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saurabh soni rac


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saurabh soni rac cmpe 272 saurabhsoni

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saurabh soni rac

  1. 1. Client: Oh! My Server Failed what to do Next ..? Can Any One help me? Presented By: Saurabh Soni
  2. 2. Down Time Unplanned Planned Upgradation Disaster •DB Upgrade •Fire C •OS Upgrade •Flood A •Middleware Upgrade •Earthquake U •Application Upgrade S E S Planned Routine Operation Human Error O •Backup F •System Admin •Security Management •Operator Error D •Performance Management •User Error O •DBA W N Periodic Maintenance S/W & H/W Failure T I •Software Patches •Middleware & Application M •Storage Maintenance •Operating System E •Initialization Parameters •Power Supply •Schema Management •Database •Operating System •Network •Middleware •Memory •Tap & Disk
  3. 3. Questions Arrives !!!!  Availability  Does Company do a Commitment of an availability of System?  Is Company’s profit tied to System Availability?  Do Human lives depend on System Availability?  Scalability  Cost  Downtime Cost for an Hour?  Recovery  Does Company need Disaster Recovery System?  Company’s Applications Viewed Directly
  4. 4. Architecture
  5. 5. Oracle RAC Architecture •Detail Example of two nodes: •Each Node has its Own Table Space - Memory Area - Own Log File •If One node have More load then it automatically activates another Node.
  6. 6. Features Improved Work load Throughput Management Scalability Over REAL Transparency Single Instance APPLICATION Systems CLUSTER Improved High Availability Response Time • Improved Throughput: because more node handles the situation very well. • High Availability : Server available 99.99% if any Node Fails handle the Situation. • Improved Response Time: Better response by RAC because Node Distribute Work. • Transparency & scalability over single instance system that we can add more node As we want to increase the performance of System.
  7. 7. Existing Infrastructure • Big Cost • Hard to Maintain • Number of Computer Resource • Hard to align with Business processes • Availability • Full Scalability • Server Shared Between Application EMAIL • Automatic Workload ERP Management CRM DW
  8. 8. Work Load Management Spare Node Supply Chain Node Working Node  Test Situation : Normally RAC System With Normal Server Allocation.  Node act as a Server in the above Scenario.  Normally System has 1 spare Server (Wheel)  RAC (CAR)
  9. 9. Work Load Management Spare Node Supply Chain Node Working Node Here One Server Fails Still Database Available. Test Situation : In RAC System With Server Fails.  Fail Server is not working and removed from the RAC.  Fail Server (Puncher Wheel) Remove from  RAC (CAR).  Spare server Working as Working Node and Handle the Node. 
  10. 10. Comparison Of Technology Shared Data Partitioned Data Individual Instance Multiple Instances Individual Database Shared Database SQL Server Oracle RAC Shared Nothing Cluster. Very High Level Group of independent databases. Shared disk View of single database instances. Shared cache Working on Partitioned SQL Server back Served by 1 or more database server up server mechanism follows. instances Data Replication use if one Of the Node fails the All instances working again the same Other Backup device handle the situation. copy of data
  11. 11. Benefits • Expand the Scalability • Full Transparency • High Availability • Buffer Cache Management via Distributed Memory • Row Locking & Concurrency Control. • Recovery Manager, Online Backups, and Archiving. • Fast Commits, Group Commits, and Deferred Writes.
  12. 12. Benefits • Increase system speed and performance.
  13. 13. Cost Estimation  Which Factors are Major Affected: 1. Hardware and software cost 2. Supplier support and maintenance cost 3. Personnel to support and maintain the system cost 4. Capital spent or saved for a particular product(s) cost
  14. 14. REAL WORLD EXAMPLE WITH FACT FIGURES !!!!!! • Syndicate Bank implemented core banking with the Help Of Oracle Application Architecture (RAC). • Over 1700 Branches as of January 2008 impacting 19 million customers over India. • Oracle RAC provide on-line, real-time banking across branches seamlessly. • The clustered database environment has helped optimize maximum data availability at reduced costs. • Not only this, Syndicate Bank achieved a record last year when 101 branches went live on a single day.
  15. 15. References Books  Oracle Database 10g: High Availablity with RAC Flashback & Data Guard by Matthew Hart and Scott Jesse ISBN:0072254289 WebSites         WhitePapers  BusinessWhitePaper.pdf
  16. 16. Any Queries..?