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Wireless solution

Wireless Solutions BY tech M

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Wireless solution

  1. 1. “TechMahindra presents Lite Speed Telco for launching an entire BSS/OSS in 30 days…
  2. 2. 2 Tech Mahindra presents its flagship Lite Speed Telco Launch Wireless Solution- a prefabricated, preconfigured Oracle end-to-end BSS and OSS solution with multiple deployment options such as Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid. The solution helps reduce the deployment time by one-third and associated delivery costs by up to 50%. It is designed and built around principles that will help telcos swiftly kick start their wireless telecom services on a virtualized platform and remain competitive in changing environment. Speed to Market – Speedy launch of telecom services with deployment of end-to- end BSS and OSS stack within 30 days – Ready to deploy end-to- end user journeys adhering to eTOM processes – Faster time-to-market and quicker revenue generation from innovative services Open New Revenue Streams – Quick launch of bundled Voice and Data services – Agility to choose add-on functionalities such as Business Intelligence to cater to all business needs Experience power of Automation and Convergence – Automate service request handling through Web Self Care Channels – Support for all Payment Types—Prepaid, Post- paid, Hybrid and On- demand services – Enhance customer experience with a single window for prepaid - post-paid New Operating Paradigm – Industrialization and standardization leveraged for optimized Capex and Opex for successful business. – Development and maintenance support while optimizing costs and improving productivity – Seamless integration enablement for IN platform, ERP and BI as an extension to the core solution – Flexible deployment and commercial models for slim budget. Offers three deployment to suit Telcos budgets and business needs: Wireless Solution Benefits Customer Location •Complete Stack deployed at Telco's Location •Telco gains full control and flexibility of managing their own systems Public Cloud •Pay as you Use Model •Pay as you Grow •Co-tenant scenario, managed by cloud hosting service provider Hybrid •Choice to deploy part of the stack in own premises and rest in public cloud managed by the external vendor
  3. 3. CASE STUDY Customer Description: Our customers are across US, NZ and MEA providing wireless services in LTE,GSM,MVNO domains. They are Committed to provide super- fast and reliable Voice/Data services that allows to navigate the Internet, download music and stream videos with ease as well as relevant value added services and data solutions. Our Engagement: New revenue stream enablement with Latest Wireless technology implementation 3 Benefits – Latest Wireless technology readiness for launch footprint across Country – Postpaid and Prepaid solution implementation based on Oracle Communications stack – Quick launch of Prepaid and Postpaid data offerings to enhance revenue from both residential and enterprise customer segment. – IT infrastructure and systems setup to support new operations
  4. 4. Experience how to target the Right Customers, Predict Customer behavior and Offer products and services anticipating needs, thereby building loyalty. Encashing the SDN/NFV Compatible BSS/OSS to enables users to program network layers and allows for agile placement of networking services respectively. Experience how to Craft the Cross- Channel Customer Experience by Integrating interactions across channels to deliver a consistent, seamless and personalized experience to profitable growth. Analytics Solution NFV/SDN Compliant Cross channel Solution Extend your Lite Speed Telco implementation at the click of mouse !!!