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What is the rule and regulations of sprints sports ?

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Sprinit race

  1. 1. What is sprint• Sprints are short running events in athletics and track and field. Races over short distances are among the oldest running competitions There are three sprinting events 100 metres, 200 metres, and 400 metres.
  2. 2. Running Gear for Sprinters• Sprinters just need a vest and shorts and a pair of spikes for racing. In addition to this some warm clothing such as sweatshirt and tracksuits trouser are needed for warming up. Trainers should also be worn during warm ups and warm downs.
  3. 3. Sprints Training for Speed sprinting speed is abouttwo things, moving yourlegs fast and getting agood stride length oneach stride. To maximisethese things we will splitinto 3 parts. • Technique Development • Cadence • Power
  4. 4. 100m / 200m / 400m SprintThe 100m, 200m and 400mSprints are track events thatrequire pure speed and power.Powerful leg muscles providefast acceleration and top speed.Runners may use blocks at thestart of a race to reduce airresistance, therefore maximizingspeed and acceleration. Specialrunning shoes with spikes on thebottom of the sole providerunners with extra grip makingthem run faster.
  5. 5. 100m• The 100m race is the shortest outdoor sprint race distance in athletics. During the 100m, sprinters usually reach top speed somewhere between 50-60m into the race and then slow progressively towards the finish line. The primary focus of training for the 100m, is maintaining the top speed for as long as possible. The 100m is usually run on the home straight on an outdoor 400m running track. The start is set on an extension to make it a straight line race
  6. 6. The 5 Components of the 100msprint• Reaction time• Starting ability• Acceleration• Maintaining speed• Overcoming deceleration
  7. 7. 200m sprint• The 200-meter dash or sprint is a track-and- field event, half the distance of the 400 m oval track. Runners begin in starting blocks staggered around a curve in designated lanes so all have run the same distance at the finish line .
  8. 8. How to Run the 200 Meter sprint:-There are some instructions for 200m• Keep your head down out of the blocks as you drive through your start. Build speed, but stay relaxed.• Run the first quarter of the race at about 80 percent of your maximum effort. Pushing too hard will leave you without enough energy to finish strong, but you still need to get up to your maximum speed in a relatively short period of time• Pull your head up and slowly come out of your drive phase around the 30 meter mark.• Turn your right shoulder across your body as you run through the turn and onto the final straight.• Run at full speed from the 50 meter mark to the 150 meter mark. If you fatigue before the finish line, then youll only have to hold onto your position for the last 50 meter .
  9. 9. 400m sprint The 400 meter sprint is one ofthe most challenging events intrack and field. At all levels, itrequires speed endurance andtechnique because of the qualitiesnecessary to excel in it. Maximumsprint speed capability is asignificant contributing factor tosuccess but the 400 meter athletealso requires substantial speedendurance to sustain a fast speedover a whole lap. The 400-metersprint, for example, requires acombination ofspeed, strength, power andendurance to maximize yourperformance.
  10. 10. 400-METER RULES HEATSRunners go through heats, or preliminary races, to eliminate the slowercompetitors. This means the final race is run by the fastest competitors . START The 400-meter dash utilizes a staggered start to equalize the distance for all ofthe competitors, Starting blocks are allowed in the 400-meter race. All racesbegin with a report from the starters gun after "on your marks" and "set"commands, according to the International Association of Athletics Federations. DISQUALIFICATIONAn athlete who makes a false start gets one warning. After that, the runner isdisqualified from the race. A runner also can be disqualified for jostling orobstructing another athlete to impede her progress, according to the IAA
  11. 11. Top 5 Fastest Male 100mSprinters in History Nu Time Athlete Locati mbe Nationality Date (seconds) name on r 16 August 1. 9.58 Usain Bolt Jamaica Berlin 2009 20 Tyson 2. 9.69 USA Septembe Shanghai Gay r 2009 Yohan 23 August 2. 9.69 Jamaica Lausanne Blake 2012 2 Asafa 4. 9.72 Jamaica Septembe Lausanne Powell r 2008 Nesta 29 August 5. 9.78 Jamaica Riet Carter 2010
  12. 12. Top 5Fastest Female 100mSprinters in History Nu Time Nationa Locati mbe Athlete name Date (seconds) lity on r Florence 16 July Indianapo 1. 10.49 Griffith- USA 1988 lis Joyner 20 Carmelita 2. 10.64 USA Septemb Shanghai Jeter er 2009 12 Marion Johannes 3. 10.65 USA Septemb Jones burg er 1998 Shelly- Ann 29 June 4. 10.70 Jamaica Kingston Fraser- 2012 Pryce Christine 19 August 5. 10.73 France Budapest