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Business of supercars


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A rough presentation of supercars and its marketing aspects.

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Business of supercars

  1. 1. Business ofSupercars fascinate and blow us away; but how affordable and profitable are they and how are they marketed. This presentations is a briefing of these awesome creations.
  2. 2. SUPERCARS – What are they?• Supercar is a general term used for high-end sports car or race cars that has a superior performance as compared to its coevals.• Supercar is also used as a subjective term. Most of the supercars are imported from various countries with unique and authentic features that make them stand in a crowd. Over a period of time, if other cars prove to have better performance then the previous car loses its status of uniqueness and high performance. The elusive title of supercar is no more credited to that car. This clearly dictates that with every changing generation of cars, the title gets shifted from one car to another.• The concept of supercar has changed over a period of time. Earlier, the term was associated with sports car or race cars, but now the definition has slightly modified. In the present era, supercars are expensive, fast, and powerful cars with sporty handling.
  3. 3. What defines a “Supercar” ?• Design: – The basic attribute that defines a supercar is the centrally located engine. This gives an excellent engine performance because the entire weight of the car is loaded in the centre which increases the ability of the car to handle high speed with greater efficiency. This also increases the comfort level of the driver to have greater steering control.
  4. 4. What defines a “Supercar” ?• Speed: – Supercars have ultimate speed levels with a top speed of 0-100 mph in less than 7 seconds and about 0-200 mph in less than 30 seconds. This is another special and unique characteristic of a supercar. While driving, there is always a gravitational force that exists during acceleration between ground and the car. This gravitational force can exceed 1G in case of most complicated driving. This becomes a special feature for racists who carve for high acceleration and high force.
  5. 5. Other Special Characteristics• Exquisite design,• Brand name,• Exhibiting cutting edge style,• Eye catching features, and a• Blend of speed, sport, and elite.
  6. 6. The Supercar Market “the internal environmental factors” Strengths Weaknesses• Brand Awareness. • Limited Target Market.• Power that no 4 or 6 • Fuel Consumption – still cylinder can compete not very fuel efficient. with. • More expensive to• Quality Products register & insure. (vehicles & accessories). • Expensive to fill as most• Personal Development & require premium fuels. Reputation.• Customer Service.
  7. 7. The Supercar Market “the external environmental factors” Opportunities Threats• Aggressive Advertising, Mass • Rising fuel (and oil) costs. Media. • High Carbon Emissions.• Racing Community Support. • Government Taxes, Subsidies• Racing Events & Media and Policies. coverage. • Competition.• Motoring Shows and Exhibits. • Latest Technology trends and• Online Marketing. developments.• Supporting & development of • Crunching Road space. energy efficient strategies and • Growing environmental alternative energy options. concerns.
  8. 8. Supercars,Are they Worth It for Companies to Make?
  9. 9. • Supercars are like a piece of ART.• From the slightest angles on the body to the advance computer chips that make the car glide around corners, supercars are truly something to marvel.• But are they worth creating if they cause manufacturers to lose money?• Take for instance the Bugatti Veyron. It costs Bugatti’s parent company Volkswagen AG nearly $5 million to make one, but the company sells a Veyron for around $2.7 million. That’s a $2.3 million loss on each car, which doesn’t even consider the millions the company spent in car development.
  10. 10. So why would a company knowingly make a car only to lose millions? The answer is: EGOThose that bought a supercar show it off to their friends & the world as a prized possession. At the same time, the companies brag about the elite cars they created and their clientele of billionaires, athletes and celebrities.
  11. 11. Consumer Characteristics• AS per VALS framework the consumers of Supercars are “INNOVATORS”.• Characteristics of Innovators: – Successful, sophisticated, take- charge people with high self- esteem. – Possess abundant resources. – Image is important, not as evidence of status or power but as an expression of their taste, independence, and personality. – Their possessions and recreation reflect a cultivated taste for the finer things in life.
  12. 12. Variables considered important by consumers while buying a Supercar Objective Variables Subjective Variables• Reliability • Value• Quality• Durability • Style• Safety • Comfort• Security• Performance • Prestige• Efficiency• Technology • Status• Handling • Visual Impact
  13. 13. Marketing Strategy• Some common Marketing Strategies used by Supercar manufacturing companies include: – Invitation to elite customers for special screening which includes time based experience of driving & safety accompanied by a driving sherpa for full instruction and education. – Exhibits at Motoring/Auto Shows. – Online Marketing Campaigns. – Live TV shows for Launch.
  14. 14. Promotion forms an major part of the marketing strategy. The promotional strategy include thefollowing items which also forms the part of the budget incurred:>>>
  15. 15. • Creation of new website for showcasing the Supercar with option to customize, order, pay and pick up at local dealers.• Featured articles in Print Media – newspapers, magazines.• Advertisements in special motoring magazines like Wheels.• Paid search engine advertisements to increase exposure.• Feature on first page of Google search.• TV commercials at prime time.• Special screening and launch evening parties.• Featured TV shows and showcasing vehicles for reviews and comparison.• Creating games to depict the features of the supercars such as the elegance, speed and design to attract more eyeballs.
  16. 16. Mercedes Supercar Print Ad
  17. 17. Measures of Success• Number of hits on site per day, along with number of enquires and sale initiations form website.• Number of hits on Google and redirections to official website.• TV ratings – reviews and articles featuring shows.• Customer recall tests to measure the brand awareness and visibility of the brand.• Number of people attending auto shows, special screenings and launch parties.
  18. 18. Thank You But the drive