColeTena ColeyD. Jarrett CollinsMrs. Mary ComtoisSally ConkrightPatrice Connelly
  19. 19. 2012 Annual Report | 17Isabel Benoit Kerri MasapolloDavid Blais Daniela F. Bitner Carolyn & Chuck Burnham Carol & Jonathan Chace Ricketson & Annie McDowell Ms. Pauline L. Rooney Constance I. TarvisJohn Henry Brown Gioia Thomas BrowneMr. Gazaway Lamar Crittenden, Jr. Gertrude S. CrittendenIN MEMORIAMIn 2012, the Buzzards Bay Coalition received gifts inloving memory of the following people listed in bold.Jim Brogioli Kevin BrogioliCuttyhunk Shellfish Farm Marc WeglowskiDwyer Wedding Guests Meghan DwyerIn honor of my family; past, present, and future. Ann Huidekoper & Joanne SwansonRachel Jakuba’s Birthday Louisa CelebrezzeIN HONOR OFGifts were also made in honor and celebration of thefollowing people and events listed in bold.Nicholas Kepple Rebekah KeppleRichard S. Morse The KiddsElizabeth & Larry Stanberry Caryl & Jose GonzalezRhea Teves-Cate’s Birthday Norman & Eleanor Hendricks Joanna & Loring WeeksPeter J. Zine Melissa OleanPaul Muniz Tyche HendricksJoe Murphey Mark & Susan McCuskerBarbara Ready Neal ReadyJohn H. and Caroline W. Reardon Reardon Brothers TrustNatalie Riffin Paul V. RiffinJudy Taylor Charles & Deborah Klotz Peter & Gretchen PartridgeMrs. Barbara ConnollyPeter & Susan ConnollyDon & Maggie CookMrs. Russell CookinghamDan CooneyRev. Janet Cooper NelsonMs. Judith E. CooperMr. Neil CooperMr. Phil CordeiroMrs. Amanda CortesEllie CostaLetitia CostaMr. Graham CottrellSara CottrellMargot & Tom CottrellMike & Gretchen CoughlinMr. Joseph CoulombeMr. Alden W. CounsellCarole CoureyJames & Leslie CousensGabriel & Patricia CoutinhoAnthony & Maureen CoutoRay & Ruth CovillJulianne & Jonathan CraigCatherine CramerJohn CranfordJames & Susan CriderDr. & Mrs. M.G. CriscitielloTaylor CrockfordMs. Lorraine M. CrookMs. Ellena CrottyMs. Emilia CrottyMel CrottyJack & Trina CrowleyRalph & Joan CrowleyPauline CummingsDenise M. CuneoMs. Nicolette R. CuocoRichard D. CutlerJ. Lorraine CutoneGinny CuttingWalter Czerny, Jr.Emmanuel & Anabela da CostaMr. John Da SilvaDiane DalmeidaMr. & Mrs. Joseph B. DalyMrs. June C. DameryMr. & Mrs. Lawrence Damon, Jr.Terry & Barbara DaneCarol R. DarcyDan DaRosa, Jr.John DarwinMr. & Mrs. Emmanuel DaskalakisJulian & Dorothy DaviesJoel & Ruth DavisSteve DavisJudith DavisonMs. Margaret A. DaweJohn, Sarah, Liza, & Anna DawleyMr. Ricardo de AguiarMr. Steve De SousaRobert H. De Vries & Barbara E. PorterDoug DeckerRobert DemancheMr. & Mrs. Paul E. DemeoGail DenzerMs. Mary DermodyDouglas & JacquelineDesjardins & FamilyMr. Dale DesmaraisDavid & Patricia DeSouzaStephen R. DesrochesWerner DeuserDiane M. Di StolfoCarl DierkerPaula & Seymour DiMareThomas & Jen DimmickHelen DixonNancy DoaneMr. Kenneth Doherty & Ms. Betsey DohertyMr. & Mrs. William J. DohertyElizabeth Grant DonleyAlice DonovanDaniel DonovanJulie DoohanPaul & Ruth DoranVivian I. & Richard W. DouglassJohn & Zelinda DouhanMs. Christine DoyleThelma DrakeMary DriscollCarolyn DroserMs. Diane DrosteRodney & Carol Du BoisTed du MoulinMrs. Heidi DubreuilEd DucaryMary Jane