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MS&L Contacts Book

  1. 1. MS&L Asia August 2009 Asia Network w w w. m s l wo r l d w i d e . c o m Capabilities and Contacts
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction 01 MS&L Asia Overview Network Map 02 About MS&L 04 Culture 06 Publicis Groupe 07 MS&L Asia Capabilities Corporate 08 Consumer 10 Healthcare 12 B2B and Technology 14 Digital 16 Beauty, Fashion and Luxury 18 Travel and Economic Development 20 Additional Specialty Services 22 MS&L Asia Contacts Asia Regional Leadership 25 Greater China: Mainland China 26 Greater China: Hong Kong 28 Greater China: Taiwan 30 India 32 Japan 36 Singapore 38 Malaysia 40 Southeast Asia 42 Korea 44 Pacific Rim 46 Central and South Asia 48 Worldwide Contacts 50
  3. 3. Introduction Dear Clients, Partners and Staff of MS&L Asia: In the past two years, the MS&L Asia network has enjoyed tremendous growth and transformation. We’ve added hundreds of new staff and new clients, moved almost all of our offices into larger locations, established new operations in a number of key markets, and significantly expanded our partnerships across the region. These exciting changes have increased the necessity for all MS&L staff, clients and partners around the world to have a current overview of our network capabilities, and the ability to contact any one of us at a moment’s notice. With this goal in mind, I am delighted to share with you our latest MS&L Asia Network Capabilities and Contacts Book. Wishing you all successful collaborations, Glenn Osaki President MS&L Asia Select MS&L Asia team members 01
  4. 4. Asia Network Map MS&L Offices KS AA Z N AK H T MA O N GO L I R U S SI A 1. Ahmedabad, India 2. Beijing, China UT ZA BN EK I S KS YT R N GY ZA Beijing N O RT H 3. Bangalore, India K O RE A 4. Chennai, India TE UI N TT RT KA M NS AN J I A K I S 5. Delhi, India J A PA N 6. Hong Kong Seoul Tokyo X ia a ny n g OO U s ST a H k a 7. Hyderabad, India C H I NA K O RE A AI N FS GA HA NT 8. Seoul, Korea L a h or e H e f ei 9. Kolkata, India C h e ng d u 10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Shanghai PN A K IS T A (Regional HQ) N E P AL Cn h g o ng q i 11. Mumbai, India Delhi B HU T A N 12. Pune, India K a r ac h i Kd a u tn hm a 13. Shanghai, China BD A S B H G L AE Ahmedabad D a c ca Se T hn a en z h ii pe 14. Singapore II ND A G u uo a ng z h TA IN WA Kolkata M Y AN M AR 15. Tokyo, Japan O i Hong Kong (M B UR A) Mumbai L a AN So H V ii e nt an e Pune Hyderabad B a n gk o k Bangalore VI A ET NM M a n i la Chennai CI A MB O DA MS&L Office PP he nn oh m PIS HE IP LIN P Affiliate Office Hi C on C i h t i h M y SK RA IN LA P A LA U ML AR SH A L C o lb om o I N SL AD S M A L AY S I A B R UN E I FT T EE E D SO E T F R A AD S M A L DIS VE Kuala Lumpur MI IO CA R NE S Singapore N A U RU Affiliate Offices 1. Bangkok, Thailand 13. Kathmandu, Nepal IO NA D NE S I 2. Canberra, Australia 14. Lahore, Pakistan PN AW PU AE KI IA RIT B J a ka r t a GU IA NE 3. Chengdu, China 15. Manila, Philippines T IR MO - 4. Chongqing, China 16. Melbourne, Australia L E ST E SO S OL ON A M M OA I N SL AD S 5. Colombo, Sri Lanka 17. Osaka, Japan 6. Dacca, Bangladesh 18. Phnom Penh, VU A NU A T 7. Guangzhou, China Cambodia NE W CN AA LI ED O 8. Hefei, China 19. Shenzhen, China FO I T JN I G A 9. Hanoi, Vietnam 20. Sydney, Australia 10. Ho Chi Minh City, 21. Taipei, Taiwan SAR Vietnam PRC AI UA S TR A L 11. Jakarta, Indonesia 22. Vientiane, Laos 23. Xianyang, China 12. Karachi, Pakistan N E W 02 S y d n ZD e E y A LA N MS A U RI TI U Ca n be r r a note: certain elements of map scale adjusted for design purposes and M ee lu bo r n the borders used do not reflect areas of political dispute.
