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Da pepe


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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Da pepe

  1. 1. AdvertisementName Of The Brand:
  2. 2.  Pepe Jeans is a reputed brand which isinto publicity now a days. The songs"Heart and Soul" by TPau and "HowSoon Is Now?" by The Smiths wereused to advertise the brand . Also thesupermodel Kate Moss’ first advertisingcampaign was for Pepe Jeans. It has huge collection of garmentswhich attarcts the teenagers a lot.
  3. 3.  Pepe Jeans offers denim--as well as shirts,pants, dresses, accessories and other casualclothing--for men, women and children. The unique solutions for apparel and footwearmanufacturing, called Styleman are used byPepe Jeans. The garments feature hand-embroidery,including the signature logo.
  4. 4.  Pepe Jeans works with the Vicente Ferrer Foundationto promote the autonomy of rural women at a centrein Gandlapenta providing sewing and sari embroiderylessons, in the Kadiri region, India. This project has improved the quality of life of 225women and their families by strengthening theirproductivity and generating revenues, as well as givingthem the skills to start their own businesses. Pepe Jeans London co-operated with the SauceFoundation in this literacy project for Cambodianchildren aged between 3 and 5 years, by providing aNikum nursery with all of the furniture it needs tocarry out its activities.
  5. 5.  India Pepe Jeans does not blindly follow theEuropean designs and sizes. The waistto-hipratio is unique for women in Asia. Pepe‟sdesigning team realizes the significantaspects and the need of Indian customers. It provides great deals by giving discounts ongarments.
  6. 6.  Pepe is known for its slightly naughty adcampaigns, which have featured Bridget Hall,Ione Skye, Jason Priestley, Sienna Miller andAshton Kutcher. The manufacturing of jeans is done from startto finish by Pepe Jeans Company. It has the Utilitarian collection whichcomprises of fashion apparel with militaryattire elements imbibed in it.
  7. 7.  Pepe Jeans London has presence in 60 countries, hasover 300 stores globally, and employs over 2,000employees. The brand is devoted to create directionaldenims and challenging young fashions. P Jeans London has a global advertising campaign inall the countries it has presence.Pepe believes ingiving away a consistent brand message across theworld, whereas localisation of advertising campaignsdistorts the brand identity. All Pepeadvertisingcampaigns portray the brand identity,which talks about “the youth with a strong attitude”.
  8. 8.  I recommend pepe to publicize thebrand on ad boards rather than ontelevision. I also recommend to promote itsgarments in social networking sites likefacebook,twitter etc because most ofthe youth access the sites frequently.
  9. 9. BySathyaNarayanaVaraganti.10B81A05A82