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How to express your l ov e to your boss


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Published in: Business, Technology
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How to express your l ov e to your boss

  1. 1. How to Express your LO/E to Your Boss ??
  2. 2. Place a Cockroach in his/her bag.
  3. 3. Put some Scratch on his /her N e w C ar.
  4. 4. Hide his C i g a r e t t e P a c k e t .
  5. 5. Insert a Hard virus in h i s n o t e b o o k .
  6. 6. Send him an Unnamed Love Letter .
  7. 7. Give a hard Kick his F a v o r i t e P e t .
  8. 8. Add laxative in his mineral water before his Important Presentation.
  9. 9. Gift his wife an Expensive flower on their Anniversary, to plot a tension in his married life.
  10. 10. Flat down All tires of his vehicle after a late night meeting.
  11. 11. Post Multiple Job Applications with his Details , Contact number & Personal E-mail .