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Keys to break Ice in Relations


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We human are social animals and.relations play an important part in our lifes. differences over some issues are common among two people but, when it lead to silence things gets tougher..
we are presenting some keys which may help us to break the ice of silence....

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Keys to break Ice in Relations

  1. 1. Keys To Break An Ice In Relation...
  2. 2. Fo r wa rd H i m S o m e Ro m a n t i c S m i l e y Me s s a ge s
  3. 3. Tr y To Re m a i n C l o s e To H i m W i t h A S m i l e
  4. 4. Prepare A Meal For Him
  5. 5. Present Him A Bunch Of Fresh Flowers
  6. 6. Give Him A Romantic Coffee Treat
  7. 7. P l a ce S o m e No te s To Ma ke H i m Fe e l S p e c i a l
  8. 8. Take Him On A L ong Drive Or Walk
  9. 9. Hold Him & Obser ve Deep Into His Eyes
  10. 10. Propose Him Once Again..
  11. 11. If these keys do not work…..have Patience….and….Keep trying You are doing it for someone SPECIAL