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Task 4 a

  1. 1. Task 4 Savannah Hardwick and Katie Torpey
  2. 2. Advert Analysis and Comparison 1 These two adverts from competing supermarkets Morrison's and Aldi have both released Christmas advertisements to draw in customers. The Aldi advert focuses more on the cheaper prices and having a cheap but ‘award- winning’ Christmas, which is bringing in the fact that they were awarded the Which? 2013 award for best supermarket. Whereas Morrison's has made their advertisement look more high quality, which will make the target buyers want to eat this food as well.
  3. 3. Advert Analysis and Comparison 1 Quality: This advertisement is focused on the quality of the image and the food itself. The advert is made up of dark colours with white writing, which gives the advert a more classic look and feel. Having the white writing and dark coloured background help to focus the audience on the more colourful and high quality image in the centre of the advert. This advert is focused more on the quality of the product, and how it will enhance your Christmas, more than the pricing of the food sold there. The price of the product shown is in the centre right of the advert, but is very small and isn’t a focal point of the advert. Image: The image takes up the majority of the advert. Featuring yellow and orange tones, which are brighter than those of the darker background, the image draws in the audience. The main copy on the page ‘Your one Christmas pud of the year. Better make it a good one.’’ is relating directly to the image and is implying that this product, from this store, is going to be the best type of Christmas pudding you are going to be able to buy. The image surroundings, such as the glass plate and the hard wood table, look like there good quality and help with the overall tone of the advert, making it seem more high end, then just a regular supermarket. Price: This advertisement doesn’t focus on the price of the product its showcasing, the price is shown but its very small and is not in a main are for the text. As people read form left top corner to bottom right hand corner, the price of £8 is actually the very last thing that you will read. Although its not shown to be important, having it be the last thing that the reader will see could be a specific move to make the person see that although its good quality, its also inexpensive. Value: There is no mention of how good a value this product is on the advert, but it is implied by the low cost. Market: The potential buyers at Morrison's are primarily older people, is an ABC1 demographic, who are not necessarily concerned about prices but more likely the quality of the products they are buying. Competition: Morrison’s has many competitors in this field, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda. Each of these different supermarkets are targeting the same type of consumer and each will have different sales techniques at drawing in and keeping their customers. Morrison’s have focused on the quality of their food rather than the pricing and value of it.
  4. 4. Advert Analysis and Comparison 1 Market: The potential buyers at Aldi are people who are looking for very cheap deals, but still expecting quality to their food. C2DE are the type of demographic that are more likely to be shopping there, but more people from ABC1 seem to be shopping there due to the great deals that are being given through Aldi. Competition: Aldi’s main competition would be supermarkets that offer a similar amount of good quality deals such as Iceland, Tesco or Asda. More expensive or higher quality supermarkets such as Morrison’s and Sainsbury's are also competition as these store have begun to lower prices in order to secure customers. Value: The value and price of these products are the main focus of the advert, drawing In the audience to make them realize that they would be paying very little for quality brands. The value of the products are in plain sight, as well as the awards and prices given to the products. Quality: The quality of this advertisement is minimalistic, they have focused more on showing the value and prices of their products than making the advert look of a high quality. The advert features a lot of statements and badges showing how these products, and Aldi itself have won awards, in the top right hand corner there is a badge that shows how Aldi won the Which? 2013 award for best supermarket. This in itself is showing how Aldi is of a good quality. Image: The images takes up the majority of the advert, being the main focus of the advert along with the price. The deep red top banner is a contrast to the white writing and white background of the main part of the advert. The images are on top of the white background which helps the colours used in the images to stand out more and look more vibrant, brighter and high quality. The images used on the advert are of foods that people would typically associate with Christmas, Mince Pies, Christmas pudding and mulled wine. The images are surrounded by prices, facts and boxes filled with text, so the images help to break up the text and separate the advert more into different sections. The images themselves rich looking an feature dark and luxurious looking colours. Price: This advertisement focuses heavily on the prices of the products being shown. The prices are shown in a bright red downward facing arrow, with the price written in white, standing out from the red as well as the images surrounding it. The arrow itself is pointing down to either the product or the award that this product has been given. The prices are used as a marketing tool on this advertisement, used to draw in and impress the audience, making them want to buy these product, because of the cheapness of them.
  5. 5. Advert Analysis and Comparison 2 These two adverts are form opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, one is high fashion and one is high street. New Look, a well know high street fashions store in which 1000’s of people visit each year and Jimmy Choo, an exclusive designer brand, initially based in London. New Looks advertisements showcase the clothing and then the prices, showing they a good value, whereas Jimmy Choo only shows the clothing and the title of the clothing line, showing how is is an exclusive and expensive brand.
