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Corporate World Reality


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Welcome to corporate world

Published in: Business
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Corporate World Reality

  1. 1. Corporate world Survival of the fittest
  2. 2. Two guys were hiking through the jungle
  3. 3. Suddenly they spotted a tiger
  4. 4. The Tiger looked very hungry and very fast.
  5. 5. One of the guys reached into his pack and pulled out a pair of Nike shoes.
  6. 6. Changes his shoes.
  7. 7. His friend looked at him "Do you really think those shoes are going to make you run faster than that tiger?"
  8. 8.     Any guesses for the answer???  
  9. 9.     The answer is: "I don't have to run faster than that tiger, his friend replied. "I  just have to run faster than you."  
  10. 10. If this was your answer then:  Welcome to the corporate world!
  11. 11. Every morning in the jungles of Africa a gazelle wakes up and realizes that if it is to survive the day it must outrun the fastest cheetah . Every morning in the jungles of Africa a cheetah wakes up and knows that if it is to eat today it must outrun the slowest gazelle .
  12. 12. So it doesn't matter whether you a cheetah or a gazelle. When the sun comes up you have better be ready to run!!! Africa is not very different from the corporate world