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Memo to principal


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Published in: Education
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Memo to principal

  1. 1. MEMOTo: Cindy PropstFrom: Savannah PorterCC: John WhittenRe: GA BOE Library Media Program EvaluationDate: November 1, 2010Category 1: Student Achievement and InstructionWithin these six components, two fell into the “exemplary category” and fourwere considered “proficient”. The biggest concern in this category was thecollaboration between the media specialist and the classroom teachers. In orderfor these components to be moved up to be considered “exemplary,” the mediaspecialist would need to attend all grade level PLCs. The media center wouldneed to change its schedule from a fixed schedule to a more flexible schedule sothat the MS could join other grade levels at various times throughout the day.Category 2: StaffingThere are only two components in this category and the media center scored onein “proficient” and one in “exemplary”. The component scored as “proficient”deals with the staffing of a part-time media clerk. In order for BramlettElementary to be considered “exemplary” in both of these components, themedia-clerk would need to be hired as full time and not be hired as a shareposition.Category 3: Facilities, Access, and ResourcesIn this category, Bramlett Elementary’s Media Center scored “basic” in onecomponent, scored “proficient” in two components and scored “exemplary” inthree components. The component which scored “basic” deals with the use ofGALILEO. Because this is an elementary school media center, there is little useof GALILEO. However, the MS should work with the high grades (4th and 5th) onthe use of GALILEO and its benefits.Category 4: Administrative SupportCategory 4 demonstrates that the media center is lacking in administrativesupport. The system superintendent should appoint a system media contactperson to serve as a liaison to the department. In Barrow County, this is non-existent. In order to move to the “proficient” or “exemplary scores,” the
  2. 2. administration needs to become more involved in the media center as well as themedia specialist’s job duties.Category 5: Staff DevelopmentBramlett Elementary School’s Media Center scored “basic” in the onlycomponent in the staff development category. In order to gain a higher score,the media specialist should be made more aware of staff developmentprocedures as well as student assessment tactics.