  6. 6. Advert Analysis and Comparison 2 Quality: This advertisement is focused solely on the item of clothing and nothing else. The high quality images takes up the entire page and the only text on the page is the name of the brand. By doing this, it implies that the brand does not need further explanation, and that people will immediately know that the brand is exclusive and high end. There is a very high end fashion and luxurious quality to the advert. The glamorous look of the advert reflects the glamour of the items of clothing that are being advertised. Image: The image is the entire page, which is showing its importance and how the advert doesn't need any other text or explanation, and that the images can tell the entire message of the advert. The glamorous images has obviously been taken in a professional environment and the women in the advert looks to be a high fashion model. The images features darker more muted colours in order to draw attention to the bright colours of the dress, bag and shoes, which are clearly the items being advertised. Price: This advertisement doesn’t state the price of the items what so ever, there is not other text on the advert except for the name of the brand. This tells us a lot about the brand itself, showing that the people who its aimed at more than likely are already aware of how much these product cost, therefore don’t need explaining. The average cost of a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes is around £700, so it could also be good to not showcase this, as it might put people off from looking further into the brand as they already think that It could be to expensive. The pricing of the products reflects the exclusivity of them. Value: There is no mention of how good a value this product is on the advert, but it is implied that the value will be very high due to the known high cost of the products sold. Market: The potential buyers at Jimmy Choo are going to be wealthy due to the extreme costs of the products. They will definitely be in the ABC1 demographic and will most likely be achievers, doing well in their jobs and have a very luxurious lifestyle. Competition: Jimmy Choo has a limited amount of competitors due to the exclusivity of the brands. Major competitors would be PRADA S.P.A, Salvatore Ferragmo Italia S.P.A and Bally international AG.
  7. 7. Advert Analysis and Comparison 2 Quality: This advertisement is of a high quality but isn't luxurious or glamorous, it I showcasing the product in a quality way in order to draw in the audience. The image takes up a lot of the advert, but the advert also has a yellow border and a banner at the bottom of the page, which is a way of showing the images importance, as the banner is framing it. There doesn’t need to be a high quality feel of the advert because the shop isn't necessarily a high fashion or high-status store. The layout of the advert is very simplistic and laid back, which is shown again I the pose that the model In the image is doing. Image: The image takes up the majority of the space and is framed by a bright yellow borer and banner, which is showing the images importance. The colours in the image are very light and simple, which puts extra emphasis on the dark red and blue featured in the product. The model in the image is smiling and looks very laid back, with her hands in her pocket. This could be a way of New Look showing that ‘’you too can be happy and relaxed, where our clothes!’’ this is a great marketing technique because it is making buyers want to feel like the image looks, making them think ‘ill go buy that’’. The image stands out off of the page, as does the yellow, framing it and showing its significance. Price: The price is a main focal point of this advert, having it be right next to the main image in black, big and bold lettering, standing out from the muted colours that have already been shown. The price itself ‘£10’ is the largest text on the page, and I also one of the first things that you would notice on the advert. The price is low, so having it be a focus of the advert is a good initial way of getting people drawn into it. Value: The value of this product Is shown through the cheap price of of the product, as well as the shops reputation. Market: The potential buyers at New Look are people who want to wear clothes that look like they are designer, but don’t want to pay designer prices. They will most likely be In the ABC1 demographic but will still begrudge paying a lot for clothing. Competition: New Look has many competitors on the high street, that all offer similar deals and cheaper prices. River Island, Dorothy Perkins, Next, Primark, Peacock and clothing companies within supermarkets like F&F and GEORGE at ASDA. They are all very competitive and each need to build up a loyal customer base.
  8. 8. Waitrose Advert Quality - This advert focuses on quality of the food. The advertisement features an image of Yorkshire puddings that look appetizing for the audience. The advertisement focuses on the image of the food. instead of including a price on the food it includes a slogan above the image which says ‘everyone deserve quality food’ by using this slogan it gives the impression to the audience that the brand is about the quality of the product rather than price. I can tell that the advertisement is focused on quality from the layout of the advertisement as well as the font used and the quality of the image. Image - The image is also a very important factor within this advertisement the image is a very high quality and it will catch attention as it the only thing which is in focus on the advert. The image looks like the Yorkshire Puddings have just come from the oven as they look brown and crisp and ready to eat. This will appeal to the audience as they will be very interested. By using a dark background and having a spotlight on the Yorkshire puddings this emphasizes the puddings as they stand out on the advert because it contrasts with the background. Price – The price of this product is not featured on this advert as it is focused on quality however it does include the name for the website where the audience will be able to check prices. Market – The market for this advertisement will be possibly an ABC1 social profile. As the advert focuses on quality instead of price and value this suggests that the audience will be higher class people and they will have more money to spend on better quality food rather than going for cheap food. Competition- The competition for this company would be other supermarket brands that focus on quality instead of price and value. This would include supermarkets like Marks & Spencer, the Co-Op or Sainsbury’s.
