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Using Headless Testing in a CD Pipeline by John Theodore and Abdur Jubair


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Learn how the RentPath team is using headless in their CD pipeline for They run tests against each push to GitHub in headless, leveraging the lower cost of headless containers through Sauce Labs for greater concurrency. For multi-browser testing, the team relies on traditional Sauce Labs VMs for nightly regression runs and to check new builds more thoroughly prior to release. In this presentation, John and Abdur outline the speed advantage that headless testing provides, the challenges the RentPath team has overcome, and the tweaks they’ve had to make to the tests for headless

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Using Headless Testing in a CD Pipeline by John Theodore and Abdur Jubair

  1. 1. Headless Testing
  2. 2. Test faster without losing your head The Story Automation Engineers John Theodore and Abdur Jubair
  3. 3. Way back in 2015... ● Release once per sprint ● Running nightly regression ● All bugs would make it to QA, first place we tested them ● Too many hotfixes
  4. 4. The goals... ● Release multiple times per day ● Push more code through the pipeline with greater confidence ● Quickly get test results and feedback
  5. 5. Roadmap to success ● 100% automated coverage ● Continuous testing and delivery ● Reliable pipeline that allows us to deliver quality code quickly
  6. 6. … but we’ve got Prawblems ● Selenium UI tests are slow and brittle ● Tests take too long and frustrate developers ● Non-deterministic failures ● VMs are costly
  7. 7. What about Headless?
  8. 8. Sounds great but…... ● Coverage gaps ● Stability ● Maintenance
  9. 9. Nothing is free ● Hurdles we had to consider ○ Web elements that don’t render in headless ○ Test structure and stability ○ Memory capacity
  10. 10. Where we are now
  11. 11. Headless Mode to the Rescue ● Headless containers are lighter weight ● Much faster ● Headless containers cost less
  12. 12. Headless Success ● Multiples releases of same app weekly ● Minimal hotfixes ● No critical bugs to staging ● Faster results in under 7 minutes ● Happier Team
  13. 13. Would we recommend headless?
  14. 14. Let’s Connect John Theodore ● Twitter: @john_a_theodore ● Linkedin: ● Twitch: ● YouTube: Abdur Jubair ● Linkedin: