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Blood Bank Management System by CDAC


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Blood Bank Management System by CDAC

  1. 1. Blood BankManagement System
  2. 2. ObjectiveBlood Bank Management System is a Comprehensive solution from the Health Informatics & Electronics Division of CDAC Mohali, which helps in the automation of the work-flow of a Blood Bank.
  3. 3. Features Donor Registration User Access Controls Blood Screening Stock Maintenance Whole Blood and blood component Requisition Cross Matching
  4. 4. Features Camp Management Blood and Blood component issue Component Separation Blood Discard Doctor and Administrator Module Blood Transfusion Notification about timely updates
  5. 5. Roles
  6. 6. Processes 1 Blood Donation 2 Blood Requisition 3 Stock Maintenance 4 Reporting
  7. 7. Blood Donation Blood Unit Gives Blood unit Donor details & Blood unit Screened Tests result
  8. 8. Blood Requisition Delivers the Gives Blood Sample Blood unitsAllocates Crossmatched BloodUnits Requisition Form Approves the Request
  9. 9. StockMaintenance Auto Update of Blood Units into the Inventory during Donation and Requisition Auto Update of Rejected Blood Units Auto Delete of Blood Unit on Expiry Manual Update/Delete Option
  10. 10. Reporting 1 Report by Total blood units 2 Report by Blood Group 3 Report by Discarded Blood units 4 Report by Expiry Date 5 Report by Specific Time Period etc.
  11. 11. Concept Proposal Blood Bank Website
  12. 12. Thank