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Why men should get married


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Why men should get married

  1. 1. Why Men Should Get Married ??
  2. 2. Men learn to reduce expenses as their spouse’s shopping leave just pennies in wallet .
  3. 3. Men generally misplace their wallet, shoe, tie, etc. If they miss anything someone is there to blame.
  4. 4. To get non-paid laundry, cleaning & butler services 24X7.
  5. 5. To get daily updates of locality without any charges.
  6. 6. To have a falsified bad behavior family member to keep away the unwanted guests .
  7. 7. To get permanent & much affordable lady charm for parties.
  8. 8. To get automobile insurance claims in last due month.
  9. 9. Why are you Late today ?To learn to face your fear by facing the biggest one daily : Your WIFE
  10. 10. To master the art of convincing an unsatisfied client.
  11. 11. To get time to read some stupid stuff , due to their wife care , love and support .