Task 4 1


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Task 4 1

  1. 1. Task 3-Further Development Savannah Hardwick
  2. 2. Mind Map 1-Magazine Advert
  3. 3. Mind Map 2- Packaging
  4. 4. Mind Map 3- Web Banner
  5. 5. Mood Board 1- Colours
  6. 6. Mood Board 1- Colours findings When deciding my colour scheme, I thought it would be best to stick to the two main colours that IRN-BRU already have for their brand, orange and blue. I also decided to add silver and black into the colour scheme for IRN-BRU 32 to help differentiate the energy drink from the existing soft drink that is available. I chose to add silver because the IRN-BRU 32 can that has already been produced Is silver. I think that adding black will help to separate the orange and the blue form each other. The orange, blue and silver are good colours because they are gold, eye catching and can be made to be very bright. Because the orange and blue from the existing IRN-BRU products are a specific brightness, I will try to keep the same tone on the products I create, to show continuity between the newly designed IRN-BRU 32 products and the IRN-BRU soft drink. I think that keeping the same colour scheme will also help with the selling of the energy drink because the two colours are recognisable, to it will make the consumers of IRNBRU more inclined to try the energy drink as well.
  7. 7. Mood Board 2- Images
  8. 8. Mood Board 2- Images findings When designing my mood board for the types of images I would like to use on my products, I found that they all features a similar colour scheme and style. I mostly looked at cartoon images, focusing on the stereotypical interpretation of a Scottish person. I also looked at pop art styled explosions and crashes because one of my ideas features a crash and I felt that a cartoon looking crash would be more appealing to the target audience. I also looked at the shapes and colours of the IRN-BRU can, I found that these were repeated throughout the majority of the images I looked at. I then looked at cartoon drawings of humanized cans, making them have arms and legs with smiling faces, as this was an idea that I had had for a magazine advertisement. In conclusion, I have discovered that when looking at my images mood board, I can see similarities in the colours and style of image I looked at. My favorite type of image I looked at was the pop art explosions and the Scottish men cartoons, I think that they are bold and eye catching and would draw in the target audience.
  9. 9. Mood Board 3-Text
  10. 10. Mood Board3- Text findings When I was looking into what kinds of text I wanted to feature on my products, I decided that I wanted them to be funky and cool to look at, so I decided on a cartoon styles text. I then searched on dafont.com and found a range in this type of font that I liked. My three favorite were: 1)Pokemon 2)Cartoon 3)Mickey I liked these three font because they are interestingly shaped and fun. I especially like the way that Pokémon was shaped, I though it would be a good way to initially attract people to the products because of the cool font type, it would catch peoples eye and draw them in. I also really like the way that Cartoon looks as though it has been hand written but was still a ‘bubble’ style font. Mickey is one of my favorite font types because it combines the things I like about the two other types of font, it is a bubble fonts which looks hand written as well as having a funk shape. I think that all three fonts would work well on any of the products I intend to make.