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Saurabh mandal - amazon - general module


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amazon - general module

Published in: Technology, Design
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Saurabh mandal - amazon - general module

  1. 1. Amazon - GoodlocalseoBelow step is to add product from existing product, without UPCcode.Steps: 1. Click on this link: 2. Enter provided ID and Passwrod. 3. Now you will get below window. 4. Now Click on “Manage Inventory”, this will how you all products list.
  2. 2. 5. On Above page you can see there is a column “Actions” in products list.6. Click on Action you will get a options to perform action.
  3. 3. On above list of drop down you will get “Copy to a new product”, 2ndfrom below in the list.This will create a duplicate product of selected one. This action willinclude Name, SKU, seller SKU, description, Keywords, Features, ButWe need to add images manually.Note: Before duplicating the product please confirm you are selectingthe correct product. 7. Once you create a duplicate product, It will show you below Vital info page.
  4. 4. On this window, make changes in relevant fields.For this project we are going to change or add below fields. a. Product Name Format: Product Same + size + in. Product Name: Same from source website Size: Same from source website In the end of these 2 add “in.” b. Model Number Format: Same from source website 8. Once you change or add information click on Next button. 9. Now you will see “Offer” page, Here we are going to change below details. a. Seller SKU
  5. 5. Format: Same as source website SKU b. Condition Format: Here this will be “New” c. Your Price Format: increase price by 30% d. Quantity Format: This will be “1”.Click on next button 10. Now you will get “Images” tab.
  6. 6. Click on Add image button to upload Image. It will show you a pop upwindow.Browse file and upload image.
  7. 7. Image will get loaded once you finish product, so please wait untilproduct get finished.Once you are done with uploading image.Click on next button. This will take you on Description tab. 11. Here we will add “Key Product Features”, and “Product Description”. Key product Features will show on product page as bulletpoint, and Product Description will as paragraph. Note: We cannot add HTML in description field.Once you are done with this tab, click on next button. This will takeyou on Keywords tab. 12. On this tab we will add only “Search Terms”.
  8. 8. This search terms are for internal use only, no search will be visible onproducts page, this is related to products searching results.Note: Always add relevant keywords here. Must be SEO friendlyClick on next button, It will take you on More details tab. 13. Here we will add relevant information for product. Generally we add below details: a. Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price b. Product Dimensions c. Shipping Weight
  9. 9. Once you are done with this steps click on save and finish button.Now you are done with uploading product on amazon.When we are adding product with UPC code we will click on add aproduct button. And follow step 7 to 13. Add all relevant information.