DucharmeDonna DunbarBenjamin S. Dunham & Wendy H. Rolfe-DunhamThe Dunn FamilyMiss Anne T. DunningGeorge DuPaul & JudithBrown-DuPaulMs. Jeanne L. DupreRenee P. DupuisMs. Nancy A. DurfeeHugh N. Dyer, III & FamilyTimothy H. DyerProf. & Mrs. Winthrop DyerAucoot EarlesMelinda EatonAnatol & Carolyn EberhardJoan EcclestonJohn & Ruth ElanderDiane Elander-Keys & Ronald KeysMr. & Mrs. John ElderMr. Bruce H. ElginEdward ElliottPadraic & Ann ElliottLaurie EllisMrs. David EmersonMs. Lauran EmersonRob & Pat EngelElizabeth EngleTerry EnosCarla EntwistleMiss Margaret EstabrookJonathan EttingerRobert D. EustisDavid & Nan EvansJohn & Pamela S. EvansMs. Christine FainMiss Shannon FainMrs. Sarah FantasiaMr. & Mrs. George F. FardyMr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Fardy, Jr.The Farinon FamilyElizabeth FarnhamJane & Bill FarranKevin FarrellMr. Mark FarrellMarie-Ann FarstadStephen & Judy FascianaBonnie FauteuxTemple FawcettGayle FehlmannMr. Anthony FeiterGerald & Judith FeldmanAnn FensterstockMatthias FerberEmily L. FergusonMs. Genevieve FernandezMichael FernandezJesse Ferreira & Bridget AlexanderMr. James W. FieldMr. & Mrs. David FilipekMr. & Ms. Craig FilkinsJessamyn FinneranMr. Jay FisherMr. Robert FisherMrs. Dolores FitzgeraldKaren M. Flannery & Sean FlanneryCarol FletcherMr. & Mrs. William FloydMr. & Mrs. Eugene P. FlynnMr. Patrick FlynnGeorge FokosLeanne FolanMs. Pamela A. FolanMs. Jody FoleyCarolyn FontesChris & Holly FordMiss Emily FordDr. Kathryn FordMiss Kristin ForingerStuart & Deborah FormanMr. & Mrs. Howard FosterMr. Alex FowlerAnn C. Fox & Leo BrautigamMr. & Mrs. Francis H. FoxGreta & Tim FoxMs. Eva FrankMs. Abigail FranklinDr. Curtis FreeseMs. Kathy FreyMr. Oliver FrossDavid & Patricia FrothinghamSuzi FunnellDr. John FurnoMike & Bridget GabrielDebbie & Steve GabrielMr. Gregory GadrenMr. & Mrs. Raymond A. GagnonArthur G. Gaines
  20. 20. 18 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITIONMs. Anne GalbraithMs. Denine GaleMs. Christine GallantJohn & Christine GallantMark GalliniJay GallupJim R. GammansRobert M. GaouetteDavid GarbocziJoshua GardnerMs. Allison GarfieldDianna GarfieldJay & Brooke GarfieldKassia GarfieldLouise GarfieldLucy GarfieldRebecca GarfieldSam GarfieldTom & Debbie GarfieldWilliam GarfieldDavid GaudreauVirginia GayJulie GayeLucille T. GelinasArthur & Joan GerardPaul & Laurene GerriorMr. Conrad GeyserMr. Samuel GiancolaDr. & Mrs. Joseph GiangrassoMr. Jeffrey GiddingsCarolee Matsumoto & David GilbertsonMr. Manjit GillMr. Michael GilmanEmily GirardAlicia GlavinMr. Joe Glavin & Mrs. Krys GlavinMr. Dudley GoarMs. Tania GodboutAlison GodburnMike GoettigArthur GoldMr. Lee Goldman & Mrs. JoAnne GoldmanMichael GoldringThe Golen FamilyMs. Sandra GomesJeffrey GonsalvesMr. & Mrs. Winthrop GoodwinMr. Michael E. Gorra & Ms. Brigitte BuettnerThomas GotterupNoe & Janet GouveiaJennifer GowMs. Virginia GowRobert & Barbara GraciaMr. Brian GradyShelley B. GrangerWilliam F. Grant & Kat BrennanMr. & Mrs. Francis Gray, IIIElaine Cook GraybillAnna GrecoThomas GreenePeter & Tracy GreenwoodThomas & Virginia