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Individual roles


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Published in: Education
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Individual roles

  1. 1. ROLE WHAT SKILLS NEEDED? RESPONSIBILITIES WHOCampaign A campaign manager needs key specific 1. Need to create a production Chelsea-AnnManager skills as they are the leader of the whole schedule Cook group and decision maker of aspects of the 2. need to take down minutes for campaign. The main skills listed below are each group meeting required for a CAMPAIGN MANAGERS 3. need to keep a progress diary of • Communication skills – to communicate all the things that has been done with members of the group to ensure 4. need to allocate certain tasks out everyone knows what they are doing to certain members of the team and all tasks are done upto full 5. make sure members are doing all satisfaction the given tasks within schedule • Leadership qualities – to be able to 6. need to create a contingency plan lead the team in the right direction of schedules and tasks • Need to have an Artistic Vision – to 7. need to do trouble shooting be able to make decisions when it 8. need to have a strategy by which comes to finalising posters or the whole planning/ conducting of presentations the campaign • Listening skills – to listen to the team members and help them with any difficulties with certain tasks • Judgement skills – to be able to take important decisions and understand each team members ability and give
  2. 2. tasks accordingly • Encouragement skills – to drive on the team mates through stressful, difficult times and encourage the team in general in a spirit full way • Organisational skills – need to be organised in order to keep all the processes within schedule, ensuring at the same time that the work is done up to quality. Also need to have Time management skills and need to have a list of what needs to be done when etcCampaign A campaign Video Director/Editor is also 1. Need to create a production SaujanyaVideo one of the major roles because they are schedule for the editing of the NatarajanDirector/Edi the one who is going to take in charge of videotor the artistic vision of the video editing etc. 2. need to create a storyboard of Below are the key skills required for a the shooting of the video and VIDEO DIRECTOR / EDITOR the editing of the footage 3. write up diary entries of each • Artistic vision/skills – the editor team meeting and individual
  3. 3. needs to have an artistic vision to sessions of editing absolutely ensure that the end 4. help the visuals producer to product is perfect, attracting and create posters etc serves the message of the campaign. 5. help with the creative side of• Judgement skills – need to make the campaign ( preparation of important decisions when it comes to key presentations, logos etc) editing the video, choosing effects, appropriate titles, colour choice etc• Listening skills – to take clear instructions from the campaign manager and other teams mates consulting the content of the video• Organisational skills – to set deadlines for the completion of editing and finalising the video• Communication skills – to communicate with the team members about the different aspects of the campaign, to communicate with the students when promoting the campaign (i.e. – stalls at lunch and break time). Also need to communicate with the target audience to find out about interests (i.e. – do prefer rap or poem? Etc)
  4. 4. Communicati A communications leader is the head of 1. To create a list on what tasks Ryan Hodgesons Leader commuting the techniques of the campaign need to be done (eg: draft with the chosen target audience. For letter to head teacher instance a communications leader will send regarding mufti day?) emails to tutors about the campaign itself 2. create a plan which includes and the leader will make sure the target things like when is the stalls audience are aware of the running going to take place, where is it campaign. The skills needed for a going to take place etc) communications leader are: 3. Need to be in charge of communicating to all students, • Communication skills – to liaise with staff members and head the team members regarding the teacher promotion of the campaign AND to 4. need to maintain diary entries liaise with the target audience and to of all the sessions convince them about the aim of the 5. need to create student and campaign staff questionnaires to be • Listening skills – to gain information handed out as part of the from the target audience regarding campaign surveys comments and things that can be improved by the campaign. Also need to listen to team members when making decisions on the communications sector (i.e. – email to tutors, organising set up of stalls)
  5. 5. • Organisational skills – to organise their schedule to ensure all activities are done within a deadline • Confidence skills – to be able to communicate to audience and members of staff confidently when organising certain thingsVisuals A visuals producer role is similar to 1. create a production schedule Sajan RajpootProducer marketing managers’. They need to decide clearly outlining all the tasks on the promotion aspect of the campaign that needs to be done relating and they are in charge of all the marketing to the roles of the visuals strategies etc. The skills listed below are producers what is needed for a visuals producer 2. create initial designs for logos and posters and annotate them • Artistic Vision – need to have an giving reasons for choice artistic vision ( colour choice) in 3. have a detailed sketch of final order to create a maximum impact logo when creating presentations, posters, 4. monitor progress through the logos etc form of diary entries • Communication skills – to communicate with the team mates to take into their consideration on logo ideas etc
  6. 6. • Organisational skills – to map out all the tasks that needs to be done and create deadlines for them to ensure the whole process of the campaign is run effectively• Listening skills – to listen to views of team mates and take that into consideration when creating, for example posters and what context of images (i.e. – a picture of a tree for symbolism of the environment) should be put on that etc