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Corporate presentation -_thinking_hat


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Corporate presentation -_thinking_hat

  1. 1. thinking h tCorporate Profile
  2. 2. thinking h t Contents• About Us• The Team• Our Style• Our Clients• Quizzing Expertise• Gallery• Business Quiz Book• Contact Us
  3. 3. thinking h t About Usthinking hat provides end to end quizzingsolutions, for schools, colleges & corporate.The aim of thinking hat is to promote &enhance quizzing culture in schools, collegesand corporate..
  4. 4. thinking h t The TeamSAURABH AGGARWALSaurabh Aggarwal is an Electronics & Telecommunicationengineer from IP University, Delhi and an MBA fromPraxis Business School, Kolkata. After having worked withTimes of Money Ltd (a subsidiary of Times Group) as aproduct manager for one and a half years, he is nowpursuing his passion for quizzing. He is an avid quizzer andis spearheading the content and marketing team at thinkinghat. He is also authoring a business quiz book to bepublished by Pustak Mahal.
  5. 5. thinking h t The TeamROHAN BATRAA management graduate with a passion for educationindustry and event management. He has been associatedwith the education for the past 4 years having workedwith the biggies in the education industry. He is lookingafter business development and operations at thinkinghat.
  6. 6. thinking h t Our StyleWhile framing the questions, we always keep in mind thatour quiz questions are: guessable with intelligent, lateral, or lucky thinking contain interesting, amusing, or surprising information enjoyable, even to people who think they don’t likequizzes never so difficult that nobody at the quiz event knowsthe answer
  7. 7. thinking h t Our Clients
  8. 8. thinking h t Quizzing Expertise
  9. 9. thinking h t Gallery
  10. 10. thinking h t Gallery RLPS TSEC JIMJ
  11. 11. thinking h t Gallery JMC, Delhi GARGI COLLEGE RLPS
  12. 12. thinking h t Business Quiz Book
  13. 13. thinking h t Contact Us Saurabh Aggarwal +91 886 086 6492