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Savalanche is a SaaS based service for building online marketplaces (Malls) and managing the full inventory and revenue sharing between the marketplaces and merchants selling in them. See

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Savalanche presentation 3_1

  1. 1. Savalanche Online Malls Make Your Online Media a Profitable MarketplaceSee solutions for: Online Publishing | eCommerce | Social Media
  2. 2. Introduction to Savalanche• Savalanche is a SaaS based service for building online marketplaces (Malls) and managing the full inventory and revenue sharing between the marketplaces and merchants selling in them• Our main customers are publishers with large online medias, for whom we offer also tools to integrate marketplaces with the media (see picture on right)• Our goal is to build a large network of marketplaces and merchants in multiple countries, enabling new and efficient sales channels for retail
  3. 3. Savalanche Concept Drive traffic from:Audience Targeted Targeted offering Product Ads Subscriptions Social shopping Shared shopping cartOnline Secure ordersMedia / Mall Mall Mall Consistent experience Revenue sharing Commerce space rentals Inventory Merchants ship Self service UI Own webstore the productsMerchants /sellers Sell anything: goods, tickets, services, deals, gift cards, subscriptions, digital goods…
  4. 4. Channel for InternationalMarkets• Using Savalanche, merchants can reach international markets through popular online Example: Finnish malls merchants can rent• Brings international commerce space at customers to swedish media to reach publishers swedish audience 2011-2012 2012-2013 2014-2015?
  5. 5. Media Social RetailProduct Ads Social ReaderBring your audience to Mall using Spread your content in Facebooktargeted advertising and reach the young audience Targeting for individual visitors d Custom made Facebook App that  or based on the content. brings your media to Facebook Self service interface for d Uses the FB Open Graph  the merchants to spread in the Facebook Advanced banner designs d Get up to millions of new  (javascript or iframe) users that don’t read newsAd targeting RecommendationsOnline Mall Social StoreBranded online marketplace Sell your products in Facebookfor your audience or through our Online Malls Earn revenue by letting your d Saas based, full featured  advertisers sell their products online store that works in for your online audience Web, Facebook and Mobiles Sales provision and/or monthly fee d Integrates easily to  based business models. your backend system and ERP Automated processes, revenue sharing and f Sell anything: subscriptions,  payment processing. products, digital goods, services, tickets…
  6. 6. Get New Revenue Grow Existing RevenueBecome a Retailer Get Customer InsightsDouble your advertising revenues by allowing merchants to Knowing your audience is your most valuable asset thatsell their goods in your media increases your value to advertisers. Besides advertising, eCommerce is the biggest opportunity d The behavioral data gathered from the online stores  in future digital revenues. tells much about the interests of your audience Combining commerce with content is a popular trend d Savalanches combines this data with the data from  nowadays. Many retailers are adding editorial content to advertisements at your content, providing accurate their online stores, making media slowly obsolete. targeting and recommendations in both online store Why not do the opposite? and media Works in parallel with traditional display ads, does not d The new regulatory privacy policies set by EU can be  cannibalize your existing advertising business . devious to follow – leave that to usProvide More Value for Everybody Increase Your Online TrafficBy combining your content with related products, you can Products and reviews are valuable content that peoplecreate more value to both your audience and advertisers search and share By collecting relevant product selections for the customers d Did you know that more than half of search queries  and intelligently targeting products to visitors of the done in Google concern products or services? Don’t media, you can provide them valuable offers lose these visitors to retailers sites. Give your visitors a reason to come back by building a d Having roots in social commerce, Savalanche includes  living community among your content and ecommerce always the latest trends among social shopping that sites. turns people as marketers. Shared shopping cart gives users an easy way of ordering f You can lead visitors from mall to your content site by  products from multiple vendors with one payment. attaching content widgets and ads to the mall
  7. 7. Local and Theme Marketplaces Drive traffic from: Local Audiences Global Audience • Links Large mall • Links • Search • Search • Ads Subset Subset • AdsLocalNewspapers Local Offers Local Marketplace Theme Marketplace Magazines, Theme pages.. Main inventory • Marketplace branded for local media • Marketplace branded for one theme • Contains the local products from main • Contains products from selected inventory categories / for certain user group • Products: gift cards, coupons, services… • Products: any Merchants / sellers
  8. 8. Mall Process Overview 1. Publisher creates a Mall and sets the pricing3. Merchants registers to 2. We build the mall and integrate it with the mediaSavalanche and input products4. Merchant views available Publishers markets and drives traffic to the mallMalls and selects product they 5. A mall order is delivered towant to sell in Mall the publisher 6. Publisher accepts the products to the mall 8. Consumer visits the mall 7. Products are automatically placed on the Mall and makes a purchase 9. Order is delivered to the merchant via email / backend integration 10. Merchant accepts and ships the order to the customer 11. Order is fullfilled and we inform the customer and manage whole ordering process 12. We will share the revenue between us, merchant and publisher