GreggJames GriglunJessie J. GuestJonpaul GuinnBrother Chriss GüntherMrs. Marsha GushueMr. Dan T. HaasHeather HaasRebecca A. HajjarDonald B. HallMr. & Mrs. Howard HallJason HallJonathon HallBill & Susanne HallsteinLisa HalvorsonMr. Fran HamelMr. & Mrs. James HamiltonHilary HamlinTeresa HammChristopher HammondDavid Hancock & Bernardo MedinaMs. Rose HanigMr. & Mrs. Curtis HanksMr. Brian HanleyMs. Lori HannanMr. Paul G. HannanJaneen S. & Steven W. HansenJoseph & Helen HarringtonLinton HarringtonMr. & Mrs. Mark S. HarringtonRabbi Barry & Shoshana HartmanJohn & Maria HartwellMs. Pamela D. HarveyTimothy HarwoodDavid HathawayJoshua B. HathawayJohn & Jessica HauserA. Lee HayesMr. & Mrs. William C. HaysMr. & Mrs. Gary HaywardCandace Lee HealdDeirdre Healy & Patrick McLoughlinBennet HeartMr. Stephen HebertMr. Troy HebertAnn & Jerry HellerBette & Bob HelmApril HendersonMr. Tom HendersonNorman & Eleanor HendricksTyche HendricksAnne HerbstRalph E. HerbstMr. & Mrs. Andrew HerlihySuzanne & Fred Herriman, Jr.Susan & Andrew HessDr. Brian HeymanMark HeymanRabbi Michael HeymanJudy HigbeaBarbara J. HillSheldon & Elizabeth HillMr. Emerson Hiller, Jr.John & Peggy HilsabeckErin HincheySusan HirshlagHeather Hobler-KeeneRobert HochschildMary HockenJeffrey HodgeJane & Jim HoffmanArthur & Susan HolcombeDebra HoldenAdmiral Ralph HollowayCathleen & Tucker HoodJohn A. & Sally T. HopkinsKristina HopkinsMichael HopperConstance Horgan & Peter QuandtDan HorneJames HotellingGerard HovagimianL. Damon Howard IIIJane HowlandDon & Rosemary HudsonGeorgette HuffPeter & Mimi HuidekoperAl & Joanne HumphreyBob & Pam HumphreyMr. Andrew HunterJane HurterJoan L. HutchingsMs. Russell HyllestedJosef Idoine & Wendy BoneMrs. Ruthanne Igoe & Mr. John IgoeGregory Galvin & Michael ImmelMr. Alden IronsStephen IronsMs. Nicole M. JackmanMr. & Mrs. Kenneth JacobsenMerry JamesJames & Shari JankowskiOliver J. JanneyPriscilla Janney-PaceThomas & Barbara JansenMr. Laurence W. JaquithGary Jaroslow & Nancy ParmentierAnn JenkinsMr. & Mrs. George JenkinsGeorge A. JenningsAndrew JensenMr. Eric H. JensenMr. & Mrs. Kirk JensenSamantha JensenDon & Dee JepsonEleanor B. JohansenBarbara & Bill JohnsonBill & Frances JohnsonCarolyn JohnsonCaryl JohnsonGordon & Lois JohnsonGreg & Nancy JohnsonKathy JohnsonMrs. Tara JohnsonBarbara Woll JonesCliff & Betty JonesE. Owen JonesJudi JonesMr. Nicholas Jupin & Mrs. Lee-Ann JupinMark & Teresa Kaeterle & FamilyMs. Ellen M. KahlerPaula A. KandarianMs. Lore E. Kantrowitz & Mr. Charles P. AshdownDean KaplanSteven KarpiczJay & Laurie KassabianDr. & Mrs. Alan J. KatzArthur KatzMr. & Mrs. James F. Kavanaugh, Jr.Woody & Janie KayMr. Harry KearinsMr. James KearnsJoseph KearnsMichael B. KeatingJanice & Paul Kechijian, MDMaggie E. KeefeJonathan KeenanVicky KeiserBarbara & Tom KeithTimothy & Kelly KelleherMark KelleyMr. Michael KelleyJoseph & Susan KelliherEmily & Josef KellndorferJerry & Beth KellyJames & Julianne KellyMrs. Karen KellyThomas & Anne KellyJudith L. KennedyClaire V. KenneyMr. & Mrs. Thomas KenneyMary & Arthur KentrosJoe & Ellen KeoghBarbara L. KeoughRebekah