  5. 5. About MS&L As advisors, we offer strategic counsel based on rock-solid judgment and extensive experience to help companies and brands engage key audiences and customers. In a constantly changing media landscape, we go beyond traditional choices and beyond expectations. As advocates, we aggressively represent the interests of our clients in both time- proven and creative ways. Advising and advocacy are core, traditional services of our industry, but digital media have created an opportunity for us to be, and also create, activists for our clients and their ideas. The effects of our activist communications in a digital age can be dramatic and powerful, helping us motivate influential audiences to become passionate advocates and activists for our clients’ companies and brands. This communications formula ensures that our clients, and MS&L, will build lasting brands and achieve lasting business success. Advisors. Advocates. Activists. It’s who we are, and what we do. 04
  6. 6. Asia Culture and Values MS&L and Publicis Groupe Savvy. Anticipatory. MS&L is a wholly owned subsidiary of Across Asia, MS&L collaborates with At MS&L, we’ve learned that there’s At MS&L, we believe that it isn’t Publicis Groupe S.A., the world’s 4th Publicis Groupe and other outside more than one kind of smart. There’s enough to be merely competent. To do largest communications company with agencies that specialize in advertising, the facts-at-your-fingertips kind of what we’re told. Or to deliver only what more than 40,000 employees in 109 events, digital or media services for smart – which we are. But there’s our clients ask of us. That’s why we countries. more than 100 clients. another kind – the kind that comes work so hard to learn each client’s from experience and insight. It goes business. So we can see beyond their Our teams are skilled at working in beyond mere intelligence. It’s about immediate needs. Anticipate next integrated and collaborative models being in the know, and making things steps. Expect the unexpected. We’re a that ensure that MS&L programs are happen. Our people are bright, company of mentalists and mind synchronized and more effective. clever, head-of-their-class and readers, constantly working so that ahead of the curve. But when you we’re never surprised by the add street smarts to the equation, the unforeseen. We’re always prepared. result is a collective intelligence that Always ready. Always able to take the can solve virtually any business initiative and react at a moment’s PUBLICIS GROUPE problem. notice. Inventive. Catalytic. Brand Families At MS&L, we are a company of creative At MS&L, we believe that in a thinkers. Problem solvers. A collection constantly changing world, we must of innovative people who approach respond quickly with ideas that can every situation, every challenge, with transcend and transform. We don’t just freshness and originality. We never spark the marketplace, we make PUBLICIS DIALO G settle for tried and true. We don’t aim change happen faster. We introduce for safe and predictable. We go for new conversations about our clients’ broke. We push the edge. Right to the brands. Our strategies and programs PUBLICIS MODEM point where the edge disappears and trigger new connections, and new ways we end up in a new space no one’s ever to build momentum. We constantly seen before. For us, it’s non-negotiable push for new and better methods for – we strive for bold thinking that people to learn, engage and grow. We connects on an emotional level and are catalysts for transformational ignites the imagination. thinking and our goal is a faster, better- 49% connected world. Specialized Marketing Services Brands Public Relations, Design/ Healthcare Corporate Communications and Events Multicultural Production 06
  7. 7. Capabilities – Corporate MS&L Asia's corporate team has helped hundreds of international corporations position, promote and protect their corporate reputations in Asia markets through a variety of programs. This includes extensive relationship-building initiatives with local and regional corporate influencers, industry bodies, government associations, local communities, online influencers, media and investors. Select Corporate Experience 08
  8. 8. Capabilities – Consumer MS&L Asia's consumer marketing team works across multiple sectors to provide clients with insight-based consumer programs to drive awareness, differentiation, sales and loyalty for a variety of brands. Our team employs traditional techniques including publicity and events as well as innovative techniques leveraging influencer marketing, digital communications and mobile platforms. Select Consumer Experience 10
