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Easy Continuous Deployment You Can Trust (Webinar)


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In this webinar, you will learn how to build a continuous deployment release process by using Solano CI, Sauce Labs, and AWS CodePipeline. The release process will be gated by smoke, unit, integration and browser tests to guarantee issue-free deployments.

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Easy Continuous Deployment You Can Trust (Webinar)

  1. 1. Easy Continuous Deployment You Can Trust Neil Manvar - Solutions Architect Sauce Labs ndmanvar__ Brian Kendzior - Founding Engineer Solano Labs @b_kendz
  2. 2. Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential Agenda Case study: Journey to Continuous Deployment Demo: Building a Continuous Deployment pipeline Continuous Deployment: Why you should be paying attention Questions / Resources Solano CI: Massively Parallelized Continuous Integration & Deployment Sauce Labs: Automated Testing Cloud for Web and Mobile Applications
  3. 3. Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential Case Study: Journey to Continuous Deployment Consumer goods company, wants to achieve full Continuous Deployment Wants: ● FAST - Increase the speed at which new features, bug fixes reach customers. ● CLEAN - Deploy cleanly into their fleet of AWS instances. ● CLEAR - Utilize a single UI to track deployments and debug errors Needs: ● Push-button deployment that chains their Source, CI, Browser Testing, and Deploy Steps into a single, easy to visualize pipeline. ● Confidence in a trust-worthy deployment pipeline. ● Reliable partners that work well together. Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential
  4. 4. Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential Case Study: Solution Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential String together multiple Build/Test/Deploy steps seamlessly into a fully integrated Deployment Pipeline
  5. 5. Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential Why Continuous Deployment? • Agility - deploy more often, iterate faster • Safety - remove human error from the equation • Clarity - easy to understand deployment process educates the org The key to implementing a successful Continuous Deployment pipeline is sufficient automated processes to ensure release stability - Continuous Integration to ensure code is ready to release - Browser Testing to ensure delivery of a stable product across device and browser types - Automated Deployment with verification of successful release The key to a successful Continuous Deployment platform is enabling various reliability steps to interact in a simple and easy to understand interface (AWS CodePipeline) Continuous Deployment - Achieved
  6. 6. Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential Resources Start your free trial: Follow us on Twitter: @SolanoLabs Email: Start your free trial: Watch a video about Sauce Labs: Email:
  7. 7. Appendix
  8. 8. Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential EASY SETUP Fast self-service setup for new projects and branches, compact YAML config file. PARALLEL PERFORMANCE Safe parallel execution and dynamic task distribution finish builds faster, automatically. ANALYSIS SSH into a Worker, Screenshots & Attachments, detailed history, & metrics. COMPATIBILITY Support popular languages (Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby, Javascript, Scala, PHP, Go). CONTINUOUS Tests every code change, automatically. No excuses. RESOURCE EFFICIENT Utilize compute only when you need it, with the most economical compute, at the best prices. Characteristics of a Strong CI System Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential
  9. 9. Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential Solano Labs was founded in March 2011 Flagship product is Solano CI, a blazingly fast solution for continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD). • Reduces testing time by running tests in parallel automatically • Give developers test results 10x to 80x faster than traditional CI, at lower TCO, through Solano's patented parallel optimization technology and fully-managed cloud infrastructure • Allow developers to spend more time innovating and less time managing complex testing frameworks or waiting for test builds to finish. Solano CI 9 Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential
  10. 10. Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential The largest, most scalable cloud for automated functional testing using Selenium and Appium • 1 million tests per day across over 750+ browser and OS combinations • Improve mobile velocity by testing native, hybrid and mobile web apps on emulators, simulators, and real devices • Enterprise scale and support Sauce Labs 10 Solano Labs © 2016 Confidential