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  1. 1. Opportunities Every project gives you opportunities to create but also constraints to work to. Use this hand out to consider the opportunities this project has to help you improve your skills, knowledge and creativity. Opportunities What creative opportunities can you see in this project? How could you challenge yourself creatively in this project? You can refer to your previous experience here. The creative opportunities that I will gain from this project will be being able to completely redesign products for an existing brand with the ability to change the design how I wish. I think that being able to create three new products (a magazine advert, the packaging and a web banner) will allow me to be more creative than I have been with previous projects, such as creating promotional adverts for the charity for the homeless SASH. I found that with the promotional adverts, I stuck to the same ‘look’ as existing products, so for this product I will differ from them drastically, making them unique, but still making sure to have them be recognisable as part of the brand. What technical opportunities for development are available in this project? What technical challenges could you set yourself? You can refer to your previous experience here. The technical opportunities that I can develop within this project are vast. The main ones I would like to focus on are the development and improvement of my Photoshop work. I found that early on I used Photoshop a lot more and therefore was use to it with ease, but now I have started to use it less and feel that I could improve my skills drastically to help me make my product more unique, creative and interesting to look at. I also think that this project will allow me to work on my camera skills and to help me with my knowledge of cameras and there settings. I think that technical challenges I will set myself will be to make sure I use at least one photo on the products that I have taken myself. This will enable me to perfect both my camera and Photoshop skills. How could the skills you are using and developing here be useful in a professional context? Consider the requirements for different job roles. I think that these skills will be useful in a professional setting because these are very good basic skills to have in the print base industry. By being bale to use Photoshop well and to a high ability, I am more likely going to be able to work up in a creative company. Although the job I wish to do isn’t necessarily going to involve these specific skills, they are very useful for me to know. Knowing how to use Photoshop effectively is a must for many print base jobs, including, photo editors and product designers. What opportunities for designing for different media does this project give you? Which final product type interests you the most and why? The final type of product that interests me the most is the packaging design because its something I have never had the opportunity to design or create before. It is unusual and I think that it will be great fun to make. The project gives me the chance to design different types of media such as magazine advertisements, packaging designs and website banner designs.