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Selenium and Appium Training from Sauce Labs


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In our ongoing effort to help developers and QA professionals quickly get up to speed with Selenium and Appium, we're thrilled to announce the availability of our three new technical training programs - Selenium 101, Appium 101, and Sauce Labs Onboarding. Led by professional instructors with in-depth knowledge of Selenium and Appium, class sizes are small and include lectures, demos, and interactive hands-on exercises.

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Selenium and Appium Training from Sauce Labs

  1. 1. August 3, 2016 Selenium and Appium Training Courses from Sauce Labs K e n D r a c h n i k , K e v i n B e r g
  2. 2. PRESENTERS © Sauce Labs, Inc. 1 Ken Drachnik Product Marketing Kevin Berg Automation Specialist & Instructor
  3. 3. AGENDA Introduction to Sauce Labs Training • Selenium • Appium • Course Sneak Peak © Sauce Labs, Inc. 2
  4. 4. WHAT Now • Selenium 101 • Appium 101 • Getting Started with Sauce Labs © Sauce Labs, Inc. 3 S a u c e L a b s E d u c a t i o n i s r o l l i n g o u t ! Soon • Selenium 201 • Appium 201 • Sauce Labs Enterprise
  5. 5. HOW Small, interactive classes • 12 - 15 participants per class • Lab oriented, hands-on for greater utility and retention Now • Live Online Public Classes • Live Online Dedicated Classes Next • Onsite Dedicated Classes
  6. 6. WHO Target Audience • Now: Test automation engineers and Java developers (with some test automation experience) • Basic understanding of Java • Basic understanding of eclipse IDE • Next: Other languages W h o b e n e f i t s f r o m S a u c e T r a i n i n g ?
  7. 7. DELIVERY METHODS Delivery Method Details Instructor Led: Live Online • Live instruction, with online convenience • Allows users to take Sauce Labs classes without travel • Led by an instructor and include lecture, demos, labs, and break times, as well as access to our specialized remote training environment Instructor Led: Classroom • Brings participants together at one location, either at a public location or customer site Public Classes • Open for public purchase and enrollment through the Sauce Labs website • Participants from various backgrounds and companies Dedicated Classes • Provided for an entire team from a specific customer or partner • Dedicated classes delivered live online and classroom training at the customer site • Class sizes still limited to 15 participants
  8. 8. COURSES Course Public Live Online Dedicated Live Online Dedicated Onsite Self-Paced Selenium 101 X X Appium 101 X X Getting Started with Sauce Labs X Selenium 201 X X Appium 201 X X Sauce Labs Enterprise X X Selenium, Appium, and Sauce Labs Bundles X X X (2 day onsite minimum)
  9. 9. Sneak Peak © Sauce Labs, Inc. 8
  10. 10. Selenium 101 Curriculum Overview August 5, 2016 • Brief History of the Selenium Project • Selenium Test Script Basics • Writing Consistent and Reliable Selenium Test Scripts • Running Local Selenium Tests • Running Selenium Tests on Sauce Labs • Using a Framework to Run Selenium Tests • Selenium Testing Best Practices © Sauce Labs, Inc. 9
  11. 11. Appium 101 Curriculum Overview August 5, 2016 • History and Overview • Appium Basics • Native Application vs Mobile Web Testing • Appium Test Script Basics • Testing Locally with Appium • Testing on Sauce Labs with Appium • Using a Framework to Run Appium Tests • Appium Testing Best Practices © Sauce Labs, Inc. 10
  12. 12. Training Environments August 5, 2016 • Each Student has Access to a Browser Based Pristine Environment • Each Environment has all Dependencies Needed to Run Selenium and Appium Tests • Students will Receive a Complete List of the Technologies Used in the Training Environment Included in the Training Materials • Example Scripts Provided to Keep Focus on Learning Selenium • Instructor has Access to Each Student’s Environment to Help when Needed • Environment is Available for 12 hours so Students can Continue to Learn • Demo! © Sauce Labs, Inc. 11
  13. 13. Selenium / Appium 201 and Beyond August 5, 2016 • Advanced Selenium / Appium Usage • Parallelism • Cross Browser Testing • CI / CD Integration © Sauce Labs, Inc. 12
  14. 14. Resources © Sauce Labs, Inc. 13
  15. 15. CLASS SCHEDULE © Sauce Labs, Inc. First classes begin Aug 17th Price: $600 – early bird / $750 regular price - per 3.5 hour class !Free this month– Getting Started with Sauce Labs • Use coupon code: TRAIN-SAUCE-16 Sign up today as spots are limited 14
  16. 16. RESOURCES Info and Registration - Free Trial of Sauce Labs – Sauce Labs Documentation –