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  1. 1. Presented by Sushant Waghmare Saurabh Meshram Vikrant Choudhary Sushilkumar Gajare
  2. 2. 1G 2G 3G 1G- First-generation wireless, telephone technology, cell phones. 2G - Digital mobile phones, including those that use GSM, CDMA or TDMA networks data-transfer rates 9.6 kb/s to 19.2 kb/s. 3G-Handle streaming video, two-way voice over IP, and Internet content with high-quality graphics and plug-ins to a wireless phone. maximum data rate of 2 Mb/s. The first commercial launch of 3G by NTT DoCoMo in Japan on 1 October 2001
  3. 3. What is 3G 3G (Third Generation) is the latest wireless technology It is also known as UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) 3G phone was designed so users would be able to surf the fast Internet. It providing wireless access to the data & information to the user from anywhere & at anytime.
  4. 4. 3G Standards NAME DESCRIPTION GEOGRAPHICALAREA • Evolutionary EDGE upgrade to GSM/GPRS Worldwide, except Japan and South Korea • Evolutionary CDMA2000 upgrade to Americas, Asia, Some cdmaOne(IS-95) others • Family of Worldwide, Europe & UMTS revolutionary China upgrade to GSM • Short-range; DECT standard for Europe, USA cordless phones
  5. 5.  11 December 2008, India entered in 3G First service provider MTNL in Delhi and later in Mumbai BSNL launched 3G services on 22 Feb 2009 to the nation wide 3G Spectrum allocated to all private operators on 1 September 2010 Government has already earned 67,719 crore (US$15.1 billion) from the 3G spectrum auction The first Private-sector service provider that launched 3G services is Tata DoCoMo, on November 5, 2010 BSNL is the most successful company in 3G services. It has more than 3 million users of its 3G service with widest coverage around 826 cities across the country
  6. 6. Advantages of 3G 3G technology works up to 2Mbps 3G cellular phones also have conventional voice, fax and data services, as well as high-resolution video and multimedia services Fastest mobile office services such as virtual banking and online-billing, video conferencing, online entertainment, Telemedicine, and access to the Internet Able to Watch television on the phone Video calling with other people who also use the same 3G technology
  7. 7. Video Calling Mobile TV Online Gaming
  8. 8. • 3g Mobile handset are expensive• Data plans are high priced• Country wide distribution of circles are inequitable• Fluctuating Data speed• Mobile Internet are not widely Spread
  9. 9. Customer Needs Affordable 3G handsets Reasonable Data plans Equitable circle distribution Steadier data speed Technological Awareness Data Security
  10. 10. Circles to Private Companies in INDIA S Tel, 3 Vodafone, 9 Aircel, 13 Bharti Airtel, 13 Idea, 11 Reliance, 1 Tata 3 DoCoMo, 9
  11. 11. Vodafone TATA DoCoMo !deaFaster Smarter Better Keep it Simple Silly 3g pe Beezee Airtel Reliance Aircel Dil Jo Chahe Paas Superior IP network Laay = No pixilation Pocket Internet 3G
  12. 12. THANK YOU