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Indian food like Job situations


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office environment and working is always unpredictable like the spices in indian food. but, they also give long lasting memories like the flavour of indian food..

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Indian food like Job situations

  1. 1. The IndianFast Food like JOBSituations
  2. 2. DAHI PAPDI the spicy yoghurt is like CAREER It is really unexpected that what flavor will come next …
  3. 3. BHELPURI the evergreen mixture is like PROMOTIONIt is hard to taste once and really hard to control urge of not tasting it
  4. 4. ALOO TIKKI the fried bun is like WEEKLY MEETING You need real courage to experience the pepper in them
  5. 5. DOSA SAMBHAR the magic roll is like ASSIGNMENTS Each masterpiece is too big to finish single handily
  6. 6. PANIPURI the real spicy waterball is like PAID OVERTIME It give short term excitement and a long term anxiety to have another
  7. 7. PAAV BHAJI the spicy bread is like CLIENT DEALING A spicy experience with tears in eyes and smoke from ears..
  8. 8. SAMOSA the crispy potato snack is like FREE TREATS One is not enough .. Two are good…counting stops after three
  9. 9. DAHI BADEY the sweet n’ spicy roll is like WEEKENDS Raj kachori: Each experience is refreshing and memorable
  10. 10. Each Situation Have Different Spices ….………..When You Live Them , You Enjoy Them