It`s satya paul for mandira once again!


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It`s satya paul for mandira once again!

  1. 1. Satya Paul joins hands with American Express to showcase its latest ‘The Art of Tarot’ Collection30 June 2010, New Delhi: Satya Paul joins hands with American Express to showcase its exquisite“The Art of Tarot” Collection. Taking place on the 30th of June 2010, this show alsocommemorates the year of the 25th Anniversary of Satya Paul. The beautiful evolution offashion, the unison of mystique with inspiration- this charismatic collection is to be unveiled atThe Oberoi, New Delhi with the stunning Jacqueline Fernandez as the show stopper for theevening.The fashion show will be part of the gala evening hosted by American Express and Satya Paul fortheir exclusive client base. The evening will begin with a warm welcome, over cocktails and horsd’oeuvres, followed by the showing of the much awaited collection. Riveting theatrical music tocompliment this charming soiree, an exciting sequence of lights to light up this captivating show,the evening promises to leave no stone unturned in encapsulating the grandeur, elegance andmagnificence that this collection promises to be.Speaking on the association with Satya Paul Mr. Shailesh Baidwan, CEO, American ExpressBanking Corp. said, “As a gateway to a world of personal services and privileges, it is ourconstant endeavor to provide access to unique experiences, events and special services to ourdiscerning Card members. Our association with Satya Paul to unveil the exclusive “Art of Tarot”collection is yet another such exclusive and an unforgettable experience for our Cardmembersproviding them an up-close, multifaceted look into the world of fashion”.Adds Mr. Jyoti Narula, MD, Genesis Colors. Pvt ltd “We at Satya Paul are delighted to beassociated with American Express for the very first time and we could not have had a bettercollaborator to launch this unique collection. This is the first edition of a collection that will bereleased in numerous editions. Every piece has a story to tell and is symbolic with just the rightcolour combinations and embellishments”.More about ‘The Art of Tarot’Satya Paul’s ‘The Art of Tarot’ collection designed by multimedia artist Puneet Nanda, gives youan opportunity to wrap yourself in a world of mysticism and magic. He brings forth the tarothistory by designing beautiful & intriguing pieces of art. He has indeed conceptualized the deck,the collection, and shot the campaign for the collection. For him “Tarot is a vast and timelesssubject which deals with the whole of life. In keeping with the spirit to do things deeply andpassionately we have not only created the collection but a complete deck of cards for lovers oftarot, for times to come”.
  2. 2. Sometime in the fifteenth century, in northern Italy, the first sets of tarot cards were created.Centuries later, devotees of the occult arts in Europe encountered the tarot and saw mysticaland magical meaning in the symbolism of the cards. Since then it has fascinated soothsayers andoccultists and has been accepted universally.Taking inspiration from the same, the collection is a mix of Indian and indo-western garments,keeping in mind the sensibility of today’s woman!. Prints rule the collection, with each outfitreflecting the cards in the most imaginative and beautiful fashion.The fabrics for the collection have been woven to bring out the elegance and shineeffervescently to hint towards the multi-layered print and embroidered effects that have beencreated. They are multi-media pieces of art in their own right. The colors of the collection aretaken from the cards themselves and run the gamut from soft muted tones to bright vivid ones.There are metallic and matt effects created by modern techniques of fabric treatments. Thematerials used range from the simple sequins to exotic stones and crystal sourced from aroundthe world. The surface textures with a closer eye would reveal just as the cards reveal numeroushidden meanings.The collection and the Tarot Deck itself will be available at the Satya Paul stores across India.More about Satya PaulSince its birth in 1985, the Satya Paul look is a strong interplay of patterns and color that theNew York Times has hailed as ‘works of Kinetic Art’. The label’s look is distinguished andidentifiable on the street. Having re-invented the traditional sari as a modern classic, the SatyaPaul product line also comprises of western clothing, including scarves, bags, men’s accessoriesand fabrics, as well as an entire range of classic bridal wear.Our customers can connect with us at American ExpressAmerican Express is a global services company, providing customers with access to products,insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success. Learn more and connect with us on , and with Satya Paul: Contact Person: Sonam Gupta Negi Email: Contact no.: +91-124-418 1189