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Test Automation Trends for 2016 and Beyond


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Joe shares his insights about upcoming trends in testing gleaned from his popular TestTalks podcast interviews. He will discuss the skills, best practices and frameworks you need to know to stay employable in a changing dev/test world.

Joe Colantonio, the TestTalks host and founder of test automation blog, who brings 15 years of test automation experience as he shares his expertise and predictions on how to succeed with test automation awesomeness in 2016.

Published in: Engineering
  • Looks like Python is major trend for 2016 & beyond for Test Automation compare to Selenium.
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Test Automation Trends for 2016 and Beyond

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  2. 2. Peter Kim
  3. 3. Test Automation Running Smoothly
  4. 4. Have a tendency to cause problems in the wild.
  5. 5. "We're working on VR because I think it's the next major computing and communication platform ”~Mark Zuckerberg
  6. 6. Google developed Android OS which has 1.4 billion smartphones around the world.
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