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  1. 1. Alyssa is my baby sister. Sheis 5 years old. Alyssa had a hugeaffect on the way I lived my life. Onthe day she was born I noticed that Ineed to be the best big sister I couldso that I could be a role model to her.I love going over to my dads house tosee her she puts a smile on my faceevery time she runs to hug me. Shealways has me paint her nails, doher hair and go swimming or playoutside. She has taught me a lotfrom playing her tinker bell game tomaking the best choices. I love mylittle sister more than anything shesmy whole world.
  2. 2. My bird’s name is Rascal he is agreen cheek conure. I got him when I was 11.I was out at dinner and my mom gave me abook all about these types of birds. When Igot home I didn’t even notice the huge birdcage sitting on my table! I named him Rascalbecause he bites a lot. It doesnt really hurtbut hes very easy to take care of. I have tochange his water everyday and clean his cagewhen it gets really dirty. Rascal eats a lot!Hes very cuddly when hes in a good mood. Iknow when he is because he goesunderneath my hair to take a nap. EveryChristmas when we set up our Christmas treehe hides and plays inside. Rascal loves todance. Its so cute how he moves his head upand down while squawking. He was the bestpresent that I ever got.
  3. 3. Chuchu was my first cat. He was therewhen I was brought home from the hospital.Chuchu was so fluffy! He had a tan coat with awith spot nose. He was so loving. He used to layon the arm of the couch and put his head on myshoulder. We never could let him out of the houseand when he got out I was so scared. He was thebest cat and always caught mice. One time hebrought one into my moms bed! But right afterChristmas we noticed him acting weird. He wasn’teating very well and hes soft fur had becomeragged and he was sleeping a lot. We thought itwas just a faze but he began to get worse. Then mystep dad brought him to the vet. I kissed himgoodbye. I waited in my room and when I hear dmy dads car come into the driveway I randownstairs. Only to see him come threw the doorwith and empty carrier. My heart broke and I wascrying for so long. The vet told my dad that he hadabdominal cancer. They said we could try surgerybut there was no guarantee that he would make iteven after that so they gave him the shot to puthim to sleep. He was the best cat and ill neverforget him.
  4. 4. I have 3 dogs. One namedTimmy hes the oldest, Hollie we got herlast year and Tucker. Timmy has been by myside since I was brought home from thehospital. I used to dress him up in my babydolls tutus and he loved it. Timmy is aChihuahua he has a white coat and browndots. Hes getting really old now and itshard to see him suffering but its hard to letgo of him. Hollie is 1 year old. She was a lateChristmas gift. Shes probably the smartestdog I have ever had. She loves to cuddle.She has a tan coat. Shes a sheltie mixedwith a silky terrier. My new puppy Tucker.Hes only a couple weeks. In 3 weeks he willbe at my house and I cant wait. He is asheltie mixed with a beagle and has thesame mom as Hollie. I love my dogs morethan anything!
  5. 5. Eva is my aunt. I don’t really havethat much to say about her because we don’thave many memories, but she has been a biginfluence on what choices I make. Eva is reallybeautiful I love watching her teach her babiesthings. She is a 4th grade teacher in Harvard.When I was in 3rd grade she knew my teacher itwas really cool. She married my uncle matt andthat’s how she is my aunt. She had my babycousin Chloe who is now 4 years old anddecided to have my new baby cousin Amelia.Shes a really good mom and it inspires me tofollow my dreams because when she wasyounger all she wanted to be was a schoolteacher and a mom and she did it. Eva also gaveme my second baby sitting job to handle both ofmy baby cousins it was a great experience. Ireally admire my aunt for some reason I hopethat she knows that
  6. 6. Fires are a big part of my lifebecause I love to camp! Ever since Iwas a little girl I have been camping. Ilove sitting by it at night and evenduring the day to make smores. I alsolove spending time with my family sothis is one way we all bond whetherwe are on a vacation or just in my backyard. We all play catch fraise and its alot of fun and full of laughs. My familyis pretty crazy especially my cousins.One time my friend Joe had a bonfireand invited a lot of people from ourschool. It was a lot of fun to spendtime with my friends out side by thefire.
