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SauceCon 2017: Selenium... Say goodbye to the F Word: Flaky No More


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Utilizing a Base Page Object in a Selenium framework has a number of huge benefits. It makes PageObjects more readable and standardized. It insulates teams from changes to the Selenium API. It also offers a single place for the entire organization to perform error handling, including a great place for debug/log statements or helper code that the entire organization can automatically leverage.

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SauceCon 2017: Selenium... Say goodbye to the F Word: Flaky No More

  1. 1. Selenium… Say goodbye to the F word: Flaky No more Craig Schwarzwald | Vanguard
  2. 2. • Maintainability • Stability • Readability Goal: For The Entire Enterprise
  3. 3. Solution: 1) Good locators 2) Page Objects Issue: Poor Maintainability Goal:Maintainability
  4. 4. 1) Unique 2) Descriptive 3) Unlikely to change What are good locators? Goal:Maintainability
  5. 5. Issue: Bad Locators Goal:Maintainability driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//div[34]/span[21]” + “/table/tbody/tr[17]/td[2]/input”)).click(); Solution: Use better ones By continueBtn =“continueButton”); click(continueBtn); By continueBtn = By.xpath(“//input[value=‘Continue’]”); click(continueBtn); or if there is no ID:
  6. 6. Solution: Page Objects Goal:Maintainability Construction: - By locators pertaining to page/section on top - Constructor - isLoaded() method - Finally create all user action methods specific to that page.
  7. 7. Base Page Object Goal:Maintainability - Wraps Selenium core functionality • findElement(), click(), isDisplayed(), visit(), etc. - Also add common functions to be used across teams • getCellFromTableContainingText(byTable, text); • selectWizzyWidget(value);
  8. 8. Base Page Object Benefits BONUS - Encapsulate all Selenium commands. - All pages get auto-enabled functionality. - One single place to implement all the null checks, failsafe's, and logging. - Say goodbye to NoSuchElementExceptions and StaleElementReferenceExceptions.
  9. 9. Solution: Page Objects Goal:Stability
  10. 10. Base Page Methods Goal:Stability
  11. 11. Base Page Methods Goal:Stability
  12. 12. Explicit Wait Goal:Stability Method from findElement()
  13. 13. Rules to Follow Goal:Readability Page Objects: • Contain all locators • Contain methods for any actions you can do on the corresponding page / section of page. Tests: • Tests only have 2 (or 3) things they can do • Perform an assertion • Call a page object method • (Assign variables to make more readable)
  14. 14. Put it all together - Pages Goal:Readability
  15. 15. Put it all together - Pages Goal:Readability
  16. 16. Put it all together - Pages Goal:Readability
  17. 17. Put it all together - Pages Goal:Readability
  18. 18. Put it all together - Tests Goal:Readability BaseTest – a talk for another day.
  19. 19. Put it all together - Tests Goal:Readability
  20. 20. Summing up our three goals - Page Objects + Good Locators = Maintainability - Explicit Waits and Verifying Page Loads = Stability - Following Page and Test Rules = Readability Maintainability Stability Readability Across our entire Enterprise Selenium Suites