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Outbreak of the electro-optical channel positioning on indoor lighting and usher in


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Outbreak of the electro-optical channel positioning on indoor lighting and usher in

  1. 1. Outbreak of the electro-optical channel positioning on indoorlighting and usher inOver 60% 2012 annual reports of listed companies LED Dim when high-power LED lightingto the main business of the electro-optical had produced a report on investors relativelysatisfactory answers.Financial reports show that optical on the 2012 income reached 857 million Yuan, up11.15%; net profit of 128 million Yuan, an increase of 3.08%, if you count the terminationoptions speed up the calculation cost of 26.5094 million Yuan, real growth in net profit to24.35%."The economy at home and abroad last year and LED the market environment hasundergone major changes, the companys earnings growth has been some impact, lowerthan expected. But starting from the second half of last year, benefiting from the lightingdemonstration project in Guangdong Province, the company checked a lot of big orders."Photoelectric Li Xuliang, Chairman, said on 2013 LED lighting market will come to abreakthrough period, companies in a variety of ways, good products and brands, to deal withthe outbreak of the lighting market.Penetration rate of LED lighting upgrade slow is not mass into the millions, in addition to theprice of reason, there is another important factor is the LED lighting business are numerous.Brand complexity that many small enterprise product quality cannot be guaranteed, letconsumers lack of confidence of LED lighting products, no choice."This years development focus is to channel and brand-building, occupied with cost-effectiveproducts to the channel, enhance brand reputation. "Li Xuliang said.Increased investment in indoor lightingAccording to the LED industry Institute statistics show 2012 size of LED applications inmainland China reached 159 billion yuan, an increase of 37%. Among them, LED indoorlighting production value of 33.5 billion yuan, an increase of 80%. 2013 LED interior lightingoutput remained in mainland China is expected to maintain its high growth trend, is expectedto hit 55.7 billion yuan, an increase of 66%.Photovoltaic industry based on "Street expert" known for its outdoor lighting revenueaccounted for 50% of the companys revenue or more. 2012 as the Central and localgovernments to support promotion of wholesale lighting policy roll out, regular series ofphotoelectric multiple lighting on big words. Outdoor lighting accounted for more than 50%."The LED lighting industry will come to the outbreak this year, especially in commerciallighting indoor lighting. "Some experts believe that with the advances in technology,performance upgrade of LED lighting products, falling prices, and lighting costs is drawingcloser to the traditional lighting.Photoelectric on earnings, three quarter of 2012, the company interior lighting business
  2. 2. income of 55.2518 million Yuan, 9.32% per cent of total income, contribution comes mainlyfrom commercial lighting projects.It is understood that the Optronics has completed on a number of indoor lighting retrofitproject, including total floor space of 600,000 square meters of Shenzhen Financial Center,great Hall of people in Beijing-based Hall of stars lighting retrofit project, Shanghai newcentury department store lighting retrofit project, Minsheng group department store,supermarket, new construction and renovation projects."This year, in parallel with the stable growth in outdoor lighting business and will increaseinvestment in interior lighting, rich product lines, reduce costs, and make more cost-effectiveindoor lighting products to meet market demand. "Li Xuliang said that compared to outdoorlighting, interior lighting market is many times larger, only seized the market, enterprises cannot be eliminated in the fierce market competition.When it comes to how capacity leveling, said Li Xuliang, optical will not take on all of theproducts are produced in our own factory, will be considered part of the product via the OEMor ODM way, fully integrated industry resources.Optical part of the 2012 bid on the projectRecyclingA LED industry published by the Institutes report said 2012 China LED fluorescent tube, t5light fixture, LED panel light, LED downlight indoor lighting products, such as the overallefficiency is raised by 18.7%, average prices fell by 23%.LED lighting price continued to decline, gradually narrowing the price gap with traditionallighting products, LED lighting products are more likely to be accepted by consumers,effectively contributed to the popularity of LED lighting. LED application areas more and morewidely, will quickly improve the penetration rate.In such a context, a channel of it is important, who occupied the channel, who will be able togain more market share and revenue, even voice.