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The Proverb common Sense


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life have more colors than seen through the sunglasses of Boundaries.
we all have bound our self with some famous quotes, try to free self from the myths and you will get the best of this world ..

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The Proverb common Sense

  1. 1. Funny but, True !!
  2. 2. All Life Is An Experiment …. but, Experiments withfacial expressions might create doubts about your sanity.
  3. 3. Practice Make A Man Perfect… but, More practice make him dumb
  4. 4. Charity Begins At Home but, Our parents hate to contribute it as our pocket money
  5. 5. There Is No Wisdom Like Silence but, There is no wise man who can share it with women.
  6. 6. Penny And Penny , Makes Many… than Why our piggy never give interest on savings…
  7. 7. The Darkest Hour Is Before Dawn … and The brightest hour is at the time of our marriage….
  8. 8. Anger Is Sign Of Inferiority…. I wonder how inferior our boss are ?
  9. 9. Friends Are Thieves Of Time ….. They are Rare type thieves for whom we keep our doors wide open
  10. 10. When Angry Count A Hundred … It will terrify others to never make you angry again
  11. 11. Thoughts are powerful tool to implement change in life …Don’t follow them so seriously they eliminate out the fun from your life