KeppleDr. Paul A. KetchumJudy & Kevin KeymontPaul KibbeMiss Aileen KimJohn & Joan KimballMr. & Mrs. Andrew KingBeverly & David KingMr. John KingDick & Reta KingMs. Robin KingTrudy KingeryEdward KingsburyMs. Bonnie KirchnerKatie & Steve KirkE KirkpatrickMr. Benjamin L. KishbaughDavid Kleinschmidt & Katherine L. OlneyMr. & Mrs. Bourne KnowlesMr. & Mrs. John P. KnowlesMr. & Mrs. Lawrence Knowles, Jr.Lesley KnowlesWilliam & Nancy KnowlesStephen KnoxKathy KnutsenKitsa & Catherine KondylisMary Ann KopydlowskiAndy KotsatosMr. Erik KowalskiMichael & Kim KrawshukShriram KrishnamurthiStephen KubelSteven & Louise KusleikaPe KutcherJim & Nancy LacerdaMr. Dave LafreniereMr. Henry Lague & Ms. Alice LagueMark & Susan LallyPhoebe LamPaul & Susan LambertDavid LambertsonEmily & Larry LangfordLisa LarkinBruce & Tina LarsonMr. & Mrs. G. LauderdaleVance & Diane LauderdaleWilliam & Susan LaurenceMs. Lisa LavinaRobert Lawrence & Alicia CrabbePaula LazaroffLucille Aptekar & Gerald C. LeaderMs. Patricia LearyHenry & Carol LeedsDawna Leger PhillipsEsther LeidolfMr. Douglas Leith & Mrs. Carol LeithMichael & Sarah LemelinDr. & Mrs. John F. LentiniHolly LeonCynthia LetourneauAmy LevasseurMr. Marc LevesqueDr. & Mrs. Clinton LevinAdmiral Edward LevineMr. Ned LevineMs. Eleanor J. LevyGerald & Maureen LewisThomas L. LigorEdward & Nancy LindholmMr. Bobby LippelmanDr. & Mrs. Lewis LipsittDr. & Mrs. Paul D. LipsittStanley & Martha LivingstonDouglas LivolsiDirk LockwoodWilliam & Linda LockwoodMr. Michael LokitisCynthia & Thomas LongstaffMs. Carolyn LongworthCurtis L. LopesMr. Mario A. LopesTorben Lorenzen & April MerriamRobert & Mary LorenzoJeanne & David Lothrop
  21. 21. 2012 Annual Report | 19Melissa LovequistMr. & Mrs. Willis E. LoweryMs. Louise M. LuckenbillMrs. Linda LueyKaren LundgrenChad LynchDick & Brenda MacedoMr. & Mrs. Robert A. MacGregorMrs. Nicole MacLennanJohn MacMillanAnn MacNeilleCarlton & Alice MacomberJames MaddenMs. Lori MaguirePeter MakrauerMr. & Mrs. Daniel Malachuk, Jr.Thomas MalcolmRobert H. MalmRoger & Gayle MandleAllen & Nancy ManleyMr. & Mrs. Charles MannMr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Mannetta, Sr.Robert & Theresa ManningNancy H. MarcouxAnthony & Judy MarkMs. Shirley Mark & Mr. Fred DowMr. & Mrs. John MarkeyMr. & Mrs. Frances Mautner MarkhofMr. Jay MarlinMrs. Nicole MarshallAnne-Marie MartinMr. Anthony MartinBrian MartinMr. Charles MartineauMr. & Mrs. Joseph C. MartynaMs. Kerri MasapolloEdward Mascioli & Barbara WeinbergJohn R. Masson & Michel J. JodoinMr. & Mrs. Harry W. MatelskiDouglas W. MaterneJoe MawnMr. & Mrs. Dennis MaxeyMr. & Mrs. Alec MayWalter MayCharles MayhewMarilyn MazerSteven MazzaMr. & Mrs. Paul A. McAllisterMs. Margaret McbrienDeb McCarthyEdwina McCarthyPhyllis M. McClainMr. Alan McClennen, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Kevin E. McCordMark & Susan McCuskerKristina McDavidHolly & Joe McDonoughTimothy W. McEnerneyMr. & Mrs. Peter McGeeMr. & Mrs. Jerome F. McGourthyMr. Thomas McGovernMr. Stephen McGowanJulie McGrathRobert McGuireTheresa K. McKeeMr. Donald