Tura centre inauguration ppt jan 3 2012


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Tura centre inauguration ppt jan 3 2012

  1. 1. Public Engagement &Certification Ceremony January 4, 2012Sora Complex, New Tura, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya Member of Parliament, Tura, Meghalaya
  2. 2. About TISC• Tura Internet & Services Centre (TISC) is a project to promote and provide new skills among local youths in Tura & other locations in West Garo Hills. The new skills promoted are in the field of IT & non-IT skills. The centre is to provide need based services to the local community like wireless connectivity & web services• The project is jointly promoted by Digital Empowerment Foundation, National Internet Exchange of India & Member of Parliament, Tura, Meghalaya• The duration of the project is 3 years (2011-2013) and in 5 years time it is proposed to have its own campus.
  3. 3. Objectives• To enable a multi-pronged integrated development of TURA with support of Information Communication Technology tools including Internet, Mobile, Wireless and Digital Media to help the local Youth, Women and People to seek and explore education, livelihood, vocation, and linkages to the economic opportunities.
  4. 4. Programme Activities Unit 1: TISC as IT / ICT Hub centre provisioning ICT training and skill development Unit 2: English Professional Development Programme Unit 3: TISC as Enterprise & livelihood Development Centre Unit 4: TISC as product procurement and channeling centre Unit 5: TISC as Digital Content, Services & Multi-media Resource Centre Unit 6: TISC as Knowledge Process Outsourcing Centre Unit 7: TISC as Governance Services facilitation centre catering to public services needs Unit 8: TISC as Community development centre using ICT and non ICT tools and approach
  5. 5. Project targets1. To train and capacitate 200 youths in IT/ICT skills2. Advanced training of 75 local entrepreneurs in existing vocations3. Train 300 youths in English Skill Development programme4. Facilitate local procurement and storage of local products, provisioning market linkages5. In 3 years time set up TURA Knowledge Processing Outsourcing Centre to provide client and professional services6. Train 50 youths in Digital Content, Services & Multi-media skills7. Train 75 young women in ICT skills – both basic and advanced training8. A comprehensive and content full TURA Community portal and connect it to every TURA public institutions, schools, and local administration. Focus to be on local tourism
  6. 6. Project Targets9. Set up a Community Radio in TURA managed by the local community10.Introduce at least 5 SMS Communities within TURA catering to creating youth entrepreneurs and community networking and bonding11.At least make 10 Schools in TURA to be digitized in terms of having its own web portal with entire school ecosystem in place and to be linked to the Gyanpedia programme12.Capacity building of 50 local NGOs in ICTs under eNGO programme13. TURA Local Area Wireless Networking14. TURA e-trade and commerce portal15. TURA Parliamentary Constituency portal16. TISC provisioning Governance Services facilitation centre catering to public services needs.
  7. 7. Programme Activities so far • 22 trainees trained in BPO during August – September 2011 • 111 trained in Digital Literacy programme • 12 trained in wireless training • 145 NGOs & Schools covered under eNGO programme • Pilot & temporary wireless network set up
  8. 8. Upcoming Programmes during January – March 2012• Introducing at least one SMS community• Launching Tourism course in partnership with IGNOU IVET• Launching citizen journalism course with IGNOU IVET• Introduce English Skill development programme• Expanding & scaling up the Tura wireless network programme• To begin work on Tura community & constituency portal• Select at least 10 entrepreneurs to promote e-commerce under the eMSME programme• To connect at least 5 government schools with wireless and online presence
  9. 9. About Project Partners• Digital Empowerment Foundation• Digital Empowerment Foundation, a Delhi based not-for-profit organization was registered on December 2002, under the "Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860" to find solutions to bridge the digital divide. The organization aims to empower marginal communities and to create economic and commercial viability using Information Communication and Technology as means.• National Internet Exchange of India• The National Internet Exchange of India is the neutral meeting point of the ISPs in India. Its main purpose is to facilitate exchange of domestic Internet traffic between the peering ISP members. It also improves the Quality of Services for the customers of member ISPs, It is promoting varioius community driven programmes in Internet & ICTs.• Member of Parliament, Tura, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya• The Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Tura is the key facilitator in this project. The Member of Parliament (Tura) has been actively working in promoting development programmes in the consituency. This project support in local facilities being provided to train local youths is one such example.
  10. 10. Project Images - DLP
  11. 11. Project Images – Wireless training
  12. 12. Project Images - BPO
  13. 13. Project Images - eNGO
  14. 14. Project Images – Wireless Mesh
  15. 15. Thank you…