  7. 7. My grandparents on my moms side arethe sweetest people I have ever met. I love to bearound my grandma in Georgia and her husbandgrandpa ed. They are just full of fun andexcitement. There is never a dull moment when mygrandpas around hes just so funny. One year heremixed all the Christmas songs and put our namesin it! My grandma is so beautiful she doesnt evenlook her age. I really hope that when I get to be herage I look like her. It kind of stinks because I don’tget to see them as much as I liked to. If I had thechoice I would be with them all the time. But Icherish the week when they fly me and my sisterout to Georgia to spend time with them at therehouse on the lake. I love them both so much! Mygrandparents on my dads side are always moody!But I love them anyways they give me all the loveand support I need to be successful.
  8. 8. Were do I begin with hockey its prettymuch my life. I have been playing for 7 years. Iknew how much I wanted to play when I went tomy little brothers first game and my parents gotme in right away. Hockey is my passion. I love toget out on the rink and play against differentteams. My team every season has made it to thechampionship and we have won 2 so I guess youcan say were a good team. When I first started Iwas in the penguin league on the lightning number2. Then I got to old and moved up to the beaverdivision where I played on the bulldogs I wasnumber 22. Now I am too old for those so I am inthe cadet league. I play on the Hurricanes thegreen team I am number 2 and I love my team somuch. We bond a lot and it really helps with ourpassing and cooperation on the rink. I play defenseand when I got moved into cadet they beganteaching me offense so now I play both. We usuallyget 2 to 3 new kids every season but we all helpthem out and we grow as a team.
  9. 9. My inspiration is Taylor Swift. I listen toall her songs and I know them by heart. Every timeIm cleaning or im upset I just blast her songs in myroom. Any situation that I am going threw I canalways relate to her songs. Me and my sister alwaysgo for night time Taylor Swift rides. Last year I wentto her concert at Gillette stadium. It was my firstconcert. I was so excited. I went with my sister, mymom and my aunt Kelly. She is very entertainingshe never has a boring moment. Everyone wasscreaming and crying when she came out. Shesone of my biggest inspiration because she nevergave up on her dream no matter how scary it got.My favorite song by her is “I almost do.” she isabsolutely beautiful from her looks to her writing,singing and guitar playing.
  10. 10. Josh is my older cousin. He is thefunniest person I have ever met. He is crazyand obsessed with fire. We go camping withhim and he makes the trip so much fun! Fromcatching frogs, yelling at random people toplaying with fire. One time he brought hisfriend Corey with him camping and I had togo to the bathroom so they went to walk withme cause it was dark. Then josh decided torun off with the flashlight and leave me andCorey. We ran into a skunk! He used to look alot like Justin Beiber. One of the nights thatjosh slept over we slept out side in thecamper and he kept me up until 2 becauseevery time I tried to go to sleep he would takemy pillow and blanket and throw it . But thenwe made smores all night and fell asleepoutside. I don’t see him a lot but he definitelyteaches me a lot and I love him.
  11. 11. My mom always tells meno matter what life throws at youjust keep smiling. Every time Ibecome sad I just think of what shetold me. When somebody hatesyou just smile at them because itkills them to know that your happy.A smile can change a person mood.Every time Im walking down thehall when I see someone I smile. Ilove making people smile its makesme feel good inside
  12. 12. Leominster is my hometown. I was born at Leominsterhospital and moved away. I wentfrom Leominster to Gardner toWinchendon and back to Leominster.After my parents divorce I movedback to Leominster and ever sincethen I have been growing up aroundhere. I love going to Leominsterfootball games every Friday, andgoing to the mall with my friends. Iwant to move out of Leominsterthough because I want to have afresh start somewhere new.
