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Check - Out PPT

  1. 1. Check - Out
  2. 2. Idea in one lineCheck Out is the fun and very easy way to find/locateand explore what events you would like or may want to attend based on location, time, your personal interest and your social network.
  3. 3. Detailed Explanation• Too many services/websites available to find out events to attend and things you can do.• But the most general and common way of showing data is lists: – Not the best way to show info on mobile – Not very informative – Not very interactive• It’s very difficult to find events when you are on move and using your mobile.• It’s even more difficult when you are not in your country and dont know local services.
  4. 4. uses lists to display their data – a really old way which is not interactive.
  5. 5. – stuck with lists as well.
  6. 6. – poor site to book tickets from, again stuck with lists.
  7. 7. Websites have improved their design over time, but that is not enough.
  8. 8. The way of showing data in the form oflists is not good enough to display a lot of useful information because there is a possibility that data would be cluttered.
  9. 9. There is more data than the user caresabout like location and distance, type of event, friends going etc.
  10. 10. The information is so scattered thatusers hate to visit multiple websites trying to solve the same problem.
  11. 11. Users would like to see datarepresented visually as that would beeasier to comprehend and remember.
  12. 12. Meet Check - Out• Check – Out will strive to solve all the existing problems of discovering events. – Primarily a mobile app that will run on all major mobile platforms – And a website that does everything that the mobile app does
  13. 13. Check - Out• Events from different sources in just one place• Events according to distance & location, information will be displayed on maps• Events your friends are attending, showing results in real time• Provides all the relevant information one need in the most appropriate way so that one cares about it• Gives all this information while one is on the move i.e. on all mobile devices
  14. 14. Some Mockups User can Login or wait for Menu to load Login Screen
  15. 15. Some Mockups Discover – Random event search Explore – Events near Current Location Socialize – Events your Facebook friends attending Search – Find events according to your choice Main Menu
  16. 16. Some MockupsUser clicks Search – Default Search Screen
  17. 17. Some MockupsUser enters Parameters
  18. 18. Some MockupsSearch Results displayed on Map
  19. 19. Some Mockups Takes you to the website Venue on Map which is selling the tickets Direction to venue from current locationLocation of Venue Cost of Event Find which friends are going for this Search Results displayed on Map
  20. 20. Resources - Data• About the events: – Location/Venue – Costs (If costs involved, links to purchase tickets) – Start and End date time• Facebook Events using Graph API• Events from,,,• Movie show timings - BookMyShow & Google Film show times• Yelp, Facebook etc provides its data through public API, but many services don’t have public API and ways to get data from them still need to figure out
  21. 21. Resources - People• We need very small and focused team of right people to work with.• Software engineers – Backend engineer - Website and mobile applications will request data from the backend. – Frontend engineer - Required to take care of website and mobile website. – App developer - They are very important as every feature will be pushed for mobile audience first.• Designers – UI/UX designers - User experience in the most important and they should get best experience.
  22. 22. Resources - People• Sales & Marketing – To get events from websites/companies that don’t have public API – These companies must promote our product with theirs – To make everyone aware of the app using social media, promotion, sales
  23. 23. Resources – Hardware/Software• Hardware – Servers • Web servers • Database Servers • Load balancers – Data storage on cloud• Softwares – Open source softwares
  24. 24. Resources – Funding• Salaries• Work space• Purchase and maintenance of resources• Day to day activities• Anything else that might come up in between
  25. 25. Why People will use• Easy to use• Show the relevant information like – What – When – Where and distance from current location – Costs – Friends going• Everything in one place, so that no more Googling is required to find out.
  26. 26. Promotion• Social Media• Flawless service• Invite only to start with to gain traction• Demo at various events and places• Partner with events websites like, etc as they are famous for events and ticketing, they will take this as a medium to get people to get traffic and to make people use their service• Partner with small and medium event based businesses
  27. 27. Thank You !!!