Task 3


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Task 3

  1. 1. Task 3 Savannah Hardwick
  2. 2. High Speed Photography
  3. 3. High Speed Photography High speed photography means being able to take the pictures at a very fast speed whilst capturing the image to a high quality. It is considered to be the opposite of time lapse photography. It also involves using Photoshop to help heighten the quality of the image through editing. The purpose of high speed photography is to capture the moment as it happens, not after or before, it is very good for capturing movement. High speed photography needs a trigger that uses light or sound to get the timing right, you would also require a camera that you can alter the shutter speed with. You will also need to be able to control the flash of your camera. High speed photography can create beautiful and interesting images to look at, that have been captured in the moment, and are shown in high quality.
  4. 4. Harris Shutter
  5. 5. Harris Shutter The Harris Shutter technique is adding three different coloured filters to the image, this was created by Robert S. Harris, who worked for Kodak. The effect is created by re-exposing the film through red, blue and green filters, which creates a rainbow of colour through the image. This technique is traditionally done by using a camera that allows you to change the filters on the front of the lens. This technique usually looks best on a moving image, for example waterfalls, clouds people and vehicles. This effect is very creative and unique, and leaves you with a very interesting final image.
  6. 6. Scanography
  7. 7. Scanography Scanography is a way of taking pictures without having to use a camera at all. To create these flattened images, you would need a scanning machine. You would then place the object you wish to scan or photograph into the machine and set it up, scanning the subject. This type of art differs from the typical and more traditional documents scanning because you are scanning three dimensional objects, it also differs from photography because you do not use a camera to create these images. You can also further manipulate the image after scanning as well, by putting it into Photoshop and editing there. Scanography is a create and interesting take on photography that is contemporary and unusual.