G. McKinleyMrs. Gretchen McManaminThomas & Suzanne McManmonCynthia S. McNaughtenMrs. Sue McNeil & Mr. Theophilus FreitasDavid & Barbara McPhelimBryan McSweenyGeorge & Beverly McTurkDouglas & Sue MedeirosJames & Diane MedeirosMr. & Mrs Peter MedeirosFrederico R. Medina, Jr.Mr. Andrew MeissnerJudy MeissnerEd MellingerJon MelloMichael L.Mello & Joan Thomas-MelloRichard MelloniNicholas & Janet MemoliMr. Jonathan MenardMr. Jonathan W. MenardA. & J. MenashiMs. Nancy MenzelKendra MerrillMr. & Mrs. Michel G MethotAhou MeydaniMr. Mike MeyerDonald MikesSoledad MiliusMr. Joshua MillerLauren MillerClaire MilliganMs. Elisabeth MilliganLalapapa MilliganMr. Stephen MilliganRichard MillingtonDr. Cristina MitchellMr. Peter MitchellFrederic & Cindy MockMs. Bunny MogilnickiMrs. Constance MollElizabeth MolodovskyMs. Deborah MonossonMarian Moore & Susan O’ConnorPatricia S. MooreMr. Philip MooreCouncilor Linda MoradDane & Alice MorganAnne MorganMiss Kristen MorganMiss Mia MorganMr. & Mrs. David D. MorrallJulie MorseRichard MorseMs. Sophia MorseDonna MortimerKathie & Day MountMs. Stephanie MouraJoan Hall & Jeffrey MullinMichael & Elizabeth MulroyCraig MungerKathleen MurphyMary MurphyR & K MurphyRyan MurphyStephanie MurphyBetts Howes Murray & F. Wisner MurrayLois Ann MurrayMs. Maureen MurrayDonald MyersJohannes & Ria NagtegaalJack NassauGrant NelsonDavid & Patricia NeumannMr. Daniel R. NewmanJ. Nicholas NewmanNancy NewmanOliver NewmanMr. & Mrs. Michael NewsteinMr. John M. Nicholas & Ms. Nicole A. ArmstrongPeter & Diana NicholsonMr. Carmelo NicolosiMrs. Emily NisenbaumMelissa NolteMrs. Kimberly NoonanMrs. Tinie NoordzijMs. Margaret NormanA. NorthshieldMr. Russell NortonJohn NunnellyGhislaine NygrenMary M. NymanMarjorie & Frank O’BrienStuart O’BrienSylvia O’BrienMr. & Mrs. Daniel E. O’ConnorKatie O’DonnellCatherine OffingerCarol O’HareMrs. Melissa OleanThomas OlivalRob OliveiraRichard & Mary OlmstedMs. Nancy OlsonMr. Richard OlszewskiMs. Molly OlverRichard OlverDonald O’MalleyMr. Mark A. O’Neil & Laura O’NeilProf. Joseph O’RourkePaul & Kate OuelletteMrs. Maria PachecoMichael PapettiGreg ParkinsonPaul ParkosewichAnn ParksMr. & Mrs. James PartanMs. Joan S. PartridgePasco-Anderson FamilyMs. Theresa A. PasleyMrs. Tracy PatersonLucy W. Bartlett & Tod PattersonBob & Martha PayneShirley PearsonCharles PeckNancy PeckhamDouglas & Marianne PeeblesSusan PellerinDavid & Joan PepinRosemary Pereira & David GibbsElizabeth F. PerkinsMs. Maureen PerkinsJohn & April PerkoskiLaura & Frank PerrineMr. & Mrs. Norman PerryMs. Sarah PersonMr. & Mrs. Joseph PetersStephen & Janet PetersMs. Marlena PettitRuss & Elise PhillipsNatalie C. PhillipsJoseph Pickett & Jane DicksonJoan W. PierceCarolyn C. PimentalShel PitneyMr. Andrew PittmanMr. Baird PittmanMr. & Mrs. George L. PlaceRichard A. PlineRonald S. PlourdeMr. Andrew Pollock & Mr. Jeffrey SchmalzJeff PontiffMr. & Mrs. Jonathan PopePopik FamilyMs. Rosemary PorteDr. Aubrey J. Pothier, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. William H. Potter, Jr.William PowellGarnett Powers, Jr.Anne PreisigDavid PrentissMr. & Mrs. William