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Foundations to Advancing


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Foundations to Advancing

  1. 1. From foundations to advancing academic practice
  2. 3. Early morning on Coniston Water – by ‘ Pondspider ’
  3. 4. Stone Bridge at Langdale – by ‘ TonyStanley ’
  4. 5. Be Flexible– by ‘chambo25’
  5. 7. DISCOVERY Thinking about current practices Cooperrider and Srivastva (1987) Appreciative Inquiry 4D model DREAM Looking at what is possible DESIGN Designing for change DESTINY Implementation and reflection
  6. 8. Spend about 20 minutes on this activity Discovery – What is? What were your positive experiences the Foundations of Academic Practice? Why and how? Dream – What might be? If you could make any changes to the programme or your learning experience what would they be and why? Design – What should be? What key actions should take as a programme team to make the learning experience more effective? Destiny – What will be? What positive experiences will you take forward to help enhance your learning experience in Advancing Academic Practice?
  7. 10. Share your thoughts with us in Pebblepad