  9. 9. Capabilities – Healthcare MS&L Asia's healthcare team has expertise supporting global, regional and local healthcare clients ranging from pharmaceuticals, providers, consumer wellness product manufacturers and NGOs. Our team is skilled at navigating the complex healthcare communications dynamic in each market and developing programs that educate, change behaviors, inspire and build credibility for products and services. Select Healthcare Experience Health 12
  10. 10. Capabilities – B2B and Technology MS&L Asia's technology team supports clients ranging from start-up ventures to global corporations in developing innovative communications programs that speak to unique technology media, influencers, consumers and other stakeholders. Our team specializes in communicating technological innovations, working with media and 3rd party groups to communicate innovative corporate and product visions, driving awareness and trial through reviews, case studies, testimonials and online influencers such as bloggers. Select B2B and Technology Experience 14
  11. 11. Capabilities – Digital MS&L Asia's digital team helps clients navigate the complex digital landscape in Asia that includes dozens of online tools ranging from blogs to portals, social networks, BBS/forums, video and photo sharing and wikis, just to name a few. Our team helps you understand which online tools, destinations and influencers matter most for your target audiences and develop creative programs to help connect in relevant ways online to drive awareness, positive brand image and sales. Select Digital Experience S T A R 16
  12. 12. Capabilities – Fashion, Beauty and Luxury MS&L Asia's specialty fashion, beauty and luxury team excels at working to position and promote brands appealing to consumers that aspire to associate with brands that embody innovative technology, trend-setting styles, social status, exclusivity and the art of fine living. This team works to leverage connections with media, entertainment, celebrities and essential local influencers to differentiate brands and communicate the aspirations they represent. Select Fashion, Beauty and Luxury Experience 18
  13. 13. Capabilities – Travel and Economic Development MS&L Asia's travel and economic development team has extensive experience promoting destinations, travel providers, cultural offerings and business opportunities across the Asia region. From working with media, business organizations, trade groups and online, our team knows how to drive excitement, visitors, word-of-mouth and investment interest using a variety of traditional and non-traditional communications techniques. MS&L Japan won the 2009 Cannes PR Lion in the Travel, Tourism & Leisure category for the Yubari City, Japan, "No Money But Love" campaign. Select Travel and Economic Development Experience 20
  14. 14. Capabilities – Additional Specialty Services In addition to the capabilities areas highlighted on the previous pages, MS&L Asia's offices routinely embark on assignments for clients that span typical communications disciplines or require speciality communications skills. A few of these areas of expertise include: ¡ Corporate Responsibility ¡ Sponsorship Activation ¡ Internal Communications ¡ and Issues Management Crisis ¡ Training Media ¡ Executive Communications ¡ Branding ¡ Special Events ¡ Merger and Change Communications ¡ Entertainment Marketing ¡ Sustainability Communications Eco/ ¡ IM MS&L Influencer Marketing ¡ Government Relations ¡ Financial and Investor Communications 22
  15. 15. Asia Regional Leadership For regional inquires related to existing clients, new business or general questions about the MS&L Asia network, please contact: Glenn Osaki SHANGHAI President, Asia 755 Huai Hai Zhong Road T +86 21 5465 8490 15 Floor Suite F M +86 138 1780 0119 Shanghai 200020, China E T +86 21 5465 8488 F +86 21 5665 8400 Josh Shapiro Business Director, Asia BEIJING MS&L Digital Director, Asia Tower 1 - 1716 T +86 10 6510 2228 x 651 Bright China Chang An Building M +86 139 1005 9661 No, 7 Jian Guo Men Nei Da Jie M +825 6971 0263 Beijing 100005, China E T +86 10 6510 2228 F +86 10 5108 8248 25
  16. 16. Greater China: Mainland China bird nest stadium, beijing, china. MS&L China represents leading multinational companies across industries that wish to appropriately position, promote and protect their corporate and product brands across China. This team includes two offices in Mainland China and a network that reaches 43 additional 2nd, 3rd and 4th tier Chinese cities for media and local activation programs. 26
  17. 17. Greater China: Hong Kong view of harbour, hong kong. The MS&L Hong Kong office opened in 1998 and serves as a key hub for regional program development and execution for key global and regional companies and organizations. The Hong Kong office also works closely with MS&L's offices in China and partners in Taiwan. 28
