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SauceCon 2017: test.allTheThings(): Digital Edition


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Asaf Saar – Director of Product Management, Sauce Labs

Testing responsive web sites is a challenging task when it span across Desktop and Mobile browsers. In this session Neil and Asaf will present the strategy and framework around testing responsive web sites using industry standard automation tools like Selenium and Appium against cloud based desktop browsers, real mobile devices, emulators and simulators.

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SauceCon 2017: test.allTheThings(): Digital Edition

  1. 1. test.allTheThings(): Digital Edition Asaf Saar, Director of Product Management Neil Manvar, Solutions Architect
  2. 2. • Director, Product Management, RDC @ Sauce • 20+ years in software engineering – Chief Product Owner at Perfecto Mobile – Founder and CEO of TenKod – Area Product Owner of Software Engineering at SAP – Agile Software Engineering trainer, coach & mentor • 4 Patents in the areas of Test Automation and CI About Me Asaf Saar @saarasaf
  3. 3. • Solutions Architect • Front End Software Engineer @ Yahoo • Bachelors in CSE @ UC Davis About Neil Neil Manvar
  4. 4. The World is DIGITAL
  5. 5. Mobile Apps Usage Growth • Mobile apps account for 58% of total time spent consuming digital media Source: The 2016 Mobile App Report, ComScore 42% 52% 54% 58%
  6. 6. We Live in a World of Screens Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Jeffrey Veen The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build, and Accelerate Your Brand
  7. 7. Share of Web Traffic by Device Source: Digital in 2017: Global Review More than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile devices. But it doesn’t mean computer and tablet access has dropped… 45% Year-On-Year Change: -20% Laptops & Desktops 50% +30% Year-On-Year Change: Mobile Phones 5% Year-On-Year Change: -5% Tablet Devices
  8. 8. Web or Native? Web or Native: How to respond?
  9. 9. Web or Native? • How important are speed and performance? • Would you like your app to include any device-specific features? • Do you want your app to support multiple mobile platforms and devices? • Budget or time to market? • Are app stores and marketplaces important? • Would you like to monetize your app in the future?
  10. 10. EMU/SIM or Real Devices? Emulators/Simulators, or Real Devices?
  11. 11. EMU/SIM or Real Devices? Device Testing (on Wi-Fi Networks + Networks Simulation Tools) ● Use for stable features ● Distribute across device models / form factors ● Important for UX Testing ● Combine with WANem or similar tools for simulating network connectivity conditions ● Only for network-dependent use cases ● High volume functional tests for large builds ● Frequent builds with high concurrency Device Testing (in network) Device Testing (on Wi-Fi Networks + Networks Simulation Tools) Device Testing (in network) Device Testing (on Wi-Fi Networks + Networks Simulation Tools) Emulator & Simulator Testing
  12. 12. EMU/SIM or Real Devices? Use Real Devices: ● Panel/compatibility testing ● Replicate an issue to match exact model ● Pixel perfect display testing ● Hardware dependencies ● Custom OS Use EMU/SIM: ● Save costs ● Extremely low error rates Device Testing (on Wi-Fi Networks + Networks Simulation Tools) Device Testing (in network) Device Testing (on Wi-Fi Networks + Networks Simulation Tools) Emulator & Simulator Testing
  13. 13. What’s the Testing Strategy?
  14. 14. Too Much Stuff! Web and Native. Desktops, Emulators, Simulators and Real Devices. How do we deal with all of these?
  15. 15. test.allTheThings() - Mobile Edition One Testing Framework To Rule Them All!
  16. 16. Demo
  17. 17. Questions?