C. Prescott Jr.Michelle PrevostRichard & Carolyn PriceFlorence D. PrinceStephanie & Robert PriorAmanda ProstJohn & Mimi PutnamMrs. Timothy PutnamMs. Sandra QuintinMr. David RadochiaMrs. Miriam RagsdaleMs. Rebecca RahmlowDr. Alvan W. Ramler & Mrs. Leslie RamlerThe Ramsdell FamilyKim A. RandallCarol RankinMr. Sonny RapozoLaurie A. RaymondMr. & Mrs. John P. ReMs. Marianne Reardon & Mr. James ReardonRobert & Elizabeth ReardonMary E. ReedBill & Martha ReedJohn P. ReidJoshua ReitsmaDaniel RenaudJill, Cassidy, & Sintra Reves-SohnMimir ReynissonJack & Cynthia ReynoldsMrs. Marie ReynoldsMr. Richard RheaumeAnn-Margaret RichardMary Jane Richard & Jack NelsonMr. & Mrs. Mark H. RichardsonPhilip & Judith RichardsonThomas & Elizabeth RichardsonFrances D. RicketsonMarshall A. Ries, Jr.Marysarah RiggsDr. Johanna V. Riley & Mr. Jeffrey RileyMr. & Mrs. Marcel RingawaFred & Lois RiolesKen RobbinsRichard & Janice RobbinsMs. Gail RobertsNoel & Ann RobertsLaurie Robertson-LorantBob Rocha & Kristen LeottiPenelope P. RoddayMr. & Mrs. John B. RogersMr. Justin R. RohnMr. Paul RondinaMrs. Marissa RosaTed & Wendy RoseTheresa RosenDr. M.C. RosenfieldJoy & Darryl RosenthalJessica RossMr. Michael RossSarah Ross-Bailly & Devin BaillyMr. & Mrs. James J. Rourke, Jr.Steve RowlandAnastasia RudenkoAsya RudenkoDon & Susan RudnickMr. Steven RuggieriWilliam & Andrea RughMs. Anne-Marie Runfola & Mr. Ken KostelMike & Toby RyanMr. R. J. Ryan & Ms. Linda OveringTanja Ryden & Thomas J. H. PeirceMike & Sandy RyerLawrence E. SaccoErica & Wes Sahlin
  22. 22. 20 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITIONRichard Sailor & Mary JohnstonMr. Steve Saint-Aubin & Ms. Cynthia PoyantCharles A. SalisburyMr. & Mrs. Irving C. SalleyMaryellen SalopKsenia SamokhvalovaBob & Barbara SandersonCharles & Renate SandsJohn & Anahid SardelliLouis Sardelli & Liz HolstienChristopher SaundersMary I. SavignanoKevin SchabowMr. SchaeferRichard & Loretta SchaeferGrant Schenck & Cathy FordMs. Mary-Lou SchenckMs. Martha Schley ThayerHelen Chin SchlichteMr. & Mrs. Christopher SchmandtPaul & Tina SchmidMs. Andrea F. SchoenfeldMs. Lena SchulzeMr. & Mrs. Peter C. SchuylerMr. & Mrs. Jonathan SchwabBeth SchwarzmanMr. Tony SciulloAnne K. ScottJane ScottMr. & Mrs. Robert D. ScottMs. Ellen SemonoffMr. & Mrs. Roger N. SeneyMr. Raj SethSteven ShapinJane ShapiraMarky & Rusty ShapleighMr. Daniel SheddMs. Aileen ShenBrownie & Pam ShermanCaryl & Jose GonzalezRichard & Janet SherwoodPatricia ShoyinkaSharon E. ShustackMr. Marvin SiflingerBrett & Kelly SilvaTed SilvaJack SilvaAnne D. SilveiraAugustine & Beverly SilveiraBonnie & Louis SilversteinGary & Therese SimmonsThe Sinagra FamilyMs. Margaret SinePaul & Elizabeth SittenfeldMr. Andre SkjegstadScott & Peggy SladeAlan & Sandra SlavinWalter Smietana & Wanda FrancisCmdr. Anne Morton SmithBarry & Susan SmithMr. Jonathan H. SmithMr. Lowell SmithMartin A. SmithPhilip Smith & Lisa BrightScott SmithMr. Troy SmithKathryn SolowMr. & Mrs. John SorrentinoMark & Doris SottnickKathleen E. SousaMs. Tammy SousaEllen SowaPeter B. & Nancy E. SpindlerMr. & Mrs. John