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Bigdata for Healthcare


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machine learning
big data

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Bigdata for Healthcare

  1. 1. Smart HealthcareSmart Healthcare Chittaranjan Hota, Puspendra Singh BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus; IIIT, New Delhi India-France Workshop in ICST (4th April, 2013) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  2. 2. CollaboratorsCollaborators Dr. Pushpendra Singh (Assistant Professor, IIIT- Delhi) Dr. Suman Kapur (Professor, Biological Sc. Department, BITS Hyderabad) Mr. R Sampath (CEO, BeWo Technologies, Bangalore) Looking for collaborations from France…
  3. 3. Why Healthcare?Why Healthcare?
  4. 4. Average growth rate in the last nine years has been 7.9%, Indian PM, March 7th , 2013 Still Concerns…Still Concerns…
  5. 5. High-throughput blood pressure systems: Systems that can measure the blood pressure of a large number of individuals. Measurement should integrate with a routine daily activity. Objectives •to raise awareness of the causes and consequences of high blood pressure •to provide information on how to prevent high b.p and related complications •to encourage self-care to prevent high blood pressureHigh BP 1 in 3 adults worldwide Chronic disease: Diabetes would cause maximum deaths amongst other chronic diseases from a total of 60 million deaths because of chronic diseases in India, WHO, Registrar general of India, etc.
  6. 6. Mobile ClinicsMobile Clinics Siemens sanjeevan mobile clinic Gurgaon 108 service, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu,… Aidstar-one, Nagpur Rajbhra Ltd, New Delhi
  7. 7. Mobile HealthcareMobile Healthcare Sehat Saathi, MediaLabAsia • An estimated 500 million people worldwide are expected to be using mobile healthcare applications by 2015, Reasearch2Guidance, Nov 2010. • There were nearly 17,000 health apps available in major app stores in November 2010, with 57% of them being aimed at consumers, Reasearch2Guidance.
  8. 8. Why Social Media?Why Social Media? SM Analysis of FB Pages • 60 Million Americans exchanged their medical experiences online with each other last year. • Almost 72 % of patients searched for online information before or after a doctor visit. • 890 hospitals in the US used social media to engage with their patients, Image Source: Wipro report
  9. 9. Few ExamplesFew Examples Crowd sourcing healthcare solutions@Harvard
  10. 10. Diagnosis Health Records HealthData Tests Results Sensors Physicia n WAP Gateway WAP Server Hadoop Clusters Health Data HTML Server Audio, Video Consultation Electronic Drug Prescription Proposed ArchitectureProposed Architecture
  11. 11. Application FrameworkApplication Framework Input Data Blood Sugar Heart Beat HDFS Recording Peers Peers Blood Pressure, Kidney failure, Blindness HistoryMySQL Map reduce Patient Health Care Social Networks Business Intelligence
  12. 12. TimelineTimeline 0 6 12 18 24 30 36 Literature Review Modeling of Devices Development of Devices Development of Software Testing and Validation of System Time in Months PhasesofDevelopment Packaging
  13. 13. Thank You!