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The attitude


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Noone can push our moral down without our permission, it is what President Lincoln do when we was called as son of a cobbler,,,

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The attitude

  1. 1. the Attitude……
  2. 2. It was time when Abraham Lincol n was elected as the 16th President of the United States.
  3. 3. It was one of his first addresses to the Nation. President Lincoln stand to start his address…..
  4. 4. Suddenly one rich bureaucrat teased him.. “ Lincoln…. do not forget your father use to make shoes for my family.”
  5. 5. A evil Laughter rise in the crowd. Lincoln look at that person and smile …
  6. 6. He replied “ Yes Sir, My father was one of the best shoemaker in the country. No one had ever complaint about his shoes.…..”
  7. 7. “Sir , if you ever feel problem in shoes made by my father , tell me I also know the art.. I will mend them for you….”
  8. 8. After f ew minut es of silence ..the hall was filled with applause
  9. 9. Attitude truly means ‘The Gratitude for The Life given to Us’
  10. 10. So… Let’s celebrate the extra bite in our plates…. The Health credited to us… For Great friends & relations… For Every additional penny in our pocket…. Let’s Live This life with full Joy & Celebration