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Information, communication & Health Technology


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A generic overview describing information, communication technologies and their use in the Healthcare services

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Information, communication & Health Technology

  1. 1. Information Communication & Health Technology Saurav Gupta C-DAC Mohali
  2. 2. Information “ Information is not Knowledge” -Albert Einstein
  3. 3. World Today Information is the oxygen of the modern age
  4. 4. Technologies Available Analog connection: normally referred to as Dialup ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network Digital Subscriber Line (DSL/ADSL ): normally referred as the Broadband internet Wireless Internet Satellite communication
  5. 5. Cloud Computing
  6. 6. Healthcare Services F acts: • India ranks 112 as per WHO rankings on global healthcare systems • India is short of 6,00,000 doctors and 10,00,000 nurses • According to UNDP, Government of India spends 1% of the GDP (Rs 200 per person) on healthcare every year.
  7. 7. Bridging the Gap Healthcare Services using Information and Communication technologies
  8. 8. Telemedicine: For Patients Connecting the patient with a centrally located Hospital using ICT Patient at rural and remote location
  9. 9. Telemedicine: For Hospitals
  10. 10. Advantage: Telemedicine Healthcare at the doorstep of the Patient Saves time and Costs Provides tertiary care at the rural and isolated level Provides tele-consultation between doctors Overcomes the challenges of inadequate infrastructure
  11. 11. Hospital Management Information System
  12. 12. Blood Bank Management System Blood Bank Website
  13. 13. Think Green! Thank You