  18. 18. Greater China: Taiwan chiang kai-shek memorial, taipei, taiwan. MS&L works closely with its long-time partner ICL Taiwan to service international client needs ranging from corporate to consumer, healthcare, technology and digital communications. 30
  19. 19. India MUMBAI Rehem Mansion 1, 3rd floor Sunil Gautam 42, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road Managing Director Colaba, Mumbai 400 001, India M +91 98200 33755 T +91 22 6752 4600 E F +91 22 6633 5979 F +91 22 6752 4678 Jaideep Shergill W Partner & Member - Corporate Leadership Team Avan Abad, 2nd Floor M +91 98210 42514 Walton Road, Above Hotel Oliver E Opposite - Cusrow Baug Colaba, Mumbai - 400 039 Onassis Vaz T +91 22 614 65300 Vice President & Head F +91 22 614 65340 Financial Communication & IR M +91 98200 53487 E Glen D'souza Vice President & Practice Head Consumer brands M +91 98214 14845 E Sudesh Vaidya Chief Financial Officer M +91 98202 98474 E Vijay Swami Sr. Vice President (Creative Services) M +91 98202 21639 E Luna Biswas Associate Vice President M +91 99200 38219 E Schubert Fernandes Associate Vice President M +91 98197 92973 taj mahal, india. E Vipul Bondal Associate Vice President Originally founded in 1999 as Hanmer & Partners, the Hanmer MS&L India network M +91 99203 84555 includes more than 350 staff, 8 main offices and satellite offices in 35 additional cities E for local media and activation needs. The Hanmer MS&L team is a full-service communications firm with teams specializing in PR, events, digital PR and interactive and advertising and creative services. 32
  20. 20. India AHMEDABAD BANGALORE Krishna, B Wing, 4th Floor Amit Desai No.12, Narayan Reddy Colony For Bangalore market needs, 402 - 406, Opp. Devashish School Partner & Member - Annaswamy Muddliar Road contact Jaideep Shergill. (see page 32) Behind Punjab Automobiles Corporate Leadership Team Near Ulsoor Lake Off S. G. Highway, Bodakdev M +91 98250 36380 Bangalore 560 042, India Ahmedabad 380 054, India E T +91 80 0000 0000 T +91 79 2687 2917 F +91 80 0000 0000 F +91 79 2687 1726 Pankaj Desai Vice President (Creative Services) M +91 98250 20876 E KOLKATA 45 Shakespeare Sarani For Kolkata market needs, Century Towers, 2nd Floor contact Jaideep Shergill. (see page 32) DELHI Flat No.201, Kolkata 700 017, India E - 228, Basement Ramakrishna Prayag T +91 33 2283 3131 East of Kailash National Head, Media Services T +91 33 2283 3132 New Delhi 110 065, India M +91 98116 71163 F +91 33 2283 3130 T +91 11 4651 7700 E T +91 11 4651 7708 F +91 11 4651 7799 Sandeep Raj Singh Head, PR (North), HYDERABAD Practice Head - Telecom 104, 1st Floor, Lake Melody Mukta Kumar M +91 98732 95300 H-No. 6-3-1099/ 1 / 14 & 15 Head, PR E Hotel Fortune Katriya Lane M +91 98859 07090 Raj Bhavan Road , Somajiguda E Neha Kirpal Hyderabad 500082, India Head, Events (North) T +91 40 2331 4638 M +91 98180 28322 T +91 40 2331 3894 E F +91 40 2331 4587 Sushma Rana Head Human Resources & Training PUNE M +91 99993 13704 Flat No. 4, Harihareshwar For Pune market needs, E Co.op Society, Gokhale Nagar Road contact Jaideep Shergill. (see page 32) Pune 411016, India T +91 20 2566 7301 T +91 20 2566 7302 CHENNAI Old No 121/ 12, New No 275 Varghese Cherian (Near Studio Cell), TTK Road Vice President, Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018, India South & Practice Head, IT T +91 44 4214 4891 M +91 9884 472014 T +91 44 4214 4892 E F +91 44 4214 4890 F +91 44 4211 2871 34
  21. 21. Japan rainbow bridge, tokyo tower, tokyo. Originally founded in 1995 as Gravitas KK, the MS&L Japan team has a long history of supporting international and local companies communicate through Japan's unique media environment to reach consumers and professionals. The office's strengths include working as counselors to international clients who wish to understand and communicate effectively in Japan, high-tech and luxury goods marketing and travel/ tourism. 36
  22. 22. Singapore SINGAPORE 8 Murray Street, #02-01 Yvonne Koh Singapore 079522 Regional Account Director T +65 6595 9818 T +65 6595 9806 F +65 6595 9805 M +65 9760 7210 E Affiliate SINGAPORE Lena Soh-Ng Huntington Communications Senior Partner 2 Bukit Merah Central T +65 6339 2883 #15-02 Spring Singapore Bldg E Singapore 159 835 F +65 6278 6467 the esplanade theatres on the bay, singapore. Established in 2002, MS&L Singapore is the agency's hub for many Southeast Asia programs and clients and routinely works across multiple countries and languages, in addition to implementing programs in the local Singapore market. The MS&L Singapore team specializes in consumer lifestyle, beauty, health, technology and digital assignments and has deep connections to the local Singapore and Southeast Asia influencers in these areas. 38