  9. 9. Sainsbury's Advert Quality- This poster is a very simple design of advertising. It does show quality however it is a mix of a good quality image and also a price and value. The image used is a bright, colorful and bold image which stands out and also fits in with the theme. The background of the image is just on a normal table which doesn’t show that it is a high quality image. I think that if the image was taken with a white background it would look more professional and better quality. Image- The image used is an image which associates with the idea of being able to feed 4 people for 7 days for only £50. By using an image which looks like an appetizing meal then this could interest the audience as they will be persuaded to have a look what the meals include. By including an image of a stir fry it shows a tasty meal which can be enjoyed by all the family and is also quite healthy to eat. I think that this is a good method of giving examples of what the meals can include. Price – I think that this poster advertisement is mainly created to show the price and value instead of the quality of the food. The advert includes information on how many meals, people and days that it will cost to shop at Sainsbury’s. Next to that information a price of £50 is included to show how much it would cost. Normally it would cost a lot however with this deal the audience may think that it is cheap and they may show interest towards the supermarket. Value – Within this advert it states the value and how long and for how much you can feed your family for. By giving this information the audience may think that it is good value than their usual weekly shop and may decided to try Sainsbury's. By using this technique, the audience will be able to find out how they can achieve this by clicking on the link or visiting the Sainsbury's website. Market - I think that the market of this advert is an audience who often do a weekly shop and have a family to buy for. I also think it could be aimed at middle to high class people who have the social grade as ABC1. As although that it doesn’t focus on quality it focuses I think that it is a good price and I think that the market audience will pay this as it is affordable. I think that the competition would also be of a similar standard such as Tesco supermarket, or ASDA. As they also focus on price and value rather than the quality and they are all in competition with each other. By creating a simple plan and price for the audience this will mean that Sainsbury's is different and unique compared to the other super markets. Competition- As Sainsbury's is a middle to high class super market I think that the competition will be high against other supermarkets and Sainsbury's this is because most of the supermarkets will have the same target audience. For example Tesco, Asda and Morrison's all have a similar target audience. By using deals and offers and including prices this will benefit the supermarket and make them stand out from the rest of the competition.
  10. 10. Morrison's Advert Quality- This advertisement does not focus on quality however there are some features which reflect the quality of the supermarket. This advertisement focuses on the meat of the supermarket has stated that the meat is 100% British. By stating this it represents that the meat is sourced from British farms so you know exactly what your eating. Image- There is 3 images which have been used within this advertisements and they all feature meat as this is the main focus of the advert. The first image includes a beef burger with the price as ½. It also has the price next to the image which is 45p from 90p. By using this method it attracts the audience to the image and then persuades them by applying the price next too the picture. From these pictures I don’t think that much effort has been put into the images as the advertisement is not focused on quality. Price- The price of the meat is featured all over this advertisement. By using this price on the advert it allows the audience to identify which product and which supermarket is cheaper. Another method which has been used is that the colour of the price stands out. By using a red colour this contrasts with the background and stands out against the background. As the audience will read from top left to the right hand side the first thing which will be noticed will be the ½ price label. By placing the ½ price sign in the top left corner this will instantly grab attention from the audience. Value- I think that this advertisement is based on value. Throughout the advert it states which meat is good value for money by showing how much the audience could save. Another technique which has been used is by using appetizing images and then the price next to the image. The top image is of a burger which looks quite large and then the price next to it which says 1/2 price, this will be appealing for the audience as they will get the impression that it is good value for the money that you pay. Market- I think that the market of this advert is aimed at people who are not bothered about quality but interested in the cheap price of products. I think that the social class of this advert is middle class which is C2. Competition – From this advert I can tell that one of the purposes for this advert is to gain interest from the customers who are interested in similar super markets such as Tesco's and Asda as these are competition. This advert has tried to be better than these super market by putting cheaper prices on the advert and using information which will interest the audience such as ‘100% British meat. ‘
  11. 11. LIDL Advert Image – Throughout the advert there is many different features which have been used to show the products which are available and what's on offer from this supermarket. By using the title ‘Half Price Weekend offers’ this will grab the attention from the target market as it suggests that most things in the shop half price. They will also then look at the images of the products to see what's on offer. Although that the images are not as of high quality I think that the colours and the layout of the images grab attention. By using large images this gives the impression that the products are bigger than they actually are. Another aspect which has also been added within this advert is the labels of the prices. By adding these prices this gives an idea for the audience of what kind of offers are on. The first thing which the audience will notice will be the Lidl logo. This straight away allows the audience to identify which supermarket to go too. Price – As this advertisement doesn’t focus on quality the way that this advert appeals to the audience is by showing the prices of products on the advert. I have noticed that all the prices featured are under £!. This will interest the target market as the target audience will be a interested a low-priced offer. The words ‘Half Price and Offer’ will catch the attention of the audience which will lead to them reading the offers which are available. I think that this advert focuses on the price rather than the quality. Value – As the audience will be interested in offers I think that they will think that these offers are good value for money. As the images show quite a lot of food I think that this will interest them because they will think that the money is cheap for the amount of produce that you get. Market - I think that the market for this advertisement and the supermarket would be lower class people who do not have as much money as middle or higher class people. This includes the social grade of C1,D& E. I don’t think that the higher class people would be interested in this advertisement as I think that they would be going to more higher class supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose or M&S. Competition- The competition between super markets is high however , they have different competition for different groups of people. The competition between higher class supermarkets will be different to lower class supermarkets. I think that the competition for Lidl super market will include others such as Aldi, Netto and also Iceland. This is because all these super market focus on price and value rather than high quality foods.