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Internet of everything

Internet of everything,iot vs ioe

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Internet of everything

  1. 1. Department of Information Science & Engineering Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering Internet of Everything Saurav Mawandia 1DS10IS081 Internet of Everything 1
  2. 2. Agenda  Birth and growth of internet  Internet Growth occurring in Accelerating Waves  What is Internet of Everything?  IoE vs IoT  What is the Value at Stake Over the Next Ten Years?  IoE value Index  IoE: Health Care  IoE: Education  IoE: Making Road Safer  IoE: Customer Experience  Barriers  IoE tomorrow  Conclusion Internet of Everything 2
  3. 3. Birth and growth of Internet More than 99% of things in the physical world are unconnected Internet of Everything 3
  4. 4. Internet Growth occurring in Accelerating Waves Internet of Everything 4
  5. 5. What is Internet of Everything? IoE brings together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before—turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries. 5 Internet of Everything
  6. 6. Network connection of People,Process,Data,Things • Individuals have typically connected to the Internet through devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. • People, computers, and sensors are already creating more data than we can handle. In fact, by 2016, 1.3 zettabytes of data will flow over the Internet Internet of Everything 6
  7. 7. Video Internet of Everything 7
  8. 8. IoE vs IoT The IoE builds on the foundation of IoT by adding network Intelligence that allows convergence, orchestration and visibility across previously disparate systems Internet of Everything 8
  9. 9. What is the Value at Stake Over the Next Ten Years? Internet of Everything 9
  10. 10. IoE value Index To Maximize Value from IoE,firms should focus on the IoE-Driven Capabilities that will benefit their Industries most: 10Internet of Everything
  11. 11. IoE Security 11Internet of Everything Framework is comprised of three generalized components  Authentication  Authorization and Access Control  Network Enforced Policy
  12. 12. IoE Mobility We’re entering an age where home appliances, disposable consumer gadgets, and even buildings will be on the net and sharing information. But it is not only about connected things, it’s about the amazing things that will happen when you connect people, process and data with those things Mobile technology is also working to transform people’s lifestyles in large cities 12Internet of Everything
  13. 13. IoE for IT Data collection starts at the network edge, including a multitude of endpoint devices and sensors in everyday objects that automatically collect, analyze and transmit data—including video—on a massive scale 13Internet of Everything
  14. 14. IoE: Health Care What are the Challenges in health care? Effective use of technology Meeting regulatory requirements Hospital stays and readmissions Drug compliance Nursing costs Internet of Everything 14
  15. 15. IoE: Health Care(contd..) Technology—including the Internet of Everything (IoE), robotics, 3-D printing, wearable technology, cloud, mobility, and many others—promises to usher a new era in healthcare. Internet of Everything 15
  16. 16. IoE: Education What are the Challenges in Education?  We live in an era where the wealth of data and the exponential growth in the development of new knowledge is challenging institutions to rethink teaching and learning in a global market.  There is a need to prepare students for increasing competition in the workplace. Internet of Everything 16
  17. 17. IoE: Education (contd..) Internet of Everything 17
  18. 18. IoE:Making Road Safer Connected roads, cars and drivers will be able to gather data to make informed decisions about traffic, weather and other vehicles on the road creating – quite literally – a communication highway. Vehicle speed and driver attention, enabled by automation features, will be communicated to surrounding drivers and help those sharing the road prevent accidents Internet of Everything 18
  19. 19. IoE:Making Road Safer (contd..) All vehicles communicating data with one another will eventually lead to self-driving cars that will deliver safer road conditions and more predictability while driving Internet of Everything 19
  20. 20. IoE:Customer Experience Internet of Everything 20 How Can Retailers Benefit from IoE? Retail leaders should begin transforming their organizations based on key learnings from use cases Retailers can use mobile and video analytics to track in-store customer behaviour in order to optimize customer service and merchandising strategies
  21. 21. IoE:Customer Experience(contd..) Internet of Everything 21
  22. 22. Disadvantages Privacy Issues Loss of Jobs Over Reliance of Technology Potential of Widespread Malware Internet of Everything 22
  23. 23. Barriers Transition to IPv6 Security Privacy Reliability Energy source for the billions of sensors 23Internet of Everything
  24. 24. IoE Tomorrow Conquering Climate Change Hunger: By understanding and predicting long-term weather patterns, farmers will be able to plant crops that have the greatest chance for success. Provide clean drinkable water Internet of Everything 24
  25. 25. What now? The more we can prepare for the future, the better it will be when it arrives It is not too early to start planning for a world where more people, information, and things will be connected than ever before Internet of Everything 25
  26. 26. References  Cisco Resource center:,~tab~sm,acc~resource-center  Mattern, Friedemann; Christian Floerkemeier (2010)."From the Internet of Computers to the Internet of Things". Informatik- Spektrum 33 (2): 107–121.  to:a b P. Magrassi, T. Berg, A World of Smart Objects, Gartner research report R-17-2243, 12 August 2002  Cisco Blogs  P. Magrassi, A. Panarella, N. Deighton, G. Johnson,Computers to Acquire Control of the Physical World, Gartner research report T-14-0301, 28 September 2001  “Innovation Insight: The ‘Internet of Everything’ Innovation Will Transform Business,”  Gartner, 2012. "Gartner Says the Internet of Things Installed Base Will Grow to 26 Billion Units By 2020". Gartner. 2013-12-12. Retrieved 2014-01-02.  More Than 30 Billion Devices Will Wirelessly Connect to the Internet of Everything in 2020, ABI Research  "Cisco Connections Counter:" dynamic, online widget displays the number of connections being made at any one moment in time. content?type=webcontent&articleId=1208342  Jason Pontin: ETC: Bill Joy's Six Webs. In: MIT Technology Review, 29 September 2005. Retrieved 17 November 2013.  Qualcomm:  "Digital Agenda for Europe - European Commission".European Commission. Retrieved 2014-01-02.  Overview” 26Internet of Everything
  27. 27. THANK YOU Internet of Everything 27

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Internet of everything,iot vs ioe


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