  13. 13. My step dad and I My parents are my whole world. Everything I do isbecause I want to make them happy. My mom Sue is the bestmom that anyone could ever ask for. My mom always comes firstin my life. I look just like her! Every time we go shopping or outto eat people tell us that they thought we were sisters! I never My dad and Iwant to disappoint my mom in anyway. I hate when shes upsetbecause it makes me upset to. I love my mom more than anyoneand nothing will ever change that. My step dad makes my mom really happy and hecompletes our family. My step dad, Jake, helps my family out alot and Ive known him for about 7 years. He got me into hockeyand that’s the main thing we do together. Over the summer Ihelp him with yard work and he helps me with getting better athockey. He helps me with my projects and to study and its My mom and Isomething I really appreciate. I love him too even thoughsometimes I don’t act like it. My dad Shawn is someone I love with all my heart.He can’t really support me with money but he gives me thesupport I need to be successful. My dad lost his job and didn’thave one or a license for quiet a while. Now my dad works at thePepsi Company and got his license back! Words can’t evenexplain how proud I am of him. He aggravates me a lot but atthe end of the day I love him.
  14. 14. Tyler and I have been best friends for 5 years! Tyleris the most amazing guy I have ever met. Hesalways there for me when I need him most and illalways be there for him. His family is like mine andmy family is his. I helped Tyler with probably thebiggest change in his life when he came out to saythat he was gay. Everyone supported him and I wasso proud that he had the courage to come out.Tyler is my whole world and everything a girl needsin her life. Hes over my house from 8am until 12 atnight and sometimes he sleeps over on theweekend. Tyler always helps me pick out outfitsand does my hair and nails. Tyler can always makeme laugh no matter what the situation is. He hasheld me when I was crying and seen me at myworst. Theres no friend that id rather hangoutwith. We go everywhere together! Even if its justto walk down the street. Hes the most amazingbest friend that anyone could ask for.
  15. 15. I am a very organized person.My room is always spotless and mybinders are always neat. I hate beingdisorganized. My parents have meclean my house 3 times a week. Ialways clean when Im bored. Before Igo to bed I have to make my bed to goto sleep. I don’t know why I do that butI always have. I like when things are inthe right place. All my cousins knowhow mad I get when my rooms messyso when they come over they lay in mybed and mess with all my stuff.
  16. 16. I always think back to never give up. I think this is helpfulbecause if you just keep trying your going to get somewhere. Like inhockey when Im having a bad game I think to my self don’t give upyour team needs you and I continue my game. When ever thing getstuff I don’t give up I just keep going no matter how hard things get. Myfamily always helps me out so it makes it easier because of all theresupport.
  17. 17. Middle School has been quite aride for me. From being the baby of theschool to being the oldest. I learned who myreal friends are and who not to trust and whoI can. A lot of people changed and got intobad habits or just became a different person.I keep my self out of trouble because when Igrow up and have kids I don’t want to haveto lie and say I never smoked, drank or diddrugs because I really didn’t. I learned youcant protect and rely on people because inthe end all you have is yourself. Middleschool has brought me tears or happinessand sadness and brought out the good andbad side of me. It is definitely an experiencethat I will always keep with me.
  18. 18. Quotes get me through my day. They are all over my room! There is a websitethat many teens have called Tumblr that is were most of the quotes on my wall arefrom. My favorite quote is maybe its not the happy ending its whats in the story. Thisspeaks so many words because not everythings going to be perfect there are going tobe some hard times but all of it happens for a reason.
  19. 19. Travis Where do I begin with my brother and sisters. Well Samantha is my full sister. We have had a bond since birth. Samantha is 18, we do everything together. We always go on drives in her car Roxy. Samantha is a beautiful and smart teenager. Im so proud of her because shes good in school at her job Alyssa and she stays out of trouble witch keeps me out of trouble. My baby sister Alyssa is 5 years old. My dad had Alyssa with his ex girlfriend Tammy. She is a big influence on my life. I always think twice before I doSamantha something to make sure that it is okay to do because Alyssa always tries to be like her big sisters! Lastly my little brother Travis can be a pain in the butt but I love him. Travis and me both love hockey. That’s one of the big things we do together. He used to be on my team but I got to old and moved up. Travis is my step brother. My mom married Jake his dad and they now live with us and we are one big happy All of us family.
