Frau Freud by Carol Ann Duffy & Sigmund Freud


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Please read Frau Freud by Carol Ann Duffy. She's a brilliant poet, this poem is from an anthology where she writes from the perspective of the female counterparts of famous male figures - in this case Freud. Have we ever wondered what it would actually be like to have to be the wife of such an influential figure? Especially Freud? This is from a presentation I did on him to give some context to the poem, enjoy!

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  •  The “father” of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud is best known for his tendency to trace nearly all psychological problems back to sexual issues.
  • A famous Freudian innovation includes the therapy couch, the use of talk therapy to resolve psychological problems.
  • While Freud's theories have always been controversial, his work forms a major portion of the foundations of modern psychology, with considerable modification by later theorists.When he published his theories he shocked the world by claiming that even infants had a sex drive and that (as in the Oedipal Complex) little boys become emotionally and sexually fixated on their own mothers -- while viewing their fathers as hated sexual rivals to be defeated or killed off.
  • Freud also came to see personality as having three separate aspects, Id, Ego, and the Superego. All three needed to be well balanced to have good mental health. The Id contains basic needs and feelings, and is essentially the ‘pleasure principle.’ The Ego realizes that you cannot always get what you want, and is basically the ‘reality principle.’ Moreover, the Superego is the moral part of the mind, and usually strives for perfection, though the so-called perfection is typically far from reality. 
  • Freud thrived in an atmosphere of solidity and order in his home, as if he needed a firm foundation to explore the shifting timeless world of the unconscious. As he delved deeper into the mysteries of sexuality in his research, the passion faded from his marriage.
  • Martha became the kind of wife Freud had hoped for; almost constantly pregnant for 9 years and giving birth, busy with home and family, raising their children and managing the household while Freud attended his medical practice and researched his theories.Domestic duties had replaced the passion Freud and Martha had expressed for each other. Settled comfortably in the routines of daily life, he was consumed by his work, but the ardor had disappeared from his marriage.
  • Freud was a man of regular habits. He had his mustache and beard trimmed daily by his barber, strolled the boulevard each day, and played cards with the same group of friends every Saturday night. Highly conscious of his image, he was always faultlessly dressed. Above all, he loved a good cigar and smoked more than twenty a day. Every summer, Freud fled the heat of Vienna to vacation with his family in the Alps.In the end of August, 1899, Freud finished his book in a farmhouse in Berchtesgaden high in the German Alps, looking out on what would one day be the site of the vacation home of Adolph Hitler.
  • Frau Freud by Carol Ann Duffy & Sigmund Freud

    1. 1. SIGMUND FREUD(1856 – 1939)
    2. 2. Frau Freud By Carol Ann DuffyLadies, for argument’s sake, let us say
that I’ve seen my fshare of ding-a-ling, member and jock,
oftodger and nudgand percy and cock, of tackle,
of three-for-a-bob, of willy awinky; in fact,
you could say, I’m as au fait with Hunt-the-Salami
as Ms. M. Lewinsky – equally sick up to here
withbeef bayonet, the pork sword, the saveloy,
love-muscle, nicrawler, dong, the dick, prick,
dipstick and wick, the rammthe slammer, the rupert,
theshlong. Don’t get me wrong, I’axe to grind
with the snake in the trousers, the wife’s bestfriend,
the weapon, the python – I suppose what I meanis,
ladies, dear ladies, the average penis – not pretty…
thesquint of its envious solitary eye…one’s feeling of
    3. 3. MAIN FACTS Birth: Freiberg, Moravia Location of death: London, England Cause of death:Euthanasia Gender: Male Religion: Atheist Sexual orientation: Straight
    4. 4. The “father” of psychoanalysis
    6. 6. CONTROVERSIALClaimed infants had a sex driveLittle boys Fathers = Rivals
    7. 7. Freud’s Psychosexual StagesSTAGE FOCUS Pleasure centers on the mouth-Oral (0-18 months) sucking, chewing, biting Pleasure focuses on bowel and bladderAnal (18-36 months) elimination; coping with demands for control Pleasure zone is the genitals; coping with incestuous sexual feelingsPhallic (3-6 years) Dormant sexual feelingLatency (6 to puberty) Maturation of sexual interestGenital (puberty on)
    10. 10. MARTHA BERNAYS• Freud ended his commitment to laboratory science when he met the love of his life, Martha Bernays.• Six months after he met Martha he sacrificed his scientific ambitions to become a doctor – for Martha of course.
    11. 11. FREUD"My precious, most beloved girl, I knew it was only after you had gone that I would realize the full extent of my happiness… I still cannot grasp it, and if that… sweet little picture were not lying in front of me, I would think it was all a beguiling dream."MARTHA"Sigi, My Sigi. Today for the first time I call you by your name… My darling, I am happy, yes happy as I have never been in my long life."
    12. 12. PARENTHOOD• Freud thrived in an atmosphere of solidity• As his research progressed, the passion in his marriage fadedSophie Freud“Every Sunday, the family assembled in the Freud household including myself. He would come out at 12 oclock, and his physical contact was you did like this, you put your two fingers and you squeezed the childs cheeks, which was a sign of affection. You did not hug or anything like that, you did this.“
    13. 13. • Martha became the kind of wife Freud had hoped for• Domestic duties had replaced the passion Freud and Martha had expressed for each other
    14. 14. Bergmann“We have wonderful courting letters beforemarriage. After marriage we only getlaundry letters. Its all practical. We donthave a single love letter after marriage.”
    15. 15. LIFESTYLEMan of regular habits• Mustache/Beard trimmed daily bi his barber• Strolled the boulevard each day• Played cards with the same group of friends every Saturday night• Highly conscious of his image• Loved a good cigar; smoked >20 a day
    16. 16. LIFESTYLE• In the end of August, 1899, Freud finished his book in a farmhouse in Berchtesgaden high in the German Alps
    17. 17. LIFESTYLE• After publishing his book he became very well known• Dr. Freud supposedly found in sex the meaning of life. ”Im not famous," Freud mused. "Im notorious."
    18. 18. LIFESTYLE• In 1933, the Nazi’s came to power and burned his books alongside those of Thomas Mann, Berlolt Brecht and Albert Einstein.
    19. 19. Freud died in London in 1939 from mouth cancer. His mother died just 9 years before his own death in 1930, he did notattend her funeral. His wife died in 1951 in London.
    20. 20. By the time of his death, Freud’s ideas had become part of the fabric of the twentieth century life.
    21. 21. “Ms. M. Lewinsky”• Monica Samille Lewinsky (born July 23, 1973) is an American woman with whom then US President Bill Clinton admitted to having had an “improper relationship” while Lewinsky worked at the White House in 1995 and 1996.• The affair and its repercussions, especially the impeachment of Bill Clinton, became known as the Lewinsky scandal.