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  1. 1. I am 18 and I love Satya Paul sarees: AnishaShe is 18-year-old and ready to experiment with life. And when she was asked to drape a saree forher school farewell party, Anisha Mandal didn‟t have to look hard. She already knew what shewanted to wear- her mother‟s newspaper print Satya Paul. As expected, her mother‟s saree fetchedher plenty of compliments. We talked to this effervescent teenager on the occasion of Mother‟sDay.“Saree is the classiest attire any woman can be seen in and it always is a hit for any specialoccasion.”Q. Anisha, you look simply stunning in this saree? What was your mother‟s reaction when youwore it?A. Thank you so much. Since Mom and I live in different cities, I had to send her a picture assoon as I even as much as draped the saree. The first thing that she said was, „THAT‟S NOTYOU!‟ And after a split moment she said, „I want you to keep the saree. It looks like it has alwaysbelonged to you.‟Q. Your mother must be a bold woman to adorn this piece. Would you like her to pick up somemore stunning pieces from Satya Paul?A. My mother is already a huge Satya Paul fan. So is my elder sister. It‟s just a family thing.There are a lot of Satya Paul women in the family.
  2. 2. Q. Her impeccable choice must have created a whole range. What about her collection of sarees;does she like more of print or something extraordinary?A. She has a very versatile collection of sarees. Anything that catches her eyes makes its way toher wardrobe. The mantra is simple – It has to be unique; to her.Anisha flaunts her mother‟s Satya Paul saree on her college‟s farewell partyQ. How frequently do you like to put on a saree?A. I‟m still very young, but I love saree. It‟s the classiest attire any woman can be seen in. Also,always a hit for any special occasion.Q. What would make you chose a saree?A. The determinant would be the fall of the sare, or how it falls on me; something my Mom taughtme. Now the fall of the saree, which is the drape, depends on the fabric and the print. It has tolook very effortless.Q. What are your views on teenagers flaunting a saree? How fashionable do you think it is?A. It‟s very important for a girl growing up to don a saree, once in a while. She would be turninginto a woman in a couple of years. The dress rehearsal, is therefore, very important. It also helpsinculcate a sense of style, elegance and grace in her stride that make her realize the classy andfabulous side to her.Q. The Pop Art collection by Satya Paul resembles youth and contemporary art. What all do youthink you can imbibe through it?A. It imbibes thought. Intellect that goes beyond the realm of the mind. An idea that is boldenough to be flaunted. That‟s what it means to me. Also, an amalgamation of fun, boldness andvivaciousness that makes me feel free and expressive.