  20. 20. I was born September10,1998. I was 8lb 13oz. I was born InLeominster Hospital. I grew up inGardner. Then I moved to Winchendonand Leominster. Ever since my parentsdivorce I have lived in Leominster. WhenI was younger my parents divorce wasthe hardest time of my life. It was hardto hear my parents fight and no longerbe able to come home to both of them.I went to Winchendon schools and leftwhen I was in 2nd grade to go toLeominster schools. My two bestfriends were Hannah and Lauren theywere twins. Once I moved toLeominster I made a new best friendTyler and me and him are closer thantwo peas in a pod. I am very proud ofthe girl I am today. A girl with highhonors and who plays hockey.
  21. 21. Every year my family andI go to the Southwick zoo. Mymom and I love the monkeys! Weleave around 8 in the morning sowe can spend all day there. It’s afun time having my parents andbrother and sisters together. Thelions are beautiful and I lovefeeding the deer. One time I wentwith just my mom and step dadJake. I saw one deer that was wayup in the woods so I went to go sitwith it. I sat for a long timefeeding it. I love going to the zoobecause I love animals and I canget a tan.
  22. 22. The sandwich lodge in the Cape ` My family and I always go on vacations. We try to go on them at least a couple times a year One of the vacations I went on was in Florida. We stayed at the castle hotel. I was about 6 years old. We went to the zoo there and watched the fireworks in Disney World. I got to meet all the Disney Old orchard in character and even got to go to Mickey and Minnies Maine house have breakfast with them. Another one of my vacations was in old orchard beach. I went with my best friend Tyler and his Grammy and aunt. Im very close to them and there like my second family. We stayed in a really nice hotel and we had it right on the beach. I was so peaceful and I got The castle hotel to wake up to the sound of waves. It rained a lot that in Florida weekend but we still went on the beach whenever it was sunny. At night we would go out for dinner and go on the board walk and to the carnival. It couldn’t get any better especially the fact I got to spend it with my best friend. the one thing I always do is camp. I go withCamping! my whole family. I love being out in the woods with my cousins. We make the best out of everything and that’s what makes it fun
  23. 23. Theres a lot about me.My favorite color is pink and limegreen. I love elephants and pigs.When I grow up I want a tea cuppig. Ever since I was a little girl Ihave wanted one. My family thinksIm crazy because of it. I want tobe a physiologist. I love babies. Myfavorite food is meatloaf. My bestfriend Is Tyler Campbell. I hate seaweed and my family throws it onme at the beach. My sisters are mywhole world. I love my family morethan anything!
  24. 24. My uncle Todd is my unclefrom my moms side. My uncle is verytall. He worked in the air force andwas always traveling. I got to see himonce in a while around Christmasbecause he lived In Virginia andMexico. I have two cousins from myuncle. Roland and Sebastian. Theyboth have their own kids with theirgirlfriend so they can’t visit us often.This year we helped him look for anew house because he retired. Hemoved in and now lives five minutesdown the street.
  25. 25. My role model is my mom. Mymom is everything I want to be when Iget older. My mom didn’t go to collegebut shes the perfect example of a mom.What really makes me look up to her isthe fact that she got threw a divorce andraised two kids as a single mom. Sheworks everyday and comes home toclean and cook dinner. My mom puts upwith a lot between my sister and I. Shesis the one person I never want todisappoint. I keep my grades up and doeverything to my best ability so that I cansee a smile on her face. My favorite timeis going shopping and out to eat with her.The times were its just my mom and I.Everyone tells us that we look like twins.My mom is the person that I want togrow up and become.
  26. 26. From age 3 until age 7 I lived in Winchendon. I grew up in abeautiful home with a huge yard to play in. I miss my old house somuch. I had my two best friends Hannah and Lauren living next door. Ispend my whole day playing outside with them catching frogs in theirswamp. My dad and I always would go to the 99 cent candy storedown town. There was a little old lady who owned it and we could getso much candy for only five dollars! Winchendon is a very nice townbut its set away far from any stores. We lived on Harrisville circle. Itwas actually a circle. It was a peaceful area with a lot of kids for mysister and I to play with. I miss this house more than anything and Iwould give up so much to be back there.