SpoonerMrs. Toby SprochMrs. Jean St GeaisMs. Anne Marie StackMrs. & Mr. Elizabeth StanberryWallace & Pamela StarkMrs. Heather StefanskiAntoinette SteinackerBarry SteinbergRichard SterlingJudith & Robert SternsKatherine StevensMr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. StickneyMr. John StobierskiRoger StokeyMs. Meg StoltMs. Susan StonePenelope StrakerMargaret StricklandMark & Nancy StricklandMr. Michael StrickmanMs. Beth Strubeck & Mr. W. Douglas StrubeckMr. & Mrs. F. Bradley Stumcke, Jr.Lewis A. SuberMr. Benjamin SuddardMatthew SudduthGeoff SullivanKenneth L. SullivanScott & Lee SullivanMr. Spencer SullivanTim SullivanAngela SweetenKimberly SweneySarah SweneyJone H. SwiftMs. Lee SwislowMr. & Mrs. David SylvainMr. Matt SylvainMark SylvesterMichael & Deanna SzymczakMrs. Kathryn TaborWilliam & Karen TafuriDr. Jonathan TalamoPaul A. Tamburello, Jr.Robin TannerMs. Constance I. TarvisDana TatlockDr. & Mrs. Barton TayerDavid & Linda TaylorLow Taylor & Lolly SchenckCarol & Scott TaylorStephen TaylorDavid & Pauline TeixeiraJoseph & Jean TellierJennifer TellingMr. Jeff TerwilligerRob & Kama ThielerJennifer & Joseph ThompsonDr. John W. Thompson, Jr.John & Kathy ThompsonDr. Eric J. Thorgerson & Ms. Elizabeth H. FooteCarl & Judy ThornhillWilliam N. Tifft & Ellen BruzeliusCoyt & Susan TillmanHoward & Nancy TinkhamStacy TinkhamShari TishmanMr. Brian W.F. TobinMs. Barbara TonelliBarbara TrabanMs. Leah TraffordMargaret Weymouth TrainerMrs. Jane TraskBob TraversBruce W. TrippMr. Carl TrippDr. Leslie Trott & Mrs. Elaine CumiskeyMrs. Walter H. TrumbullRobert & Sally TruslowKim TullochMark TungMr. Robert TurnageMr. Will TurnageMr. & Mrs. Paul E. TurnerMr. & Mrs. Warren TurnerMr. Matthew TweedieMs. Mary TyrrellWilliam J. Underwood, Jr.Ben UphamIvan & Virginia ValielaElisa van DamJeanne Van OrmanMr. J. Lee VarvaroMs. Teresa VasconcellosMrs. Laura VaughnMr. William F. VendtDawn C. VenturaMr. & Mrs. George VezinaGeorge R. VigeantMs. Shona VitelliMrs. Judith VollaroArthur & Joanne VoorhisChristopher WadsworthMr. & Mrs. Martin WaineWayne WalegaCapt. Clinton WalkerMrs. Jeanne Campbell WalkerRobert J. Walsh & Carol GoodmanEdgar & Andrea WaltersTom WaltersMr. Daniel E. WaltzDarlene K. WarnerJoanne WarrenWilliam D. Watling, Jr.Mr. Michael WaughMrs. Amy WayJanice Weber & John NewtonMr. J.C. 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XifarasDr. John YeeOn May 22, 2012, the Buzzards Bay Coalition hosted its first ever GolfOuting in partnership with the Bay Club at Mattaposiett, raising over$36,000 to fund clean water projects that reduce nitrogen pollutionin New Bedford Harbor.Sixty-eight golfers enjoyed 18 holes on this picturesque, ‘InternationalAudubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program’ certified course followedby a cocktail party reception and auction at the Bay Club’s GolfHouse Restaurant. The fundraiser included a live auction led by guestauctioneer, and former New Bedford Mayor, John Bullard. CitizensBank served as a lead sponsor for the event.20 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION