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Enterprise modeling


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This is a reference slide for my Eclipse Demo camp 2011 talk

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Enterprise modeling

  1. 1. Enterprise modeling through CDO and Mylyn context Saurav Sarkar, SAP Labs India Eclipse Demo Camp 2011
  2. 2. What is Enterprise modeling ? Plain EMF is not enterprise modeling. Persistence of EMF models to different backend. Server side of EMF based applications like Session management, locking etc. Scalability and performance of EMF based applications. Collaboration in EMF based applications. Necessary UI supporting enterprise modeling.
  3. 3. Enterprise modeling -CDO It is a Java model repository for EMF models It act as a persistence and distribution framework for EMF based applications. Persistence of models into multi backend Collaboration Offline working
  4. 4. Enterprise modeling -Mylyncontext Mylyn context bridge for Modeling ,EMF and GMF Provides a focused mode for diagrams. The task-focused interface extensions provide Mylyn’s one-click multitasking facilities for working with models.
  5. 5. Useful Links and QA CDO CDO Poster Poster.pdf Mylyn modeling bridge My blog: Follow me: @sauravs Email: Q &A