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Soch bru case study mica


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Soch bru case study mica

  1. 1. Bru world Café –Marketing Strategy Submitted by: Team ‘SOCH’ (Sasikiran, Satyaprem, Sharad) MICA
  2. 2. Marketing Objective Increase in footfalls across current BWC outlets Strengthen the BWC differentiation
  3. 3. Current Market Scenario Positioning: Positioning: Positioning: Positioning: A modern day Premium Italian Café adda(hangout) TG: 20+, Coffee lovers, Professionals Upper end of the Premium Café Coffee and Conversations TG: 25+ , Professionals TG: 25+, Professionals, the artsy types TG : 15+, college Students,professional Facts: Blanket Strategy. Recently launched Lounge for Up market customers Facts : Italian café,Self Service, premium price Facts: Sources its own beans, Premium price Facts : Personalized and customized service, Hookah’s, Laid back ambience For a retail café chain to be successful , a very clear and relevant differentiation in positioning is the key
  4. 4. • Message BRU World café is a travelers and coffee connoisseur's delightful haven • Communication strategy A campaign called “Discover World Coffee” Using the world coffee and the cultures associated with it in all forms of communication to appeal to the TG who are well read and well travelled
  5. 5. Campaign Collateral - Idea • Creating a visually appealing and aesthetic campaign collateral in the form of a travelogue – The World Coffee Travelogue is about – Coffees and café’s all over the world – The cultures of these areas. For e.g. Brazilian culture: Brazilian coffee’s origin , the plantations and the way of life of the coffee growers • We would create two versions(low cost, high cost) of the same which would be used appropriately distributed.
  6. 6. Profile Consumer Who am I? Sameer 32 years old What occupies my mind? Married Advertising Executive Work Movies Tours/Travel What am I passionate about? Books Good food/Café/ Restaurants Travel Coffee My friends Weekend hangout plans Cultures My suits
  7. 7. Integrated Marketing Communication Mix Advertising
  8. 8. Sameer wakes up & reads Newspaper
  9. 9. Advertising – Print • Advertising in the TOI CREST which has a readership of 1.1 Lakh in Mumbai • There would be minimum spillover if advertised in this ‘only Saturday’ tabloid • Brands Like Audi, Volkswagen have extensively advertised in Crest
  10. 10. Sameer is Watching TV Sameer is Travelling
  11. 11. Public Relations – Coffee Cupping An exclusive Coffee Cupping session for coffee lovers where in Coffee experts from Mumbai gather at one of the outlets and food bloggers from Mumbai would be called – Shahid and Priyanka Chopra: Brand ambassadors for BRU Coffee could be invited PR Event – Media Coverage on TV, Print etc
  12. 12. Sameer goes for Shopping & Parks his Car
  13. 13. Non Conventional channel Buzz Marketing • The idea is to stick parking penalty receipts on parked cars. • To generate Curiosity & Create Buzz The idea is demonstrated in the video*
  14. 14. Sameer – Movie Time !!!
  15. 15. Advertising & Buzz Marketing: Multiplexes Displaying slides in the multiplexes in the vicinity of BWC encouraging viewers to try out BWC. • Gifts From BWC would be placed under the seats on three days of the Week. • Winner Announcement- Interval
  16. 16. Sameer watching Movie Sameer Outside Movie Theater
  17. 17. Advertising - OOH One Big Helium balloon (Coffee Cup Shape) above BWC On Road - Sign Boards
  18. 18. Sameer in a Book Store
  19. 19. Sales Promotion – In Book Stores • A Tie- Up with one retail book store which will display our ‘World Coffee Travelogue’ • Their Expectations: Book store would display our branding material (logo) and we would order books for the new BWC’s from them • A travelogue(WC) would be given to each customer who has brought a ‘travel ‘related book
  20. 20. Sameer Visiting Art Gallery
  21. 21. Sales Promotion – In Art Gallery Experiential Marketing: – Serving coffee to visitors at Jahangir Art Gallery at art exhibitions spanning 3 months – To let people experience the coffee so they develop a taste
  22. 22. Sameer In Office
  23. 23. Direct Marketing - Corporates Direct Marketing: • Have separate promotions for corporate people n the vicinity of BWC’s for having Business meetings at BWC. • This would involve pitching to corporate which would help in increasing the footfalls
  24. 24. Sameer Surfing Internet
  25. 25. Advertising – Internet Marketing • Website: – A trendy website which has all the info about the Menu and a community page where BWC loyals can hang out with apps to link with Facebook and twitter. • Social Media: – The existing Facebook page would be updated with apps and a competition would be held to engage the TG. – Facebook ads to get traffic page to the page – Would act as a virtual BWC where people who share travel/coffee experiences. – A twitter page where people can tweet witty one liners about coffee • Online-Offline Integration: – The competition would encourage footfalls as the online competition would result in tangible results at the café
  26. 26. Advertising – Internet Marketing Coffee lovers and Travelers would be engaged. Discussions on coffee, culture and travel would be encouraged Competitions would be held on a regular basis A competition where participants can upload their travel pics on the BWC fb page On every weekend the best picture would be framed and put on the wall and the winner would win BWC gift vouchers
  27. 27. Sameer Going on a Vacation
  28. 28. Advertising – Tour Operators Tie Up with One Famous Tour Operator: Our Expectations: - Advertising Both Online & Offline ( BWC Calendars & World Coffee Travelogue ) - Mention of Online Facebook Photography Contest on tickets at back. ( Share Your Travel Pictures on FB – BWC and Win !!!) Their Expectations: - Making them our Travel Partners - Helping them in Branding.
  29. 29. Sameer is Travelling
  30. 30. Sales Promotion – In Airlines This would be placed in airlines along with the in-house flight magazine A special coupon would be printed at the back of the boarding pass
  31. 31. Timeline of the Marketing Campaign
  32. 32. Return On Marketing Investment ROMI – Return On Marketing Investment
  33. 33. Return On Marketing Investment Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) is calculated on the basis of – Size of Bill (Taken as 200 Rs after Doing Competitive analysis in Mumbai) – Expected Reach of Promotional Campaign – Conversion Rate (The Percentage of People who will visit Café after they are exposed to the Campaign) – Certainty of Campaign Reference: ROMI by Guy Powell
  34. 34. Return On Marketing Investment- Detailed
  35. 35. Conclusion According to our Budget estimates, if this marketing plan is executed we will gain 6 times the Marketing Investment as Revenue. Hence we will be able to achieve our marketing objective: – Increase in the footfalls across current BWC outlets. – Strengthen BWC differentiation