  23. 23. Malaysia KUALA LUMPUR M1, Mezzanine Floor, Wisma LYL Leslie Lim 12, Jalan 51A/223, 46100 Petaling Jaya Group Account Director Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia T +60 3 7952 2218 T +60 3 7952 2222 M +60 12 327 0122 F +60 3 7958 4260 E petronas twin towers, kuala lumpur, malaysia. Originally opened in 1996 as a division of Publicis Advertising Malaysia, MS&L Malaysia has deep ties to the Malaysian media industry and has helped leading global and local companies and organizations reach and influence Malaysian consumers and stakeholders. 40
  24. 24. Southeast Asia For support with our Southeast Asia partners, contact Yvonne Koh. (see page 38) Affiliates THAILAND Francom Paul Dumont 28th Floor, Sathorn Nakorn Tower President 100/57 North Sathorn Road T +66 2636 8339 Silom, Bangkok 10500, Thailand M +66 8 1628 0651 T +66 22 334 329 E F +66 22 368 030 W Arc PR Kulapa-on (Gaga) Chansrakao 3rd Fl. Sindhorn Tower 1 Business Director 130-132 Wireless Rd, Patumwan T +66 2 684 5706 Bangkok 10330, Thailand M +66 8 6993 3668 T +66 2 684 5700 E F +66 2 684 5701 VIETNAM, CAMBODIA Venus Communications Ltd. Thanin Prongthura (Lance) 90 Ky Con st., Dist. 1, HCMC Managing Director T +848 3823 8686 M +84 121 918 4270 F +848 3823 8687 E INDONESIA Publicis Dialog Indonesia Kiki Rizki 5/F, Gedung Samudera Indonesia General Manager Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 35 Slipi T +62 215 480 719 Jakarta 11480, Indonesia M +62 818 969 274 T +62 21 530 6221 E F +62 21 548 0870 PHILIPPINES Dominguez Marketing Mel Dominguez Communications Inc. President and CEO Unit 302 Metropolitan Terraces M +63 918 9015841 buddhist temple of wat arun, bangkok. Condominium, Sacred Heart Avenue E corners Kamagong and Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City, 1203, Philippines Idel S. Esagunde T +63 28 977 088 Head, Operations & HRAD Coordinated by the MS&L Singapore office, MS&L's network of partners across T +63 28 977 091 M +63 928 5067936 Southeast Asia have worked with MS&L and its clients for many years to provide F +63 28 995 264 E strategic communications support across several markets. W 42
  25. 25. Korea kyongbokkung palace, seoul, korea. Opened in 2007 in partnership with KPR and Associates, one of Korea's top local PR firms, the MS&L Korea team works to support key global and regional clients and has experience across consumer, corporate, healthcare, technology, travel/tourism, luxury goods and digital assignments. 44
  26. 26. Pacific Rim Affiliate AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND Reputation Pty Terri-Helen Gaynor Suite 2 Level 1, 30 Clarence Street Director Sydney NSW 2000, Australia T +61 2 8252 7001 F +61 2 9262 6782 M +61 409 870 022 W E Level 1, 244 Inkerman St For support in other Pacific islands, St Kilda East, Melbourne contact Terri-Helen Gaynor Victoria, 3138, Australia T +613 9527 5055 F +613 9527 5099 Unit 7/39 Moore St Turner, Canberra ACT, 2612, Australia T +612 6162 0887 opera house, sydney. MS&L's long-term partner in Australia, Reputation Pty, directs programs in the Pacific Rim region and has deep expertise across corporate, consumer, healthcare and technology industries, as well as financial services and government relations. 46
  27. 27. Central and South Asia For support in Nepal, Bangladesh or other Central and South Asia markets, contact Jaideep Shergill (see page 32) Affiliates SRI LANKA Arc PR Ranil De Silva 379, R A De Mel Mawatha Managing Director Colombo – 3, Sri Lanka T +94 11 237 2087 T +94 11 2372080 E F +94 11 2372088 W Chrishani Kotalawela General Manager T +94 11 2372080 E PAKISTAN Masood Hasan wapda house and punjab assembly, lahore, pakistan Publicis PR CEO, Publicis Pakistan 68C2 Gulberg 3 Lahore 54660, T +92 42 575 3568 Pakistan M +92 345 420 6889 T +92 42 576 5101 E F +92 42 575 3569 W E-4/F-4, 3rd Floor, Marine Drive Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan T +92 21 5377096-7 F +92 21 5369089 twin towers, world trade center, colombo, sri lanka. MS&L's close partners in Central and South Asia, including Pakistan and Sri Lanka, work to support MS&L's global and regional clients and have expertise across every major industry sector. 48
  28. 28. Worldwide Contacts MS&L WORLDWIDE – CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Allison Ross VP, Global Corporate Communications E MS&L WORLDWIDE – BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Wendy Lund EVP, Global Client and New Business Development E Bronwen Andrews Director, European Business Development E xioxioxi For more information on MS&L Worldwide, visit 50