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Reference collection materials order

  1. 1. Reference Collection Materials OrderPriority Material Review Sources 1 Britannica student encyclopedia. [multi- Notes: Includes index.;Vol. 1. A -- v. 2. B -- v. 3. C -- v. volume set] (#39764B8) 4. D-E -- v. 5. F-G -- v. 6. H-I -- v. 7. J-K-L -- v. 8. M -- Publishers Hardcover v. 9. N-O -- v. 10. P -- v. 11. Q-R -- v. 12. S -- v. 13. T -- 16 v. : ill. (some col.), col. maps ; 29 cm. v. 14. U-V -- v. 15. W-X-Y-Z -- v. 16. Index. Contains over 2,200 alphabetized, cross-referenced articles for $388.96 young readers on topics and figures in many areas of knowledge and endeavor, such as art, science, geography, history, and wildlife. Reviews & Awards Booklist 09/15/10 Wilsons Junior High School 01/09/10 2 Atlases Of The World [set/series] Notes: More than just maps--a cornucopia of (#U972XX1) information about each region is presented, including Publishers Hardcover Set/Series timelines and fun fact panels. The atlases list key data about the countries of each continent, including main Complete set of 6 Titles: $119.70 cities, languages, religions, government, and currency. Unique details about each region are illustrated and captioned to give a flavor of the area. 3 Encyclopedia Of Presidents - Second Series Notes: Each biography brings out the character of the [set/series] (#J551XX6) man--his early life and political aspirations--his Publishers Hardcover Set/Series election--important events that occurred curing his presidency--life after his term in office.. Complete set of 36 Titles: $856.80 4 Encyclopedia Of The States Of America Notes: These state encyclopedias are designed to meet [set/series] (#P21SXX4) the need for information on past and current events and Publishers Hardcover Set/Series the people who contributed to their State. Complete set of 38 Titles: $5,205.48 5 Rourkes World Of Science Encyclopedia Notes: (10 Volumes) This comprehensive set teaches the [set/series] (#R872XX6) essential standards for science instruction and helps Publishers Hardcover Set/Series students with the transition from K-4 to 5-8 grade level studies. Some of the topics covered are physical science, Complete set of 1 Titles: $329.95 life-cycles, and properties of Earth materials to the more advanced studies of stem cell research and science technology. 6 Rourkes Native American History & Culture Notes: (10 Volumes) - Explores the lives of Native Encyclopedia [set/series] (#A153XX8) Americans past and present. This comprehensive Publishers Hardcover Set/Series collection includes history, culture, timelines, famous leaders, and current events. Beautiful legends are Complete set of 1 Titles: $329.95 included in each volume, and Volume 10 includes craft projects.
  2. 2. 7 Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives Notes: Contains profiles of people who made important [set/series] (#EQ25XX2) contributions to American history and society. Publishers Hardcover Set/Series Complete set of 9 Titles: $2,034.72All of these materials/titles were acquired from: